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  1. what is my sickness
  2. i have bad pains just under my rib cage what colud it be
  3. Are these connected??
  4. Fatigue...
  5. Vericose Vein removal, is it dangerous?
  6. do doctors ever read the intake form?
  7. cost of injection
  8. Nortriptyline
  9. what is wrong with me
  10. Please someone..help
  11. how long can it take for a kidney stone to pass
  12. Not Really sure where to put this?
  13. i got hit on the head
  14. when I look up or lay down I get off balance and my vision gets shaky
  15. Desperate to find answers
  16. why do I have to take aspirin everyday? I feel very achey and not myself
  17. do i need to go to the hospital
  18. mpv count low
  19. male 20 too skinny
  20. Can this go wrong?
  21. People Seem to be Allergic to Me...
  22. chest pain when all breath is exhailed?
  23. *Throws Up*
  24. groin pain ,right side,female
  25. percocet long term use high dose
  26. after going #2, blood when wiping
  27. head feeling stuffy
  28. Stomach Mass
  29. yeast infection follow by fever and painfull arm pits
  30. lump
  31. Passed out the day after drinking?
  32. Fingertips frozen a week ago, still numb.
  33. Very high crp levels
  34. polycemia
  35. Oh My Gosh...What have I done???
  36. master cleanse with lemon, maple syurup and water
  37. Infectious Bursitis?
  38. Tight Passage of my Throat, becuse of its to dryness?
  39. Too much Iron? - I'm 18.
  40. nodes bad locations incomplete needle biopsy
  41. Weak legs
  42. Can't stop shaking.
  43. ever cleanse
  44. nova-lorazem
  45. My Father needs help
  46. why would the tip of my nose tingle and feel numb
  47. What's wrong with my body if all my muscles and stomach are hurting?
  48. kidney stone
  49. Need some help with my diagnosis
  50. Thoracic Outlet Obstruction syndrome
  51. Is this nerve pain?
  52. Malaria Medicine?
  53. Digestion
  54. How can I get a good shape?
  55. when you take a pill and go lay right down
  56. allergic to anti inflammatory & Efferalgan Like tablet
  57. Dizzy
  58. persistant coughing
  59. carotidynia
  60. Feeling sick (from stomach) when in the USA??
  61. Long-term prognosis with Frozen Shoulder?
  62. Hands Numb
  63. Swelling in a cast
  64. Feeling unwell
  65. Hmm, strange.
  66. OMG crying over a cold!?
  67. Tonsils
  68. Fainting.
  69. Symptoms, but no clue what they mean!
  70. high tryglcerides
  71. Distant Vision
  72. pain
  73. Strange Sensations After Visiting Gravesite
  74. Upcoming surgery, when to discontinue suboxone??
  75. Needles & Pins feeling on the top of my head
  76. Pain on the left side of my body
  77. not sure which category to put this,various problems for over 15 years !!
  78. Serrapeptase
  79. what is a ventral thecal sac
  80. Rib Pain?
  81. Mysterious pains
  82. Can someone be happy without hormones?
  83. why is lump on arm?
  84. pain on right side under rib cage and burning feeling in my neck and right shoulder b
  85. sharp shooting pain under my left breast
  86. 11 month old baby has constipation,what should i do
  87. Short blasts of Heat
  88. Please Help
  89. Pain in back of left thigh
  90. why do many PT visits
  91. right side of chest hurts when inhaling
  92. shoulder arrthroscopy surgery
  93. pain behind right breast
  94. white dots at the tip of my tongue
  95. Pain under right rib
  96. Dressler's Syndrome
  97. lump in armpit /chest pain
  98. pain in back of my head (brain area)
  99. Lump on roof of mouth?
  100. miserable
  101. no taste on tip of tongue
  102. Overprotective Dad.
  103. Blood in my phlegm
  104. Veins after blood tests
  105. very week, low potassium
  106. diarrheah with fever
  107. left pain
  108. why am i peeing blood?
  109. Numbness in leg
  110. considering Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy?
  111. head ache all the time
  112. PLEASE help me!! I can't figure all this out!!!
  113. Frustrated....
  114. Lupus or MS?
  115. Whats wrong with me? helppp please
  116. when I blow my nose i feel like my ears are going to explode, why?
  117. bloating, headache etc
  118. please help if you can
  119. not sure what is wrong with me
  120. what causes a high PTT
  121. Is this a good idea...?
  122. involuntary twitching of limbs-cause?
  123. Exessive Weight Loss Post Pregnancy
  124. am i just a bit run down?
