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  1. broken hand
  2. The Flu?
  3. Heartbeat in Stomach
  4. Vein
  5. Acid Reflux and hoarsness
  6. Bumped my head during surfing and felt sick afterwards?
  7. Recurring stomach bug, can't get rid of it!!
  8. Allergies?
  9. Sick of Having Dandruff, Is There Anything That Works and Isn't A Scam?
  10. When faced with two hand/finger evils, which will you pick?
  11. SEVERE stomach pain last night, gone now??
  12. my son is always sick
  13. Body shaking
  14. cholesterol question LDL/HDL
  15. Crazy purple lines across back...
  16. neck pain
  17. Wart scar on hand
  18. Any ideas
  19. Lump on Stomach
  20. Pressure behind eyes, brain fog, nausea, dizziness
  21. goodby granuloma annulare
  22. Isolation and loneliness at work
  23. Food poisoning - help!
  24. Master Cleanse Day 1
  25. moving eyes causing pressure in ears
  26. Sweet smelling stools
  27. gas, gastritis, campylobacter, h pylori, left hand side numbess and dull ache??
  28. Hemorrhoids?
  29. should i be concerned?
  30. What's Going On With Me? I Don't Know What To Do?
  31. De Quervains and Tendonitis Misery
  32. pressure underneath my left ribcage mean?
  33. Resting Pulse Rate question!?
  34. very random and sudden energy loss
  35. How do you explain my weight..
  36. Strange condition, doctors can't figure it out
  37. Rabid groundhog?
  38. Bump under tongue on the inner part of the teeth?
  39. odor from nose
  40. Pain when Breathing
  41. Sharb stabbing chest pains - v. Worried
  42. Swallowed Mouthwash-Minty Odor from Nostrils
  43. 3 Times Now!! What Is It??
  44. stinging sensation back , extreme exhaustion
  45. Energise yourself
  46. Should I worry?
  47. Anyone ever heard of this?
  48. lasting pain
  49. Back pain: Stomach or Muscle/Nerve Problem?
  50. What's wrong with me?
  51. weird bump
  52. What do I do if I have a really bad brown "bruise" on my nose that won't go away?
  53. Pulsating pain in my lower back! Help!
  54. Ended up with pinworms. They're gone, but a med question.
  55. What Could Be The Cause?
  56. What is this?
  57. kidney stones how long to pass
  58. What is wrong with me?
  59. pain that starts in shoulder blade and radiates up to my jaw. Weird.
  60. Help me figure out what this is!
  61. What now?
  62. Difficulty writing notes, letters, etc. lately
  63. red meat intolerance? allergy?
  64. had some pretty raw shrimp, possible parasites?
  65. I am 20 years old, recently diagnosed with cancer, no money, no insurance, no help.
  66. co2 toxicity
  67. why does my mouth get dry when talking
  68. Sudden weakness in one arm???
  69. Is it ok to gorge on every meal?
  70. Left arm/middle-back recurring aches
  71. pinched nerve in the lower left abdomen
  72. upper abdomen
  73. Disinfectant
  74. Why do I bruise so easily?
  75. Chest Pain and arm stiffness?
  76. grr sick !
  77. Best Hypnotherapy Training Center
  78. Could these side effects be from Toprol?
  79. Bump on both shoulders
  80. distressing hypersensitivity to Tyramine please help !!!
  81. Need advice about a cough
  82. How to improve my personaility traits?
  83. Could this mean anything?
  84. dime sized bruises on upper left side of abdomen, many other strange symptoms, help!!
  85. Please help! Doctors don't know what's wrong
  86. chest discomfort
  87. Left Arm asleep
  88. abdomen weirdness
  89. Stiff neck scalp sores aging skin
  90. Feeling a bit 'odd'
  91. Weird Question...
  92. Painful UTI
  93. An answer would be a pleasant surprise.. Could it be in my head?
  94. Warm sensation on right side of upper torso
  95. Pharmacy wouldn't refill
  96. lumpy
  97. Help with Dark Circles Under The Eyes
  98. sweat issue...
  99. Symptoms seem to suggest thyroid, but doctor says no?
  100. Question about L-Tryptophan
  101. Hey Everyone!
  102. Does ears shape change?
  103. Pain on left side below breast- What could be causing this?
  104. how can you tell if your nose is broken
  105. What is my problem? I have a hard time riding rollercoasters
  106. Small yellow-ish bump inside my mouth on lower lip :S
  107. Need help with keeping up with daily nutrients
  108. Please Help: Supplement Question
  109. What have you taken for adrenal support besides steroids?
  110. i cant leave my house
  111. What is going on!?
  112. Numb
  113. Weird Pressure behind left eye / temple
  114. Joint Pains
  115. Is or Isn't Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
  116. Disorder Blood
  117. Enlarged Left Tonsil, No Pain, Feeling Worn Out
  118. Can someone help me please with what kind of doctor
  119. Synovial Chondromatosis
  120. pain below right ribcage and pain travelling round to back or just back pain aswell
