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  1. Bump on head
  2. Constant lightheadedness and nausea...help me please
  3. can't get in to dr.. er?
  4. New here
  5. Question about Getting Checked for Health Problems...
  6. Sugar making me sick, is this normal?
  7. im really sick i think
  8. Weird bump next to my belly button, 1 yr after surgery...
  9. mourning after pill question
  10. Need advice on Jaw and shoulder pain
  11. What Do You Think if I took Fish Oil for a long time? Please Read....
  12. weird thirst condition
  13. Insect Bite Lump Metamorphosis With Low-Grade Fever
  14. pain in my arm/breast
  15. Grapefruit Fiber
  16. Lump
  17. coughing constantly
  18. Flegmy Throat
  19. Strange Feeling in chest
  20. Nose constantly feels blocked please advise!!
  21. Alcohol and heart racing?
  22. I cant work out whats wrong
  23. lack of energy please help
  24. Music, Health, Blood Flow, Brain
  25. Consistantly Sick - Why?
  26. 6cm cyst on my right ovary, please help
  27. frozen shoulder
  28. I'm really upset... can someone please give me advice?
  29. Almost Near Insanity-please Help
  30. Please Help ASAP
  31. any idea???
  32. disabled and depressed
  33. No more Zoloft, ruining marriage...
  34. lumps/bumps? help please
  35. white tongue and whitening listerine
  36. Pulled Muscle? or somthing else ?
  37. vomited blood
  38. Help interpreting lab results!
  39. Is there any type of cancer that causes swelling on one side?
  40. chapped lips
  41. weird feeling read please!
  42. anitbiotics side effect
  43. Dark eye circles cause by liver toxisity...
  44. hemmroids
  45. Trying to find information
  46. Bumps on my head
  47. ENT question
  48. Congestion and neck clicking?
  49. What Is The Best Water To Drink? Is It Distilled?
  50. face discolouration
  51. Cut my finger and now it constantly twitches
  52. help with chest "depression"
  53. What could this be?
  54. Cant take deep breath
  55. Constipation question...Need help quick!!
  56. Surgical clips
  57. hyperhidrosis and seizure?
  58. Embarrassing question
  59. Yellow Chunks Stuck At Back Of Mouth
  60. confused
  61. Strange pressured lump on forehead
  62. pain under rib, right side
  63. Antacid tablets as calcium supplements?
  64. Help I found a lump...
  65. Does anybody know..
  66. heavy pulse on right side of neck?
  67. Upper Right abdominal pain
  68. does anybody has an idea
  69. infected wound? im worried.
  70. Stomach tender to the touch
  71. light headed/ dizziness- please help
  72. Arachnoid Cyst In my back
  73. Please Help, Very Upset :(
  74. Unexplainable pain
  75. 1250% vitamin c 1000% B complex???
  76. Stomach problems
  77. Weird very sore skin on left side of face!
  78. Itching that won't go away - do I have lice?
  79. Burning when I urinate, then afterwards blood.
  80. Surgery/Teeth sensitive
  81. Burning cheeks help!!!
  82. Lymph node? please help!
  83. I need advice from people eating gluten-free or wheat-free diets
  84. Trying to figure out these symptoms
  85. Itchy red anus
  86. Alcohol's effects on health?
  87. Sore throat
  88. Help with eyes needed please!
  89. Abdominal Pain for over 5 weeks
  90. Can anyone make sense of these results, High RBC but Low WBC
  91. Rehydration tips?
  92. chest pain from Gas?
  93. chest pain from Gas?
  94. Cough medicine and menstrual periods
  95. I'm too skinny
  96. How common is it?
  97. Puffy swollen face, nose, lips
  98. Dentist Fees. How much is usual without insurance?
  99. Chest tightness/discomfort?
  100. Okay I know this is going to sound weird...
  101. Need Ways to Reduce Stress
  102. dizziness
  103. Chipped teeth
  104. Health care plans - pru any good?
  105. i have this small lump in my throat
  106. I have a few questions
  107. soft bump on my leg
  108. Dvt
  109. Please help my best friend!! Urgently!
  110. pain on nose/forhead/ lil dizzy
  111. Sitting up, pain... Muscle?
  112. First timer looking for answers
  113. Bone bruise?
  114. Nose Bleeds?
  115. persisting health problems in husband
  116. Sound like labyrinthitis? Please read.
  117. I used Ear wax removal kit drops, now i feel more blocked
  118. Showers making me sneeze!
  119. Wake up and feel like my throat is being crushed!
  120. pain under left breast
  121. Heart related question
  122. bone pain
  123. Pain in neck when i swallow, nonstop since 1 month
  124. Gross...Green BM
  125. Rib Pain
  126. lump?