  125. Hemosystine Level
  126. lethargy
  127. why do my hands keep going numb, could i be diabetic
  128. birthmarks
  129. Limb Sensation/Location Issues
  130. Left sided chest pains
  131. esophox
  132. symptoms but no idea what way to turn
  133. Low lymph what does it mean
  134. Wine's effets on cortisol test
  135. Tingling in hands after sleeping
  136. Baking soda + Hydrogen Peroxide +whiter teeth?
  137. pus spot on elbow + armpit and tiredness
  138. What Is a Floating Kneecap
  139. Please help
  140. sweling on left chhek near ear portion
  141. Could Cold Weather Be Doing This To My Limbs?
  142. Whooping Cough
  143. What vein is this?
  144. why navel smell not good
  145. left trapezoid pain and slight drooping of right shoulder
  146. Swollen Knuckle
  147. Why does the BONE hurt??
  148. Lump on leg after an injury
  149. Back Pain when breathing
  150. cold in my eye how to get the swelling down
  151. Odd tongue color.
  152. Coughing ALL night long
  153. Multiple Symptoms...What's going on?!?!
  154. loosing the strenght in my hand
  155. what do these symptoms tell you?
  156. what's wrong with my hand and arm
  157. Urinary problems!
  158. enlarged blood cells
  159. hematoma after angiogram
  160. Mom's mysterious diagnosis
  161. Please help!!!!
  162. alcohol and blood donation
  163. Pain down above my stomach
  164. Flu with no Fever?
  165. Am I a hopeless case???
  166. unsteadiness/nausea
  167. Tripped & Fell on My Face
  168. Painful lump on my lower back and buttocks area
  169. pain
  170. how do i know what is causing my chest pain
  171. i need help
  172. pain over the belly button, burning sensation, random dizziness
  173. Painful Lumps
  174. What does it mean if my total Bilirubin is high
  175. Left arm pain
  176. what is sulfa antibiotic
  177. Stomach Problem
  178. homosestine levels
  179. MPV at 11.7
  180. Tingling face, tongue,with neck/shoulder pains....HELP please
  181. what is your heart rate suppose to be at
  182. Cusion Diease
  183. white coat blood pressure at doctors office
  184. Unidentified Stomach Problems
  185. salty taste
  186. high pulse reading
  187. Procrit Injection
  188. Numbness in fingers
  189. Low Potassium
  190. Pain in Right Inner Thigh When Sitting
  191. male addiction to norco
  192. Feeling Strange
  193. nose bleeds when vomiting
  194. Shoulder surgery again?
  195. how long is strep throat contagious
  196. Fatigue and sleepiness with no other symptoms
  197. Staph infection in my breast after augmentation
  198. low calcium syptoms
  199. Anemia
  200. Tinkerling feeling on the right side of my head
  201. Strange bowel problem.. help please?
  202. kidney stones
  203. Does this sound like the flu or what?
  204. i took 2 aleve and now have stomach pains. what do i do?
  205. stomach ulcer
  206. I can only use one kind of chapstick!
  207. Strep Throat, Mono, Tonsils swollen
  208. Confusing symptoms
  209. broken pinky finger?
  210. Health check ups
  211. My brother mentally unstable?
  212. What is this fleshy bulb on my neck?
  213. B12 Deficiency???
  214. I need to know what is wrong with my MOM
  215. Shoulder pain/injury
  216. How to avoid heaviness of head/mind
  217. do i need a cast after i remove my pin?
  218. constant mucus in the throat, what does it mean?
  219. possible blood clot
  220. Question on Lidoderm Patch
  221. slammed finger in door treatments
  222. Drug Expired 10/2008...Still ok to take?
  223. I'm 6'2" with an armspan of 6'6" - is there need to worry?
  224. help needed
  225. rosieola
  226. faint, headache and fatigue
  227. Does Anorexia Cause This?
  228. abdominal scar tissue
  229. Im Male, 19, Nipples stick out...
  230. overheat easily
  231. Prolonged illness, any ideas?
  232. thyroperoxidase
  233. What does it mean when your pee is dark?
  234. Unexplained vomiting 5yr old
  235. disorder when an adult acts like a child
  236. Norvelo
  237. percocet and Aquitaine
  238. Chapped lips won't go away...
  239. find out whats wrong with me
  240. stomach bug question
  241. why does cold cause me to cramp?
  242. why do i feel like i am on a boat
  243. Aching neck and heavy head
  244. Grape size ball underneath my jaw
  245. Medical Mystery
  246. Albuterol and no insurance
  247. afternoon fever
  248. hi, how are you?
  249. Acid reflux followed by flu like symptoms
  250. headache pain in area behind ears? HELP!

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