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  1. pulled muscle?
  2. Sudan 1
  3. Joint problems.... permanent damage?
  4. Weird Bumps?
  5. constant cough
  6. white tongue?...
  7. crick in neck = dizziness?
  8. extreme changes in energy levels
  9. Low prolactin level need help
  10. Help!
  11. Help! What's wrong with a friend?
  12. pain in rib area
  13. Weird swollen itchy patch on my knee
  14. A mystery illness / Searching for ideas
  15. worried about weight loss from stress!
  16. not sure where to put this...
  17. puffy eyes after tears
  18. Muscles have remained "pulled"...but for 4 months?
  19. strange question
  20. Ow, my wrist!
  21. weird long stringy thing came out of bloody nose??
  22. Enlarged Parotid gland
  23. tired low energy
  24. What is this?
  25. Help! What is wrong with me?
  26. Bone bigger one side than the other
  27. Sore Skin
  28. Foot Patches - another snakeoil?
  29. occasional numbness in left hand
  30. Hand infection. Antibiotic question.
  31. muscle pain do to sports
  32. Petechiae...cause for concern?
  33. Nyquil/sleeping pills
  34. indention in toddlers leg??
  35. what's that smell?
  36. this is a strange question..
  37. My boyfriend is a bad eater
  38. Doctor gave me the wrong shot - help!?!
  39. HELP!Daughter, vomits mucous every morning
  40. Question for sister
  41. Bumps on back of arm
  42. TOo much Afrin??
  43. Why can'y I eat what I used to?
  44. Ear drum vibrating..
  45. too embarresed for docotrs! (need help)
  46. Cancer?
  47. please help can barely swallow!!
  48. Help
  49. Geographical tongue
  50. Sudden sensitivity to smells?
  51. Testicle lump at back of testicle
  52. inability to sneeze anyone?
  53. Appendix Removed
  54. Can you imagine pain?
  55. question... any help would be nice
  56. Stomach still
  57. feeling nervous about going back to work
  58. epididymitis
  59. Ears are plugged???
  60. How do I research a doctor?
  61. syncope
  62. sick of feeling sick
  63. Pain and swelling in fingertip?
  64. HELP! question about shaving!
  65. Testes query - urgent
  66. constant nose bleeds?
  67. Uneven Skull
  68. constant pain
  69. Throat Ear Pain
  70. My neck
  71. Constant feeling of UNREALITY!
  72. Chest infection gone to knee?
  73. Testes pain
  74. Neck glands
  75. Nocturnal leg pain (not spasms)
  76. Ear Thumping
  77. Abdominal Pain
  78. Stomach
  79. Navel irritation and odor.
  80. still in search of advice on throat issues, somewhat pressing
  81. Unknown pain in upper left lung
  82. R**** Change in temperature?
  83. Creeking Neck Problems
  84. Tiny lump above and beneath belly-button
  85. Strange Testicular Lump?
  86. Stomach Problems
  87. Hiccups for over two years!!!
  88. Bump on butt-crack
  89. Lost/Confused, please help
  90. SKIN OR FAT!!! my abs...
  91. Lump on anus
  92. What is candling your ears?
  93. little bumps around the nipples
  94. Dizziness at night
  95. Quiting smoking
  96. HELP ME! Brain tumour???
  97. Please Healp I Need An Answer Fast Please
  98. Stinging, burning pain below rib after cough
  99. anyone else had this weird dizziness?
  100. Does Anyone Know ?
  101. Cysts or somthing else?
  102. Numbness And Pins And Needles
  103. I am somewhat concerned, let me know what you think.......
  104. Help, please! ASAP
  105. Aching right arm..what gives?
  106. industrial
  107. What is the longest and the shortest time for a virus to...
  108. random nose bleeds
  109. this is wierd please help
  110. Lactose Intolerant
  111. Is it okay to drink alcohol while on antibiotics?
  112. help
  113. Doing the Doctor dance
  114. CHest Pain
  115. I Can't Take It Anymore! Buuuurrrrr....
  116. stomache problems
  117. Breathing problems
  118. Sore Jaw?
  119. Cold sensation on right side
  120. White blood count ranges..
  121. I'm sick- Please help
  122. Blood with stools, please help!
  123. I don't have the slightest clue...
  124. Eczema...?
  125. fainted in shower
  126. Sundowner question
  127. Sprained Ankle
  128. Sickness/Pain after exercise (and other unusual symptoms)
  129. lump in throat?
