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  1. abdominal pain in one spot
  2. why does medicine help me a lot with my anger?
  3. Anyone know what's Wrong?
  4. left arm numb from elbow down
  5. hungary all the time
  6. Elevated Protein on Blood Test?
  7. Pins and needles feeling in left big toe
  8. Not sure what's wrong with me.
  9. All these symptoms...Air Quality problem?
  10. internal piles
  11. wondering why
  12. Dark reddish circle around one eye
  13. Turner's Syndrome???
  14. Unexplained bruising + tiredness
  15. kinoki foot pads for detoxification
  16. Brainfog/confusion
  17. my upper ribcage sicks out? whats wrong?
  18. Dizzy all the time?
  19. Big Eyes
  20. What Could This Be? Tinnitus, brain zaps, tingling, twitching. Please Help.
  21. tingling feet
  22. Neck and Clavicle Pain
  23. Weird taste in throat???
  24. Feels like kicking in stomach????
  25. Increasing dizziness
  26. My toe presses against shoe so it's Bruised
  27. What could be going on?!
  28. Headaches
  29. Havnt been to a doc in 2 years?
  30. tingling in hand and feet
  31. Abdominal pain
  32. Throat problem.
  33. Question About Step Throat!
  34. human error
  35. new member
  36. Why are my tongue and gums sore?
  37. belly button ring pussing?
  38. Worried & dont know whats wrong
  39. Pulled Muscle?
  40. Food Poisoning or Gastroenteritis?
  41. I need help.
  42. Broken bone not growing back together.
  43. I think i'm having a stroke?!
  44. Lumps on fingers and toes
  45. the fear of going outside
  46. Bruising to knee, weird colour and no pain
  47. Weak Back of Tongue...Can Anyone Help?
  48. Whats wrong!
  49. Where To Post
  50. my white blood count is 15.9 why is it high
  51. ? does low monocytes indicate hiv
  52. What kind of pain does a stomach ulcer cause?
  53. cold hands
  54. Why I feel so "dried out"?
  55. Pain Pills and Weight Loss
  56. Swallowed soap...
  57. Dizziness, pressure headaches, and my teeth hurt!
  58. Stomach Problems. Input please.
  59. Blood work normal, but terrible symptoms....what is it??
  60. cold feet
  61. minocycline
  62. have yeast infection on my tongue what to do?
  63. any and all input will be very appreciated...
  64. Please help me, I am really scared and dont know what to do...
  65. 9 year old fevered 9 days
  66. I can't get warm
  67. what does it feel like to pinch a nerve
  68. Lump on breast
  69. Pulse in Stomach?
  70. hi
  71. Bad sleeping habits?
  72. health question
  73. hands shaking
  74. Severe Neck Pain (when moving head!)
  75. Bleeding Navel
  76. Left arm went numb
  77. Kidney Stones and Cancer?
  78. Meloxicam for tendinitis/arthritis
  79. my weird symptoms
  80. unexplained pains
  81. STRANGE STRANGE Feelings
  82. Bone density question..
  83. burning in back of leg
  84. Can someone please help me??
  85. Clogged Ear
  86. ear drum tic?
  87. puzzled with this problem
  88. Pain in right side, from armpit to hip - no bruising
  89. I'm too young to feel like this.
  90. Bar Vision
  91. strange chest "pain"
  92. grape
  93. swelling under my armips...any ideas??
  94. what does it mean if you find a lump on your rib
  95. bioxin
  96. ulcer? (please help)
  97. HELP, my daughter is in constant pain!
  98. Strange Pain while drinking liquids.
  99. cold numb feeling on left side of body
  100. For Women Only
  101. pain
  102. motion ??
  103. Cold Soars
  104. Pain in finger from a ring
  105. pseudotumor?
  106. very low triglycerides
  107. muscles feel like they have fever
  108. Looking for finely ground psyllium husks
  109. abdominal pain
  110. black dot in mouth
  111. Sinking veins associated with pain
  112. Any feedback about Dr Speiser ?
  113. pain in shoulder when i bend over
  114. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  115. Sick for months help????
  116. College kid has strange problem...
  117. Spices & Body Odor
  118. What is going on with my husband
  119. Worried about strange symptom...please help
  120. Weird feeling in chest:/gas/bloating/heartburn/racing heart/ANNOYING!!
  121. Heavy Stomach Feeling
  122. Ear piercing complications?
  123. Nerve damage? tingling feet and fingers! help!
  124. muscular cramps, legs, arms, hands and face!
  125. Rabies?
  126. how many times a year can you have a safe ct scan
  127. unexplained weight loss
  128. Several aches and pains
  129. fractured rib?????
  130. Cystic fibrosis, or withdrawal and extreme anxiety?
  131. how do you remove lingual tonsils?
