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  1. Help! Doctors don't know:swelling around the anus
  2. vascular obstruction - Mothers legs may be amputated please help
  3. Antibiotic resistant UTI?
  4. Upper stomach ache/pain
  5. wormwood question
  6. Easy Bruising
  7. Jaw Pain
  8. Sudden Onset Severe Wrist Pain
  9. Lipoma 1st thought but now not
  10. Syatica and itching?
  11. My thumb.
  12. Upper Gastric Pain
  13. Belly Button Ring
  14. Movement Disorder
  15. Post Brain Surgery - Advise appreciated
  16. Chinese food said to be bad..but chinese people are healthy?
  17. Pain in both sides of stomach
  18. pinched vein
  19. Why they advertise Juices of 30% juice, why not 100%?
  20. Constipated and back pain for about two weeks now...
  21. Coughing and heavy feeling in my chest
  22. Not sure where to post this...nagging shoulder pain
  23. Appetite loss caused by stress...please help!
  24. health insurance questions
  25. Colposcopy & Biopsy ~ Please Read on...
  26. spotty back
  27. Possible Surgical Tool Left Inside
  28. Should i give up on trying to bend my knees??
  29. speech therapy on the nhs or elsewhere
  30. Health effects at airport x-ray scanners?
  31. strange mouth sore
  32. Support Person For Benefit Assessment?
  33. left shoulder pain & arm and hand have sensation of falling asleep
  34. What causes RBC to be slightly elevated?
  35. Umm, could i have died?
  36. bad circulation?
  37. Anyone else with Ligament Laxity?
  38. Concerned about Friend
  39. Question on RBC result
  40. Why they are making vitamins/pills super huge? it hurts
  41. Chest Pain
  42. Side ache pains...mostly on left side...
  43. Cortisone Injections. What to expect?
  44. lymphodema- how does doctor know for sure?
  45. Why am I afraid to swallow pills?
  46. agh chicken poop
  47. Pain & Swelling above elbow
  48. Stupid question but concerned
  49. feeling lost and low and broken hearted
  50. Looking for Answers
  51. What to do
  52. After effects of anesthetic
  53. Concious makes me admit secrets I'd like to keep well erm, "secret".
  54. I guess this is the thread to post this, problem
  55. On a CBC blood test...
  56. I used to get heart palpitations
  57. Weight loss issues
  58. Itchy throat
  59. Too many things wrong..
  60. Making your doctor's visit...not so MEDICINE based?
  61. Twitching eye
  62. I would love an answer-enlarged spleen
  63. Upper Arm Pain
  64. Spots
  65. Pinched nerve? B/c of one leg being shorter?
  66. I get cut with Razor almost everyday!!
  67. Yeast infection on tongue?
  68. Breathing Difficulties. Very Worried.
  69. Itching and burning in legs
  70. Artificial Sweeteners and Various Symptoms
  71. Looking for answers!!
  72. Various Torso Problems
  73. Tingling between toes
  74. Besides a pinched nerve.....
  75. How to gain weight?
  76. enlarged ovarys
  77. I can't sneeze?
  78. Strange sensations
  79. shoulder immobilizer
  80. Sleep paralysis or something much more serious? Really weird!
  81. Why do I no longer enjoy/crave beer
  82. Strained abdominals - questions
  83. Potassium Level
  84. Folitab 500 - Pros & Cons
  85. Lack of thirst. Why?
  86. periodic fever
  87. Extreme pain in the tailbone
  88. I think I am having siezures while I am asleep
  89. any remedies for swollen lymph nodes from new hiv infection? thanks
  90. gurgling, bubble feeling in heart?
  91. Weird red bump on my lip?
  92. Concern for friends retarded brother
  93. very bad pain in upper shoulder - ouch!
  94. pelvic/abdominal pain, low back pain, low grade fever....
  95. Swollen lymph nodes in groin area
  96. Mystery Head/Eye Sensation -- Please Help, Desperate!
  97. Migraines
  98. Mystery longterm illness...dizziness, sensation of movement, sometimes anxiety??
  99. Can't use all my muscle strength
  100. Chest(sternum) damaged since 1998. Do many people live fine with damaged parts?
  101. old lawn mower
  102. Swollen lymph nodes and shorness of breath
  103. bump Under my left armpit
  104. taking meds
  105. Height. Am I shrinking?
  106. Petechiae
  107. Cant Take Gravol
  108. Recurrent Neck Spasms among family members
  109. Black Spot
  110. Terrible Blood Test results, strong Fatigue
  111. Loss of appetite
  112. What could this be?
  113. Need Help on this pain!!
  114. herb specilist (vertige )
  115. smoking effect on nerve
  116. Mental effects on stomach
  117. Weird feelings, mostly my head.
  118. Question to athletes, do you get tired or lazy?
  119. Concussion question
  120. Epidural Headaches
  121. DIZZY DIZZY DIZZY cant stand it ..HELP ME
  122. Facial Pain when drinking alcohol?
  123. Anyone Else Like Me?
  124. Swollen Legs & Serrapeptase
  125. Sore Lips
  126. Cough that is confusing
  127. Veins showing in my leg - blood clot?!
  128. short sharp shock in neck
  129. Anybody had this Happen?
  130. Mono...Don't Know About It But I Will Work W/Someone Who Has It
  131. Forehead tingles when i eat cheese?
  132. temp too low since fever broke?