  130. Torso, legs and arms itching
  131. eye pain
  132. recurring sore in nostril since August '04
  133. Throat pain and bad taste
  134. Mouth harts
  135. numb arm...
  136. Angioedema Sufferer, Questions
  137. Someties I wake up with a severe hangover, BUT I DON'T DRINK! Something is very wrong
  138. Cyst's.
  139. Larger Leg??
  140. weird bumps when i tighten my muscles
  141. Alcohol causes burning in my neck/shoulder..extreme pain
  142. thrush
  143. bronchitis.. how soon till a difference?
  144. Help! I have no energy!
  145. Cat scan cost?
  146. Ingrown Toenail...
  147. What is wrong with me???
  148. stomach/intestinal noise
  149. I'm at a lost as to what this is....
  150. Chest Pain. Any ideas?
  151. Facial Hair Question
  152. strange warm sensations on skin
  153. lump in neck, above collar bone
  154. Taste bud swelled
  155. Please help me...
  156. Dislocated Shoulder Lifting!
  157. Spasm and rib pain
  158. Not sure what to do! Possibly Allergy-related?
  159. Bumps in two spots...what is this stuff!
  160. friend needs help....PLEASE
  161. So worried, in need of comfort
  162. Knotted Rib
  163. Left Side of my Face is Ballooning Up
  164. hard pelvic region
  165. Tailbone, bump, but no pain
  166. pain under ribs
  167. broken bones?
  168. hot and cold
  169. Sudden Dizziness?
  170. WV Workers Comp-Temp Total Disability
  171. Breast Pain?
  172. swollen thumb, weird line.. blood poisonning?
  173. Tongue Tag?
  174. Serious problem?
  175. Should the Curtains match the Drapes?
  176. strange attacks
  177. Arsenic level in drinking water?
  178. I LOVE spicy food but.....
  179. Scuba diving and ear problems!
  180. A pain in the butt!
  181. Any one else..?
  182. hard particle in throat
  183. Reoccurring altered taste and smell
  184. back pain and excessive urination
  185. Streaks of blood?
  186. Help me with my throat dilemma
  187. Depressed or nutrition-deprived?
  188. Bloodwork
  189. UTI and sex
  190. My friend need help, she doesn't know what is wrong!!!!
  191. Don't know where to start. Need advice please
  192. Help! My friend recently fainted and 4 days later had a fever of 101!
  193. didnt know where to post, please help if you can
  194. pain just under my ribs
  195. weird abdominal thing
  196. weird abdominal thing
  197. Ear Wax
  198. watering eyes
  199. numb/tingly lip
  200. Dang Curiosity!!! lol
  201. when a dr calls you back...
  202. Tonsil/Throat Irritation
  203. Mono
  204. stuff in my ears everyday
  205. Thermonitor is right!
  206. Knee problems
  207. help please
  208. Not enough sleep and nausea
  209. a little more help...
  210. Need Help Interpreting Test Results
  211. hurts when i eat...
  212. Tonsils and singing?
  213. Not sure what to do?
  214. make it stop
  215. eyelid problems
  216. I Need Some Advice / Help
  217. Swollen finger
  218. cold sores
  219. nose bleed
  220. creased earlobes
  221. red/purple hands
  222. Anything i can take to help me grow?
  223. what is wrong with me?
  224. Chiropractor care
  225. Bump on forehead -- could it be an embolism?
  226. rage/anger
  227. identifying Something wrong with me?
  228. PRO-SERO and CT Cream
  229. What could be wrong with me?
  230. Any help would be appreciated: husband sick
  231. always tired
  232. Please Help Me!!! I Am Desperate And Wanna Move On
  233. abdominal pain
  234. has anyone had growth in their 20's?
  235. I am gettting my tonsils out what do I have to look forward to?
  236. i'm 6'4, is that bad?
  237. How to tell if a wound is infected?
  238. stress and dizziness?
  239. Pain And Swelling Of Back Right Lower Ribs
  240. rhinitis
  241. Cold Sores on my lip-Please HELP!
  242. Trouble with Airway....
  243. Dizziness
  244. side effects from Zithromax(antibiotic)...can anyone relate?
  245. why does me knee hurt all of a sudden?
  246. Painful Knee Problems-Any ideas what this might be?
  247. Weird Symptoms, doctors don't know...
  248. Dr's Scratching their heads???
  249. Running help.
  250. Mother in law with so much thirst.......

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