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  1. 41 yr old f, with years of morning nausia vomiting, not pregnant
  2. paralyzed vocal cord
  3. desperate, looking for anwers... have you had symptoms like this?
  4. Boxing, after getting hit, lumps don't go away ?
  5. Pain Between Rib Cage
  6. Shoulder arthroscopy--pain, recovery?
  7. Has this happened to anyone?? Very confused!!
  8. random pains in ribs, stomach and back
  9. Fatigued, Feeling out of it, Periodic racing heart rate, what's wrong with me?
  10. I might have scabies.. i'm not sure.
  11. Please Help!!! After eating sweets my mouth tastes like lemons
  12. what's up with my temp?
  13. antibiotics/alcohol
  14. Laryngitis - any tips?
  15. in need of some advice
  16. Question about Huntington's Disease
  17. Lump in upper outside of left arm
  18. chest pain and shortness of breath
  19. Head feels heavy
  20. Don't Know What Happened To Me In Florida (vacation)
  21. Rib Cage Pain
  22. grapfruit juice and medications
  23. Hay Fever
  24. DNA question
  25. Ways to keep cool in hot weather?
  26. Dizzy/Pass out
  27. Can I Be Poisoned From Old Rice?
  28. Meth question
  29. legs swelling
  30. Blackouts - Please Help
  31. Pain in wrist - NOT carpal tunnel
  32. Pls help! Grandmother passed away - how to break the news?
  33. Probabily a Weird Question, but I am Going to Ask it Anyway
  34. Health problems and amusement park rides
  35. My nose bleeds when I blow it, 4 days in a row. What's wrong?
  36. Finger Pain
  37. Trouble Swallowing
  38. Anyone ever have a virus like this?
  39. Tremor
  40. Cefdinir/Omnicef-Alcohol?
  41. Do I have brain damage or not?
  42. Calf Pain...Please Read and Answer If You Can
  43. Whats Going On?
  44. What is Wrong with me?
  45. Which thermometer would you trust more?
  46. Throat problems
  47. Yearly Physical Lab work
  48. Strange lump
  49. anti social?
  50. Beware of elective CT scans. - Other's experiences?
  51. What could this be?
  52. Feelbad, Chest/Rib pain
  53. Memory foam mattress causing shoulder pain?
  54. confused about strange belly issues.what type of dr. would i see for this?
  55. Long lasting virus . . . can anyone relate?
  56. Aching knees whilst relaxing
  57. What is the best ice pack?
  58. Lumps in abdomen area
  59. Bad Breathe
  60. Can anyone advise please??
  61. This is weird.
  62. My tooth is about to kill me....literally!
  63. Don't know what this could be....
  64. dizziness
  65. sharp pain in left side? help please!
  66. Emergency room twice and still in great pain
  67. sudden and short hot flashes
  68. Help with symptoms of son - any ideas?
  69. TB testing....confused about results
  70. Weird pain in my side
  71. Stomach Bug?
  72. Allergic reaction to deodorant (underarms itch badly)?
  73. Not sure where this would go, but need help
  74. OK- I drank some Coca cola without a label...
  75. Allergic reaction???
  76. My mom has pneumonia.. what are the chances she will die?
  77. Lentil soup and abdominal pain
  78. medication questions- what can i mix?
  79. Benign cysts vs hormones - please help
  80. Cyst near wrist
  81. cheast
  82. nose bleed, dizzyness, headaches
  83. Really bad cold, or something more?
  84. old shoulder problems not quite gone
  85. Tonsils make me feel like I have to swallow
  86. New to site. Worried.
  87. Hives?????
  88. A colon cleanser question?
  89. help!
  90. chances of getting sick?
  91. Tingling in extremities.
  92. Help understand my blood test results...please!
  93. MY girlfriend has fluid in her stomach?
  94. Stomach or something else ?
  95. empty stomach/full stomach and medicine
  96. Wash Cloth? Or Plain old hands? body wash or soap?
  97. trying to find someone else experiencing the same symptoms
  98. Plavix/diverticutis
  99. How to Get Insurance to Pay for Vericose Veins??
  100. Burning Tip Of Tongue
  101. Heart Problem or Muscle Problem, not sure, need advice
  102. dizzy/lightheadedness
  103. shaky when hungry
  104. leg aches and pains
  105. Ganglion cyst on wrist
  106. Iron level too high
  107. Leg Discomfort/Pain from altered gait
  108. Taking Medication Without Seeing Doctor
  109. Redness from a TB skin test
  110. Please.. please help me. I don't know what's wrong.
  111. Pinky Tremor.
  112. Could I have possibly inherited some sort of disease?
  113. Scar tissue help please!
  114. i need help (oral mouth)
  115. Every morning...
  116. Could it be a combination of things?
  117. Dizziness and pressure
  118. Odd thing happened to my warts
  119. x-ray
  120. Sudden loss of muscle mass, numbness in calf...help?
  121. twitch
  122. Skin And Bone Pain
  123. Strange feeling in head
  124. Persistant Cough
  125. deep pain during sex not after.
