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  1. knee surgery Question
  2. Spider Veins
  3. Getting braces! HELP! SPACERS? EXPANDERS??
  4. crying?
  5. Flu Shot
  6. Good to check your blood pressure
  7. Anyone have Costachondritis????
  8. Pain After Swallowing
  9. Knee surgery
  10. 19 years old - body always in pain
  11. allergy to metal?
  12. Help Lower Leg Problems
  13. Dark circles under my eyes?
  14. Sensory Disorder?
  15. Can you get whiplash from a ride?
  16. Weird Feelings????
  17. Bee stings?
  18. Just need to complain
  19. Weird Ear Thing
  20. Ear infection or TMJ?
  21. Earrings
  22. Does ammonia kill cold germs?
  23. More nonspecific symptoms...please help, I don't know what's wrong!
  24. Leg Muscles
  25. Lotion and Earrings?
  26. Can back massages have bad results?
  27. Varicose vein symptoms...HELP
  28. morning nausea
  29. feeling down..please help
  30. Someone please help
  31. Am i going to get food poisining??!!!
  32. Can't figure out whats wrong with me
  33. GRRRRR Always thirsty
  34. Scared. Panick attacks?
  35. Any Singers? Please Help With Problem!
  36. numbing feeling
  37. Laryingitus any ideas????
  38. I can't gain weight!
  39. Battling TonsiLLoLiths..
  40. Nauseaus every night
  41. Cavity/ swollen cheeks
  42. whats this?
  43. Odd question
  44. Scared to be on Levaquin!!!
  45. green poo
  46. Husband's Legs
  47. What could this be?
  48. Very Bad Pain in lower left abdomen...
  49. constant Nausea anybody?!
  50. i'm sorry for posting again, but now they're traces of blood in saliva!
  51. please help with my symptoms...
  52. AHH cant take nasal congestion!
  53. Been sick for so long, Please someone help!
  54. When talking low, voice is distorted and cracked.. vocal cords?
  55. sore throat out of nowhere???
  56. switching meds
  57. normal?
  58. how long does it take for sever congestion to go away??
  59. headache won't go away
  60. White Spots on Nails
  61. amoxicillin help colds and symtoms???
  62. What Can This Be?
  63. recurring sore in right nostril
  64. Any foods to instantly help lower blood pressure?
  65. severe congestion from a cold?!! help!!
  66. Something other than stress?
  67. Constant Ear Problem
  68. Not sleep walking, but sleep stripping?
  69. Patellar Tendonitis That's Not Getting Better
  70. Something "grinding" in my foot
  71. Kind of an embaressing question....
  72. Swollen Finger joint
  73. artery biopsy
  74. my son had an abnormal EEG in the occipital lobe
  75. Does anyone think there are bad long term affects if...
  76. Push ups and a broken wrist
  77. Orange Toungue
  78. My finger.....
  79. Pretty Serious Surgery This Week, After Affects
  80. Help!! Son has Noctunal seizures and cartoon like vision
  81. please someone respond..........
  82. What is this??
  83. Not sure if I should post this here or not.
  84. one tonsil bigger then other
  85. what happened?
  86. Anyone know anything about central line tpn tubes???
  87. garneirs pure A and red marks
  88. Teeth being pulled
  89. Coughing Up Some Substance
  90. bumps on back of head
  91. Gas anyone???
  92. Weird, unexplainable symptoms...
  93. Nose sores
  94. Nose Question?.. Weirdd
  95. Erythema? (pic)
  96. Is it *normal* to write your doctor a letter?
  97. Has Anyone Ever Heard Of This?
  98. Cold Skin?
  99. muscle spasms...
  100. My ribs
  101. Can anyone help or explain.
  102. mono
  103. Out of breathe, numbness(tingling) on hands and feet
  104. A little worried
  105. Can Allergy's Feel Like A Constant Cold?
  106. How do you know if your Lymph Nodes are swollen?
  107. Any Ideas On What This Could Be???
  108. Abdominal pains/appendix
  109. Injured while having blood drawn for a blood test...
  110. severe sore throat
  111. Heartburn ... Abnormal
  112. My smell gets hypersensitive....
  113. Loestrin(Junel) 1/20. HELP???
  114. I fell...could I have hurt more than just my tailbone?
  115. Help me!
  116. How do you tell if you have a concussion?
  117. Horrible Cramping
  118. Embarrasing question
  119. at a roadblock
  120. Missed Miscarriage???
  121. I have some very contradicting systems, can anyone help?
  122. whats wrong with me?