  133. Do you always have a lot of different symptoms as well?
  134. Non-visible painful bump on interior bicep...
  135. Sore Throat, Neck Pain, Headache, Fever
  136. What's in toothpaste that makes you sick?
  137. Tips for lossing weight
  138. Is syringing/vacuuming/waterwash ear wax removal good for Hyperacusis people?
  139. elbow pain, unsure what it is
  140. I caught a cold, should I continue working out?
  141. Stomach Virus Questions
  142. fast heart rate when sleeping- help
  143. waking up to fast heart rate
  144. pots or anxiety? what do you have?
  145. chest hair & stomach hair
  146. Pain in both sides: could it be kidney stones?
  147. Does anyone know what this is?
  148. Abdominal pain.
  149. Lots Of Visible Veins
  150. CNA Recertification
  151. Pink Eye
  152. Edema...do some just live with it?
  153. long term swollen glands
  154. Pins And Needles In Bed...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. Excessive perspiration
  156. Humidity + Me = Tired
  157. No good job, no gf, no social life and NO health.. I feel like a failure
  158. A lot of spasming and louder tinnitus inside ear because Ear clog?
  159. Neck/facial pain
  160. Bug bite question
  161. Low heart rate, shallow breathing
  162. What is my diagnosis :)
  163. Dark bubble around the anus!!!
  164. anti-streptolysin O elevated.
  165. Please help....I have so many symptoms
  166. What is wrong with my TONGUE?
  167. Whooping cough...
  168. can anyone help me?
  169. Need help with many medical issues,please!
  170. Waist
  171. My blood test came back bad..help!!
  172. Throat hurts i think from repeated food scratches
  173. Always tired but not because of depression
  174. surgery recovery.
  175. Left side pain
  176. dizziness after getting up from reclined position?
  177. Help!
  178. Pounding Heart beat
  179. Need advice
  180. MRI Burns
  181. Really bad cramps in my abdomen the past 3-4 months.
  182. My right thumb twitches off and on..?
  183. Throat among others....
  184. endoscopic surgery for trigger finger?
  185. fingers keep going numb
  186. respiratory problem
  187. pain after IV insertion
  188. Dieting suggestions?
  189. Recurring Spider Bite Sore?
  190. Red pinprick dots all over arms and chest
  191. Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...
  192. painful lump in neck..?
  193. Is anyone else going through this?
  194. What makes you disabled or not disabled?
  195. What's going on with me...?
  196. Help! Prednisone withdrawls
  197. Strange symptoms - need a doctor?
  198. Bad diet?
  199. Storing medication
  200. Thread veins appearing...
  201. Abdominal twitching
  202. Shinles, Migraines, Back pain Please Help
  203. Abdominal pain
  204. thyroid goiter
  205. Appendix surgury 4 weeks ago...
  206. Gardener dad, but I have scoliosis and bad back
  207. Throat / Breathing...
  208. Whooping Cough?!
  209. kidney stones
  210. lymph nodes?
  211. Frequent nausea
  212. Esophagram...
  213. Caffeine- elevated diuretic properties
  214. Stomach issues
  215. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  216. Intrusive thoughts.
  217. Cramping In Body
  218. Neck questions
  219. Tetanus vaccine reactions
  220. Weird Head Problem
  221. Inverted Papilloma
  222. bad canker sores?!?
  223. Does anybody else have this problem....
  224. Family in Depression | Need Help
  225. How to get rid of a nagging cough!?
  226. Glucosamine and Chondroitin question
  227. Help Please Help
  228. Sore throat?
  229. Why does this happen when laying in the sun?
  230. I found out i still have Wax problem
  231. Bruise
  232. Chest hurts when I swallow
  233. Pain in tailbone?? Cyst?
  234. Canít stop Burping! Please Help!
  235. Constipation...4 days now...
  236. Can't feel pain in my left arm...Please help.
  237. Any ideas pls?
  238. Light cought for 5 weeks now, already went to the doc's.
  239. what is this when I lay out in the sun?
  240. Dizzy, nausea, off-balance.
  241. What is the best skin tanning lotion? Oh and "Don't Trust Sunscreen"...
  242. Need help
  243. Really deep cut?
  244. Question.
  245. acid reflex, lactose intolerence,and smoking
  246. Still No Help From Doc
  247. Varicose vein problem
  248. Fell asleep in wrong position, chest seems a bit sprained?
  249. Can anyone help me with this?
  250. Low voice, nobody can hear me, making me anti-social

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