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  1. Constant Dehydration
  2. Waistline measurement
  3. Pain in legs, feet, and butt.
  4. swollen glands-come and go?
  5. Not a health problem, just wondering why this is...
  6. Skin color and odor
  7. Help!!!!!
  8. Whooshing sound in ears...?
  9. Bump
  10. Is diet coke dangerous ?
  11. Can herbs be addictive, dependency forming?
  12. No fever, but feel warm?
  13. Question/Concern!
  14. Blood test results - what's going on?
  15. herxheimer reaction to welchol
  16. Diced Food
  17. Ear and jaw pain
  18. Sleepiness, Laziness, Lack of concentration..please help me!
  19. Need To Increase Blood Cirrculation
  20. Need some help....
  21. Whats wrong?
  22. What is your pulse supposed to be?
  23. nose
  24. HOLE in my mouth??
  25. fluid behind the ear....
  26. virus or infection??
  27. Random Numbness
  28. numbness
  29. Pain in the HAND!.
  30. blackouts
  31. Pain in left eyelid when blinking
  32. Sudden Loss of mobility in big toe. it clenched down
  33. HEELPP PLZ! Feeling very faint with walking!!
  34. Feeling Faint with walking
  35. Stomach pain - possable Ulcer?
  36. Numb, swollen fingers
  37. MRI Scan this Friday
  38. Right arm pain
  39. Leg still hurts from dog bite - four months ago
  40. cbc results - what should i check for
  41. Split fingernail
  42. Anyone else find this with drinking water
  43. Heart attack symptoms,what is this?
  44. Strep Throat
  45. Woke up with unexplained Cramp on back of leg
  46. Sick feeling in stomach before I eat
  47. Knee injury, when to see a Dr?
  48. Sugar Substitute Complications
  49. Aqueous cream
  50. Pharyngitis
  51. Mole Removed 1 yr ago is itchy
  52. Shoulder pain
  53. i don't know where to turn
  54. Car exhaust fumes damaging to a baby?
  55. How do you lie to your doc in the right way
  56. Testicular Pain & Rotation
  57. Strange sudden illness (virus?)
  58. Depression?
  59. Shin Bruises gone down to foot, swelling for over a week
  60. Chocolate!
  61. Strange body odor solved?
  62. Hurting
  63. Bleeding in the brain
  64. unusually high heart rate during exercise
  65. No antidepressant for me
  66. Parathyroid, Anion Gap, etc
  67. Back of throat - bump??
  68. need opinion...
  69. High potassium?
  70. Strange...
  71. Do i have some Tourrette syndrome???
  72. Totally lost on sudden toe pain with no cause..
  73. Daughter Has Hyperkalemia, Elevated WBC, & Low Glucose
  74. Bloody Nose?
  75. Question on Hubby's health
  76. Weird Pain?
  77. Help me
  78. Cholesterol Ques
  79. Left Arm Upper Inner Pain...what could it be?
  80. What are my symptons?
  81. Am I worrying for nothing?
  82. Muscle/Nerve Pain near Lower Left Ribs
  83. Doctor Bill
  84. Help! Ring Wont Come Off!!
  85. How To Control Sweating?
  86. PULSE HIgh at 158 and Fever 102.9? HElp is this the FLU or infection
  87. burning throbbing red lips itchy lungs,ear and throat after breathing in spice fumes
  88. Hands and feet problem...
  89. unusual blisters
  90. nerve pain?
  91. Head vibrating when I sleep...
  92. How long would you say it takes for the body to get back to normal?
  93. Ache in right Abdomen and upper Abdomen
  94. anyone have grapefruit juice and zocor negative reaction?
  95. Air in chest
  96. Symptom List, Unknown Diagnosis. Please Help.
  97. Ways to determine infertility
  98. What's wrong with my legs?
  99. Bad for the Kidneys??
  100. What is the best way to keep potassium up?
  101. I am worried about lumps on my daughters head
  102. Please Read - There are so many pysical things i feel...
  103. Left Arm Feels Strange
  104. Temporary paralaysis
  105. symptoms
  106. Drinking Orange Juice
  107. really really bad coughing
  108. confused
  109. Loads of Symptoms - Please Help
  110. MUCUS, help me! I have to swallow every 15 seconds!
  111. What is the difference between dizziness,ligh-headedness and nausea?
  112. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  113. surgical scars
  114. hand shaking
  115. I need ur help plz?
  116. Weird feeling in lower right chest
  117. Need some help....
  118. could it all my related to my eating disorder
  119. My Legs will not stop shaking!
  120. Cipro 500 question
  121. Lactose Intolerance? and What prevents arthritis?
  122. Few things
  123. mystery sickness
  124. veins face
  125. Neck/Lymph Node...Not Really Sure...Issues...Somebody HELP!!
  126. Lactose and Tolerant
  127. Spider veins
  128. Can "inflamation" cause a rise in WBC?
  129. exposure to pesticide - need advice
  130. Maybe somebody can help me...
  131. 5-7 Day Colon Cleanse
  132. Back Pain- Not Muscular
  133. Medial Epiconylitis
  134. starting to get a cold and having surgery in 5 or 6 days!
