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  1. Sweating and overwhelming sense of heat
  2. Hello
  3. Mrsa
  4. sore armpit
  5. Dizziness sinus and full ears or cervical spine?
  6. Blood tests are normal, but I have these symptoms
  7. Stomach Virus with gallbladder burning
  8. Burping Tastes Like Eggs
  9. Muscle cramping cpk tests
  10. Pain across braline in front
  11. Synthroid and weight gain
  12. Bopping Head Back & Forth
  13. Quality of Life
  14. Pain in upper arm - when I inhale!?
  15. Hello..
  16. what's wrong with me?
  17. Lumps in neck
  18. Shortness of breath
  19. I get a rash every 7 years!
  20. severe leg pain
  21. Elevated WBC caused by Hypothyroidism?
  22. IVIG for neuropathy
  23. newbie
  24. Fungal infection of my cuticle and rash on my hand
  25. Is it an ovarian cyst?
  26. Undiagnosed Flank Pain 5months
  27. Lost myself
  28. Not your regular cold sore... Please HELP!
  29. Dry Tongue
  30. dear friends
  31. Hydroquinone+sun... burnt face
  32. A lot of problems... connected?
  33. Numbness/Tingling in right side of face
  34. my daughter cant sweat
  35. Sleep problems
  36. Please help!!!!
  37. Weird arm pain
  38. Burning left sided chest pain?
  39. Suddenly cold to instantaneous heat flash at 16???
  40. i need help
  41. Water fasting
  42. Stomach pain during the day - no pain at night
  43. i dont know if i have adhd
  44. Peeling on the palm of my hand anf fingers since this morning.
  45. Is this muscle spasms
  46. Appendix
  47. What do I even ask them to test for? Weird symptoms.
  48. 8-year old daughter with omental infarction
  49. Need Relief for Peroneal Tendonitis
  50. Pain
  51. Autism or typical 2 year old???
  52. pains on the right of my brain. birth mark?
  53. Allergies?
  54. bad nerve and muscle pain
  55. white spot when using self tanner
  56. Laser tattoo removal is very dangerous and can cause you health problems
  57. Hello
  58. lump after black eye
  59. Occasional Head rushes or false memories or not feeling real.
  60. Back pain, spinal problems!
  61. Dizzy feeling head, burning hands and feet
  62. low grade fever and joint pain?
  63. muscular pain
  64. burning scalp and itching
  65. Postnasal Drip and Chronic Bad Breath (Solution)
  66. I need answers Please HELP
  67. Complications from previous Histoplasmosis
  68. What does "atypical" mean?
  69. Abdominal and lower back pain (not sure if its just anxiety)
  70. Please help me!
  71. Behind the knee problems
  72. 8 years of unexplained fevers. I've had enough!
  73. Please read all and help me about echolalia, not diagnosed though..
  74. Chronic/Constant Stomach Pain- Acid Reflux?
  75. pt w/ hypovolemic shock 2nd to GI bleed
  76. Switching from klonopin to Tylenol pm
  77. Shooting tingles through right side of ribs and arm
  78. going crazy
  79. Abdomen 2" inch mass
  80. Without health insurance, I am left to try to self diagnose
  81. Gallbladder
  82. Eye Swell
  83. dizzy spells
  84. Loss of sensation head/face
  85. Hi new here had to post for 1st time
  86. Pretty Concerned
  87. Diverticulitis
  88. Hypothyroid or Depressed or Hypochondriac or just plain crazy?!
  89. Severe pain in lower abdomen and anal region
  90. New and need input!
  91. Red rash that looks like wringworm on inner thigh
  92. In need of some help
  93. Chest Pain with Normal ECG and EchoC
  94. bumps on joints that hurts but joints dont hurt
  95. Gastric
  96. Help after exercise
  97. the feeling of rushing water
  98. abestoisis
  99. does cyst drainage might cause anemia?
  100. liver tumours and ulcers
  101. Pre syncope; exhausted; hallucinations
  102. Tongue
  103. HCTZ and Prediabetes
  105. Always Sick
  106. in desperate need of help!
