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  1. What does this mean?
  2. Help understanding my symptoms
  3. Itchy bumps on head and itchy on body with no bumps
  4. Wy does my chest hurt constantly, only 16???
  5. Finding a reliable Caregiver
  6. my head and feet are dry.i am alwys tired
  7. Newbie here
  8. hopeless
  9. swelling under eyes
  10. new guy
  11. Forearms breakout after sun exposure
  12. Facial Pain
  13. Pain after swimming
  14. 14 yr old with Petechiae, joint pain, photosensitivity and no inflammation
  15. Itchy flaky scalp
  16. bad back head muicle spasm
  17. Irritated Perineum
  18. Blood pressure unstable
  19. Pain in Right Buttock & Nausea
  20. Hello Friends...
  21. I'm obsessed with my therapist... already know about tranference...
  22. Happiness
  23. for god sake please help me :(
  24. Unexplained Vomiting/diarhhea spells
  25. Constantly tired and cold
  26. Does Prilosec OTC help???
  27. sick of it
  28. Hi There!
  29. Anyone else have this feeling in chest?
  30. Can cysts turn into skin cancer?
  31. hello
  32. Elbow and wrist bumps
  33. chronic pain after gallbladder surgery
  34. Red palms
  35. Overwhelmed
  36. Sharp stabbing pain under my left lower rib cage - Please help
  37. Rib pain and small tender lumps?
  38. mobility
  39. Any ideas to help diagnose are welcome.
  40. Recurrent: Stomach not emptying, headache, chiils after eating
  41. Nmo (Neuromyelitis Optica)
  42. Hi
  43. Trying out Health Boards
  44. hai dudes...!
  45. Need help understanding MRI PLEASE HELP
  46. How low is dangerously low for iron levels? Are mine to low?
  47. georgie and her back and legs hurting worse and worse all the time.
  48. 8 months 10 doctors and a bunch of head scratching
  49. My 19 year old daughter's sudden vision problems
  50. Teeth Chattering and Stuttering
  51. What's Wrong?
  52. Abdominal pain in the lower left and right side (flank pain)?
  53. tremors question
  54. Ringing ears
  55. Alternatives to Prednisone
  56. Whats wrong with me?
  57. m.e/calcium,iron,thyriod deficiency
  58. Tongue numbness 2 weeks after tonsillectomy?
  59. total newbie
  60. lymphs
  61. hey out there
  62. anemic with ferritin level of 3!
  63. Why i sweat by one side ?
  64. Offensive odour in urine and under arm sweat.
  65. lower abdominal pain !!!
  66. Mini boils all over the body
  67. Abdominal Pain
  68. Every test is negative, I need help, I need answers.
  69. New here
  70. My experience with spiro for acne: beautiful skin (and nasolabial folds gone) but...
  71. What's wrong. Help! (warning, it's long)
  72. Do these symptoms and test results point to MS?
  73. Extreme Unintentional Weightloss...
  74. My heart problems ruin my life.
  75. q fever
  76. Bumps on elbows
  77. Bad Drugs
  78. Why is my Amylase Levels high?
  79. please help me !
  80. Care of burst abscess
  81. Need to by Vermox for whipworms
  82. alcoholic dad with dementia
  83. blood pressure
  84. Blood clots
  85. Parilized diaphragm
  86. weird rash, night sweats
  87. new
  88. Sarna P
  89. Is it possibke to wake up having a seizure?
  90. clanging in the head
  91. low sodium
  92. provigil and luvox
  93. Question on a shaved skin tag...
  94. reaccuring vomit/diarrhea, belly pain, sore throat in kids
  95. Sleeping too much....
  96. wisdom tooth and neuralgia
  97. Accutane
  98. chest pain at night
  99. xanax
  100. Cpeo
  101. misdiagnosis?
  102. Pusle upper right side of Ab, No pain.
  103. L5 - S1 Nerve Pain/ Leg Pain
  104. backproblem turned into headache
  105. Bizarre Symptoms
  106. Possible MS?
  107. stomach problem that bring strange symptoms with it that wont go away
  108. Sliding hiatus hernia, duodenitis and oesophagitis
  109. Back and Numbness
  110. Anybody out there?
  111. help, severe adominal pain..no signs of anything
  112. Mystery Pain
  113. Stomach pain/feeling need to put pressure on my gut
  114. Birthday Message!
  115. Shocked by EEG Session
  116. Needing to know what questions to ask??? and Lab Values
  117. RA Parvovirus B19 link?
  118. High Lymphocyte and eosinophils count
  119. Sick for three months so far
  120. electrical shocks through body from brain
  121. suffering stomach problems from almost two years
  122. Blocked ears, head pressure etc
  123. Stomach pain
  124. painful shortness of breath
  125. shaken hands quivering lips
  126. I am not able to understand this brain ct scan report
  127. severe stomach pain after e.r. visit
  128. not sure where to post? help.