  126. Lower Abdominal Pain
  127. Please help with Gout flare-up!
  128. rib/chest pain?
  129. HELP! Esophagus
  130. Oil Heating question
  131. help, barium test danger... alternative?
  132. I Hate My Digestive System
  133. very sick for 3 months, cant figure out what is wrong, please help!
  134. Blisters on my ankles
  135. sore chest
  136. Is Pomegranate juice really that good for health?
  137. Med authenticity
  138. Big toe on right foot goes numb
  139. shoulder
  140. severe dysplastic nevus - complete removal - plastic surgeon or dermotology group?
  141. cinnamon
  142. Spreading bruise
  143. Nausea Problem
  144. Question on stomach cramps
  145. tears in bed
  146. Body Shaking and Trembling
  147. Can anyone help with stress related headache?
  148. Hi, this is really starting to get to me....
  149. can anyone help me please??
  150. Many tests and no answers
  151. how do I get rid of viscous saliva
  152. how can I fix this? Please help!
  153. CT scan with contrast
  154. Scar treatment
  155. Posture pains under the centre of ribs
  156. Any connection between these symptoms?
  157. dizziness and lightheadedness, please help!
  158. Antibiotics & ulceration
  159. Symptoms without known cause?
  160. Feelbad and Sammy.......
  161. scrapes appearing out of nowhere
  162. Veins...
  163. IV site still hurting after three weeks
  164. Toe operation: after-care (please, help)
  165. I would like to know what you would do
  166. nausea, vomiting, lightheaded for a long time now.
  167. spaced out
  168. My Problem
  169. gag reflex question
  170. Breathing problem!
  171. Fed Up !
  172. Is a week-long low-grade fever normal with pneumonia?
  173. I think I have multiple fungal/yeast problems (Dandruff / Angular Cheilitis)
  174. does anybody know..
  175. 3 surgeries in 2 months more coming help
  176. wrist pain after blood drawn
  177. desperate for advice.. update
  178. Continued from shinbone pain ...
  179. Shinbone bumps
  180. Enamored by a dead man?
  181. Someone help with symptoms!!!
  182. Is dry heaving normal after running?
  183. Suggestions about lost voice...
  184. Burning Muscle Caramp and Spasm
  185. Pins and needles
  186. Shaking muscles under slight strain
  187. coumadin hematoma
  188. Strange things happening....coincidence or not?
  189. Please help, just had surgery
  190. tongue trouble
  191. can anyone help my friend? she really is worried..
  192. less height
  193. What Does This Sound Like To Anyone Who Knows??
  194. Dizzyness and Blackouts?
  195. Loud swallowing
  196. Any one give me some hope
  197. Tender Vein in Leg
  198. Quick Question about enlarged lymph nodes...
  199. Still have dark/Dry blood under toe nail..months after tight shoe made it
  200. Hands feel like there is a popping then they bleed between the thumb and index finger
  201. I stink (literally)
  202. hydrogen peroxide mouthwash?
  203. hand,foot and mouth disease?
  204. pain
  205. ill during mornings
  206. I'm having pins and needles experience in my hands and body off and on...
  207. Sammy??
  208. Low Blood Sugar?
  209. Mono help :(
  210. Numb chin? Please help...
  211. My Left Shoulder
  212. unusual body problem
  213. pain in mouth
  214. Nail Problem
  215. pain under tongue when moving tongue?
  216. How much should i weigh?
  217. Everything goes into Fast Motion!
  218. does any one have any suggestions?
  219. Random Bumps on head???
  220. lump on jaw
  221. possible viral infection or what?
  222. What do you do If No Insurance and Dont have a great salary?
  223. Tiny red veins appear running up my arms, etc....???
  224. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  225. Salty taste.
  226. Wrist pain...
  227. Did my physician violate HIPAA regulations?
  228. Michie57
  229. Weight troubles =[
  230. mind feels like it is in a fog
  231. Black eye..still have bruising after nealry 2 months
  232. Abdomen tiny cramps for long period of time.. what's this about?
  233. varicose veins - signs and symptoms?
  234. pauses
  235. Facial Neuralga
  236. Too many CT scans - How many have you had
  237. Joint Mobility Problem Knees & Elbows Following Virus Help
  238. if you have an answer....
  239. Just wondering about what i might have..
  240. Right hand
  241. side affects
  242. Blue "freckles" on the fingerprint area of my fingers???
  243. Multiple issues, trouble figuring out what's wrong ?
  244. Severe ankle problems
  245. Swollen back of my hand
  246. popcorn stuck in throat
  247. abdominal mass
  248. 15 yr old boy with frequent stomach aches
  249. Respond quick plz Mouth..Issues
  250. Help

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