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  1. New to this board, wondering what the mindset of majority of members here...
  2. Broken Ribs everyone is different
  3. Fecal Body Odor and Bad Breath (from mouth and nose)
  4. I don't know
  5. Chronically High Strep Titers
  6. No Energy
  7. my eyes get wet & throat get tight
  8. Throbbing under lower right rib cage
  9. Hard Decision
  10. 2 problems, help please
  11. slowly withering away
  12. Happy Valentines day =)
  13. Chest pain: doctors cannot identify
  14. feeling weird
  15. Left abdominal pain and swollen lymphnodes
  16. Lightheaded, Dizzy, and Congested
  17. Enlarged lymph node by clavicle
  18. Sternum/Chest Pain
  19. Any suggestions of what might be wrong with me???
  20. All of a sudden: debilitating brain fog, random pain, itchiness, exhaustion
  21. help
  22. Getting a Second Opnion
  23. Bones cysts possible giant cell related?
  24. Slight Numbness: left side face, neck, arm and hand
  25. Question for a friend
  26. my body exudes a smell of urine
  27. Achy elbows and pain in knees
  28. The 'infinite symptoms' infection
  29. CBC Results
  30. Gman
  31. Swollen Lip
  32. Just looking for advice
  33. constant drunk/out of it/lightheaded year straight
  34. Symptoms are all over the board!
  35. 8 yr old positive ana and titre speckled 1:640
  36. low b12 and low testosterone
  37. From Lexapro to Wellbutrin
  38. painful finger joints, night sweats, bladder spasms Help!