  129. Pain near belly button
  130. Stain on my tongue - which doctor to go to?
  131. new member
  132. 7 months of vomiting, HELP?!
  133. Can Myasthenia Gravis prevent you from gaining muscles
  134. peaunt butter binges
  135. cancer and no insurance
  136. Other Roux-en-y ers out there who have problmes since?
  137. Tiny red blood ots under skin, night sweats and memory problems! Help :(
  138. gallbladder symptoms all negative tests
  139. Pain/swollen feeling under left ribcage!
  140. Leg Pain Started in upper thigh - Aches
  141. All these symptoms...
  142. Need biopsy. no insurance what do i do?
  143. Weird Spasm in Shoulder?
  144. Ever feel like your brain is just "cloudy"
  145. Fainting
  146. Help please
  147. Legs tingling, head tingling and big of dizziness. Memory is getting hard.
  148. Left side pain, severer spinal stiffiness, musscle spasms and noticeable twiching
  149. Medtronics pain pump problem
  150. mouth irritation
  151. gallbladder sysptoms
  152. low carb diet help?
  153. are the dr(s) correct?
  154. Crohn's dx, positive ANA and malar rash, lupus too?
  155. Low back pain when walking or standing and left side pain
  156. New here with failed back surgery and other problems
  157. Weakness
  158. Even A Little Alcohol Gives Me A Seizure
  159. Hello
  160. Nobody can figure out whats wrong!!
  161. walking struggles
  162. Ms. Betsy
  163. blood work within normal range but feel like crap!
  164. blood presser cuffs/painful??
  165. need help!
  166. I'm having anxiety about if I have anxiety!
  167. Looking for any and all advice
  168. Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease
  169. pfapa
  170. sharp pain in head
  171. My 7 year old son is sick all of the time
  172. been on suboxone strips for 2yrs
  173. Pain in lymph nodes? Help
  174. Re: Lonesome dove
  175. lymes
  176. Antidepressants???
  177. colonoscopy
  178. Cold or allergy?
  179. New to boards and need help
  180. Forehead/eyebrow tingling/numbness
  181. going into nursing home..what to expect..
  182. Struggling to get a diagnosis
  183. all my fingers are slightly swollen
  184. Battling CRMO
  185. neck cancer
  186. Tysabri
  187. granny
  188. Lyme-could I be relasping
  189. skin rash/blister-like after blood drawn at lab
  190. Spots around lip and chin
  191. hemochromatosis
  192. vestibular neuritis(bilateral) w/chronic migraine
  193. Should I go to the doctor or er?
  194. sinus-extraction
  195. chest pain. sometimes twingey arms feel uncomfortable.
  196. Symptoms!
  197. Rubbing cold/painful spot causes burping
  198. smoking plus drinking combine effect on liver, MPV and cholestrol levels
  199. Is this a flare?
  200. anyone with similar symptoms and had any diagnosis ?
  201. ziac and toprol
  202. Bone Pain In My Entire Left Side
  203. Is this a brain tumour?
  204. Is This Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms?
  205. Persistent Swollen lymph nodes. Could it be HIV?
  206. Earnestly need help
  207. upper abdominal pain and hardness undwr ribs
  208. Unexplained nausea, am I alone?
  209. My aching neck and back!!!
  210. Gullblader , debris/sludge
  211. Being a person with neurological issues
  212. Vomiting & Diarrhea - on & off since Monday - Help!
  213. I have extremely bad memory and feel slow/stupid. Other problems. Please help.
  214. sore 2 inches right of bellybutton
  215. unsure what all this means
  216. Night Sweats, Blood Tests normal
  217. Gastroesophageal Motility, GERD, Small Hiatel Hernia
  218. swelling around jaw
  219. Pins & Needles
  220. Staying healthy
  221. Body parts affect by cancer
  222. Chest Pain ?
  223. A greeting
  224. Abnormal EMG possible ALS in husband
  225. Please help! Overreacting or melanoma? Itching periodically
  226. Help
  227. Sweating and overwhelming sense of heat
  228. Hello
  229. Mrsa
  230. sore armpit
  231. Dizziness sinus and full ears or cervical spine?
  232. Blood tests are normal, but I have these symptoms
  233. Stomach Virus with gallbladder burning
  234. Burping Tastes Like Eggs
  235. Muscle cramping cpk tests
  236. Pain across braline in front
  237. Synthroid and weight gain
  238. Bopping Head Back & Forth
  239. Quality of Life
  240. Pain in upper arm - when I inhale!?
  241. Hello..
  242. what's wrong with me?
  243. Lumps in neck
  244. Shortness of breath
  245. I get a rash every 7 years!
  246. severe leg pain
  247. Elevated WBC caused by Hypothyroidism?
  248. IVIG for neuropathy
  249. newbie
  250. Fungal infection of my cuticle and rash on my hand

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