  107. Worried about throat cancer
  108. Need Advice About Surgical Wound Infection
  109. Afraid I inherited my fathers illnesses
  110. Pain under right breast
  111. spinal cord and incontinence
  112. Nose piercing
  113. Fair and Health
  114. How to avoid the stomach virus ?
  115. Abdominal Neuroma after complete robotic assisted hysterectomy
  116. medtronic painpump removal, incl catheter
  117. Swollen Hand:
  118. Internist/Endocrinologist
  119. Depression Causing Chronic Nausea
  120. incision site pain 7 weeks post op abdominal hysterectomy
  121. FM? Cancer? Anxiety??
  122. why is my first blood pressure reading always higher
  123. when do people get the 1st period after a miscarriage
  124. Headaches/dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite... help?
  125. Melanosis coli from laxative abuse
  126. Ulcerative Colitis w/low grade dysplasia
  127. "high absolute neutrophils"
  128. Pain where my gallbladder used to be, nausea, weak, lower right breast pain
  129. Hello board
  130. Help please! Post surgery question
  131. Uncomfortable Tingling/Numbness Under Right Breast
  132. Body pain
  133. TMJ concepts - Help, I have a nickel sensitivity
  134. Naval aches
  135. scalp itch and rash on skin also sensitive to foods
  136. Pen Point Red Dots with Joint Pain
  137. Phlegm/Mucus in throat and mouth every morning
  138. Bed Time & Bed Wetting
  139. Splenectomy - can anyone advise ?
  140. excessive sweating
  141. new here. need some advice please
  142. head twitch while sleeping
  143. White patch underneath upper lip? Pain
  144. dizziness
  145. Would like some opinions on my strange symptoms. Blood disorder maybe?
  146. Lump in Salivary Gland
  147. Underweight
  148. hello...
  149. generic vs brand
  150. pineal cyst?? mri results
  151. Hot water and honey
  152. Trying to wean myself off Zoloft
  153. Ambien
  154. Lump above right clavicle - not a swollen lymph node.
  155. Coughing affects the back?????
  156. inhalation of CuSO4...
  157. head ache
  158. Tramadol 50mg for cystitis relief
  159. cyst on spleen
  160. Leg pain!!!!
  161. Autoimmune mystery
  162. elevated calcitriol
  163. sore tight rib cage, breathing
  164. Anxiety about vomiting/eating foods HELP
  165. Electric-Like Feeling All Over Body
  166. Endep and Auto Immune/Arthritis
  167. Quick, sharp, chest pain
  168. New Member
  169. tan stools/shoulder blade pain/spider navi
  170. Searching for an Answer
  171. Low Creatinine, what does it mean?
  172. Esophagus problem
  173. Hemicrania continua and pregnancy
  174. Getting Scary... Think the Doctors are not Heading in the Right Direction?
  175. Dark patches on face growing larger
  176. Constant dizzi after just 2 pills of Zoloft 25mg
  177. Gallbladder Pain or IBS pain
  178. What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Belly Hair, Stretch Mark, And Dark Skin Betweeen My Legs.
  179. Brain Spasms
  180. Disabled Man is Losing Weight
  181. Husband's Health is not right
  182. Inverted t-wave... Should I be concerned?
  183. dr's for lymes
  184. dizziness, blurred vision, balance problems and bowel movements
  185. I can't swallow tablets
  186. Never feeling good..
  187. pain under lower left ribs
  188. Left side pinching sensation
  189. Mold in ducts
  190. Question on blood test regarding the kidneys
  191. Neurological Disorder; Clicking in the brain
  192. knee pain..1 year after tkr
  193. Seed Brachy for a Gleason score of 7
  194. Vision problems
  195. venous leakage
  196. Olmetec plus and fluctuating bp
  197. Hydroclorothiazide/HCTZ
  198. Cervical and Lumbar Xrays
  199. health problems
  200. Stomach pain
  201. Just Diagnostied w/Kienbock's Disease
  202. Just Diagnostied w/Keinbocks Disease
  203. Microdermabrasion for acne scars
  204. LASIK Eye Surgery
  205. Let my ex's parents know about his cocaine addiction? Help!?
  206. Proton Therapy for Optic nerve/optic chiasm meningioma
  207. Nose Bcc skin flap
  208. Newly tested positive for late stage lyme
  209. Discouraged from No Change in Igenex Results
  210. Need help with difficult diet
  211. Red bumps on arms, feet and lower legs
  212. Multiple Liver Adenomas
  213. Menopause at Age 58
  214. Good afternoon Ladies
  215. Just starting the journey
  216. Air hunger
  217. I am learning so much-thank you!
  218. pieces of the puzzle are coming together
  219. Difficulty in learing any language
  220. bell's palsy-congenital absence of right facial nerve
  221. Leg and wrist pain
  222. Subaceaous cyst
  223. Cortisone shot
  224. Swollen infected sebaceous cyst on back
  225. Lucency on kidney
  226. Docs have no ideas, or wave me off...
  227. Unknown Diagnosis Stoke?
  228. Enlarged spleen
  229. pain in whole body
  230. Severe nausea and vomiting in morning/stomach pain, nausea, extreme bloating, etc.
  231. Can't communicate
  232. neurology questions
  233. Fullness in head feeling
  234. worried in Virginia
  235. rash on corners of mouth
  236. nausea, vomiting, gagging --for wks please read!
  237. 5 year old daughter has blood in her urnine but negative infection
  238. Cat scans of the brain
  239. Slight Dizzyness
  240. Help ! I want of the Merry-Go-Round, it's no longer Merry!
  241. What should I do
  242. woman
  243. Fibromyalgia???
  244. I'm always tired and emotional
  245. Racing heart
  246. synovitis SCM pain
  247. night sweats
  248. epilepsy and anxiety disorder
  249. non-united scaphoid
  250. weird lump on inside of wrist

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