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  1. I feel like my chest bone is popped out or something..
  2. Multiple symptoms... what could it be?
  3. Shoulder Instability / Osteoarthritis
  4. Dime size lump on groin
  5. bruise
  6. I am curious how people in coma and with brain dead (after some time without oxygen)
  7. temp blindness, numbness, headaches...
  8. Kissing a smoker, advice needed!!
  9. Tender Abdomen
  10. Help
  11. constant nosebleeds..
  12. I see a lump under my arm pit when I workout
  13. blood boogers
  14. hypopigmentation of lip
  15. Night Sweats
  16. Tendon injury to hand
  17. How To Get Rid Of A Cold/Virus Quicker!!
  18. loss of apetite
  19. Attention Seeking Behaviour
  20. Bad bellybutton pain
  21. Strange virus?
  22. Legs swelling while question.
  23. i think i have a problem
  24. Itcy knees and feet
  25. Antibiotics
  26. What is costochrondrits
  27. Back Thigh , BUtt, Itching and feeling burning any idea?
  28. Multiple issues. No idea where to post.
  29. everytime I start using Sweet & Low again, I get nauseated,
  30. B12 level at 168 and doctor prescribes 1000mg OTC supplement?
  31. So Sick And Scared
  32. lost hand strength
  33. "Alternative" healthy Lifestyle
  34. Lower abdominal pain
  35. child w/stomach cramps, anal itching & bloody stool
  36. Chalky Taste
  37. Help me! Medication dose?
  38. Congestional Heart Failure following Pregnancy..
  39. What do you do to avoid sickness?
  40. Sweat Smells Of Onions Why
  41. chicken pox
  42. general health checkups
  43. smelling things noone else does.
  44. Can someone help me? Need Advice!
  45. I feel a flutter in my right arm, what is that?
  46. Dr's can't tell me what's wrong
  47. pains around my heart
  48. Need help, but afraid of doctors
  49. Grapefruit juice and Meridia
  50. cant hold urine
  51. Scalp flaking and scabs on head
  52. geodon
  53. My child is so unwell.
  54. UTI Blood In Urine
  55. valerian therapeutic dosage
  56. I hear beats in my ear every now and then.
  57. How long does it take an antibiotic to be absorbed so I can vomit
  58. how do i know if i have glandular fever
  59. Can anyone help?
  60. Itchy scalp
  61. bubble in mouth
  62. post-op infection???
  63. pain near ribs
  64. how do you know when ringworm is gone?
  65. Nova-Lorazem
  66. Please help (hand movements)
  67. Does anyone know?
  68. Warts!?!?
  69. Right side discomfort...
  70. please help!!!!!
  71. Frequent Urination
  72. Ammonia level reactions
  73. chewing the inside of the lip
  74. Is recoding your medical appointments legal?
  75. sharp rib pain
  76. stomach pains
  77. What kind of specialst doing stomach probing?
  78. I just don't want to go out anymore
  79. Appetite Loss - Trouble Eating
  80. right side pain
  81. Worried and Desperate
  82. Stomach "Noises"
  83. it feels very soft like fluid on one spot of the right leg with severe bruises caused
  84. ear
  85. Reaction to antibiotic maybe?
  86. help in diagnosis
  87. Flu Shot Reaction
  88. i have a lump behind my ear.
  89. tonsils out affect singing?
  90. left rib pain
  91. What is wrong with me??
  92. scared to spread my warts
  93. Lost 10 pounds in a week or less is that normal?
  94. Common Cold or?
  95. bad cold?
  96. Arthritic Mass on spinal cord
  97. Peeing a lot
  98. Whats the matter with me :( ?
  99. sore that wont heal
  100. Electrical Sensations up spine
  101. Metallic taste
  102. Lactulose
  103. don't know what happened but worried
  104. Husband worried me now :(
  105. Multiple Symptoms - No Diagnosis for Abdominal pain
  106. When I drink alcohol i get chest pain
  107. Hard lump on arm
  108. too many white cells what does this mean
  109. Strange knot after car accident
  110. Ligament
  111. Does my blood work indicate HIV infection or anything ? STD ?
  112. Strange Chest pains
  113. Severe leg and hip pain
  114. Numbness in tips of both toes
  115. I thought Subway food was healthy...
  116. My girlfriend has something wrong with her but too scared to go doctor
  117. stomach problems or enlarged spleen?
  118. shock induced muscle paralysis
  119. Why am I ALWAYS hot?
  120. Bicycle Injury - Pitting Edema
  121. Clear urine in the morning?
  122. Extreme Hunger linked to food intolerance?
  123. 8y/o fevers illness over a month now...Help!
