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  1. what could this be?
  2. Removed lymph nodes but now my ear is getting swollen
  3. Calf Strain
  4. I would appreciate any help
  5. question on thalassaemia
  6. One messed up dude!!!
  7. Worried about my health
  8. Need help with obsessive worrying!
  9. fluttering feeling in legs occassionally
  10. Frustrated and hopless... long post
  11. zap like feeling when trying to sleep
  12. mycobacterium avium intracellulare
  13. Any help would be greatly appreciated asap!
  14. Please Help
  15. welcome
  16. Multiple problems
  17. why do I've soo many medical issues
  18. Reactive Lymph Nodes
  19. 24 year old male worried about symptoms
  20. i feel i have a stone pressing in my left side of my neck
  21. nerve and balance
  22. head/neck relation
  23. Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling
  24. I want to learn about Growth Disorders
  25. 19 Year-old Female, Incredibly Worried About Having Something Serious
  26. The ends are the same, no matter the means
  27. Hsp
  28. Myositis ossificans and typhoid
  29. Non painful swelling on right front under rib cage
  30. un-natural fat deposit/ bot belly? how to get rid of it!!!
  31. Zoloft
  32. Advice sought on Tremor in head while sleeping
  33. Right side pain
  34. Lower Right Abdomen Pain
  35. possitive light chain paraprotein results
  36. chest pains
  37. Withdrawal and exercise: Questions
  38. Hello!
  39. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  40. What could it be? Help.
  41. nodules all along each side of the groin and extreme weight loss.
  42. No Answers
  43. "Open Incision" advice needed ... please
  44. right leg pain and numbness
  45. Mom always told me it was lazy-itus. But I don't think so...
  46. medicen quit working
  47. Hurts When I Speak?
  48. On and off fever for 3 weeks?
  49. Swollen node in neck, twitching around body, thrush
  50. Constant, Dull Pain on Entire Left Side of Body since Birth - Want Answers
  51. Halitosis : please help me... I should Believe God for my healing
  52. Sick of feeling weird!
  53. sore spot on top of head
  54. the decision to stop taking blood thinners changed my life
  55. strange symptoms
  56. left side only swelling?
  57. How likely to be Tetanus?
  58. SLE health help
  59. Weird head pressure
  60. continued cervical issues
  61. pet scan
  62. Weird Feeling in Lower Chest
  63. Does anyone take lexapro, effexor and xanax?
  64. Adhesions
  65. I Need Ideas/Support For Coping With Grave's Disease But Not Grave's Disease
  66. Mystery Illness
  67. help horrible upper abdominal pain
  68. Is it possible?
  69. Painful "cramps" in front/left side of neck
  70. Lymph Nodes in neck?
  71. hello
  72. No Zoloft allowed for DOT physical in truck driving school.
  73. Post op head sweats after appendix removal
  74. Hello - I'm falling apart
  75. Something is very wrong and nobody knows what
  76. Myclonic Jerks
  77. Underarm Lumps, Itchy Skin?
  78. swolken cheecks and lips
  79. annoying neck and shoulder pain
  80. enquiry
  81. Is my severe hunger due to hiatisl hernia or gastritus?
  82. Baclofen
  83. Rib pain
  84. Pain in just left side if body.
  85. red spot on tongue
  86. hemochromatosis questions ?
  87. Chest pain n
  88. Crying, Depression, Nausea, Help
  89. Right Breast Pain
  90. memory
  91. hairloss weight gain and fatigue, also loss of libido
  92. Random muscle twitching??!
  93. Unexplained Flank/Abdomen Pain
  94. Hi everyone
  95. Chest Pain/Discomfort Not Going Away
  96. Chest Pains Positive Stress Neg Angiogram
  97. chest pain
  98. mobile phone cell
  99. Ice cream... pain behind right rib
  100. health problem
  101. post
  102. Always unwell - No diagnosis
  103. Low WBC. Need Advice
  104. Stabbing pain under my left nipple
  105. Problems
  106. Annoying tingling and burning sensation
  107. Is it possible to produce epinephrine at will?
  108. Nausea headache back pain what is it?
  109. emergency I need help with this!!
  110. Can you get infected again while on antibiotics?
  111. please help
  112. test results
  113. My Chubby Face.
  114. chronic fatigue and cough
  115. Anxiety, brain tumor, idk what's wrong with me. Help please.
  116. swelling if the lips
  117. af
  118. New member-Hit in chest with sledgehammer
  119. Stomach Surgery After Effects
  120. Lump on left clavicle
  121. tougue feels like it burning.
