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  1. Weird leg sensations
  2. abdominal scar tissue, damages
  3. Sharp pulling/pinching in upper left chest/undarm when I yawn
  4. Cramps that travel through the body
  5. hi there
  6. what is causing the pain in the middle of my chest
  7. Insect Bite now lump
  8. Need help reading lab results
  9. no results!
  10. Need help I stink and my room reeks.
  11. what to do if Doctors can't find medical problem but you are sick
  12. what if you have too many white blood cells
  13. What happening to me?!
  14. knot in left jaw
  15. pain in my upper abdomen
  16. How often should adults get flu shots?
  17. Stomach issue leading to high BP, rapid heart rate, extreme dizziness
  18. Dent in top of head
  19. alil worried.. pls reply
  20. why would you get black and blue marks on your body
  21. what to do for antibiotic induced nausea
  22. Microwave in college dorm - am I safe?
  23. Completely Confused!
  24. Weird health problems? Anxiety? Epilepsy? Heart related? I don't know :(
  25. Bleeding
  26. shoulder blade pain when breathing?????
  27. trazondone
  28. black dots in mouth
  29. Soft tissue injury or something else?
  30. what causes flem
  31. Could any of these meds make my stomach bloat?
  32. What are the chances...
  33. Strange Black lump on the inside of mouth
  34. Strep throat
  35. Why Do I Faint?
  36. swollin cheek
  37. Please Help!!!!..mother stops breathing out of no where????
  38. Hurnia Sugery Time?
  39. Bothered by Blinking Lights, Ticking Clocks
  40. why do i get pain under right shoulder blade when i burp?
  41. how long does it take for you to feel symptoms of internal bleeding
  42. gullstones
  43. Could This Be Nerves/Anxiety?
  44. washing
  45. Slipped Rib Pain/Prolotherapy Treatment
  46. Grapefruit seed extract...pill or liquid?
  47. Re: pain on left side of abdomen
  48. respiratory problems
  49. Switching Doctors?
  50. What can I do?
  51. Pain in the Middle of my belly button
  52. Inky dots
  53. Very painful stomach issue if drinking on empty stomach
  54. Finger pain
  55. pain under left rib close to stomach
  56. prolotherapy for dislocated elbow?
  57. prolotheray for dislocated elbow?
  58. Passed out after standing up
  59. my nightmare
  60. swollen of the right side of face
  61. what causes flem in your throat all the time
  62. cortison shot for shoulder bursitis
  63. Hurt all over
  64. what causes pressure on the ear
  65. Swelling and severe pain in neck and jaw
  66. Chest pains for years
  67. Bacterial Infection reoccurance
  68. Neck pain
  69. neuortin
  70. Burning shoulderpain spreading up to both sides of neck...
  71. i have a swollen lymph node in my neck and my leg keeps goin numb, what is it?
  72. Lump on leg
  73. Mom's hand shakes a bit and head
  74. hemorrhoid that just won't go away!
  75. severe sole burning sensation
  76. coffee
  77. why does my leg feel like it has water running down in it?
  78. Shoulder Pain with weight training, please help!
  79. Throat feels like thorns when pass food
  80. Hi, I'm new here & not sure where to post this...but I have a gassy tummy...
  81. EKG Normal, Endoscopy Normal, symptoms remain with no diagnosis?
  82. Continuous Headache and Arm pain??????
  83. Enlarged Spleen? (Splenomegaly)
  84. prolotherapy and shoulders
  85. why do i have a warming sensation in lower limb
  86. Post-Picc Arm Pain
  87. how long does it take blood to clot in the brain?
  88. rash
  89. 9 mo of pain so far!
  90. Pain meds
  91. what is the cause of pain on the left side of the body under the rib cage
  92. Leg Pain?
  93. Inner Mouth Sore?
  94. certain unexplained body odor
  95. busted vain
  96. right shoulder injury
  97. Mucus in throat
  98. calcified lymphnode 5 year old
  99. How to control pulse rate between 60 to 80
  100. Neck Pain from Computer Use.
  101. Leg Pain
  102. Sore arm
  103. I think Kaiser is letting her die... She hurts far too much to be psycosymptomatic!
  104. what is my pulse supposed to be
  105. 19 yr old, random pain & diarrhea + other odd symptoms all my life
  106. Get sick randomly but doctor's have no clue what it is
  107. No Idea
  108. weird feeling in left side of my chest!?
  109. Lopsided Face Very Embarrassing!
  110. Salsalate
  111. White sores in mouth
  112. Drinking URINE? Good for health?
  113. Itching - please help me
  114. random muscle cramps arm
  115. My tongue has little white bumps
  116. pain in lower kidney area when deep breath
  117. Aleve vs. IB Profin
  118. Spider sensation on top of nose
  119. Lower rib poking out with discomfort
  120. right side hurts under rib cage when i eat
  121. nose pain
  122. achey hip and legs
  123. mallaria and toiphoid treatment
  124. scapula pain & breathing
  125. why pain only sometimes?
