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  1. I can't sleep but always wake up in the afternoon!?
  2. coughing- is part of my body coming out!?
  3. Any clue what happened to me, very bad stomach pains and numbness.
  4. Preventing Osteoporosis
  5. I want to stunt my growth.
  6. vaginal lumps
  7. Red spots on palms? Should I be worried?
  8. Manage Our Stress and Stay Healthy
  9. Those random chills everyone gets, what's up with them?
  10. Right sided chest pain
  11. left elbow pain.
  12. what could this mean?
  13. Stinky feet is making my life hell
  14. Dislocated shoulder now constant pain.
  15. Red spots in mouth...
  16. Good Idea to start Tango if i have bad knees?
  17. Small Noise in my throat after Dorito Injury
  18. Scary symptoms!!
  19. cookware dangers
  20. what are these symptoms of or nothing?
  21. Carbon monoxide poisoning?
  22. Tounge Warts.
  23. Facial lumps/ lymph nodes problem
  24. Post-Surgery Irritations
  25. Ankle Pain
  26. What is wrong with me?
  27. Sick of the dizziness
  28. Nausea and Diarrhea at Night
  29. Bump near ear what is it
  30. Donating blood?
  31. polycarbonate containers
  32. Extremely weird alcohol induced effects... What's happening to me?
  33. Confused about arteries
  34. I am feeling tired and lethargic all the time
  35. Giving a blood sample?
  36. Warning-Grapefruit Seed Extract
  37. Swolen Glands :(
  38. What's wrong with me?
  39. Artery Infection?
  40. Excessive sweating
  41. Swollen Tongue? Very scary feeling, please help!
  42. Ear pain and don't know why
  43. Severe Dizziness with Nausea
  44. Could this be my appendix?!
  45. Weight gain
  46. I'm Scared....stomach problems??
  47. Pain and tingling in my head
  48. Shivers
  49. i need some insight please
  50. Plastics that are hazardous to health?
  51. Possible to get a charlie horse in your leg?
  52. Sick can anyone help?
  53. Help for Gran!
  54. Specs on fingertips?
  55. Diet and Bowel Movements
  56. anyone know of anything that gets rid of coldsores??
  57. im degraded.. stomach help pls
  58. Really Puzzled and Concerned
  59. Mugged and beaten up - thanks alot!
  60. what in the world is this?
  61. medicine storing temperatures
  62. i'm not sure what's wrong but please help
  63. Paranoid about hardening of the arteries
  64. is it caused by the anxienty?thanks,
  65. nasal moisturizer
  66. Low MPV, High MCH, High MCV, Fatigue .:confused:
  67. Girlfriend has mono
  68. Is this low testosterone?
  69. Worried
  70. Post-op....appendicitus...
  71. Twitching Fingers / sleep posture
  72. She's been really sick lately?
  73. From Methadone to Suboxone - How does it feel?
  74. Please help
  75. Isn't this scary?
  76. Eat too much
  77. cold?
  78. Stomach Problems??
  79. Question about a friend recovering from a coma.
  80. night sweats, need answers
  81. My dad is NEVER, EVER sick and he isn't a health nut
  82. mono flare up?
  83. Wanting to burp but can't
  84. Question concerning flu shot
  85. swollen gland
  86. Random stages of Confusion and Disorientation?
  87. please help me!!!
  88. Throat problems
  89. Bad dreams?
  90. Confidence or what?
  91. Dizzy and Nauseous if hungry, normal???
  92. Grapefruit seed extract...?
  93. Whats up with my stomach?
  94. week, so sleepy and pressure in the head
  95. Unexplained Abdominal/Umbilical Pain
  96. Breathing difficulties - could use some advice (really long msg)
  97. sore breast
  98. I had some weird panic attack a few nights ago.
  99. How much radiation is too much?
  100. concerned...swollen leg
  101. So I am crazy can we talk
  102. Doctors Can't find anything! Help Please!
  103. Fainting and Brain Activity
  104. Please help !!!
  105. Just a spot?
  106. Persistant problem, long post, anyone please help..
  107. cold or flu
  108. Cold buttocks
  109. Very swollen verruca
  110. cystitis!!!
