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  1. Do I have brain damage, or am I just overreacting?
  2. how to avoid getting fluid behind ear
  3. low blood sugar
  4. effect of 2 mile jog before blood work drawn?
  5. The pain!!...The pain!!...what the heck did I do????
  6. What about a vegetarian diet?
  7. Breathing problem / racing heart causing lack of sleep:
  8. Alternative Energy and health
  9. cappucino
  10. 2 Years Of Chest Pain
  11. Cut on leg infected? Not healing and redness...? -Advice please....
  12. ECG results
  13. broken toe?
  14. numbness in face
  15. A passing feeling
  16. weird abdominal pains.. MOLD? help!
  17. Got stung still itches and hurts after 3 days
  18. Not sure what I am sick with...
  19. Mystery Illness
  20. need help
  21. what is a charlie horse in your calf?
  22. Need a pain clinic
  23. Fatty Liver
  24. what does it mean if my stomach hurts all the time but they cant find what is wrong
  25. what is a normal peripheral pulse
  26. dizziness and off-balance
  27. im poorly and i dont know what it is, can someone help?
  28. Urgent help please?
  29. temple area swollen after persistent headache
  30. Molluscum Removal
  31. Muscle spasms above temple
  32. oral mucocele question
  33. i have pityriasis rosea skin condition
  34. Vomit & pain in abdomen
  35. intense dizziness
  36. Is this dangerous
  37. withdrawals
  38. Weird Virus???
  39. Pain in my arms, hands, legs
  40. Heart attack symptoms?
  41. infected piercing
  42. Ganglion Cyst
  43. im lost
  44. what causes the heart rate to go up in asthma patient
  45. amoxicillin question
  46. Pain in arm (small bump on vein)
  47. Bumps all over tounge!
  48. chest pain
  49. So many symptoms I don't know what to tell my doctor!
  50. My Fingers Are Itchy!
  51. Insucurity? Or Mental?
  52. Strange symptoms, please help.
  53. Mystery Spots
  54. Benadryl and muscle twitches
  55. interpreting results
  56. HELP - lab report
  57. sore ribs
  58. when i yawn i shake
  59. Can you give me your opinion on this?
  60. Dizziness
  61. how long do red stools persist after eating beets
  62. Three years of nose bleeds for a 5 year old
  63. Lightheaded constantly...no one knows why.
  64. internal bleeding
  65. hard to breath\shortness of breath \back pain
  66. sharp stabbing pain under my left lower rib cage - please help
  67. Arthritis? Lupus? Poor Circulation?
  68. Something with my asthma
  69. Sore Throat
  70. Shoulder pain with weight training
  71. Wierd thing on my neck
  72. fainting/seizure?
  73. iron
  74. Military Doc's
  75. Waxing problem
  76. When I Laugh It Hurts ..
  77. Lump on nose?
  78. Tendonitis question
  79. Negative Effects of Donating Blood
  80. Chest and back pain
  81. Lots of problems with body I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE!!!!
  82. Any ideas what is going on with me?
  83. Just looking for some answers, new direction
  84. Pain at back shoulder blade
  85. loss of vision and dizziness
  86. Life Destroyed, no-one can help - what is this illness?
  87. pain in hip and knee
  88. New big vein in arm
  89. Fainting and lack of energy
  90. black and blue marks
  91. Daughter swallowed pencil grip
  92. Please help. Very worried....
  93. rx for cholesterol ?????
  94. please help am new lung prob
  95. Hand Pain
  96. i can't stop thinking of how my mind and body work
  97. About 3months ago....
  98. Strange ache in leg
  99. Weekly occuring dry, cracked lips
  100. Jump noticed an unusual bump on my finger...
  101. dermatitis on nose
  102. Swelling feet and ankles
  103. Confused.
  104. Persistent Pain in Upper-Thigh of Left leg
  105. i've had this weird feeling in the back of my throat for months now...
  106. Varicose Veins
  107. leaking nipples
  108. blood and protein in my urine but no UTI?
  109. left side rib pain
  110. Nasal Passage Blockage
  111. Body vibrating!
  112. Swollen Costal Cartilage??
  113. a week after a car accident, i still have pain in my chest - should I go to a doctor
  114. Neck Spasm?? One Year
  115. Horrendously awful taste in my mouth
  116. Higher than normal body temperature
  117. Stomach/Gas problem
  118. Muscle Pain/tightness
  119. Skin Damage?
  120. what are the red bumps at the back of the tongue?
  121. blood looks like red juice?
  122. Tailbone Pain?
  123. Weird Sensation
  124. what's my sickness
  125. Best Bandages To Use On Armpits?
  126. severe pain...
  127. ermm odd question
  128. White lump on tongue...PLEASE help!
  129. when chest rib won't heal
  130. diarrhea and excessive urination immediatly after eating and drinking.
  131. Blood test results Question
  132. Airways completely close up after coughing
  133. pain up the entire side of my leg?
