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  1. Help! Discontinued Focalin XR, problems!!!
  2. Off-label alternatives to ADHD treatment.
  3. Need help fast!!!!
  4. Females and ADD medications
  5. My little girl
  6. ADD on your family tree
  7. Newbie question re: Ritalin
  8. Change to Concerta due to Adderallxr(tolerance)
  9. Biofeedback & Play Attention Experience?
  10. Provigil for ADD?
  11. my brother's goin crazy, plz help!
  12. I cant study. Can anyone give me some tips, i have an exam on Wednesday.
  13. advice?
  14. Help! Does Adderall not work for me?
  15. Info needed regarding NEW ADHD camp
  16. Teaching ADHD children to learn
  17. Has anyone been diagnosed with ADD and OCD?
  18. ADHD Financial Aid?
  19. What medication is good for adult ADD?
  20. mum with 3 children all of us have add
  21. Advice...
  22. Adderall And Risperdal
  23. Odd
  24. I have ADHD my partner has PTSD from incest
  25. EMDR or CAER for ADHD
  26. Fish oil information any info would be helpful....
  27. Focalin XR
  28. Adderall and weight loss...PLEASE HELP!
  29. Son diagnosed with adhd not sure where to begin
  30. Neuropsychology
  31. PTSD, ADHD or just naughty behaviour
  32. New Excellent ADHD medication Book
  33. A Question about Straterra
  34. Adult frusturated and hurt due to lost relationship
  35. Strattera Questions
  36. Question regarding Grandson..
  37. ADHD Medication
  38. Effexor and horrible sweating AFTER I stopped it
  39. Focalin info
  40. How often do you take your ritalin?
  41. Adderall and insomnia?
  42. Does Strattera work?
  43. Concerta, Focalin,& Adderral not working help
  44. Ready to explode..
  45. AADD - do i have it?
  46. does this Side Effect improve with time?
  47. any body try biofeedback for add/addh?
  48. Songs on the brain!
  49. The Life Span and ADHD medications
  50. Twin's Transformation without meds!
  51. Son failing in school
  52. Dexedrine and thyroid function tests.
  53. Concerta for adults?
  54. Tics?
  55. anyone take Adderal? I need feedback
  56. Bad reaction ?
  57. Diet and Vitamins
  58. My son has just been diagnosed with ADD
  59. A diet question.....
  60. I Heard Gingko Bilboa and Ginseng
  61. Ritalin LA
  62. Adhd
  63. New Here and a Strattera Q
  64. Adderall XR & Weight Loss
  65. sudden stop of medication = depression??
  66. is this add?
  67. Big Post: My Intro and some Q's
  68. should I let my 19 year old live alone?
  69. Question about Concerta crash
  70. when is AD(H)D "fixed"
  71. Just looking 4 ppl who can realte!!!!
  72. D'OH!!!!!! my and my fat yap!
  73. Newbie to this need some advice for doing it right.
  74. anyone experience meds making things worse
  75. fish oil and omega Help plz
  76. not sure about ADD. Breathing problem?
  77. son switched from focalin to adderal
  78. ADHD/son 9
  79. Stimulant Use for ADD and Acid Reflux
  80. Please help me!
  81. Neurofeedback
  82. Drugs and their side effects
  83. Wow I'm not alone
  84. Caffine and ADHD
  85. Add
  86. The A.D.D. mind and hyperfocusing....
  87. bad day at school
  88. My girlfriend and her son ADHD
  89. Stimulants + Depression
  90. General Practitioner
  91. first appointment soon
  92. fish oil for adhd
  93. Afraid of ADD
  94. New here, husband has ADD
  95. - - -
  96. Help! They are picking on me
  97. A switch to Concerta?
  98. so angry!why?
  99. Adderall & Xanax
  100. Desoxyn...Info please!
  101. regarding what "others" may think of you!
  102. I am about to fall over
  103. ADD med & sleepiness
  104. Attention defecit disorder support groups...?
  105. Military and ADD
  106. verbal learning disorder
  107. symtoms of ADD
  108. Bipolar
  109. Pulling hair out, anyones child do this and why?
  110. Can't leave them alone with friends
  111. health insurance for ADD
  112. How long did it take for Strattera to kick in for you and what dose are you on?
  113. ADD with anxiety: how to medicate
  114. Just switched my Adderall to Ritalin...need some info please!!
  115. A Miracle in Wisconsin
  116. just want to know...
  117. Ritalin LA??
  118. stratera and melantonin
  119. -
  120. 120 mg daily of Strattera? Is this too much?
  121. Plz Help With Adderall Appetite
  122. Is this normal..Help
  123. Is this normal..Help
  124. OMG...............I am sooo frusterated!
  125. Extra help with GCSE's
  126. Finally got the courage to see my GP
  127. what is <deleted>??
