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  1. Pain in abdomen and ribs ever after medical tests showed normal
  2. Too much ear wax, always visible.
  3. Neurofibroma tumour
  4. Please help.....what's wrong with me?
  5. Swollen ankle and rash with no injury
  6. Quite possibly inhaled dangerous chemical
  7. Is this lump dangerous?
  8. Excessive Mucus buildup.. Night time (HELP ME)
  9. Blood
  10. Feeling VERY faint a lot.. Weakness.. Dizziness and more
  11. Nerve pain in cheek
  12. Trouble Breathing, anxiety?
  13. head pains
  14. A month with the same kind of chest pain, help please.
  15. Pain in my ear
  16. phyto nutrients
  17. can anyone relate to my symptoms?
  18. Seizures in Sleep
  19. Doctor visit with no insurance
  20. "Fruity"-smelling urine, other symptoms...but I'm not diabetic(??)
  21. Feeling werid.
  22. cold sore
  23. Working on your abs...does it help your breathing??
  24. Lower abdo pain ouch !
  25. Recurrent Skin Problem - Any Ideas????
  26. Pain in the lower right side
  27. what to do if a mole falls off
  28. Does anyone know what might be wrong with me?
  29. Pectin to help the Prostate and lower cholesterol but how do you dissolve it?
  30. Azithromycin And Medrol Dose Pack?
  31. Is this appendicitis?
  32. what can cause my mid upper back to hurt at night especially when I breath in?
  33. pain in chest,side and back
  34. "Cold" feeling on left side
  35. Stabbing pain under ribs
  36. Neck problems - is it how I sleep?
  37. My Surgical Scar is Traumatizing. What can i do??
  38. Jaw expert anyone?
  39. back hurts?
  40. Exhausted and craving pure sugary foods.
  41. Why am I so tired? HELP!
  42. Need answers....
  43. Whats wrong with me?Pain in side
  44. whats the cause of this illness please help
  45. pitiki
  46. Stomach Pains And No Appetite
  47. Bumps On My Hands
  48. Mep 282
  49. In need of serious help because my Drs. are useless.
  50. anyone had TB?
  51. white tongue
  52. I just want help!
  53. rheumatic fever
  54. arm pain
  55. Unknown symptoms
  56. Recurring fever and night sweat
  57. how bad can an ulcer get in the stomach
  58. Jaw Realignment
  59. mysterious lump
  60. Pain In Left Arm
  61. My head feels like its on FIRE..... help
  62. Body Fatigue, Not sure what to do...
  63. Help..very worried
  64. dziu
  65. Constant low fever
  66. 16 yr old with back problems and i think im going insane
  67. Wake up with numb heels?
  68. What is P.A.D?
  69. Gerd
  70. calcium deposit found in ultrasound
  71. Should I see a Doctor? Or would it be a waste of time?
  72. Looking for answers to help a friend
  73. possible health problem no ideas as to what...
  74. not able to concieve
  75. Acrylic Paints & Your Health
  76. Skin itches at night - why???
  77. so i saw the doctor... [yasmin]
  78. Looking for Spine Surgeon in NYC or L.I.--any input ??
  79. tri-oral mouthwash
  80. This is driving me CRAZY!
  81. stop Medrol dose pack?
  82. Trouble reading maybe you guys can help me out...
  83. Dead spot on my thigh
  84. Cold Feeling In Thigh(s) and Waist Area when Sitting
  85. Tired of being sick
  86. i am not able to breathe when i got tensed
  87. Hard lump in center of my sternum
  88. stab marks on back?
  89. gluten insensitivity
  90. Need Help...
  91. weight loss and bruising
  92. chiropractic
  93. Leg pain and numbness - blood clot?
  94. Please help. No solution?
  95. Hmm, let's hope I'm not about to die.
  96. what is Nova lorazem
  97. Could This Be Some Kind Of Ulcer?
  98. lymph nodes or something in my nec
  99. I get itchy bumps when I am cold
  100. what might this be?
  101. Yellow Vomit???
  102. Cold, red, blotchy hands
  103. Anyone have C-Spine issues/symptoms confused with ALS ??
  104. my naval piercing appears to be dry, what type of lotion can i use on it?
  105. Fissures
  106. Can anyone help me?
  107. Long standing abdominal problems
  108. what exactly is this?
  109. Very afraid I did some major damage w/ chronic alcohol consumption. Rib cage hurts
  110. Constant shaking....hard to function
  111. Need information on Iron Transfusions
  112. Cast getting wet
  113. Swollen, tender and painful underarm!
  114. how long is streph contagous on items
  115. Knots in back and Chest Pains...
  116. how do you know if you have sciatic nerve damage
  117. why does it feel bruised?
  118. Medicine problems...
  119. Therapeutic Boarding Schools for troubled teens
  120. What is happening when the bad breath smell is coiming from my nose as I breath
  121. Help with these symptoms!
  122. spider veins? please help
  123. appendicitis?