  127. itchy feet
  128. Had some small signs of a heart attack earlier, worth getting checked out?
  129. About To Just Give Up
  130. help for my wife on 4 different things
  131. "Chafed" feeling on left side
  132. Fainted for no reason.. What can it be?
  133. It Looks Like I Have A Golf Ball In My ArmPit
  134. Warning: Gross. Mucus problems
  135. Need some help...
  136. Weird Scars And Spots
  137. Chicken Pox Scars
  138. Agony
  139. Agony
  140. Weird Lip condition
  141. Centapede sting/bite
  142. persistant coughing
  143. Throat pain
  144. Esophagus Swallowing problems
  145. Yeast Die-Off Symptoms
  146. Electrolytes and Water intake
  147. bleeding stomach ulcer
  148. Can someone help...daughter is sooooo worried!
  149. any advice
  150. Mono anyone?\
  151. infected piercing
  152. problems with situs inversus
  153. When Will You die ?
  154. Chest pain
  155. Re: I've been really sick, advise needed.
  156. hemmorids
  157. Bloating after whole-wheat bagels?
  158. west-ward 252
  159. queasy after every meal
  160. if anyone knows what this may be....
  161. Help quick! Really freaked out by random scratch-looking things on my body!
  162. Torn Bicep muscle ?
  163. Head problem (important).
  164. Would you consider...
  165. Sties
  166. Throat problem?
  167. Picked Mole(Please Reply Soon)
  168. Weirdest Question
  169. sprained foot
  170. Wierd Pulse beat
  171. Any Ideas?
  172. blood sugar test - Help!
  173. How to get taller
  174. What causes ear pressure?
  175. gastroenterology problem
  176. Why do I always need to pee?
  177. concerned about ibproufen overdose
  178. What else can I do for her?
  179. Left side of chest higher than the right
  180. why do people smoke?
  181. Lab Results / Blood Chem & Urinalysis
  182. Breast Pain
  183. Pain under left armpit
  184. breathing is hard
  185. Stomach ulcer? please help
  186. Certain Dry - Hyperhidrosis
  187. Losing Weight/Not Losing Weight ??
  188. Long Term Chest Pains?
  189. vein problems/ no help from doctors
  190. Water infection maybe?
  191. Nose Bleeds
  192. right sided abdomenal pain plz help
  193. burning pain in LOWER left abdomen
  194. Regular Dips In Health
  195. What Is A Risen?
  196. Blood in urine???
  197. wax rash
  198. *HAVE* to be better by Thursday
  199. Prednisone effects
  200. High Heart Rate
  201. My Moods
  202. Feeling ill
  203. Internal / external pain, please help
  204. Nan is ill. Pnuemonia?
  205. please help im freaking out!
  206. Bagged Spinach E. Coli scare
  207. Can Prednisone do this?
  208. cathader
  209. 22 (body builder) high ck levels - will i ever train again?
  210. Whats this taste/smell?
  211. Yohimbe
  212. white/yellow coating on tongue, with red bumps on the back
  213. Being Positive and smiling, can make you lose weight easier?
  214. Flexor tendon surgery
  215. sick while flying
  216. Gout? Arches?
  217. Difficulty with memory - Im 26
  218. Cholestrol
  219. Need Advice
  220. Ok, so I had this dispute...
  221. y take my blood?
  222. Suggestions for undx please.
  223. Is this abnormal?
  224. Early appendicitis?!? :(
  225. Lump Under Chin
  226. Tingling spine?
  227. please help!
  228. Hip pain when lying down
  229. I am being paranoid. please help!
  230. What does this mean...
  231. Some one pls help me
  232. How much does it cost to be tested for diabetes?
  233. Something normal, a virus, or...diabeties ??
  234. I'm Very Worried!!
  235. Tummy Bug
  236. Cold Hands.
  237. Hydrogenated oils
  238. Mouth Problem
  239. Chest infection or something else?
  240. Pain in my neck, chest, and arm.
  241. 1 week clogged ear, will i become deaf?
  242. Leg Pain..
  243. spider bite?
  244. Ingrown toe nail
  245. stretch marks
  246. Tri Oral mouthwash
  247. Grapeseed extract.
  248. weird feeling in spine
  249. Pills, before or after meals?
  250. Which liquid is used to moisture electrodes?

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