  134. what is nodules of the adrenal gland
  135. Severe shoulder tension
  136. Advice please! more blood than stool, vomit and awful pain in bowel.
  137. Broken Rib?
  138. odd bald spots
  139. Night sweating at 24!
  140. Runny stool, some blood, and stomach ache/pain
  141. Constant Dull Headache For Days
  142. I'm so helpless..so many symptoms not one diagnosis..help :'(
  143. Sick of being sick and getting no answers just more questions.
  144. tingling in face and on head
  145. weird reaction to small ammount of alcohol??!
  146. how long does it take..?
  147. Pulsating vein
  148. blood clot in arm
  149. Oregon Grape Root Extract & Strep throat
  150. 20 Years old, blood in stool every couple of months..
  151. Jaw pain for the past week
  152. edema
  153. Sternum pain/pressure
  154. pale gums? almost white!
  155. girlfriend having problems
  156. weird pain in neck
  157. How to provide stability for double jointed elbow?
  158. Surgery after a Antrectomy and concerns about the "Dumping Syndrome."
  159. Safe to take Bayer with Heart Advance with Luvox/Seroquel?
  160. Feeling of Lump in throat
  161. chest pain behind breast bone
  162. need help finding the cause! (chronic fatigue & chronic dry irritated eyes)
  163. Stiff hands with no grip for 3 months- what is it?!!
  164. Large red sores on my belt line (waist)
  165. White spots on my sholders
  166. back again, still in pain!
  167. Just a little worried ...
  168. Symptoms that worry me. No sufficient medical attention
  169. dna testing kit
  170. Pain to the touch center of chest
  171. UTI, again ??? Please help!
  172. Strange Muscle Ache - Arm
  173. how do you know if you are constipated
  174. going crazy
  175. Best Antidepressants?
  176. I think i have internal Hemorrhoids? how do i treat this?
  177. I think I finally got it (I might have lack of iron?)
  178. blood from anus
  179. Ulcer or something else..?
  180. Shocking pain
  181. Weird chest pain
  182. Swelling in my legs and leaking
  183. blood in the nose
  184. Spinal Meningitis anyone?
  185. What is wrong with me?
  186. Business Question?
  187. Burning Tongue and achy joints
  188. pH and Health
  189. Why does my right leg go numb when I stand
  190. what does pain in left armpit mean
  191. head pulsing/vibrating/pressure
  192. CBC Blood Tests
  193. NEED HELP BAD!!! Large cut on bottom of foot!
  194. I think i have strep throat!
  195. seeing stars?
  196. Badly sprianed ankle in March-still having problems
  197. Leg Ache and Gummy Throat
  198. question about multiple lumps
  199. Strange Rash
  200. cuts on the inside of my mouth
  201. Please Help
  202. lump on left side of ribs
  203. does anyone know what i can do about pityriasis rosea and the itching thank you
  204. If fever goes away does that mean infection is gone?
  205. repeated cold
  206. Uti
  207. Severe Gangolin Cysts
  208. Head damage or brain damages??
  209. Aching for months: RSI, Vascular problem, or...?
  210. calf muscle problem
  211. Random light-headedness, any ideas on cause?
  212. Back/chest pain
  213. Acquired Left Undescended Testicle Causing Left Head/Forehead Tightness?
  214. Any Ideas ?
  215. bone marrow test indicated I had no iron
  216. brusing
  217. Mosquito bites and Vitamin B5, HELP!!!
  218. Thighs bruise easily
  219. What kind of critter might be causing this?
  220. Having trouble adjusting to an unusual problem
  221. Multiple Doctors and no real answer! Can you help?
  222. Hot forehead and scalp!
  223. Food Particle in Tonsils
  224. ribs hurt when i breath
  225. My chest hurts
  226. Tonsills
  227. Staph infection part 2 - antibiotics still won't work
  228. where can i get help because my wife's ID can't be used?
  229. Waking up with headache
  230. nunbness and tinglling sensation on the big toe
  231. Undiagnosed and I'm getting worse, do you recognize my symptoms?
  232. Doctor Mistake No Life Insurance
  233. Maybe this will help my shoulder & ques on tendonitis..
  234. Fever Chills Aches Pain Nausea diarrhea
  235. can anyone help?
  236. walking was the solution for me
  237. what could be wrong if you have cramps in your neck and throat?
  238. what is treatment for side effect of diahrea caused by taking an antibiotic
  239. Toddlers and herpes Please help someone
  240. what is wrong with me
  241. why is this happening?
  242. Tiredness when driving
  243. Are the dangers of germs overrated?
  244. Puked green but didn't eat anything green?
  245. Excedrin - nausea?
  246. Not sure what is going on
  247. what is going on in my head??
  248. Shoulder tendonitis diagnosis, still ongoing after phys rehab
  249. Dry mouth/throat, twitchy, Breathing problems.. (fast reply?)
  250. what is my sickness?

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