  39. Heaviness in head, temples, forehead and blocked ears
  40. Low ferritin
  41. Left Calf swelling with no pain
  42. Anyone Have an Elective/Preventive Full Body CT Scan?
  43. Alternating chest, stomach and back pain.
  44. steriod myopathy
  45. High hsCRP, other labs mostly ok?
  46. Help
  47. Constant twitching/jerking all over body
  48. Lump on Ribcage. ADVICE PLEASE
  49. Ongoing Enlarged and Painful Lymph Nodes
  50. Face Swelling
  51. viral meningitis
  52. Twilight Sleep For Trigger Finger
  53. Mycobacterium Avium Complex - MAC
  54. lump under ear lobe/beside jaw line
  55. Leg Pain, Cramps, and Weakness
  56. IGG subclass 2 is low
  57. Immunolgy
  58. High ASO
  59. pain in right side under ribcage
  60. cramping
  61. Sharp pain in right ribs - Organ or musculoskeletal
  62. looking for suggestions
  63. My brother is in a "Coma" State
  64. Physical therapy pain
  65. Let see this is doing my head in
  66. New member... concerns, Please HELP
  67. Please help: RDW high but all else in normal range
  68. Canker sores??
  69. Mystery Illness for 3 Months
  70. horizontal indentation on left thigh
  71. Hello
  72. Constant cold cold coldness --help
  73. Hello new here
  74. Glad to be here
  75. A lot of symptoms, at a loss as to why
  76. Non Fasting Insulin Level and C Peptide Results
  77. arf
  78. Stinking
  79. Generalized pain under ribs, weird dull bruising or rash etc
  80. Several lumps on my collarbones
  81. Does the hospital chaplain know what procedure you're having?
  82. I am ill pretty much all the time. Help?
  83. Under eye twitching
  84. chest vibrations
  85. lump that appears
  86. Mental fog, excessive yawning, heart palpitatons
  87. Hello I am 34
  88. There's something wrong with me...
  89. Ferrous fumerate how much?
  90. foolish procedure
  91. Please Help
  92. multiple symptoms
  93. Hamstring injury
  94. Itchy neck, sore throat, headaches...
  95. Thank you
  96. Low Ferratin,Low Normal Hemoglobin
  97. Quit smoking April of 2012 but now I have health problems.
  98. Worried from being around raw chicken
  99. Leg Cramps?
  100. Getting rid of mother before Christmas
  101. Transition from Xanax xr to regular
  102. Fingers and Toes becoming unbearable
  103. Problems breathing and rashes
  104. Can a fever break then come back?
  105. Clammy feeling 24 hrs/day
  106. lymph node removal
  107. Dull Pain in Ribs
  108. Family genes
  109. Neck - weird feeling
  110. Reaching out for help
  111. burning, tingling, numbness
  112. Mystery Pains. Someone help please!
  113. Lots symptoms--one issue or many?
  114. rheumatic fever
  115. cubital syndrome
  116. new
  117. Hi
  118. swollen lips
  119. Tired of Being Sick
  120. Extreme Vexation and irritation on account of others
  121. Dehydration While Fasting
  122. Falling asleep when ever i sit down
  123. I am confused and desperately need help!! :(
  124. newbie
  125. newbie
  126. General Health going down hill?
  127. Have been feeling extremely thirsty lately
  128. What could be wrong with me? HELP!
  129. Please Help Me Understand My Symptoms
  130. chills and sweating
  131. 2 EMG Tests, 2 Different Results
  132. adrenal adenoma
  133. seroquel hard withdrawal
  134. FNH's???
  135. whole body feels statical
  136. effexor (venlafaxine) withdrawal
  137. Lump on left side of naval
  138. Newbie
  139. Lump on mastoid process.
  140. quitting metoprolol withdrawal
  141. Unexplained symptoms... 19 y/o with muscle aches, joint pain, swollen nodes?
  142. Watch and wait or push for a diagnosis?
  143. undiagnosed and confused about autoimmune
  144. Please Help!
  145. hemoccult test
  146. pain in chest right side at the end of stranum
  147. Brain Fog
  148. left side chest pain
  149. Pelvic Bone Pain
  150. burning pain
  151. sleepless, numb and experiencing joint pain
  152. Chest pain related to the spine?
  153. pain behind eyes, brain fog doctors dont know what it is
  154. Accessory spleen and spherocytosis
  155. Pain on right side of chest.
  156. Anti-nuclear antibodies
  157. seizure control with Depo Provera
  158. Hi!!
  159. intrepretation of test result... confusion
  160. Body gets hot easily and also hiperhydrosis..
  161. Tongue burns
  162. How much weight should i have ?
  163. Weird feeling in finger
  164. Hello Everyone!
  165. Sweating/Persperation on business clothes while walking/exercising
  166. Joint pain and non specific symptoms
  167. Ache, pain in both armpits.
  168. Hello all
  169. Pain in Upper Right Quadrant of Abdomen
  170. Leaking clear fluid from one leg...
  171. Wanting an answer...
  172. bad taste in mouth
  173. Please help!!!
  174. Pain under left Breast
  175. Swollen lymph nodes in back of neck?
  176. Answers and Relief
  177. I'm so tired...
  178. Flank pain + 2 ER Visits
  179. Onion body odor
  180. myself
  181. What the heck is wrong with me :'(
  182. Scared, Confused and Embarrassed
  183. So confused! Please help.
  184. The back of my upper leg is swollen and my leg is numb to knee down
  185. New here
  186. Trying to not lose hope
  187. Tingling in Feet and Hands
  188. All over body ache/no other symptoms
  189. Constantly sick
  190. Looking for help I am clueless/over reacting
  191. Kidney or Muscle?
  192. Waiting for a diagnosis...
  193. Leaky brain
  194. Pectus Carinatum?
  195. howieb
  196. confirmed low cortisol...
  197. keppra s/e?
  198. How I got here and wondering if it's right
  199. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
  200. Un-known lower right quadrant abdominal pain
  201. withdrawing from 20mg prozac and 2mg Abilify
  202. Weird leg pain
  203. Imuran and bleeding with uc
  204. Rib Cage
  205. Testing testing!
  206. brain jumps
  207. Adderall IR & Wellbutrin
  208. Smell
  209. Sharp pains in stomach and rectum/anus
  210. new and waiting to see a Rheumy
  211. Leg wekness, dizzy, head ache, fatigue
  212. diagnostic question (fatigue, hives, etc...)
  213. Recurring Illness/Fatigue
  214. Whiplash related pain and discomfort
  215. Weird bubbling in legs and arms.
  216. Adrenal Insufficiency
  217. Gastroparesis and Juicing
  218. I need a diagnosis. I've been sick since January
  219. Joint pain, back pain, chest pain, fatigue
  220. Need Compound Meds Chicago Area
  221. hots and chills
  222. seizures
  223. First Post
  224. Low B12
  225. Some one help me
  226. upper abdominal pain that goes away when laying down
  227. clonazapam
  228. cyst within my spleen which is calcified
  229. Pain on left side
  230. Cymbalta to hell
  231. Initial Symptoms & Time Before Dx
  232. Desmoid tumour or Fibromatosis
  233. Sternum/Chest Pain - HELP!
  234. Spinal tap
  235. hi
  236. ideas?
  237. Health and employment
  238. I started my birthday morning with chest pain
  239. Brain Fog
  240. itching arms
  241. Hello
  242. Hello! I am new here.
  243. Can't breathe well on side in the morning
  244. Livedo Reticularis from sun?
  245. Growing Pains??
  246. Anxiety, GERD, something else entirely???
  247. Is my mom likely to die young?
  248. Woke Up With "Wrist Drop"
  249. Vein popping out in back of thigh with slight leg pain/weakness
  250. Girdlestone from MRSA

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