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  1. Telling your child he has ADHD
  2. Frequency of Dr. Appointments?
  3. Provigil for ADHD
  4. Don't forget the positives
  5. To all who get ADD meds...
  6. Where to go?
  7. Understanding the differences in medications
  8. Attention Deficit?
  9. loss of appetite on concerta
  10. How do you get diagnosed?
  11. How do I help my spouse deal with my ADD
  12. Need advice: Concerta v. Adderall
  13. New taking Adderall - how do you know it's working?
  14. How long does a dose of Concerta last?
  15. Does anyone have experience with Metadate CD?
  16. New to Concerta
  17. questions about ADD meds.
  18. Someone's opinion???
  19. What is ADHD?
  20. Adderall XR
  21. Ban ADHD meds
  22. Does this sound like ADD?
  23. Adderall withdrawal symptom?
  24. Adult "drug free" days?
  25. Let's help each other out....your best coping mechanism, list it here!
  26. Wouldn't it be nice......
  27. Add/adhd????
  28. ADD and Tics
  29. Scared to mention to the doctor
  30. Did Adderall slay my hyperactivity
  31. mdloops
  32. concernd and confused
  33. A few questions...
  34. what could this be
  35. A few Adderall questions
  36. To those contemplating ADHD meds.
  37. Good News for son on new med Risperdal !!
  38. i think i have ADD
  39. A newbie with a couple of questions...
  40. What can I do?
  41. I could really use some ideas
  42. Which Medication Best Addresses Inability to Focus?
  43. mdloops, Jennita, index.html
  44. Private School for ADD kids
  45. Unresolved issues
  46. ADD Positive and New
  47. ADHD and Nonverbal Learning Disorder
  48. Do I have ADD?
  49. please need help with son, im going insane
  50. Long Term Effects of Adderall Use
  51. Adult ADD coping skills
  52. Newly diagnosed looking for tips advice and support
  53. help!
  54. Ritalin for high blood pressure
  55. Teen,ritalin2years, questions about sociabilty
  56. adderall
  57. Signs of addiction
  58. Ritalin Addiction
  59. ADD Symptoms???
  60. need advice on behavior modifacation for ADHD
  61. Question about adult ADD/ADHD
  62. Very important but odd question, pertaining to Adderall XR 30mg capsules
  63. A.D.D help, need places to go!
  64. ADHD and Adderall
  65. ADD - Speech
  66. Anoying things people say to ADDers!!
  67. ADHD and T.V. and "homeschooling"
  68. Alternative ADD Management
  69. Age of child for symptoms?
  70. Strattera and nightmares?
  71. Adderall and mood swings?
  72. In need of some support
  73. I'm going to the doctor for my ADHD-need Advice
  74. Concerta
  75. adult ADD evaluation
  76. Concerta - Effects different for people w/o ADD?
  77. My story, interesting indeed
  78. Strattera - Why are so many doctors against it?
  79. Higher doses of Ritalin and Adderall
  80. Ritalin la for a 6 yr old?
  81. Dexedrine and Xanax
  82. New Here - Please Help
  83. Anyone have a child on risperdal ????
  84. hello, new here, just one question re:strattera
  85. Think my Daughter has ADD
  86. O.D.D along with ADHD???
  87. ADD blood pressure
  88. HELP!! Need advice on 7 yr. old with ADHD!
  89. Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD
  90. ADHD or crazy??
  91. Tell me about ADHD
  92. Low dose Adderall vs. Dexedrine&Ritalin
  93. Adult ADD and addiction... (new to boards)
  94. Born to be Wild - the other side of ADD
  95. adhd female and no meds are working--HELPP
  96. Any First Borns Here
  97. Does memory loss fit in somewhere?
  98. mom wants me to switch to ritalin
  99. How long does it Last?
  100. A.D.D/ Bipolar???
  101. g0t d4t A.D.D
  102. Blood pressure
  103. Brain damaged?
  104. OT Issues manifesting as ADHD Symptoms?
  105. As posted about YOGA, i highly recommend MEDITATION.
  106. what is siblings' risk of ADHD?
  107. New here
  108. 5 yr old undiagnosed ADHD-help
  109. Hi All
  110. catapres, how much is an overdose
  111. Yoga
  112. Should we start meds
  113. What is it with...
  114. My Boyfriend Has Add...
  115. My head is spinning
  116. Adderal Before or After eating...
  117. URGENT REQUEST - Please help if you can
  118. newly diagnosed 6 year old.
  119. Aderall XR?
  120. ADD Paradox
  121. Testing for ADD/ADHD
  122. There doing a clinical trial study on ADD and Hyperness in NYC.
  123. concerta/strattera cocktail?
