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  1. Eh, embarassing urine issue.
  2. Tennis Elbow
  3. Fever after a night of drinking.
  4. What's going on?
  5. I have no idea what's wrong with me .. I need help.
  6. Stomache Problem(LONG Thread) Please Reply.
  7. Are antibiotics making you sick.
  8. Varicose vein treatments?
  9. This is new to me!
  10. Melanoma
  11. Are these lymph nodes?
  12. Thinking about an eyebrow piercing
  13. Ipf
  14. stuck in throat
  15. Does anyone know what's going on?
  16. neck tightness
  17. allergy test
  18. My knees swell up only after I play basketball
  19. What can I do to safeguard myself...
  20. Anybody get real tired after they eat?
  21. Could it have been a seizure?
  22. Ankle - Fracture or Sprain
  23. Painful Lump on right testicle
  24. blood in phelgm
  25. how to request a full blood test...
  26. Why Am I Nauseous?
  27. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  28. Tingling sensation
  29. MY HORRIBLE SISTER - Advice please
  30. appendicitis
  31. Found a lump
  32. Looking for some advice.
  33. To much...
  34. I'm 5ft2in, 99.5lbs but still flabby!
  35. does anyone have this
  36. excessive sweating
  37. Sticky red lips.
  38. 9 yr old has sore belly button
  39. What is the name for .....
  40. what's the rash from?
  41. Cyst or lump?
  42. A General Question
  43. weird feeling in chest
  44. Here's one for Dr. House...
  45. Need info..
  46. infection after surgery?
  47. the sound of Pop Rocks in my head?!
  48. embarassing, but i need help !
  49. Trouble Walking
  50. Swollen Knee - AGAIN
  51. Pink Eye....:(
  52. Bloated feeling in chest
  53. Right Side Swelling.
  54. Pain Under Lower Right Ribcage Please help!
  55. Feeling Groggy
  56. Husband having night sweats
  57. Embarassing question.
  58. shoulder blade pain PLEASE HELP
  59. swimming in the head
  60. oh so sore
  61. shoulder problems..
  62. bellybutton question
  63. feeling awful, help
  64. Beta Blockers...What Are These?
  65. Itching all over..
  66. adrenal fatigue
  67. Sweating too much?
  68. Actually paranoid for the first time about my health
  69. Small Bump On Dog...Contagious To Me?
  70. Loose skin
  71. fluid retention and weight gain
  72. advice please...really worried.
  73. Advice Needed About Broken Arm
  74. Hi, what is up with this lady?
  75. Air Coming Up Throat and Weird Sounds Please Help
  76. Is it appropriate to contact doctor?
  77. Help, I can't figure out what is wrong with me! (sorry, long)
  78. Does anyone here have Medi-cal? (can't find ENT doctors)
  79. veins in hand
  80. flushing out your system - cleansing
  81. zap/jolt feeling when sleeping
  82. shaking
  83. chloraseptic spray
  84. Stomach pain after eating
  85. tingling and numbness!!!
  86. headaches :(
  87. Dads in serieus pain
  88. Helping my DH get over the stomach flu?
  89. worried stomach pains are serious
  90. weird bump on arm...
  91. Open Wound On Face...Serious?
  92. help! abdominal/digestive problems
  93. Abdominal bloating--distention?
  94. Constant sideaches/side stitch... any ideas?
  95. shooting pains in gums, upper and lower and both jaws
  96. White Bumps on the tongue?
  97. breaking or fracturing nose...
  98. Drining alcohol with zithromax
  99. My wife wore a ring that tarnished and now she has a quarter size spot that burns.
  100. drinking a lot of sodas...and no water
  101. grinding food
  102. need advice please!
  103. Sore around shoulder/neck
  104. ct scan results can you help me
  105. salty mouth
  106. newbie
  107. Torn bicep tendon HELP
  108. Blood work and physical?
  109. Low Magnesium Levels?
  110. Ganglion Cysts
  111. stomach pain what can it be
  112. Gas and Air Traped causes pain?
  113. annoying pain in my leg
  114. Relief for Gout?
  115. bumps on the Back of tongue
  116. Anyone wake up with a Clogged Ear? And...
  117. sore tongue
  118. Heart beating out of chest
  119. Can't Sleep: Vein Keeps Thumping
  120. Feeling pain in legs... for 10 months !!! HELP
  121. Weight Gain
  122. Getting sick from mold or mildew or old milk?
  123. unique symptoms, ideas be would very helpful
  124. Depression, Shame
  125. Broken finger?
  126. Protein in Urine
  127. Broken Tailbone??
  128. White lump in my throat
  129. No Diagnosis Help Needed
  130. Grainy Stuff Under Skin
  131. Always Thirstyyy !
  132. leg pain HELP!!!
