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  1. homosestine levels
  2. MPV at 11.7
  3. Tingling face, tongue,with neck/shoulder pains....HELP please
  4. what is your heart rate suppose to be at
  5. Cusion Diease
  6. white coat blood pressure at doctors office
  7. Unidentified Stomach Problems
  8. salty taste
  9. high pulse reading
  10. Procrit Injection
  11. Numbness in fingers
  12. Low Potassium
  13. Pain in Right Inner Thigh When Sitting
  14. male addiction to norco
  15. Feeling Strange
  16. nose bleeds when vomiting
  17. Shoulder surgery again?
  18. how long is strep throat contagious
  19. Fatigue and sleepiness with no other symptoms
  20. Staph infection in my breast after augmentation
  21. low calcium syptoms
  22. Anemia
  23. Tinkerling feeling on the right side of my head
  24. Strange bowel problem.. help please?
  25. kidney stones
  26. Does this sound like the flu or what?
  27. i took 2 aleve and now have stomach pains. what do i do?
  28. stomach ulcer
  29. I can only use one kind of chapstick!
  30. Strep Throat, Mono, Tonsils swollen
  31. Confusing symptoms
  32. broken pinky finger?
  33. Health check ups
  34. My brother mentally unstable?
  35. What is this fleshy bulb on my neck?
  36. B12 Deficiency???
  37. I need to know what is wrong with my MOM
  38. Shoulder pain/injury
  39. How to avoid heaviness of head/mind
  40. do i need a cast after i remove my pin?
  41. constant mucus in the throat, what does it mean?
  42. possible blood clot
  43. Question on Lidoderm Patch
  44. slammed finger in door treatments
  45. Drug Expired 10/2008...Still ok to take?
  46. I'm 6'2" with an armspan of 6'6" - is there need to worry?
  47. help needed
  48. rosieola
  49. faint, headache and fatigue
  50. Does Anorexia Cause This?
  51. abdominal scar tissue
  52. Im Male, 19, Nipples stick out...
  53. overheat easily
  54. Prolonged illness, any ideas?
  55. thyroperoxidase
  56. What does it mean when your pee is dark?
  57. Unexplained vomiting 5yr old
  58. disorder when an adult acts like a child
  59. Norvelo
  60. percocet and Aquitaine
  61. Chapped lips won't go away...
  62. find out whats wrong with me
  63. stomach bug question
  64. why does cold cause me to cramp?
  65. why do i feel like i am on a boat
  66. Aching neck and heavy head
  67. Grape size ball underneath my jaw
  68. Medical Mystery
  69. Albuterol and no insurance
  70. afternoon fever
  71. hi, how are you?
  72. Acid reflux followed by flu like symptoms
  73. headache pain in area behind ears? HELP!
  74. Left Leg Pain?
  75. dizzy, confused, tongue tingles along outer sides, and metallic taste
  76. Lymphatic unbearable below right gaw
  77. strep throat diagnosis
  78. Gerd
  79. Bumping/Hitting the Head
  80. Felling pretty awful - Mixture of symptoms, not sure if they are related or not.
  81. Mono
  82. Not sure what I have...
  83. To: Audrey-B re:digestive enzymes
  84. My Symptoms
  85. how do i know if my kidney cyst is complex or simple
  86. eosinophilic gastritis
  87. stomach flu or food poisoning
  88. Is diarrhea a part of influenza?
  89. Halls
  90. Help Me . . . . :(
  91. Hello! Advice needed?
  92. Metronidazole
  93. Blacked out after having back popped.
  94. Abdominal Pain with chills
  95. Please help me figure out my boyfriend's illness
  96. Do i have an inner ear imbalance? or any suggestions as to what this could be?
  97. I am New Person Here
  98. im always cold, tired and irritable what's wrong?
  99. Please help me figure out what is going on with my son!
  100. broken ribs
  101. Help me please :)
  102. Does this sound like a pinched nerve?
  103. Sudden unprovoked severe calf muscle pain
  104. very difficult for me to breath
  105. white eating away tissue in gum
  106. Cortisone Shot
  107. Advice on the effects mobile phone masts have on health
  108. Severe leg pain, please help!
  109. sweaty armpits
  110. I hope someone can help me, my husband's leg
  111. I vomit randomly in the night and i dont know why??
  112. Slight constant pressure in leg
  113. what causes little red bumps on the tongue
  114. Glenoid Labrum Tear - Arthroscopic Surgery
  115. URQ pain - need ideas
  116. Fingers swelling
  117. Constant Nausea really worried
  118. Shin splint?
  119. Dizzy for over two weeks, whats wrong?
  120. Strange symptoms - undiagnosed hoping someone can help!!
  121. I have low blood pressure but need lil help.
  122. Recent sickness worrying me
  123. strange thing just happened...