  132. constipation woes please help
  133. clinical depression and icd's
  134. Strange numbness
  135. Help please sick daughter
  136. hemochromatosis?
  137. Bump on side
  138. red eyes
  139. Have your parents ever convinced you that large goals are impossible?
  140. Belly button ring
  141. Allergic Reaction?
  142. Torn Thigh
  143. Still don't know what to do, help!
  144. Freidrik's Enigma
  145. hip pains
  146. Dealing with the flu
  147. Fat nose..
  148. Is cat scan's contrast material pretty safe now?
  149. blood pressure tablets
  150. ice tea
  151. Abnormal heartbeats..
  152. Sudden, Severe elbow, forearm pain
  153. Help mystery illness!!!
  154. Wrist pain - Should I get a second opinion?
  155. Back at square one...
  156. LOwer back feels SUPER tired just from walking
  157. Mind numbingly strange back pain
  158. Rib cage specialists doctors
  159. swalloen finger
  160. Bump inside nostril on the bridge
  161. Minor pain on upper stomach-Something minor or something serious?
  162. how do i get rid of dark spots on my tongue?
  163. ok...im a little concerned
  164. Bactrin
  165. Blood test - xyrem will come up positive?
  166. Been On Prozac For 3 Weeks. Can 10 MG Be Therapeutic?
  167. Pain all over...
  168. Heart pain?
  169. Pain in Left Side under rib cage and it feels like there is a lump there
  170. peas in feet. ackward....!
  171. what causes a yellow coating on the tongue?
  172. Does torn cartilage around rib cage hurt during healing process?
  173. wrist surgery
  174. Appendicitis?
  175. May be allergic to Salicicyl Acid?
  176. doc results
  177. Still sore from Flu shot ?
  178. UPper right ab PAIn even after i've been told im fine
  179. Why Do People Vomit?
  180. doubt.
  181. Unknown. Odd problems.
  182. Five-nine,234 lb.,slob or big boy?And reasonable weight goal.
  183. Can you avoid bad breath from these?
  184. Pain above Clavicle / Humerus joint
  185. weird question
  186. please help!!!
  187. Call Me Crazy, But Can The Mouth Become Suddenly Too Weak For Chewing??
  188. Any Ideas to ease the pain?
  189. Have pain in left lower rib cage area.
  190. why do I have a blister on the back of my throat
  191. cat and dog feces
  192. prostate cancer
  193. Feeling of Nausea
  194. dizziness/lightheaded
  195. Any ideas / Should I go to a doctor
  196. reaction to grapeseed extract
  197. Ribcage issue, fracture or pulled muscle?? please help.
  198. legs.
  199. Swollen Bump In Mouth By Lip And Swollen Under Tongue
  200. what is a clear dry patch of skin about the size of a quarter on toddler
  201. bridge of nose
  202. I am lost on this.anyone have any ideas?!
  203. Infection after Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  204. Not sure, please help!
  205. Does vitamin C prevent canker sores?
  206. Need some advice!!
  207. Is weighing 8 Stone 12 bad for me?
  208. help please - unhealthy neck/back habbits
  209. Question regarding breats implants
  210. A Big Toe??
  211. painful legs and hips,twiches,and spasms,plz help!!
  212. Sloshing Stomach
  213. Very Painful Sex?
  214. Strep throat + Gum & Mouth problems??? Scary. help!
  215. lump at hairline on the back of the head
  216. tight trousers - will they give me problems?
  217. pulled muscle?
  218. heart rate
  219. Have had sore on thumb, now feel tenderness in hand and elbow....
  220. any ideas?
  221. How do I heal a swollen finger?
  222. what is the causes of burning sensation in abdomen
  223. short sensations of the inside of my head burning
  224. severe diarrhea after taking strong antibiotics
  225. What causes rapid weight loss...
  226. Chronic Ankle Sprain
  227. Does anybody know what it means...
  228. Brain on the brain
  229. Can you help?
  230. Suppliments & Constipation
  231. I ve recently developed really sweaty armpits, what can I do?
  232. sharp pains??
  233. high pulse rate when exercising
  234. itchy hands and feet with fever
  235. Indigestion what does it feel like?
  236. sulphur burps:(
  237. hand numbness
  238. Compulsive/Pathological Liars
  239. Causes of shortness of breath?
  240. All over aching in my legs....
  241. medication and rapid heart rate
  242. Concerned
  243. Blood cirrculation in arms/hands
  244. I'm coughing blood
  245. Upper rib pain with deep breathing and back pain
  246. This is so strange...what do you think?
  247. Pain in abdomen and ribs ever after medical tests showed normal
  248. Too much ear wax, always visible.
  249. Neurofibroma tumour
  250. Please help.....what's wrong with me?

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