  124. Anyone want to play doctor House and find out whats wrong ?
  125. Anyone want to play doctor House and find out whats wrong?
  126. Swollen ankles
  127. little red dots on upper torso and arms
  128. grapefruit & lowering cholesterol
  129. lump on arm and leg
  130. Need help with knee/hip issues!
  131. severe abdominal cramps
  132. Ms
  133. How to overcome laziness?
  134. upper lip splits at night
  135. ms- ed
  136. Why...
  137. why do i have a lump in my belly button
  138. what is biting me?
  139. Undiagnosed chronic condition-constant spasms in head, neck, mouth, spine.
  140. 13 year old son Depression?
  141. Very Painful Elbow
  142. general anaesthetic
  143. Fibromyalgia????
  144. apendicitis
  145. Abdominal pain
  146. stomach pain?
  147. Chest Pain
  148. transverse fracture of the last sacral segment
  149. Annoying mouth sores
  150. sharp pain
  151. Cat Scans Cancer risk new study
  152. 13 year old with depression
  153. Lightheaded/Dizzy After Sports
  154. nasonex
  155. Please Help!!
  156. Abdominal pain for 24 hours not going away
  157. Sudden severe abdominal cramps
  158. dead leg & poor blood circulation in L Leg. wart on knee too. poss. related?
  159. New Study: 75% Of Americans Overweight/obese By 2015
  160. Leg pain
  161. test
  162. name of a disease that destroys the decision making process
  163. mystery illness
  164. threelac
  165. Why do I feel movement on top of my ribs?
  166. Help! Large Bumps in my arm
  167. Weird stuff going on, what is this?
  168. neck is in extreme pain
  169. Partially Hydrogenated and Fully Hydrogenated
  170. Calling all the people that have trouble geting a full breath (aka needing to yawn)
  171. getting your tonsils out
  172. Choosing a Personal Physician: General Practice VS Internal Medicine, which is better
  173. back pain
  174. Nosebleeds
  175. red patchy marks on my nose
  176. Friend has been water fasting for 26 days....worried
  177. Green Seedless Grapes & other tasty fruits
  178. Eye Twitching
  179. Statins\Lipitor
  180. Winter is here, and with it comes pain.
  181. Hot Hands ?????
  182. Antibiotics
  183. Any Tittinus (Ear Ringing) Advise?
  184. Pain In Throat/Neck
  185. small hole in tonsils
  186. Please help! Can't hold down meals!
  187. what is congestion in the pelvic blood vessels?
  188. Various problems.. not sure whats wrong.
  189. What the hell is wrong with me??
  190. lyrica
  191. Mixing suboxone with seroquel and lamictal
  192. Hi
  193. Weird warmth from my body...
  194. Bleeding Gums 2 days after dental cleaning, my tooth is full of blood
  195. Breating Problems
  196. Advice Need Please..Really Needed x
  197. it is possible to contract HIV or another disease via a worker at a restaurant
  198. Tired everyday??
  199. body itching
  200. Ischemic Colitis - TMI WARNING
  201. What's wrong with me
  202. Is it possible to twist your neck to one side?
  203. Odd Sensation in Chest
  204. the roof of my mouth
  205. PLEASE help me!
  206. Weird symptoms..what is it?
  207. Fatigue/tiredness/laziness bothering me, help and advice please...
  208. Feels like I'm overheating..
  209. So many health problems... What's wrong with me!?
  210. Sharp Left Shoulder Pain After Eating
  211. Hi guys im new i hope im posting in the right place please help
  212. What is This ? Lympocyte : 56 and Segmented Neutrophil: 37
  213. Clenching abdominal pain and soreness
  214. black dots on lips
  215. Post Ovarian Cyst Rupture...
  216. why can't I taste food?
  217. wrist fusion
  218. Ringing in ears after concert.
  219. I seem to have the doctors stumped
  220. Horrible stomach pains
  221. Son Very Ill
  222. Nose bleed...what causes it?
  223. dna test
  224. 'Heavy Head' + Blurry Vision
  225. Spasm-like Excruciating Pain in the Upper Left Leg
  226. gallstones?
  227. fits
  228. Feel like i've lost control of my body
  229. broken blood vessels in ths face
  230. Tylenol
  231. swollen foot
  232. Need Help
  233. Physical/Blood Work
  234. Question on donating blood...
  235. Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest Discomfort/pain ... heart ruled out.
  236. Can Anyone Help - tougue problems
  237. bloating after swimming
  238. Vomiting before meals
  239. Very low Triglycerides and very high c-reactive protein? Help!
  240. Itching, a lot!
  241. Cigarette Ash in coffee
  242. There's a dent in my ankle...what the heck?!
  243. Update - Anyone else find this with drinking water
  244. Side Effect?
  245. shin splint operation
  246. what is laryingitus
  247. pain of the side of my ribs & collar bone.
  248. blacking out
  249. Opinions please..
  250. laringitus

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