  111. Cold all the time
  112. Is it like this where you live when you need medical attention?
  113. Is there a link between them all?
  114. Painful bump thingie.
  115. Getting a disease from a dead squirral?
  116. Toothache, filling fell out (i think).
  117. Several symptoms, do they paint a picture?
  118. Lexapro & me -- not myself!
  119. Could it be more serious?
  120. Mole Removal
  121. So weird that I have these health issues
  122. Help putting on weight
  123. I need help for my best mate!! ASAP!!
  124. Upper abdomen tightness
  125. diarrhea and fever
  126. Shoulder Surgery
  127. Shoulder Injury
  128. Need some direction
  129. Brusing...?
  130. Sternum Pain, NO cough, ???
  131. help me
  132. ALWAYS hungry
  133. Unexplained bruising..?
  134. What the heck is this
  135. how to make man boobs go away
  136. perverted thoughts
  137. Right Side Stomach Pain
  138. Weak Tongue/Results In Speech Problem...Could This Help?
  139. Muscle soreness
  140. Help for Mum please!
  141. Stevens Johnson Syndrome from Aleve
  142. blood spitting
  143. Weird stomach area pain
  144. Pain on left side
  145. Can gas cause chest pressure?
  146. Blood In Stoole
  147. Sleeping too much; eating at the wrong time!
  148. water infection?
  149. Help!
  150. What does hardening of the arteries feel like?
  151. Lyrica
  152. Small amount of blood in saliva after vomit
  153. Apendix or constipated how do you know which it is?
  154. This may be a stupid question but....
  155. Tickle Deep in my Throat
  156. Help!!
  157. Necks & Pillows
  158. My mothers unknown illness spanning 20 years
  159. Not sure where to post this.
  160. Need urgent aid
  161. Bounding pulse and high blood pressure must go
  162. Tinned Foods
  163. Not Sure What This Was...
  164. Woke up this morning, felt horribly dehydrated..
  165. Question please help
  166. scab that won't heal...
  167. Atrophic Spleen
  168. Gastroenteritis and Asthma
  169. Yawning
  170. Treatments for Tendonitis??
  171. Low self-esteem or something
  172. carbamazepine any side effect or weight gain
  173. Gastro?
  174. PLEASE HELP! Im always cold and never have any energy...
  175. Dull pain top right groin
  176. Info, please...general anesthesia
  177. DHT and stress?
  178. Lump below neck
  179. strange feeling when irritated
  180. Too young for birth control??
  181. Minor Cut, Used Someone Elses FIRST AID CREAM
  182. Is it really tendonitis?
  183. Pineal Cyst
  184. My mom feeling sick.
  185. It hurts when I sit for a long time
  186. Is it true that people who are in a coma can recall things they heard?
  187. x-rays and cumulative harm
  188. what's causing this pain?
  189. My Burning feeling... for 8 years
  190. Please help
  191. What causes ringworm?
  192. Lump of the left of my neck. It throbs.
  193. Do you know?
  194. Blood Work Help: Iron (TIBC)
  195. "FOOT FUNGUS between toes HELP?
  196. Blood in stool
  197. Question about glands....
  198. Horrible Abdominal Pains
  199. Stretching causes light headedness
  200. swollen lymph nodes
  201. Bitten by a small tick
  202. I am so scared!
  203. Any ideas
  204. Spider Bite?
  205. creatinine levels
  206. Leg, Toes & Fingers Pain - What Is It?
  207. when to call 911
  208. Pinched Nerve - How to get relief?
  209. Feeling Sick ALL the Time
  210. cold water therapy
  211. Help! Boyfriend has body numbness and tounge swelling-can someone help me with this?
  212. so frustrated
  213. Hard Lump Right Under Clavicle Center of Chest
  214. ovarian cysts
  215. Aching, tired, tingling lower legs--what could this be?
  216. Possible alcohol related pain
  217. sore throat!
  218. I'm a seventeen year old female and...
  219. Another case of "I should have listened to my mother"
  220. would appreciate some help with this
  221. Silly (yet annoying) problem
  222. keep blacking out
  223. Odd marks just appeared on back of hand
  224. thymus gland enlarged
  225. Cannot Kneel
  226. Chest Pain
  227. acetaminophen recall
  228. _____antibiotics question - veru urgern please!!!
  229. Abdominal pain, nausea, and more...feeling sick and need some help
  230. Feeling Nauseated for the past week
  231. Permanent bloating
  232. Family nurse practitioner
  233. urgent care vs er
  234. lip piercing
  235. medical question
  236. Shoulder and Arm Pain
  237. Pain in the butt
  238. Massive Chest Pains Please Help
  239. Question about getting lightheaded.
  240. What's causing my problems????
  241. What are some of the causes for anal itching??
  242. Strange Chest Pains
  243. what's wrong
  244. Complete Blood Count Test
  245. How long for healing/returning to work?
  246. wrist pain -is tendnitis
  247. Snorting tylenol instead of chewing it?
  248. Dizziness.....Equilibrium off balance
  249. Possible ulcer?
  250. Need some input

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