  124. I have ADD
  125. Worried About Newly Medicated Husband
  126. ADD and MY PDA...
  127. Is someone on Adderall safe to watch baby?
  128. Im thinking of telling my parents
  129. question about add
  130. need help
  131. Just Started Adderal Xr!
  132. Son Out Of Control
  133. Adderall XR and Prozac pros and cons please help!
  134. What medication can you mix with Adderall for depression?
  135. Boyfriend newly diagnosed.....
  136. 14 year old Son ADHD and Concerta
  137. Sleepaway camp and ADHD
  138. Help!
  139. Please help me out
  140. 6 Year Old Boy Diagnosed With ADHD
  141. taking concerta, feeling tired. isnt it supposed to be a stimulant?
  142. Does this sound like ADD?
  143. Does anyone believe Strattera works?
  144. Do I have ADD?
  145. anger management for 10yr old
  146. adderall and pupils
  147. what is normal adult Adderall dosage?
  148. Does anyone take 5htp and ritalin?
  149. Newly Diagnosed - Questions about Focalin
  150. Abilify for AADD
  151. What do you think could be going on with my son?
  152. Iron Deficiency/ADD/Bad hearing/SAD
  153. ADHD?? confused parent would like help!
  154. plz help me
  155. I have ADD & no health insureance need help
  156. Trying to find a doctor in Whittier/Brea CA area
  157. Concerta question!
  158. Can't do timed release
  159. I've always known I was "out of the ordinary"
  160. The introduction of Gusz
  161. Central Auditory Processing disorder AND ADD?
  162. Connors Rate Test
  163. Good Books on ADD
  164. Pffeifer Treatment Center
  165. Special Ed Questions
  166. Most affective medications found for adult A.D.D sufferers?
  167. Strattera - tiredness/nausea - how long?
  168. Adderall and Nexium
  169. Anorexia
  170. ADD and Concerta
  171. ADD curable w/ meds?
  172. Question about ADD
  173. Strattera or Adderal????
  174. ritalin-long acting or regular?
  175. PC apps for ADHDers?
  176. Lots of questions about dealing with side effects of adderall
  177. Parent/Teacher meeting...telling me my son has Add...what should I ask?
  178. Concerta and Exercise?
  179. 2 1/2 Year Old On Anti Depressants
  180. add and adults
  181. Do you get easily annoyed??
  182. STRATTERA ~ Side Effects
  183. Is this ADHD
  184. Adderall dosing (new to ADHD)
  185. Im new
  186. Roller coaster
  187. Adderall Success Stories???
  188. Ritalin LA
  189. does adderall cause panic attacks?
  190. Add Medication Question
  191. What happens if you get pregnant on adderall?
  192. Moving overseas with child with adhd
  193. what do i do?
  194. 2 1/2 year old out of control adhd?
  195. STRATTERA ~ weight gain? loss? constipation?
  196. To much adderall...? Not eating much not sleeping.......
  197. water retention with adderall xr
  198. Quitting Adderall forever
  199. Help me please
  200. Adderall made me crazy
  201. New to healthboard and ADHD
  202. Don't let Adderall be your only drug or it will get you down
  203. Cylert?
  204. Adderall and exercise
  205. Sorry one more question, could it be an "IQ" problem or add?
  206. How long does it take for ritalin to work, and did ritalin work for you, and why?
  207. Is it possible I have ADD?
  208. I miss Adderall! Please Help
  209. Do you have to be hyper to have add?
  210. The Today Show: Diff between methamphetamine and methylamphetamine?
  211. Ritalin
  212. ketogenic diet for adhd/depression
  213. Has anyone ever considered that "ADD" could simply be a personality type??
  214. Skipping Heart Beats & Adderall use
  215. ADHD at 19 months?
  216. Frustrated-no help locally!
  217. Can adderall worsen depression?
  218. straterra vs concerta
  219. tests to monitor health on concerta
  220. Child ADD - Help Schedules Ideas
  221. Could this be ADD
  222. The Doc Put me on Adderall XR
  223. Contolled Substance...
  224. Convergence Insufficiency and ADHD
  225. My Stutter
  226. Turning ADHD on and Off?
  227. Strattera and Licking everything?
  228. Straterra Causing Aggression?
  229. substitute for Adderall XR
  230. ADDERAL taken off Canadian market
  231. Speech impediment, related to ADD? please help
  232. Blood Pressure and AdderallXR
  233. About to Start Soon. PLEASE HELP
  234. Relationship crisis!!!
  235. Testing for AD/HD...
  236. 9 year old son with ADD
  237. Parents of add teens on Strattera
  238. I'm a 6-2 155-pound male
  239. Adderall off the market in Canada
  240. appetite loss with adderral XR
  241. Is this a side effect of Straterra?
  242. 11 year-old son with depression and ADHD
  243. Caffine and ADD
  244. Zoloft and adderall together help with weight gain?
  245. Anyone try Herbal Remedies for ADHD??? HELP!!!
  246. Need advice before Tuesday
  247. Im abusing my adderall
  248. Could it be ADD?
  249. cymbalta and strattera?
  250. Adha Love?

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