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  1. Help me please
  2. Adderall made me crazy
  3. New to healthboard and ADHD
  4. Don't let Adderall be your only drug or it will get you down
  5. Cylert?
  6. Adderall and exercise
  7. Sorry one more question, could it be an "IQ" problem or add?
  8. How long does it take for ritalin to work, and did ritalin work for you, and why?
  9. Is it possible I have ADD?
  10. I miss Adderall! Please Help
  11. Do you have to be hyper to have add?
  12. The Today Show: Diff between methamphetamine and methylamphetamine?
  13. Ritalin
  14. ketogenic diet for adhd/depression
  15. Has anyone ever considered that "ADD" could simply be a personality type??
  16. Skipping Heart Beats & Adderall use
  17. ADHD at 19 months?
  18. Frustrated-no help locally!
  19. Can adderall worsen depression?
  20. straterra vs concerta
  21. tests to monitor health on concerta
  22. Child ADD - Help Schedules Ideas
  23. Could this be ADD
  24. The Doc Put me on Adderall XR
  25. Contolled Substance...
  26. Convergence Insufficiency and ADHD
  27. My Stutter
  28. Turning ADHD on and Off?
  29. Strattera and Licking everything?
  30. Straterra Causing Aggression?
  31. substitute for Adderall XR
  32. ADDERAL taken off Canadian market
  33. Speech impediment, related to ADD? please help
  34. Blood Pressure and AdderallXR
  35. About to Start Soon. PLEASE HELP
  36. Relationship crisis!!!
  37. Testing for AD/HD...
  38. 9 year old son with ADD
  39. Parents of add teens on Strattera
  40. I'm a 6-2 155-pound male
  41. Adderall off the market in Canada
  42. appetite loss with adderral XR
  43. Is this a side effect of Straterra?
  44. 11 year-old son with depression and ADHD
  45. Caffine and ADD
  46. Zoloft and adderall together help with weight gain?
  47. Anyone try Herbal Remedies for ADHD??? HELP!!!
  48. Need advice before Tuesday
  49. Im abusing my adderall
  50. Could it be ADD?
  51. cymbalta and strattera?
  52. Adha Love?
  53. Need direction....
  54. Questions on Adderall
  55. Adult Male w/ADHD. What will my future be?
  56. New Mom ...ADD who said raising kids was easy
  57. New here :) diagnosed with ADD
  58. Adderall causing heart problems?? Please help!
  59. mabey I have add or something?
  60. Worried
  61. Pls help need advice, 6 year old just put on Adderall and celexa
  62. Trying to gain weight....
  63. Only One Last Hope
  64. worried about my son's future
  65. It happened!
  66. Need Serious Help. Husband has ADD
  67. College students on Adderall With ADD and Dysgraphia
  68. trouble helping child get homework done?
  69. Wellbutrin & ADD
  70. Losing the battle with ADD
  71. Help! I'm newly ADHD diagnosed and started a new job!
  72. Concerta question
  73. could it be add/adhd
  74. Hi!!! (New Here)
  75. No medication
  76. Neuroscience feedback
  77. ? re Add & sex from spouse
  78. HOW do you know if you have Adult aDD ??
  79. Questions about ADD
  80. How to get BF to understand?
  81. straterra and a 5 year old
  82. To the parents of ADD children
  83. Second day on adderall xr went to er with high bp and heartrate
  84. Feedback required...
  85. On Strattera for about a week, Help
  86. Long-term effects of Adderall
  87. Wellbutrin and Dexedrine
  88. Kids on adderrall and their health
  89. Adderall and its Diuretic Properties
  90. Do you HAVE to be tested for ADD?
  91. getting diagnosed
  92. ADD and autism
  93. need help for my son please
  94. Adderall Causing Depression?
  95. Decision Making...
  96. Do I really have ADD?
  97. dysgraphia and ADD
  98. Desperate help needed
  99. ADHD-Disability Payments?
  100. Help! Help! Help!
  101. Extreme Rage from Zoloft,
  102. Bad taste in mouth (and dry mouth) from Adderall
  103. Focus Factor vs. Becalm'd (sp?)
  104. Psychologist blames IQ for problems and Not ADHD
  105. Meds?
  106. doc for ritalin/adderal
  107. What was I going to post?
  108. possible add child
  109. mom that would like to know more about adhd &add
  110. Not good at following directions, is it ADD??
  111. Teen son given 3 dx in only 2 hours....
  112. Pregnancy and Medication
  113. Adderall -- Dizzy/jittery the first day, will it go away with more use?
  114. Anybody on dexedrine and lexapro?
  115. HELP!! My son is losing weight
  116. I got the Dexedrine!!!! Hooray!
  117. Strattera-haters
  118. Omega 3 guidance please....
  119. Day 2 on Streterra
  120. Increasing dosages
  121. Question?
  122. coming off Concerta at night
  123. Adderal AND Strattera
  124. Is this common?
  125. New Straterra Prescription
  126. Help! son taking abilify and prozac
  127. relationship with add
  128. Medication--what should I feel?
  129. Anyone seeing two psychatrist at once? need advice
  130. Need Help-one child ADD, the other ADHD
  131. urgent ADD problem
  132. Pupil Dilation, Straterra, Concerta, ADD
  133. What are your thoughts on this?
  134. Could it be ADD??
  135. adhd and ssi
  136. Adderall vs. Dexadrine for Adult ADD
  137. Have I found the answer?
  138. Adhd?
  139. ADD Medication Adjustments
  140. Coffee for 3 yr old?
  141. canadians?