  128. Feel like a bad Mom...
  129. Please Help Losing Family To ADHD
  130. prozac pros and cons
  131. New fella to this board
  132. Concerta & Vitamin C / citric acid....is it bad?
  133. Increased appetite on Strattera?
  134. 9yr old with ADD, meds zonk him out
  135. not sure if i have ADD.. ??
  136. Does anyone get twitchy with ADD?
  137. Adderall causing menstrual irregularities?
  138. Am I the only one who feels like English is a foreign language sometimes??
  139. Adults and Ritalin??
  140. I Need Some Advice...
  141. Considering Concerta but worried...
  142. My son goes very pale during exercise
  143. constipation
  144. ADD help after Adderall Addiction
  145. adderall xr......yikes
  146. 55 yr Old Man with some negative side effects from Dexedrine
  147. Provigil & BCP?? and weight loss
  148. Natural alternative called "Attention"
  149. Grandson has been on Straterra almost three years now
  150. ADHD/Also diagnosed with ODD and CD
  151. Anyone tried Omega-3s for child's ADHD?
  152. Is this ADD or Am I going senil???
  153. Emotional effects of Adderall?
  154. Sooo frustrated!!! Nothing is working!!!
  155. Medication: does this mean I DON"T have ADD??
  156. 6 yr old 1st dose of concerta and mom scared...is this normal
  157. Just a thought
  158. study habits
  159. ADD help?
  160. i think i have add
  161. Panic/Anxiety Attacks?
  162. Adderall – Good or Bad?
  163. Medication Puzzle
  164. Just started adderall
  165. meds question regarding ADD
  166. Is there a complaints organisation for my situation?
  167. adderall changed my life for the better
  168. Teen Daughter
  169. long-term planning, please help!!
  170. Could This be AdHd
  171. Effexor 150mg w/ Adderall XR 25
  172. Anyone using fishoil to treat their ADD?
  173. please help[
  174. Something like Adderall...
  175. Adderall XR--how to cope with crash at night?
  176. Twirling things in fingers-?
  177. Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
  178. Concerta for 6yr old
  179. down n out mom
  180. little brother ADD?
  181. Off Adderall for 2 weeks, I would appreciate your opinions on some problems
  182. on line tests
  183. Visual Focus Affecting Mental Focus
  184. Supplements or homeopathy for adhd
  185. little about me
  186. concerta, focalin, metadate ?????
  187. Juvenile diabetic/ add meds
  188. dad makes me wait & suffer...wishing i was normal
  189. Lamictal 100mg & Wellbutrin 150mg for ADHD?????
  190. adderall makes me sleepy!
  191. What is up with ADD and interrupting people?
  192. the whole world needs to relax....
  193. Clonidine for ADD???
  194. Anti-munchies effect...
  195. Hi, I'm new to this forum
  196. Does anyone with ADD ever feel like they are deaf?
  197. Need a break from Adderal, alternatives? Please let me know your thoughts..
  198. Hi!! Help this newbie!
  199. Could i have ADD/ADHD?
  200. Adderall and weight loss?
  201. could i be adhd, misdiagnosed as hypomania/bipolar?
  202. Ritalin for older people
  203. ADD and Social Anxiety What the heck
  204. any feedback on dexamphetmine
  205. Heart damage with Adderall???
  206. Concerta - ear ringing
  207. 80mg of Strattera
  208. Can someone help me?
  209. My heart is breaking
  210. add and caffein im not affected help
  211. Any other adult ADDs that are drunks?
  212. Losing Weight On Adderall
  213. ADD and ADHD just a cover up
  214. Role of medication, in my experience
  215. Concerta Side Effects
  217. Ritalin and DLPA
  218. Concerta and Phentermine together?
  219. Iv'e had it!
  220. 19, started taking adderoll, need some ?'s answered
  221. ADHD-6 yr old son
  222. Do I see my primary care doctor or a psychiatrist for adult ADHD diagnosis?
  223. question for anybody taking adderol
  224. my 8 year old son adderall xr
  225. Should I ask to increase dosage of ritalin?
  226. Is this possible ADD?
  227. Problems and Problems and errrrrm.... .P.r.o.b.l.e.m.s
  228. How to get info with no attention span??
  229. I finally feel more normal!
  230. Strattera did nothing....what now??
  231. Concerta....help please!!
  232. Fogginess AND Anxiety anyone???
  233. How come children with ADD, AHDH etc get off everything?
  234. eplipesy and adhd together
  235. I have a question for parents with childrens with ADHD, please help.
  236. biofeedback or neurofeedback...........
  237. Has anyone tried Natural alternatives for ADD
  238. ADHD help
  239. support from like minded parents
  240. the sky is still blue
  241. How do I Know if i have ADD/ADHD?
  242. Switching from Ritalin to Concerta problems
  243. Is the school responsible for testing?
  244. Need Advice or Help..please help
  245. adhd and ssi for children
  246. Cylert???
  247. Could Rittalin have caused my miscarriage??
  248. help
  249. Symptoms of ADD?
  250. Lazy or ADD?

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