  133. Prescription Question
  134. So my girlfriend has "thoracic outlet syndrome".
  135. Extreme pain on left side of neck! Help!
  136. hard lump under jaw - ligament?
  137. Strange Smell
  138. Diet? Action?
  139. i ate it!
  140. medicine free?
  141. pitting edema for 3 months
  142. varicose vein surgery
  143. Trying to find a diagnosis... please help
  144. choking and being woken up
  145. SOOOOOOO exhausted what is wrong with me?
  146. Male breast tenderness
  147. Yellow/brown skin around eyes??
  148. most cuts/scrapes not healing properly..please help
  149. Weird Head Pains
  150. Spot on Back
  151. Is this asthma?
  152. Is it normal? Muscle strain with bruises
  153. is coconut bad for women?
  154. infection??
  155. Flu or something more serious?
  156. Pain under my right rib
  157. surgical "swelling?"
  158. Pillow imprints on face/skin staying for hours :'(
  159. Can sombody help me find out what this is called?
  160. Weak Nerves?
  161. How tall?
  162. Red Blotchy Patches on Neck, Chest & Upper Arms?
  163. Chronic Bad Breath
  164. my daughter
  165. Just curious
  166. Very Worried. Yellow Skin
  167. Burned Tongue With Hot Coffee...6 hours ago!!
  168. Why would someone have this done?
  169. leg pain
  170. sunburnt aahhhhhhhhhhhhh:(
  171. White bumps on different parts of my body
  172. Very Worried Please Help
  173. Does HumanGrowthHormone make you taller??
  174. Ability to speak comes and goes?
  175. Blood work
  176. Short of breath when eating
  177. *HELP!** Doctor forgot to remove a stitch and now it wont come out!!!
  178. Very odd, terrible neck pain and head pain!
  179. Finally Went To Doctor He Said I Have
  180. Alcohol, help
  181. Symptoms: Then and Now.
  182. Dont know where to post? you have a blood test and your liver comes back raised??
  183. Strange Symptoms...
  184. fell while powerwalking
  185. Loss of appetite?
  186. Not growing properly in height
  187. What kind of dr. to see? please read
  188. I've got the itchies....
  189. Toenails Changing Shape And Ears
  190. should i be worried about this?
  191. Where to go from here...
  192. Navel bleeding
  193. Racing heart
  194. Probably have something... don't know what. Any thoughts?
  195. Gagging?
  196. Serious Toe injury?
  197. blood in urine
  198. These damn lymph nodes
  199. Turner's Syndrome?
  200. A bubble in my throat?
  201. upper side pain Pancreas?
  202. How many calories should I burn if....
  203. Bloated All The Time And Why Do We
  204. can anyone help?
  205. Grapefruit Juice and drugs
  206. Hip problem
  207. Should I worry about a cough
  208. help for underarm wetness
  209. Questions about taking pills
  210. Please Help
  211. knee brace for flat feet!
  212. Vomiting feeling in morning
  213. Neck Lymph Node
  214. entire back sore each morning
  215. Need to know the right questions to ask my doctor
  216. Why Do I Think Of Dying,and Why Do
  217. Spells of Difficulty Breathing
  218. Hey everyone, new here...
  219. Should I go to the ER?
  220. Body bloating without weight gain
  221. cant breathe
  222. Have you had these tests?
  223. Bicep Vein Problem
  224. Throat is KILLING me
  225. what are these bumps??
  226. How do I request a different doctor?
  227. 3 And 1/2 Weeks No Metformin Diabete
  228. Gaining weight
  229. constantly throbbing veins - 40-70 times a day
  230. Weird feelings on my feet as well as...
  231. Pancreatitis? Liver Disease? Something else?
  232. Been sick for a month/Blood in mucus
  233. lump on my left leg. Please help!
  234. For the love of
  235. Toy Danger
  236. Am I crazy?!
  237. Gas and Bloating
  238. Any difference
  239. Walking (Exercise) After Sugery
  240. Please Help Me!!
  241. Things stuck in tonsils
  242. Weird symptoms after antibiotic use...
  243. Brain chem
  244. knee trauma. i'm traumatized!
  245. Getting Rid of Boils
  246. Stopped Taking My Diabete Metformin
  247. memory retention
  248. Sharp Pain Around Thumb, Confused
  249. No One Knows... Please help
  250. I'm scared about all these symptoms. Hope some1 can help. . .

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