  135. How long does it take to recupe?
  136. What is normal WBC?
  137. What is Strep B bacteria?
  138. Am I in trouble?
  139. Thinking of trying pot...
  140. Mystery Diagnosis - Help!
  141. A great book to guide your health
  142. dizzyness
  143. Help Please Popped my ears after ear tube insertion? can the yget out of place
  144. another depressive
  145. Paid Clinical Studies
  146. Using Grapefruit Juice to induce Ovulation
  147. After affects of local anesthetic?
  148. chest pains
  149. diabetes
  150. Can deep tissue massage cause swollen lymph nodes?
  151. Had some kind of bio scan to test antioxidant and toxic levels. Legit??
  152. Info needed please, I have internal pains and don't know where to post?
  153. NEGATIVE PRESSURE In My Ear-Tubes inserted do they work?
  154. Never-ending Cold!!
  155. Help!!!! Surgery tomorrow...and I'm scared!
  156. Help!
  157. Drooling.....
  158. Growth on my back.... How do I get it off?
  159. Bump on roof of my mouth. What is this?
  160. Shoulder Injury Not Healing...
  161. help with excessive sweating
  162. Feels like something is pushing on my ribs!
  163. can anybody shed ligth on what may be causing this??
  164. Ankle pain
  165. many of us... shift workers, ugh!!
  166. I have had this burning sensation in my right shoulder all day long,
  167. pressure in neck, jaw and shoulder. large muscle or mass?!?!
  168. Trusted On-line Meds: Advice
  169. Weird Stomach Pain
  170. HELP please put my mind at rest
  171. varicocele
  172. CBC(complete Blood Count)what all does it check?
  173. Warm spreading sensation in lower leg
  174. 5 Years Severe Stomach Problem. Needs Diagnosis
  175. Why do I ask myself this
  176. Contagious For How Long (Strep Throat)
  177. CSF leak questions
  178. worried about my mum (stroke)
  179. Need Help Dealing With Modern Society....
  180. How do you know....
  181. evening hours and hunger
  182. My symptoms
  183. osteocondrite
  184. Not really a health problem but I need to get my teeth done for modeling.
  185. Can you be immune to chicken pox?
  186. Help! Severe upper abdominal pain!
  187. White Spots On Shoulders??
  188. Colonix
  189. Bowel movement - 1 drop blood
  190. Different sized pupils!!
  191. Does anyone know what this could be?
  192. 18 mnth old son is constantly gettin bright red cheeks
  193. Is coffee bad for you?
  194. Numbness and Other Symptoms In Legs
  195. fecal matter = blood?
  196. what could it be????
  197. Cervical Spondylosis
  198. Bad vision
  199. Average Heart Rate?
  200. numbing & tingling in legs
  201. hemroids?
  202. toe swollen, help :(
  203. fevers??
  204. what is Opiate
  205. Pins And needles/numbness. Help!
  206. Wierd Arm Pain
  207. Allergic Reaction to Medication?
  208. Unintended side effect of medication or....?
  209. fatty liver tests - HELP PLEASE
  210. Weird Feelings, Need Answers plz.
  211. chest and back pain
  212. What is physically normal for early to mid 40's?
  213. flu and ringing in the ears?
  214. Using Potassium Sorbate in Skin Care Products
  215. Cell Phones...are they harmful to your health?
  216. almost 44 yrs old....how do you feel in general?
  217. potassium & lying down
  218. Friend experiencing strange symptoms
  219. Pain and swelling in shin and ankle -- can this be from hip?
  220. How long does Internal Bleeding take to show up
  221. tics - children, adults
  222. Weird audible sensation in my neck?
  223. Stomach Issues
  224. Help! Feel Like Food Obstruction Hours After Eating
  225. Athletic Pubalgia
  226. Lump On Head
  227. at what age does girls stop growing?
  228. What could this be?
  229. I have round worm! but how do i get rid?
  230. Nose spray for decongestion
  231. Red Palms
  232. Rabies in deer in massachusetts?
  233. Sore Pimples in the back of ears...whY?
  234. white rings on tongue
  235. Sleep sensations??
  236. stomache bug..
  237. foot!help!
  238. I'm lumpy, anyone else?!?
  239. Food poisoning and loss of appetite, for 2 months
  240. Is this normal??...
  241. Loose ear, tight ear
  242. What is this in my muscle
  243. Multiple Swollen Lymph Nodes
  244. any advice
  245. Black vomit?
  246. What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?
  247. Always Cold (brrrrr)
  248. Pain Left Side Head
  249. Poor circulation?
  250. Big stomach, not fat

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