  122. Ready to give up!!!
  123. Advice/Suggestion on a healthy weight?
  124. Sensation of running water
  125. EXTREME fatigue, Gallstone, Polycythemia, What's Wrong with Me?
  126. Does anyone know what a high amount of antibodies in blood mean?
  127. Looking for advice: Been ill for 3 months
  128. New here
  129. New to this board, wondering what the mindset of majority of members here...
  130. Broken Ribs everyone is different
  131. Fecal Body Odor and Bad Breath (from mouth and nose)
  132. I don't know
  133. Chronically High Strep Titers
  134. No Energy
  135. my eyes get wet & throat get tight
  136. Throbbing under lower right rib cage
  137. Hard Decision
  138. 2 problems, help please
  139. slowly withering away
  140. Happy Valentines day =)
  141. Chest pain: doctors cannot identify
  142. feeling weird
  143. Left abdominal pain and swollen lymphnodes
  144. Lightheaded, Dizzy, and Congested
  145. Enlarged lymph node by clavicle
  146. Sternum/Chest Pain
  147. Any suggestions of what might be wrong with me???
  148. All of a sudden: debilitating brain fog, random pain, itchiness, exhaustion
  149. help
  150. Getting a Second Opnion
  151. Bones cysts possible giant cell related?
  152. Slight Numbness: left side face, neck, arm and hand
  153. Question for a friend
  154. my body exudes a smell of urine
  155. Achy elbows and pain in knees
  156. The 'infinite symptoms' infection
  157. CBC Results
  158. Gman
  159. Swollen Lip
  160. Just looking for advice
  161. constant drunk/out of it/lightheaded year straight
  162. Symptoms are all over the board!
  163. 8 yr old positive ana and titre speckled 1:640
  164. low b12 and low testosterone
  165. From Lexapro to Wellbutrin
  166. painful finger joints, night sweats, bladder spasms Help!
  167. Heaviness in head, temples, forehead and blocked ears
  168. Low ferritin
  169. Left Calf swelling with no pain
  170. Anyone Have an Elective/Preventive Full Body CT Scan?
  171. Alternating chest, stomach and back pain.
  172. steriod myopathy
  173. High hsCRP, other labs mostly ok?
  174. Help
  175. Constant twitching/jerking all over body
  176. Lump on Ribcage. ADVICE PLEASE
  177. Ongoing Enlarged and Painful Lymph Nodes
  178. Face Swelling
  179. viral meningitis
  180. Twilight Sleep For Trigger Finger
  181. Mycobacterium Avium Complex - MAC
  182. lump under ear lobe/beside jaw line
  183. Leg Pain, Cramps, and Weakness
  184. IGG subclass 2 is low
  185. Immunolgy
  186. High ASO
  187. pain in right side under ribcage
  188. cramping
  189. Sharp pain in right ribs - Organ or musculoskeletal
  190. looking for suggestions
  191. My brother is in a "Coma" State
  192. Physical therapy pain
  193. Let see this is doing my head in
  194. New member... concerns, Please HELP
  195. Please help: RDW high but all else in normal range
  196. Canker sores??
  197. Mystery Illness for 3 Months
  198. horizontal indentation on left thigh
  199. Hello
  200. Constant cold cold coldness --help
  201. Hello new here
  202. Glad to be here
  203. A lot of symptoms, at a loss as to why
  204. Non Fasting Insulin Level and C Peptide Results
  205. arf
  206. Stinking
  207. Generalized pain under ribs, weird dull bruising or rash etc
  208. Several lumps on my collarbones
  209. Does the hospital chaplain know what procedure you're having?
  210. I am ill pretty much all the time. Help?
  211. Under eye twitching
  212. chest vibrations
  213. lump that appears
  214. Mental fog, excessive yawning, heart palpitatons
  215. Hello I am 34
  216. There's something wrong with me...
  217. Ferrous fumerate how much?
  218. foolish procedure
  219. Please Help
  220. multiple symptoms
  221. Hamstring injury
  222. Itchy neck, sore throat, headaches...
  223. Thank you
  224. Low Ferratin,Low Normal Hemoglobin
  225. Quit smoking April of 2012 but now I have health problems.
  226. Worried from being around raw chicken
  227. Leg Cramps?
  228. Getting rid of mother before Christmas
  229. Transition from Xanax xr to regular
  230. Fingers and Toes becoming unbearable
  231. Problems breathing and rashes
  232. Can a fever break then come back?
  233. Clammy feeling 24 hrs/day
  234. lymph node removal
  235. Dull Pain in Ribs
  236. Family genes
  237. Neck - weird feeling
  238. Reaching out for help
  239. burning, tingling, numbness
  240. Mystery Pains. Someone help please!
  241. Lots symptoms--one issue or many?
  242. rheumatic fever
  243. cubital syndrome
  244. new
  245. Hi
  246. swollen lips
  247. Tired of Being Sick
  248. Extreme Vexation and irritation on account of others
  249. Dehydration While Fasting
  250. Falling asleep when ever i sit down

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