  121. Husband's strange dizziness
  122. Top of butocks swelling
  123. Gotu Kola
  124. Finger bleeding! Need advice!
  125. coughing after swimming
  126. Mold Exposure??
  127. Motion Sickness Patch & Rash?
  128. Dreaming in rewind
  129. When Should I get to the Doctors?
  130. somethings very wrong
  131. itchy scalp when needing to urinate
  132. BehÁet disease?
  133. strep throat question
  134. Sore nipples and stomach cramps
  135. pleghm in my throat
  136. Was it Asbestos?
  137. at what age does a female stop growing
  138. itchy penis plz HELP
  139. two black dots inside your mouth on your cheek
  140. Lots O' Pain in Left Arm
  141. Pain that moves from one side to the other
  142. Need Help
  143. Is this upper abdominal pain in my head?
  144. About Natural Sleep Aids
  145. Many symptoms, chest pain, throat infection, glands
  146. black dots in mouth
  147. Pain in Left testicle
  148. What is it if you have slight mild headaches
  149. when i blow my nose my snot is bloody
  150. Enlarged spleen and lymph nodes.
  151. light headed at night when trying to sleep
  152. I get injured easy, what should I do/take?
  153. Picking/pulling issues
  154. urgent help
  155. Tight Fingers when I wake up
  156. Pilonidal Cyst/Abscess
  157. get dizzy when drinking cold liquids
  158. Diagnose me...
  159. Doctor rant..feel like I'm getting the runaround
  160. I am getting so tired of these pains down my side...
  161. Very Concerned
  162. chills with no fever
  163. Why do my hands go numb all the time?
  164. Pain under right rib cage
  165. does low lymphocytes indicates hiv
  166. No relief from sweating.
  167. Dont know where to turn with results.. any ideas?!
  168. why am I out of breath when I walk
  169. why my left half body always feel cold?
  170. Between my eyes
  171. Almost constant hunger
  172. Chronic Groin Pain.....could it be my back problems or.....
  173. Extreme shortness of breath
  174. what causes pressure in the head when you have a bowel movement
  175. right ear feels hot
  176. what is it? symptoms: bad headaches, sore neck, soar throat
  177. constant burping, lipitor?
  178. why are my hands purple
  179. Excess saliva
  180. really bad pain on lower back,at tip of bum cheeks
  181. Whooping Cough?
  182. how can i get my teeth to be whiter
  183. small lump - cyst or tumor? :|
  184. Twitching and depression
  185. wrist pain
  186. Something wierd going on
  187. Help...what's wrong with me?
  188. What to expect during a blood test?
  189. Painful left shoulder blade
  190. Hard tender lump on my head?!
  191. unknown sore on my lip
  192. help with wierd feeling!
  193. What does light colored stool mean?
  194. Totally lost it...
  195. Anxiety?
  196. Cant use Bathroom
  197. How Long Is Strep Throat Contagious
  198. Just started high school track, leg injury, need advice
  199. what is pressure in your chest that comes and goes
  200. Sharp Pain!!
  201. Tonsil Stones?
  202. weird symptoms that are killing me?!
  203. swollen cartilage in the ear
  204. Shoulder Impingement/ Instability--Help!
  205. Tickle feeling in throat, causing me to cough.
  206. purple near eye veins why
  207. growrh
  208. my weigh
  209. Repeat DVT??
  210. Teenager really worried!!!
  211. Please help! Issues!
  212. Do I Need To See A Doctor? Or Can I Tough This One Out At Home?
  213. Could it be mono?
  214. shaking
  215. Balance Issues
  216. Bad chest pains for over a year...who to see? what to do?
  217. Every Spring This Happens
  218. what is a healthy pulse supposed to be
  219. electric blankets
  220. why dose my zyphoid process stick out
  221. Hot and nauseous
  222. Ears hurt to swallow?
  223. nose bleed when i am in the bath?
  224. My Doctors are baffled!!!
  225. pain in lower left abdomen
  226. Not sure what's the cause
  227. tendons on knuckle can move side to side
  228. how long does doxycycline stay in the bloodstream
  229. Wrongly given meds
  230. Incomplete toilet sessions
  231. why does my chest feel heavy when i cough, inhale and move
  232. Wayward Nerve Causing Left Side Of Body Tightness?
  233. why do my knees feel weak when climbing stairs
  234. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee helppppppppp
  235. Coughing with White Phlegm and some blood?
  236. Pain on left side of the body!
  237. Chronic tendon pain in lower leg/ankle
  238. Always hungry
  239. please help
  240. Soft Bones and heart problems
  241. what is bright yellow that comes out of your stomach when you throw up
  242. Is it bad to wear only sports bras?
  243. i need help with bras
  244. Scared...vericose vein surgery in 2 weeks
  245. Back of head and neck always itching!
  246. White fingers
  247. what does it mean when someone has pain down right side of body
  248. nausea 6 hours after taking meds every night?
  249. coughing
  250. Been ill, need to get well.

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