  124. help
  125. help
  126. i need more help again
  127. Unexplained Seizures
  128. Feel like heart attack
  129. I'm starting to get worried, help me!
  130. Constant naseua and fatigue
  131. ribcage measurements
  132. burning pain in right wrist
  133. cbc results please help
  134. I gag and cough too much!!!
  135. loss of breath
  136. Please respond, I am so freaked out
  137. Any Help Would Really Be Appreciated
  138. pain when breathing deeply
  139. having some problems
  140. What is this? Help Plz
  141. prednisone and acne
  142. Itchy ear and inflamed tonsil?
  143. white dots on lips
  144. Things that effect our Health in general
  145. feels like someone slugged me in my chest, what could it be?
  146. ulcers in the throat??
  147. Question
  148. throat and lymph node issues
  149. Premature Grey Hair
  150. Can meditation replace sleep?
  151. Infections - Foot
  152. What could be in the chest here?
  153. About POTS, ADHD and Disability
  154. FunnyBone
  155. Blurred Vision When Exercising/Running/Physical Exertion????
  156. Funny fluttering in chest
  157. Occupational Hazzard: Fueler
  158. Unisom Help!! Active Ingredients Questions
  159. pea sized bump in palm of hand
  160. Sciatica
  161. Does Laughing hard make you weak?
  162. pubic hair problem
  163. tastebuds
  164. Terrible Headaches!
  165. what color shold my urine be if all i drink is water
  166. Not sure what it could be!!
  167. i was walking and all of a sudden i went out of breath what should i do
  168. Constipation when I travel
  169. Blemish/spots
  170. feeling jittery,shakey
  171. Reasons I HOPE am getting my MRI/Brain scan
  172. Could I have hurt my ankle worse than I thought?
  173. why is there a sore lump on my ribs?
  174. gallstones
  175. Getting your knee drained
  176. Is 175 U/L a normal result for an LDH test?
  177. Leg cramps.
  178. gettin an MRI on my brain
  179. Canker Sores - any advice out there?
  180. Consensus on a Preventative exam-very confused
  181. planter's faciatis
  182. Allergy Problems...
  183. Severe chest pain
  184. Weird problem in throat caushing gagging
  185. Always Freezing
  186. Cause Behind Tightness Of Left Side Of Forehead, Head And Neck?
  187. constant low grade fever and swollen lymph nodes
  188. pain below ribcage
  189. Mouth Ulcers
  190. Bottled water...what...not good for you now??
  191. Burnt plastic-poison?
  192. Pain Killers
  193. What is this lump/bump on my mid back?
  194. bee sting on tounge
  195. Losing Blood
  196. Recent Night Urination
  197. Not-So Dissolvable Sutures
  198. Piercings
  199. Stomach Problems
  200. Smoking and test results
  201. Swollen left neck above collarbone (HIV?)
  202. weird pain in neck and ear problems please help me
  203. hard palate question
  204. Sore throat AND multiple muscle soreness?
  205. body temp
  206. Help!
  207. HELP!! Swollen Upper Buttocks area...
  208. pregnancy+menstrual cycle
  209. since there is no section for it
  210. Reaction to Prednisone!
  211. burning tongue syndrome
  212. I don't know what I have.
  213. puking blood and nothing else
  214. iodine contrast
  215. BETRAYED..i think hes a complete QUACK Others may beg to differ.but ya dont know HIM
  216. Pain/Burning Feeling
  217. Structural deformity in throat causing gagging
  218. vascular calcifications
  219. headaches and blood pressure?
  220. Doing sports during hot weather
  221. I spilled fastbond in the eye....
  222. ankle injury getting worse - familiar?
  223. Shoulder popping
  224. Small lump in arm
  225. All over body pain.
  226. Can my head snap from the crunches I do?
  227. Problems in my head.
  228. What is going on with my digestive system?
  229. Can bronchitis return once it's gone?
  230. Late, and SOB!!!!!!!!
  231. Hot Weather Intolerance
  232. Trouble swallowing...food gets stuck on soft palate
  233. Question about "taste" problems
  234. Water and kidneys
  235. Proctitis
  236. Stop prednisone on 12 mg???
  237. my right sided muscles are getting smaller! WHY?
  238. Black area on Toe Nail and surrounding skin (I need help please)
  239. soft markers
  240. progesterone
  241. sharp pain
  242. has anyone else experienced this?
  243. burning feet
  244. Low grade fever for a month...
  245. shortness of breath?
  246. what is causing my problem?
  247. HELP PLEASE! Two years, no answers.
  248. Strange Symptoms
  249. Low Calcium.....anyone have this?
  250. Male with nipple problem

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