  123. Dark visible veins
  124. Noticing werid marks
  125. Old at 22?
  126. Has Anyone Ever?
  127. A friend of mine bites her nails badly
  128. Please Read If You Have A Second...
  129. When I bend my legs, I get this weird sound...
  130. Excessive Burping HELP I"M SCARED!!!!!
  131. avoid grapefruit
  132. I am so sorry i know i posted a few times i am just very scared
  133. Annoying stomach...
  134. anyone that knows about lung nodules please reply....
  135. Costachondritis
  136. Hi. Banged head - Sore head and Chest/Neck?
  137. A resiliant infection or something else?
  138. advise please
  139. Arm Numbness
  140. Only happened once, do I need to go to Dr.?
  141. Little Bump...?
  142. What happen?
  143. My dad is having a reaction right now with neurontin... What do i do?
  144. Nonspecific symptoms
  145. CBC A1C translation Help please
  146. mayo diet/grapefruit diet/vinegar diet
  147. Aspirin Question
  148. Please help quickly
  149. All Over Swelling...
  150. Odd Question (Stomachache and Coffee)
  151. left side tightens up
  152. Please Help Me Understand
  153. Cankermelts.....Effective for canker sores in throat?
  154. Bone bruise?
  155. general health
  156. Malnutrition? Malabsorbtion? PARASITES!!???
  157. Dont know what to do or where to turn??
  158. Breakout.. or something?
  159. Question about anemia
  160. odd toenails
  161. Strange Itch in my Throat! Im fairly concerned. Please help!
  162. Questions about how to heal a scar
  163. Breathing problems
  164. Does this sound familiar??
  165. Vestibular Migraine? Not too sure but check inside.
  166. slightly sharp pain
  167. anti nausea meds!! what r the best ones?
  168. at a loss with some symptoms
  169. Skin problem getting me down
  170. Bloated
  171. stomic aches after I eat???
  172. would like some help quickly
  173. Pitted nails sign of?
  174. Lump near pelvic region
  175. Chelation: Did it help anybody???
  176. Please Help Before I Go Insane!!
  177. Water retention in one ankle ?
  178. Lactose intolerance?
  179. the doctors can't figure it out
  180. Excessive forehead sweating
  181. Strong muscles short lasting?
  182. what in the world is this
  183. 3 months still no answers
  184. Upper G I exam
  185. Please Help!
  186. Possible Eczema
  187. stiff, painful knees
  188. Abdominal pain...
  189. question
  190. lost weight & nothing changed
  191. need advice
  192. Lump in neck
  193. Small Lumps
  194. pre-existing
  195. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  196. What could this be?
  197. Calcium growth
  198. Ear problems a week before School!NO!!! PLZ answer quick!
  199. Swollen upper lip!!
  200. Weird problem
  201. apetite problem
  202. Bump inside mouth?
  203. Lump in throat?
  204. sleeping position
  205. hurricane frances hits home
  206. queesy in the mornings
  207. Lumps
  208. Nasal drip? mucus always in throat, can't spit it out
  209. Coated Tongue (not thrush)
  210. Is this a sprained ankle?
  211. anyone who can help.
  212. Blood Test Dizziness
  213. Can you get stretch marks from running?
  214. Bleeding belly button
  215. Scared - Think might need to go to Hospital
  216. Anyone know where medical drugs actually come from?
  217. What To Tell The Doc..
  218. A couple of questions (Shots, NF)
  219. ??
  220. certain dri stopped working!!!!!! :(
  221. Scary Head Rush Spells ??????
  222. Help. Need advices about fatigue, difficulty in concentration.
  223. Female Question-Pain I can't detect where it's coming from....
  224. blood pressure
  225. Cold Hands & Feet
  226. Fatty Liver
  227. Bloating!! argh!!
  228. Taking immodium AD regularly dangerous?
  229. rib injuries
  230. new board needed for OTC and prescribed meds
  231. Terrible Fear of being Ill /Dying
  232. Extreme burning... (adenovirus?) PLEASE HELP
  233. need help/
  234. Need Help Please
  235. Birth Control, Melasma, and Tanning
  236. Could I be having a stroke?
  237. Complete Blood Count
  238. very umcomfy behind
  239. Is This Normal???
  240. Pain in arms/legs when exhaling...?!
  241. All these meds
  242. Breast Pains---please help!
  243. Lump on Lower Lip
  244. Cyst
  245. memory loss
  246. How long does caffeine withdrawl last?
  247. Tetanus Shot question
  248. Stomach problems
  249. cold sore:(
  250. help with a strange problem?

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