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  1. Anorexia Recovery. Need Advice
  2. Head Injury - Unexplained Recurrent Blacking Out
  3. Leg pain.
  4. New Here
  5. Intermittent Pain right side above groin area
  6. Happy to join the group
  7. wellbutrin stopped working. Upped dose and feeling discouraged
  8. The Pretty Scarecrow who Cried
  9. Newby
  10. Pain Pain Pain
  11. clinical trial tiger 3 rocileitnib
  12. Unexplained Swelling
  13. Concerned
  14. Can anyone tell me about how getting general anesthesia is like though. Thanks.
  15. Overwhelmed about undiagnosed symptoms
  16. Seeking Advice/Moral Support Prior to Brain MRI for Spasms/Twitching/Buzzing
  17. No idea what's going on with me
  18. Rabies after 4 years??
  19. Has anyone tried supplements?
  20. Cowdens Syndrome
  21. Leg pain
  22. zanex out of stock
  23. Im worried
  24. low body temperature
  25. painful bones/muscles, hurts when pressed
  26. Pulsating neck?
  27. Polymyalgia rheumatica
  28. Symptoms getting worse what is it?
  29. stomach pain
  30. 11 Months and no diagnosis. Please help
  31. My body is rebelling against me!
  32. constantly Light headed and feel like passing out
  33. Left arm, chest, leg pain.
  34. Strange Symptom
  35. high red blood cell count and low white blood cell count
  36. partial lip and chin numbness
  37. I have so many symptoms don't know where to post
  38. Sun and water problems.
  39. Pulsating and throbbing pain around sideburns
  40. Vitamin Deficiency/Allery or Spine?
  41. floating
  42. always sick - is there something wrong??
  43. Help!!!! Please!!! Strange undiagnosed debilated symptoms
  44. Hi ASO Titer ... do I have strep or rheumatic fever?
  45. "Blackouts" and full body numbness
  46. Really Confused
  47. Where can i go to find a diagnosis and get some help.
  48. All my issues I have lol
  49. how to hide spot on x ray?
  50. Random Body pains?
  51. Intermittent stomach pains
  52. What is happening to me?
  53. Worried about my blood test, high Basophils and Lymphocytes
  54. greetings
  55. I found a way to imporve a persons overall health.
  56. Effects of fumes
  57. sweat smells like urine
  58. About Rattle Snake Bites
  59. pulse in head - numbness while sleeping in the head
  60. Head tingles and base of skull very tight.
  61. Severe pain in lower abdomen
  62. ketones - Negative, Leukocyte Esterase 1+
  63. Potassium Levels - Symptoms Not Improving
  64. Burning in my feet, legs , arms and hands
  65. Small lump near navel
  66. Low WBC and neutrophils :(
  67. sizzling and crackling noise in head
  68. quivering inside
  69. Lab Results - Help
  70. should I have tetanus booster?
  71. Tingling, pins and needles in left foot and hands
  72. help anyone:(
  73. sharp intermittent pain, emerging from deep inside flesh
  74. Weak, shaky, and a little bit dizzy
  75. centre of chest
  76. Unusual causes of fluid retention?
  77. What just happened?
  78. What is going on with my health/body!!
  79. Spots
  80. Foggy vision and brain
  81. Been extremely forgetful lately!
  82. Nothing tastes right
  83. Zoloft withdrawal
  84. What is this condition called?
  85. absess on my lower shin causing a lot of pain
  86. Struggling with Polymyositis since 1994
  87. Scared 24 year old
  88. Back pain, stomach pain, dry cough, all at once!
  89. Chronic Abdominal and Chest Pain
  90. Some Kind of Infection
  91. I know something is wrong with me
  92. Internal trembling when lying down for past 6 days
  93. I have no idea where to post this?
  94. Hello!
  95. temple & masseter muscle swelling when eating
  96. undiagnosed illness
  97. Looking for Guidance
  98. Too many health problems for my age?
  99. Right Chest pain
  100. Not sure what to do anymore, please help!
  101. Concerned about symptoms
  102. Meloxicam
  103. Numbness/weakness in legs, affecting bladder. Any idea?
  104. High White Blood Count and Lymph absolute
  105. Flagyl vs Clindamcyn (oral)
  106. Joint Pain All Over But Not Arthritis
  107. Please Help - Blood test results
  108. Abdominal pain
  109. Bug Bite
  110. help! rapid weight gain on medication
  111. Brain fog - no answers please help
  112. Chronic pain on right side rib area
  113. Low b 12
  114. I am on a LOT of medications. I'm really worried about getting kidney problems.
  115. Peri menopause symptoms?
  116. strange habit
  117. loss of stamina and muscle fatigue
  118. Worried about a swollen lymph node
  119. Anxiety Vs Heart disease
  120. cold sore thing on my bottom lip?