  142. I can't do anything right!!!
  143. Adult ADD Herbal RX?? No Insurance Coverage
  144. ADD, Medication, and Creativity
  145. Good School For Help
  146. Side Effects
  147. Treatment For Add Only Not Adhd. Help!
  148. Male Side Effects of Adderrall
  149. I think i have Oposition Defiant Disorder
  150. Add/adhd Treatment
  151. Can you be prescribed Adderall/Dexedrine with a history of recreational drug use?
  152. Help
  153. Concerta and Ritalin Differences?
  154. New to ADD board
  155. Nice to see supports!
  156. UK student newly diagnosed - Concerta
  157. Dmae?
  158. Have some Questions about Metadate
  159. Attend vs. Becalm'd
  160. any experiences with strattera???
  161. Adderall Question -- Is This Dangerous?
  162. Diagnosed with ADD. Federal service employee, Can I get fired for ADD medication?
  163. Dr doesn't listen..adult add?
  164. help with add and attention
  165. Concussion
  166. Could This Be ADD or What?
  167. Hello, I'm a newbie here and need advice!
  168. Adderall Side Effect? PLEASE HELP!
  169. Ritalin vs Adderall vs Metadate
  170. Wellbuterin for adhd?
  171. Strattera and Liver Problems
  172. Adderall XR at 90 MG per day
  173. Help me help my fiance
  174. Started dexadrine today
  175. Choosing a medication for 10yr son w/ADHD - HELP!
  176. Hi I am a newbie, here is my story....
  177. Increasing Ritilan - pls. help
  178. Help w. 19yrold son
  179. Am i add?
  180. LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
  181. Does Adderall XR come in liquid form?
  182. Am I ADD?
  183. inattention?
  184. strattera and anger
  185. concerta/ritalin/adderall what's the difference
  186. I just switched to Adderall XR...need advice!!!
  187. Melatonin????and adhd
  188. typical assesment?
  189. College (Not giving me my accomodations)
  190. Need some advice
  191. AAAaaarrrrrgggg!! Can't find a ADD Meds Conversion chart
  192. online ADD test
  193. Testing for ADD
  194. Why is it so hard
  195. need help knowing if its me or him
  196. Brand new
  197. ADDERALL, Wearing Off Trouble
  198. Alert! Cbs - 60 Minutes - Adult Add
  199. is it possible to have add without being overly hyper?
  200. Coping methods and behavior modifications for adults with ADD
  201. Another Med!!!!!
  202. Question regarding T.O.V.A test for adhd
  203. 3lulu, Jessesmom, and Pyraine: Are you stilll with us?
  204. ADHD? - Doubting the dx
  205. Daughter on Ritalin - had severe reaction - now what?
  206. Is ADD hereditery only?
  207. Is this the definitive criteria for ADD?
  208. strattera & constipation
  209. 4hr meds vs 12hr meds
  210. Concerta and really, really bad chest pain.
  211. Finding a purpose in life
  212. New ADD lady
  213. concerta and nightmares???
  214. stratera
  215. Could it be possible
  216. ADD - Different than ADHD?
  217. Meds and Anxiety/tachycardia
  218. Update on my son
  219. Job Performance Troubles
  220. How do you help your child keep their self-worth?
  221. Adderall "DRUG HOLIDAY"
  222. Adderall dose and titrating dose upward
  223. new mom of adhd son
  224. ADD and employment?
  225. Started the Testing
  226. Adult ADHD
  227. Who has been on Strattera for more than 6 months? And is it still working for you?
  228. Cant take any ADD meds.. going crazy!!!
  229. Will overdosing on Adderall once make it lose its effectiveness in treating ADHD?
  230. strat side-effects or am i just sick?
  231. Worsen/Intensify ADD Symptoms?
  232. Ritalin vs. Adderall
  233. what kind of relationship problems with adhd
  234. Adderall XR vs regular Adderall and dosage
  235. Concerta Side Effects...
  236. Difference between ADHD and normal 3yr old boy?
  237. Think I have ADD...What do I do now?
  238. ADHD testing for children
  239. Concerta & long term use
  240. ADD - Neat Freak
  241. best friend has ADD
  242. Son refusing to take meds- help
  243. Concerta not working, can't take Strattera... what can I do?
  244. Son starts Strattera
  245. Question re: adhd testing
  246. moms and dads .. this might help
  247. l-tyrosine vs. Mucuna pruriens (dopa bean extract)
  248. Need some support
  249. Chance of having ADD?
  250. son has ADHD along with other problems

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