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  1. Something like Adderall...
  2. Adderall XR--how to cope with crash at night?
  3. Twirling things in fingers-?
  4. Question: How did you guys get diagnosed with ADD?
  5. Concerta for 6yr old
  6. down n out mom
  7. little brother ADD?
  8. Off Adderall for 2 weeks, I would appreciate your opinions on some problems
  9. on line tests
  10. Visual Focus Affecting Mental Focus
  11. Supplements or homeopathy for adhd
  12. little about me
  13. concerta, focalin, metadate ?????
  14. Juvenile diabetic/ add meds
  15. dad makes me wait & suffer...wishing i was normal
  16. Lamictal 100mg & Wellbutrin 150mg for ADHD?????
  17. adderall makes me sleepy!
  18. What is up with ADD and interrupting people?
  19. the whole world needs to relax....
  20. Clonidine for ADD???
  21. Anti-munchies effect...
  22. Hi, I'm new to this forum
  23. Does anyone with ADD ever feel like they are deaf?
  24. Need a break from Adderal, alternatives? Please let me know your thoughts..
  25. Hi!! Help this newbie!
  26. Could i have ADD/ADHD?
  27. Adderall and weight loss?
  28. could i be adhd, misdiagnosed as hypomania/bipolar?
  29. Ritalin for older people
  30. ADD and Social Anxiety What the heck
  31. any feedback on dexamphetmine
  32. Heart damage with Adderall???
  33. Concerta - ear ringing
  34. 80mg of Strattera
  35. Can someone help me?
  36. My heart is breaking
  37. add and caffein im not affected help
  38. Any other adult ADDs that are drunks?
  39. Losing Weight On Adderall
  40. ADD and ADHD just a cover up
  41. Role of medication, in my experience
  42. Concerta Side Effects
  44. Ritalin and DLPA
  45. Concerta and Phentermine together?
  46. Iv'e had it!
  47. 19, started taking adderoll, need some ?'s answered
  48. ADHD-6 yr old son
  49. Do I see my primary care doctor or a psychiatrist for adult ADHD diagnosis?
  50. question for anybody taking adderol
  51. my 8 year old son adderall xr
  52. Should I ask to increase dosage of ritalin?
  53. Is this possible ADD?
  54. Problems and Problems and errrrrm.... .P.r.o.b.l.e.m.s
  55. How to get info with no attention span??
  56. I finally feel more normal!
  57. Strattera did nothing....what now??
  58. Concerta....help please!!
  59. Fogginess AND Anxiety anyone???
  60. How come children with ADD, AHDH etc get off everything?
  61. eplipesy and adhd together
  62. I have a question for parents with childrens with ADHD, please help.
  63. biofeedback or neurofeedback...........
  64. Has anyone tried Natural alternatives for ADD
  65. ADHD help
  66. support from like minded parents
  67. the sky is still blue
  68. How do I Know if i have ADD/ADHD?
  69. Switching from Ritalin to Concerta problems
  70. Is the school responsible for testing?
  71. Need Advice or Help..please help
  72. adhd and ssi for children
  73. Cylert???
  74. Could Rittalin have caused my miscarriage??
  75. help
  76. Symptoms of ADD?
  77. Lazy or ADD?
  78. ADHD & Trichotillomania?
  79. Adult ADHD on Concerta
  80. Freaked Out and Scared
  81. Ritalin worked before, but not now?
  82. ADD or stress related?
  83. aggressive behavior
  84. Concerta and Compulsive behavior
  85. AADD and Adult Education - help!
  86. ADHD: Lazy or Busy?
  87. Does This Feeling Last Long???
  88. Question about Adderall xr
  89. CrossRoads institute
  90. How do I make myself smarter?
  91. anyone try inositol or opc synergy for adhd
  92. ADD meds
  93. Anyone else can't stand going to a job?
  94. can psychiatrists actually diagnose a disorder?
  95. Not a thyroid thing - just plain old ADHD
  96. ADD mom in need of support
  97. neurofeedback?
  98. Will I never be not ADD?
  99. Strattera?
  100. Do I have ADD or something else?
  101. Weird Heart experience today with Adderall
  102. Do kids ever grow out of ADHD?
  103. OCD/ADHD mix or Anxiety/ADHD mix peoples
  104. What is it with Doctors!
  105. How to Test if Medication Is Working
  106. Concerta side effects
  107. Pathology/Hyperfocus - long post
  108. ( - closed topic - )
  109. Executive Functions – Alternative ADHD Therapies
  110. Metadate ?
  111. Desperately Need Help
  112. Will tyrosine give you the same feeling/effect as Adderall?
  113. HELP: ADD Scholarships
  114. Calm Focus, FOCUS FACTOR
  115. Adderal and lexapro????
  116. Newstepmom with ADD 16yo boy
  117. Procrastination -- Can anyone relate?
  118. overdosed on adderall please help my gf who has no idea yet that i might die
  119. Dexedrine vs Adderall
  120. Dexedrine question
  121. Need adderall help before tomorrow
  122. Overdiagnosis
  123. homework sentiments consistent with ADD?
