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  1. strange dehydration problem
  2. Numb Fingers after Broken Collar Bone
  3. Gag Reflex...Can it be eliminated?
  4. Painful red rash on underarms
  5. A "nasty strain" of Glandular Fever
  6. 8 months PP after a c-section and cant lift legs
  7. hot flashes without menopause?
  8. small blood clots
  9. i have a lump the size of a golfball in my armpit and numbness in my arm/hand
  10. what does it mean to have body odor smells like a skunk
  11. Lingocaine, local anaesthetics
  12. White Tongue/Loss of Taste
  13. strep throat how long contagious
  14. Weird sick feeling, chills, and shaking, no fever
  15. Heart Burn/Fever?
  16. Head pressure, numb face, persistent disorientation
  17. Upper body MRI or MRA in chicago?
  18. Nausea, head pains. Worried.
  19. please help, possible overdose?
  20. hips, belly button, lower ab
  21. i keep shaking and feeling sick sometimes but i dont know whats wrong with me
  22. viruses, bacteria, or other that mostly strike at night?
  23. pigeon toed
  24. Temple Twitching
  25. pink eye
  26. Can untreated respiratory infections cause damage?
  27. 25 yr old female, "newbie" unexplained health problems
  28. what illness do i have i got lumps on my neck (under skin)
  29. Heart palpitations when pressure on calf
  30. Mold Exposure
  31. Lump on Neck and Breast
  32. Do I have a Thyroglossal cyst?
  33. what's wrong with me?? PLEASE HELP
  34. does milk create mold and is it dangerous
  35. Been skinny all my life
  36. Many symtoms.Doctors say its all stress could it be?
  37. dog bites with lyme disease
  38. Dizziness and slight loss of feeling after taking indomethacin?
  39. Lump Under The Arm
  40. what would the result be if an enzyme malfunctioned or wasn't present
  41. worried about kidneys!!
  42. Is there is significant pain on the left hand side of the chest during heartburn?
  43. what is chemical used to kill root during ingrown toenail removal
  44. Mental Health Problem...Need advice
  45. fibula
  46. Getting a hair analysis?
  47. Are Urine Particles Harmful?
  48. Can your doctor test you to see if your vitamins and minerals, etc...???
  49. legs...
  50. Bumps on my penis..not an std..wasn't sure where to post
  51. Several symptoms with no diagnosis- very worried
  52. strange wet heat sensation in lower leg
  53. REALLY yellow urine...
  54. armpit tendons
  55. Difene and Menstrual Cycle
  56. Subway Sandwich = congestion...... anyone?
  57. strange lump in abdomen
  58. How do we get a quick appointment?
  59. Problem with legs.
  60. shoulder surgery arthroscopic how long does pain last after surgery
  61. Chest pain and nausea
  62. Im skin and bones!!
  63. Waking up during surgery
  64. I have a spot on my mole..
  65. No one knows what this is!
  66. Upper thigh/lower back pain
  67. Do I Have Concussion??
  68. Unexplained Bruising-HELP!
  69. Please answer (Height growth)
  70. Antibiotics are kickin my toosh
  71. Extreme Neck Problem
  72. right side chest pain it spreads to back bone
  73. possible strept
  74. ques about perfume lotions
  75. I act like an immature kid when playing online games
  76. Feeling strange like I am not getting enough air plus other symptoms.
  77. Bone Bruise Swelling - any recommendation?
  78. upset stomach after every meal
  79. Weird leg sensations
  80. My 30 day challenge, and I need help from you!
  81. Please help diagnose me. I'm so scared. VERY wierd out of body experiences & +
  82. post surgery
  83. Cheekbone Fracture Surgery
  84. pain when breath above heart below collar bone
  85. lower abdominal lumps when lying on side
  86. how fit am i if my pulse is 60 bpm
  87. Electric Needle Sensation In Back Area
  88. i have a pain in my chest at times
  89. Can all these symptoms be related in some way?
  90. Clicking Noise/Sound
  91. I hurt so bad just moving, what could be wrong with me
  92. "Extroverted Navel"--Should I worry?
  93. Single and Sad about...
  94. Inflamed Lymph Nodes...?
  95. Swelling Around Eyebrow/Face
  96. left arm
  97. Please help
  98. Blood in spit? What's up with this?
  99. Ear Ache and Pain in Mouth
  100. Common cold or something else?
  101. Shoulder Tendinitis...does it ever go away?
  102. pulled muscle?