  126. Blood Blister?
  127. mold and mildew
  128. any advice please read
  129. Went to doc but I'm wondering.....please read
  130. Shoulder Pain - CMP
  131. Gassy
  132. how long does it take for amoxil antibiotics to work
  133. cough
  134. i'm a bit scared lump in chest
  135. DEXA bone scan
  136. pain in top of back when breathing
  137. High WBC
  138. wrist sprain?
  139. Feeling like I have gone to the bathroom non stop today
  140. ultrasound for deep vein thrombosis?
  141. Is this a wisdom tooth problem?
  142. White spot on X-Ray?
  143. Advice On Pneumonia
  144. Xrays of wrist and hand?
  145. Leg Pain related to Blood-Clot or Nerve under the skin?
  146. why do i have holes in tonsils
  147. Swollen Lymph nodes
  148. Low Grade Fevers....Help
  149. Need some advice
  150. blocked ears when lifting weights
  151. "Trigger Point" or something else....
  152. Can someone please help me!?!?!?!- LOST
  153. Enlarged Spleen
  154. Weird very sore skin on left side of face!
  155. lump after dog bite
  156. can you feel your lymph nodes
  157. Mouth pain un-related to my tooth (HELP!)
  158. My friend is suffering from hexavalent chromium poisoning
  159. Started running again........now nose bleeds?
  160. Could really use some insight here
  161. My brain
  162. Therapeutic pets
  163. Scar
  164. Whats wrong with me?
  165. I May Have Swallowed a Foreign Object - What Should I do?
  166. Testicle itch. please help
  167. weight loss after surgery
  168. Rash on my wrists and arms?
  169. help?
  170. odd pain in back/chest
  171. Head rushes while sleeping
  172. pain in my arm
  173. Abdominal pain --> Will Endoscopy helps ?
  174. Need Help
  175. Sharp Pain When I Take A Breath, Sometimes
  176. how to know if you swallowed a piece of glass/
  177. Allergies, Lymph Nodes, and Ocular Migraines
  178. Can't stand the pain in my legs any more
  179. constantly short of breath
  180. Help? Headaches, nausea and stomach twinges?
  181. BAD pain in left of back, not muscular... kidney?
  182. Troubling Symptoms. Last Request for help.
  183. normal
  184. Toddler muscle weakness issues
  185. Lightheaded and lower back ache
  186. Foot and leg neuropathy/ hand controls for auto
  187. why do my arms ache?
  188. cut on arm
  189. light headed and weakness for months
  190. couch bugs?
  191. Water retention
  192. craters in the tonsils
  193. Another Sprained Ankle question
  194. Chest infection for over a year now!!!
  195. Tall??
  196. Occassional Swellings around body
  197. Shaking on the Inside?
  198. Yellow Jacket Sting - anything more I can do?
  199. Has anyone ever had a cystoscopy done before? I need advice.
  200. I found out i have an ulcer...
  201. i need help worried about lump under skin
  202. pains
  203. Extreme Forgetfulness
  204. what does a yellow tongue mean
  205. Swelling on feet/legs
  206. There must be something wrong with me? =/
  207. Tumor
  208. Positive skin TB Test/Negative X-Rays
  209. how to heal anus sores
  210. Lump at top of leg / right of groin
  211. help me understand my test results!
  212. Some weight loss and exersize tips
  213. Long after scalp ringworm (still itching)
  214. sulfur smell
  215. General health problems
  216. Problems after surgery
  217. effect of donating blood
  218. 1+ blood in urine
  219. Toe nail partially ripped off
  220. traped gas
  221. Help
  222. Bruised feeling all over
  223. Doctor Didn't Return Call
  224. green soybean-like "pods" in feces???
  225. Left chest/breast pain
  226. Throat infection
  227. yellow vomit and severe pain
  228. Belly
  229. knee and hip pain
  230. Coughing and no clinical diagnosis???
  231. Collar Bone??
  232. Microgynon 30 pill help please
  233. Open sores on breast
  234. hip joint injection
  235. Headache, Tired and not feeling well (strep)
  236. please help need advice asap...
  237. quick responce needed please
  238. husband getting smaller
  239. HELP left side rib pain?
  240. Avascular Necrosis(hip pain)
  241. neck
  242. endometrial thickening
  243. Problems With Heights, Open Spaces etc
  244. Thowing up blood
  245. strep and mono
  246. Advice
  247. What's that smell in the denim material?
  248. serrapeptase
  249. My foot
  250. Burning/hot sensation in my feet

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