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  1. Shoulder Injury Not Healing...
  2. help with excessive sweating
  3. Feels like something is pushing on my ribs!
  4. can anybody shed ligth on what may be causing this??
  5. Ankle pain
  6. many of us... shift workers, ugh!!
  7. I have had this burning sensation in my right shoulder all day long,
  8. pressure in neck, jaw and shoulder. large muscle or mass?!?!
  9. Trusted On-line Meds: Advice
  10. Weird Stomach Pain
  11. HELP please put my mind at rest
  12. varicocele
  13. CBC(complete Blood Count)what all does it check?
  14. Warm spreading sensation in lower leg
  15. 5 Years Severe Stomach Problem. Needs Diagnosis
  16. Why do I ask myself this
  17. Contagious For How Long (Strep Throat)
  18. CSF leak questions
  19. worried about my mum (stroke)
  20. Need Help Dealing With Modern Society....
  21. How do you know....
  22. evening hours and hunger
  23. My symptoms
  24. osteocondrite
  25. Not really a health problem but I need to get my teeth done for modeling.
  26. Can you be immune to chicken pox?
  27. Help! Severe upper abdominal pain!
  28. White Spots On Shoulders??
  29. Colonix
  30. Bowel movement - 1 drop blood
  31. Different sized pupils!!
  32. Does anyone know what this could be?
  33. 18 mnth old son is constantly gettin bright red cheeks
  34. Is coffee bad for you?
  35. Numbness and Other Symptoms In Legs
  36. fecal matter = blood?
  37. what could it be????
  38. Cervical Spondylosis
  39. Bad vision
  40. Average Heart Rate?
  41. numbing & tingling in legs
  42. hemroids?
  43. toe swollen, help :(
  44. fevers??
  45. what is Opiate
  46. Pins And needles/numbness. Help!
  47. Wierd Arm Pain
  48. Allergic Reaction to Medication?
  49. Unintended side effect of medication or....?
  50. fatty liver tests - HELP PLEASE
  51. Weird Feelings, Need Answers plz.
  52. chest and back pain
  53. What is physically normal for early to mid 40's?
  54. flu and ringing in the ears?
  55. Using Potassium Sorbate in Skin Care Products
  56. Cell Phones...are they harmful to your health?
  57. almost 44 yrs old....how do you feel in general?
  58. potassium & lying down
  59. Friend experiencing strange symptoms
  60. Pain and swelling in shin and ankle -- can this be from hip?
  61. How long does Internal Bleeding take to show up
  62. tics - children, adults
  63. Weird audible sensation in my neck?
  64. Stomach Issues
  65. Help! Feel Like Food Obstruction Hours After Eating
  66. Athletic Pubalgia
  67. Lump On Head
  68. at what age does girls stop growing?
  69. What could this be?
  70. I have round worm! but how do i get rid?
  71. Nose spray for decongestion
  72. Red Palms
  73. Rabies in deer in massachusetts?
  74. Sore Pimples in the back of ears...whY?
  75. white rings on tongue
  76. Sleep sensations??
  77. stomache bug..
  78. foot!help!
  79. I'm lumpy, anyone else?!?
  80. Food poisoning and loss of appetite, for 2 months
  81. Is this normal??...
  82. Loose ear, tight ear
  83. What is this in my muscle
  84. Multiple Swollen Lymph Nodes
  85. any advice
  86. Black vomit?
  87. What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?
  88. Always Cold (brrrrr)
  89. Pain Left Side Head
  90. Poor circulation?
  91. Big stomach, not fat
  92. My general health
  93. Parasite cleansers??
  94. Clonazepam
  95. hypotension
  96. bad breath
  97. weird sensation in abdomen
  98. Breaking incurable habits: Nose picking?
  99. Blood Thinners and the Cold
  100. tingling sensation in head
  101. Blood work just came back
  102. left side sharp pain
  103. Throat feeling weird....
  104. advice for my mom (afraid of the doctor)
  105. Help
  106. jaw ache?
  107. I didn't put this in the weight loss forum because I don't exactly want to lose...
  108. Help =[
  109. Breast Pain Help??
  110. Gout and Cellulitis Not Going Away Please Help!
  111. computer screen
  112. Whats wrong with me ?
  113. blood in my mounth
  114. Lunesta-waiting period?
  115. Family health concerns
  116. tense jaw/face
  117. need some motivation and advice
  118. That "Angry" Look...How Do You Get Rid Of It??!!
  119. Pain in leg
  120. Nerve Pain and Herpes
  121. is this normal
  122. Odaban for excessive sweating?
  123. strange bumps...