  121. memory loss
  122. Blackout causes strange happenings? Help!
  123. Feeling tired!
  124. Thigh and calf ache
  125. Sinus infection ? Eye pain ?
  126. endorsing a tax refund check for AD mom
  127. Water retention - need help
  128. Lab results can anyone give any input?
  129. Concerned about the shape of my head?
  130. Chest discomfort/swelling
  131. PCOS - Thyroid - Pain - Need more options to take to my doctor.
  132. mri results
  133. Painful Lipoma
  134. chin hair?!
  135. chest pain shooting into arms moves right to left chills
  136. deciphering cause of death
  137. zero appetite. need medication.
  138. Any advice please
  139. My health Book I mean story LOL
  140. scar tissue pain?
  141. Pubic Pressure from Anxiety? Please Help
  142. I think I sallowed gum
  143. dead end answers from all doctors
  144. Help with MRI report
  145. Discomfort/pressure under right rib cage
  146. Burning hot all the time ... What's wrong?
  147. Leg "forgets" how to move when I run
  148. Pain & burning at night
  149. Help Me everyone & comments
  150. Unbearable abdominal pain went away
  151. purplepeopleeat
  152. Just Not Feeling 100%
  153. Parasites
  154. What is causing this pain?
  155. Blood test results, please help knowledgable people!
  156. Incredibly bad memory
  157. Muscle tremors
  158. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  159. Pressure in head when standing
  160. IgA
  161. Painful Lipoma
  162. Prednisone withdrawal Cushing's first Low Cortisol
  163. weird feeling in left calf.
  164. Tired and Pain
  165. Facial Palsy from blood clot, Stroke or Something else??
  166. new member
  167. blood blister on belt line
  168. I am always hot and need help
  169. Bizarre
  170. Interesting Lab Results ... Need guidance.
  171. Iron staining
  172. Bloating, Abdominal Pressure, Hair Loss after using PPIs Anyone else??
  173. Autoimmune/Thyroid/or something else
  174. Tired of It. Need Some Advice!!
  175. Abdominal Pain
  176. Pain on left side of abdomen/blood in stool
  177. Help
  178. I've had a physical problem for 7 years, losing all hope, please help
  179. Numbness, muscle weakness in hands and feet
  180. help
  181. Lower Right Abdominal Pain That Won't Go Away
  182. Been feeling like im dying for a month straight now.
  183. Not feeling myself: spacey, dizzy, headaches.
  184. Nodules in the neck and high LYM
  185. high epinephrine, cortisol and DHEAS
  186. Tlc, dlc & esr
  187. chronic insomnia/anxiety HELP!
  188. Diagnosis frustration, protein in blood
  189. Always Tired
  190. Somethings wrong with my me ! Please Help !
  191. Alcohol poisoning?
  192. Head pressure when standing up
  193. Abnormol urinalysis/left side pain
  194. swelling on back of neck
  195. Chronic face pressure for 2 years
  196. Mystery Illness?
  197. Normal MRI - What can it be?
  198. Have blood test results have no clue of meaning need help
  199. Spider bite
  200. Reaction to a Roller Coaster ride
  201. Chronic Abdominal Pain
  202. Please help - spaced out and tired all day long
  203. Abdominal Pain
  204. my report
  205. very low vitamin d - fatigue - muscle and joint pain
  206. Weak Shaky Feeling after eating cereal
  207. What is Wrong with me?
  208. How long does phentermine stay in a person's system?
  209. middle right back pain
  210. I developed a real bad BO problem and I don't know were it is coming from
  211. Ultrasound imaging of abdomen, Should I worry??
  212. Losing my mind!! In desperate need of help!
  213. muscle cramps
  214. the pain
  215. Afraid of dying young
  216. Infected navel, concerning? -- pus, blood, and pain (graphic!!)
  217. is this normal
  218. Would love opinions on what this might be
  219. going on 14 years sick now :(
  220. Help... Please... Weird Symptoms Epstein Barr Positive Rash Difficulty Sleeping
  221. In need of suggestions for tender pain on right side below ribs
  222. Need encouragement
  223. Tired and frustrated
  224. ALT level out of range
  225. hot leg fits and toes
  226. Worried about possible internal bleeding
  227. left side facial pressure
  228. Methadone Potential OVERDOSE Have ?s!!!!
  229. Can anyone else give me a resolution to my problems: chest, stomach, brain
  230. Extremely sore muscles, go to er?
  231. High B12
  232. Neck pain
  233. Hi Everyone
  234. help
  235. High White blood cell count
  236. Swollen and tender lymph node under armpit
  237. Looking for answers and direction to my problem
  238. Help - Looking for answers
  239. Lump on clavicle and in neck
  240. waking up dripping in sweat!
  241. pain in stomach
  242. Need answers asap
  243. I need help and suggestions
  244. Neck pain the day after alcohol consumption
  245. Radial Nerve Palsy Recovery
  246. greetings self helpers
  247. Feet, arms, nausea, not sure where to put this.
  248. Indent in Thigh - Front Upper Right Leg
  249. Lightheadedness/Near fainting/Funny turns :(
  250. Ferritan

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