  124. differences in add
  125. Help! my husband only makes things worse
  126. Yes?
  127. Is no motivation a part of ADHD?
  128. BrightSpark ADD Remedy
  129. Ritalin and alcohol
  130. Sugars/complex carbs
  131. ADD and sex
  132. Do I have ADD?
  133. question for those who take medication for add adhd
  134. My Son
  135. adult adhd or just bad personality flaws?
  136. Going crazy - can't cope with boyfriends adderall
  137. Question with Strattera
  138. ADD Support Groups in Philly / South Jersey
  139. L-Tyrosine supplement for ADD?
  140. Nauseated - any advice?
  141. In the name of Science/Overview
  142. Is ADD a disorder?
  143. Does anyone know how to start an ADD support group?
  144. Music Therapy for Children & Elderly
  145. Please help - looking for input from other adults with ADHD
  146. Strattera again.. please comment
  147. Low mental energy
  148. Meds not working anymore-why?
  149. ADHD/ODD Killing our family!
  150. Concerta and Seroquel for ADHD children
  151. Is this ADHD?? Please Help
  152. Changed 7yr. old son to Concerta.
  153. Difference between ADD & ADHD
  154. Help
  155. ADHD stimulants
  156. Concerta vs. Adderall
  157. adderall xr
  158. Women W/ ADD & PMS
  159. so umm anyone have probs with their ADD and orgasming?
  160. Please Read
  161. ADD & Bipolar
  162. Does A.D.D affect vision?
  163. I am about to crack....please help!
  164. Strattera: Any growth problems/children?
  165. Is 40mg too much Strattera to start on?
  166. So frusterating
  167. Newly married ADD Hottie
  168. Neuropsychological testing
  169. Child new to Strattera
  170. New to this section
  171. Adult Medicated but life a mess 20 projects going on
  172. Any advice?
  173. Help
  174. Can someone give me some answers
  175. ADD Symtoms
  176. This is how ritilan works for me...
  177. time to take a long walk off a short peir
  178. Alternative to medicine
  179. What ADD med is safest if any??
  180. Giving blood while taking Adderall.
  181. Bummed out
  182. What is it?
  183. looking for help
  184. Don't know what to do?????help
  185. Ugh. This is not fun.
  186. College and ADD??
  187. I Am Not ADD Am I?
  188. Focalin anyone?
  189. For triad area parents- gboro, W-S, HiPt
  190. ADD and MBTI Personality Type test
  191. Teen with ADD
  192. Tenex causing Insomnia
  193. So Frustrated
  194. What's the deal with this?
  195. 4 year old... possibly ADHD
  196. New to treatment. Advice?
  197. Adult Strattera Users - side effects?
  198. Anyone using HERBAL remedys for ADD?
  199. Just found about my ADD today, and I'm SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!
  200. Meds
  201. New member with ADD son
  202. important adderall xr question
  203. ADD or normal behavior and just on my last nerve???
  204. Posted in wrong place?
  205. help diagnosing add or adhd
  206. Am quitting the meds - hope I can cope
  207. Effexor 150mg and Concerta36mg
  208. Children with Add/Adhd (on Meds)
  209. is my sons diagnosis accurate?
  210. Influential media/Tom's views
  211. Personal experience/medicate or not.
  212. Has anyone tried a naturopath for adhd?
  213. Adult ADD
  214. The downsides of medicating a child for ADD
  215. Weight loss problems
  216. ADD and Depresion Question
  217. counselor
  218. Parents being pressured to put their kids on ADD meds?
  219. Strattera and Tolerance
  220. ADD and time management
  221. Can Add Be Linked To My Depression?
  222. Hollistic ADHD remedies?
  223. Is ADD/ADHD hereditary?
  224. Communication
  225. Concerta-and good stories to tell?
  226. called doctor about meds for add (and other stuff)
  227. sleep help?
  228. adderall can make me moody?
  229. college student in need of advice!!!
  230. adult with add - adderall not working?
  231. Why is Adderall a curse word at the Dr.?
  232. why does so many children have add?
  233. "Is this a lot of Stimulants for a 10 yr.old?"
  234. Is this a normal trait for someone with ADD?
  235. ADHD Specialist A Must
  236. Caffiene during pregnancy causes ADD?
  237. extremely tired on ritalin
  238. Say and do stupid things? -- Effexor XR, Adderall XR,
  239. Alternatives to Ritalin? (stimulant meds)
  240. Is ADD linked to Anxiety?
  241. Ritalin & 6 YO PLEASE HELP!
  242. Where does it end???
  243. Concerta causing tics
  244. My Story
  245. Concerta Withdrawals?
  246. How do you tell if you have ADD
  247. Support Groups
  248. Possible medicine for ADD-ers like me?
  249. Trouble breathing right
  250. Activities for a 7yr. old ADHD son

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