  124. Pain in left arm/leg after starting HRT
  125. Sore vein following IV
  126. had to do it
  127. What's wrong with me???
  128. Celxa ....and combining pain medz? morphine ..or demerol maybe even valium...help me
  129. Snowboarding Accident - Concussion?
  130. Swollen gland under chin
  131. Strange seizure like symptoms?
  132. burning in my tongue
  133. Docters? a good idea??
  134. BAD DREAMS WITH zocor
  135. Something very weird happeend to me yesterday...
  136. So... I get distant headaches now and then.
  137. Pain in left side of my stomach and...
  138. Lump under arm...........
  139. Back and abdominal pain, any ideas??
  140. Bleeding Ulcer question
  141. Smoking
  142. Eye Implants
  143. *HELP!* How Do i choose the BEST doctor? (Blue Shield)
  144. Zit/bump on chest..
  145. Damaged blood vessel
  146. Lower left abdominal area
  147. Gastritis
  148. Oral Bumps
  149. Abdominal Pain when running
  150. mild redness only affecting one side of face (cheek)
  151. Itching - Surgical incision scar
  152. pain on my left side
  153. contagiousness
  154. Grapefruit Juice & Supplements
  155. Pain on side
  156. Gout or Diabetes?
  157. arm bump
  158. Ectopic Heartbeat
  159. Waking up gasping for breath?
  160. Finger Injury
  161. Went to the Dr
  162. Bleeding navel
  163. Pain in left side. Need advice
  164. white bumps on tongue (ulcers?)
  165. Medicare Maze Help
  166. Weird Feeling
  167. How do you know if your glands are swollen?
  168. how long does it take for an antibiotic to be absorbed?
  169. Arrival of small lump on front of head! Diagnosis concern!!
  170. Eyelid twitching for over a week?
  171. For what illness are these the symptoms?
  172. Hard taking a deep breath WHY?
  173. Crushing caffeine pills
  174. Lumps under my skin...
  175. perspiration
  176. Appetite and other problems
  177. Sick every morning for 9 years... what is going on??
  178. Shooting pain on right side of chest
  179. Dark circles under my eyes
  180. This is getting unbearable.....
  181. painful gland upon waking???
  182. Group c strep???
  183. Wierd lumps under skin below chin
  184. Confused and frustrated with symptoms
  185. Please need advice asap! My husband is very sick.
  186. Women's Stroke Dialogues
  187. sickness?
  188. I need advice
  189. tingling in face - what can this be
  190. enemas for sensitive stomachs?
  191. Odd-looking lump on underside of my tongue
  192. Flaking Ears, Scalp and Face
  193. Red warm face, red hands
  194. Random Severe Dizzy Spells
  195. sleep pattern
  196. Help! embarrassing gas problem
  197. swollen lymph nodes-- anyone else get these?
  198. weird smell
  199. Generally not feeling well
  200. Cholesterol test doesn't work on me? 3 times.
  201. No one will see me, please help.
  202. Numbness and Loss of feeling in legs
  203. Anyone had bad constipation?
  204. What in the world is this mess? FLU?
  205. Tired, weak
  206. hemorrhoids ??
  207. Penicillan allergy
  208. Yep, another set of symptoms i can't name
  209. Tylenol making symptoms worse?
  210. What was this mystery illness?
  211. Growth Question
  212. Intense symptoms, no diagnosis.
  213. Please,Please Help
  214. Milk Allergies
  215. Some help with a problem please
  216. Alternative to caffeine
  217. Food poisioning or the flu?
  218. Pain by my belly button
  219. tingling in my fingers
  220. body soreness
  221. Is this Pneumonia ?
  222. Any Ideas?
  223. pain
  224. frequent urination
  225. Pre Addmission Appt
  226. Drs cant figure it out, plz help
  227. first meeting with new Primary doctor
  228. Is nail glue harmful?
  229. upper thigh pain
  230. Why Adults Cry
  231. Catching things--what could be wrong?
  232. Flu/Strep Help
  233. Joint Pain :(
  234. What is wrong!
  235. Sharp pain directly in back of head during workout
  236. Appendicitis
  237. Waking up to urinate..flomax??
  238. Deep chest cough, wheezing, no fever?
  239. horrible stomach virus..have you had it?
  240. injured on vacation
  241. Knowing Blood Type Worth It?
  242. Re : twinges legs and arms
  243. tingling in face 100% of time - mild redness sometimes but only on left side -
  244. third hand smoke
  245. help cant sleep
  246. why does my urine sometimes smell like amonia?
  247. low white blood cell count
  248. Hair elsewhere . .
  249. blood pressure
  250. Ear

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