  103. Have i got some sort of allergy?.
  104. Please help I'm so worried
  105. What causes tightness in the head?
  106. pain in right side nusaed dizzie hevey feeling on chest and short of breath
  107. Pain in arms?
  108. Help me please. I feel my gums irritated nonstop
  109. stomach
  110. Upper lip lost of pigment
  111. PUR water system vs. tap water
  112. find out whats wrong with me for free
  113. Tired and need some answers.
  114. Yawning for hours
  115. my nose constantly blocked 24/7 some times can breat through my nose at all
  116. Sudden onslaught of symptoms. In bad shape.
  117. medical information+cold spot on abdomen
  118. Shoulder popping????
  119. chest pain
  120. Strange symptoms.. any ideas?
  121. Due to my Hip replacement ..my Leg is 1 inch longer???
  122. Strange pains.Need help.
  123. Sore stomach with no other symptoms
  124. coldness,chillness
  125. cortisol
  126. Watering eyes - EMBARRASSING!
  127. Is a Slightly Low Calculated Globulin Level in Blood Panel Okay?
  128. mid pain
  129. Does the pharmacy notify the doctor of when the prescription was filled?
  130. Persistent Dry Cough
  131. pimple treatment
  132. Bright red face
  133. right sided weakness
  134. Unexplained shoulder pain
  135. immobility
  136. Substitute for bubble gum for therapy use, anyone?
  137. Ongoing infection???
  138. Sick niece
  139. Arms & hands numb
  140. Help with stomach pain!!!!
  141. above normal folate levels?
  142. small red dots on arm
  143. red spots on tongue
  144. When hair grows fast
  145. how long does dianne 35 take to leave the system when taken for a year and 3 months
  146. flemmy cough
  147. hyperdrosis
  148. Fatigue, Insomnia, Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, etc... Ideas?
  149. List of symptoms - Please help
  150. My Chest/RibCage Protrudes Far More Than Other People's.
  151. Strep Throat & Glands
  152. Flu symptons for 2 months!
  153. what to do for itching at surgery site
  154. sore on roof of mouth - what kind of doctor do I see?
  155. Soreness Help
  156. Low Hep B antibodies, help
  157. Pains only on my left side-please help
  158. Picking!!!
  159. weird symptoms Help
  160. BP up, temp down, headache
  161. leg blood clot
  162. Woke up and my big toe nail part of it is dark purple
  163. a fungus around my mouth?!
  164. what body parts can internal bleeding come from
  165. How to be sure you have Marfan Syndrome and what about having children?
  166. Kinda gross and TMI...but...
  167. tremors
  168. Sudafed causing high cortisol?
  169. Back pain when swallowing
  170. Salex cream (Salicylic Acid cream)
  171. Is bright yellow urine bad?
  172. Tingling, pain in thighs
  173. body pain
  174. Glucose Levels and A1C
  175. Weird leg sensations
  176. abdominal scar tissue, damages
  177. Sharp pulling/pinching in upper left chest/undarm when I yawn
  178. Cramps that travel through the body
  179. hi there
  180. what is causing the pain in the middle of my chest
  181. Insect Bite now lump
  182. Need help reading lab results
  183. no results!
  184. Need help I stink and my room reeks.
  185. what to do if Doctors can't find medical problem but you are sick
  186. what if you have too many white blood cells
  187. What happening to me?!
  188. knot in left jaw
  189. pain in my upper abdomen
  190. How often should adults get flu shots?
  191. Stomach issue leading to high BP, rapid heart rate, extreme dizziness
  192. Dent in top of head
  193. alil worried.. pls reply
  194. why would you get black and blue marks on your body
  195. what to do for antibiotic induced nausea
  196. Microwave in college dorm - am I safe?
  197. Completely Confused!
  198. Weird health problems? Anxiety? Epilepsy? Heart related? I don't know :(
  199. Bleeding
  200. shoulder blade pain when breathing?????
  201. trazondone
  202. black dots in mouth
  203. Soft tissue injury or something else?
  204. what causes flem
  205. Could any of these meds make my stomach bloat?
  206. What are the chances...
  207. Strange Black lump on the inside of mouth
  208. Strep throat
  209. Why Do I Faint?
  210. swollin cheek
  211. Please Help!!!!..mother stops breathing out of no where????
  212. Hurnia Sugery Time?
  213. Bothered by Blinking Lights, Ticking Clocks
  214. why do i get pain under right shoulder blade when i burp?
  215. how long does it take for you to feel symptoms of internal bleeding
  216. gullstones
  217. Could This Be Nerves/Anxiety?
  218. washing
  219. Slipped Rib Pain/Prolotherapy Treatment
  220. Grapefruit seed extract...pill or liquid?
  221. Re: pain on left side of abdomen
  222. respiratory problems
  223. Switching Doctors?
  224. What can I do?
  225. Pain in the Middle of my belly button
  226. Inky dots
  227. Very painful stomach issue if drinking on empty stomach
  228. Finger pain
  229. pain under left rib close to stomach
  230. prolotherapy for dislocated elbow?
  231. prolotheray for dislocated elbow?
  232. Passed out after standing up
  233. my nightmare
  234. swollen of the right side of face
  235. what causes flem in your throat all the time
  236. cortison shot for shoulder bursitis
  237. Hurt all over
  238. what causes pressure on the ear
  239. Swelling and severe pain in neck and jaw
  240. Chest pains for years
  241. Bacterial Infection reoccurance
  242. Neck pain
  243. neuortin
  244. Burning shoulderpain spreading up to both sides of neck...
  245. i have a swollen lymph node in my neck and my leg keeps goin numb, what is it?
  246. Lump on leg
  247. Mom's hand shakes a bit and head
  248. hemorrhoid that just won't go away!
  249. severe sole burning sensation
  250. coffee

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