  124. Yogurt and bloating in upper tummy
  125. constant stomach growling
  126. At wits end over odd symptoms.
  127. Recreational Marijuana Use among Adults
  128. Any way to prevent headache after drinking?
  129. tightening of middle of chests
  130. macrobid
  131. Aquagenic Pruritis
  132. how can I stop the burning sensation on my gums?
  133. Weird symptoms
  134. Can't walk after leg injury
  135. red streak up my arm
  136. High Fever
  137. Dizziness From Neck And Shoulder Strain?
  138. Not sure what is wrong with me, help would be appreciated!
  139. Needing help on what could be causing my chest pains
  140. extreme fatigue/hunger for no good reason what is wrong with me?
  141. Can Someone Point Me In The Right Direction, Please!
  142. what could be wrong with me
  143. Cyst like bumps on fingers
  144. prescription laws
  145. i have a very dry mouth and throat and sore throat and buring sensation - what is it?
  146. Pulse in knee and back and leg ache
  147. Lack of energy, feeling fatigued
  148. C-Diff
  149. life expectancy?
  150. What could be causing my nausea and belching?
  151. What could be causing my nausea and belching?
  152. My head
  153. Really concerned about multiple ear, eye, and neurological symptoms - please advise!
  154. too much benadryl?
  155. Nothing to Eat or Drink After Midnight?
  156. Fractured Ankle Assistance
  157. cathetrisation
  158. Cathetrisation
  159. Need some info on sjogren and lupus (resourceful ppl, help please)
  160. I Inhaled gum.. HELP please..
  161. Need Immediate Help for next 21 days for My CHEEKS
  162. Pressure above right hip when sitting.
  163. Versed anesthesia side effects
  164. can anyone help!?
  165. antibiotics
  166. Please, please help me.
  167. injuries after car accident
  168. how do know if my apendix is bad
  169. Heart problems or GERD?
  170. I was completely awake during my colonoscopy O.O
  171. Sudden widespread joint pain
  172. Anyone here got Poland's syndrome.
  173. food poisoning lasting over 3 weeks
  174. bruises
  175. thrombosis in thigh/glutenal area
  176. Is this Normal For A Tongue?
  177. what makes my leg feel like ice water running down it
  178. Why do my muscles get so tight
  179. left side body pain
  180. Bad cold and eye pain
  181. Bit the heck out of my tongue but should it look like this???
  182. feels like hot water running down my back
  183. Cleaning yard pricked index finger with rose bush thorn
  184. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  185. Naval Peircing Infection?
  186. Pain in my upper back when i breath in...Please help me
  187. why do I repeatedly get ill?
  188. Am I sensitive to salt?
  189. varicose veins?
  190. Chest pain
  191. Hemoglobin Rates
  192. surgery incision
  193. muscle twitching
  194. what does lumps on your esophagus mean
  195. Bruises on legs that come and go
  196. severe abdominal cramping
  197. laryingitus
  198. Kidneys and albumin/globulin ratio? help?
  199. Is my personality rude?
  200. white/yellow stuff back in throat, smells really really bad
  201. Weird sensation
  202. Post nasal drip
  203. Why am I sick so much?
  204. Chest Pain/Discomfort
  205. very lethargic
  206. Antibotics and Diarrhea
  207. tongue feels burnt
  208. pain in left arm
  209. Pain on my left side / Sometimes in my stomach / Cramping
  210. shoulder pain
  211. how long is strep throat contagious
  212. don't know what's wrong
  213. Awake intubation
  214. starting to get sick
  215. black spot
  216. what is this pain? (after sex)
  217. what will happen if you drink caffeine while on a antibiotic
  218. contusion of wrist
  219. Yellow tongue
  220. periods in between periods
  221. Just sad, and need to talk
  222. i keep shaking what's wrong with me
  223. Non stop cough and nasal drainage
  224. AM Serum Cortisol
  225. Parineal Tendon Surgery Anyone?
  226. Shoulder & Arm Pain, Had Arthroscopic 2-15-08 back in pain.
  227. Is this back related?
  228. why can't the doctor find infection
  229. concerned
  230. Jones Fracture recovery?
  231. what should i do when i feel dizzy and when i feel like i am going to faint
  232. whited coated tongue with painI
  233. Suffering from love sickness
  234. Breathing hurting between my neck and shoulder on left side
  235. calcium?
  236. pain in the brain
  237. Gold coin grass tincture
  238. 2 Dr's...2 different results??
  239. Any ingredients I should be concerned about in Arm & Hammer Enamel Care toothpaste?
  240. back of legs pain
  241. kidney infection
  242. pain when swallowing
  243. Pain coming back after shoulder decompression
  244. Pain in my right side
  245. Neck pain and headaches help
  246. not sure why i'm feeling unwell
  247. I need some help, PLEASE!
  248. what causes the twitching?
  249. dizziness blurred vision and headaches what could be causing this
  250. Randomly start puking bilea every hour for 24 hours

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