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  1. son has ADHD along with other problems
  2. need help plz! going crazy
  3. Just started Strattera!
  4. Ritalin and mood
  5. confused
  6. ADD, Strattera and Pupil Dilation
  7. I need some help/advice..
  8. Does it look bad if the doc goes from Strattera -> Stimulants -> Strattera?
  9. wondering if this could be an add possibility
  10. Stratterra/Sustained elevated Heart rate/after stopping med
  11. It must be ADD! It has to be!
  12. Tolerance to Ritalin?
  13. Picky Eaters and ADD/ADHD
  14. riddlin addication
  15. Psychologisy or Clinical Doctor for ADD diagnosis?
  16. 10 yr old has a question?
  17. Help, I think I have add.
  18. what to do now????
  19. My 5yo was just dxed adhd
  20. What to do possible pregnancy with ADD and depression???
  21. Needed: Books for helping kids with ADD Succeed Emotional and a School
  22. Do i have ADHD??
  23. I'm curious but a non-believer. Is ADHD for real?
  24. Ritalin LA vs Metadate- Any Opinions?
  25. Do I have to tell the school?
  26. Straterra side effects
  27. College a possibility for ADD person?
  28. Help!! How do I know if the Concerta is working or what dose it right???
  29. Help! hat is "enough" Concerta
  30. Help!
  31. Tics and Strattera?
  32. searching for alternative meds
  33. Hi newbie here
  34. This herb is great...
  35. One Way I Get A Break From My Head
  36. a little help here
  37. Confused about my daughter
  38. New ADD Parent
  39. Just diagnosed...info on Adderall
  40. Tips for swallowing a pill
  41. Is 74mg of Concerta safe for a 9 year old who weighs 77lbs?
  42. Routines/discipline & ADD
  43. Adult ADD doc in Tampa Bay area...
  44. Please help, son is impusive
  45. Accepted son's ADD
  46. *new* I think I have ADD! Have had it all my life :o)
  47. do i have add?
  48. from aderall to strattera??
  49. Adult ADD/ADHD and relationships
  50. 5 Yr Old Daughter? we think she has it
  51. ADD and social anxiety.
  52. Am I going to be on Adderall forever??
  53. academic recognition
  54. New Chewable Tablet & Oral Solution for ADHD
  55. Adult ADD & Ritalin
  56. Adult ADD Books?
  57. Info on ADHD
  58. Doctor Appointment in about a week
  59. Adhd????
  60. Information required
  61. Help for my 5 yr old son....
  62. Add??
  63. Workplace / Feel Being Viewed As DUMB
  64. Where to seek evaluation in Boston area?
  65. The Music In My Head
  66. Part Time Medication???
  67. What the hell is wrong with me?
  68. ritalin unneccesary
  69. wellbutrin and dexedrine
  70. RITT. withdrawl?
  71. Question about ADD?
  72. Thoughts on adderall vs. ritalin?
  73. Rash on AdderallXR
  74. OT: What the the Top 3-5 issues that will determine your vote?
  75. Heart problems with Concerta? Please, quick.
  76. Need info on Dextrostat
  77. Good phsych. Doc. in Ohio?
  78. Did anyone watch DR. Phil on ADHD?
  79. My girlfriend doesn't want ADD children
  80. 8 year old with adhd,low self esteem and now needs glases but will not wear them?
  81. Good Doctors for ADD in KY?
  82. Ho do I know if my son has ADD/ADHD
  83. Trying to find out what's wrong with my son
  84. Question on Amphetemines in children vs Adults
  85. How does Concerta affect you? My observations
  86. Question on young children and meds.
  87. Newsweek Article
  88. Adult ADD/ADHD
  89. Medication WITH behavioral therapy; AND....
  90. Adult ADD, taking Cylert
  91. Concerta & Auditory Problems?
  92. ADD and Dexadrine
  93. help
  94. just wondering if this condition sounds like add?
  95. my sister has ADHD...
  96. hospital/treatment center help!!!
  97. diet?
  98. How can you teel if you need ADD
  99. How dare the doctor treat me this way?
  100. ADD and my mom?
  101. Dealing with Ups and Downs of Medication
  102. Adderall XR - puts me in a bad mood
  103. ADD & Concerta
  104. Adderall Xr
  105. Just stared Adderall XR and confused
  106. Strattera good stories?
  107. Feel like i am going crazy
  108. Any tips to maintain my posture?
  109. strattera "Claims"
  110. what is add?
  111. Hi Im New here and Im certain I have ADD
  112. Please read, need help with daugher
  113. being informed
  114. Are these ADD symptoms??
  115. ADD or not
  116. Some help please about doctors who don't want to prescribe stimulants
  117. anyone on Adderall XR test positive for amphetamines on a drug screen
  118. Has surgery yesterday and had to take an opiate
  119. ritalin, and still falling behind
  120. Kids snorting ritilan
  121. focalin versus ritilan
  122. I think I found a way to control my ADD.
  123. Ritalin-like and appetite
  124. Generic brand of Adderall XR
  125. Attention/Concentration in 10 year old
  126. Employment/Workplace Issues
  127. New here
  128. Hating My Job/Problems At Work
  129. Dr.'s and ADD/ADHD
  130. Caffeine (coffee) vs. Sugar (fruit juice)
  131. Question about Diet
  132. Looks like that time has come again
  133. Concerta questions
  134. Can Someone Help Me Figure This Out???
  135. Stimulants side-effects on eyes/vision?
  136. Alternative to Adderall- Please Help
  137. Need your advice for tonight
  138. anyone have GOOD experience with Wellbutrin?
  139. Sweating As A Side Effect Of Adderall?
  140. How to know if you have ADD?
  141. A question about Dexedrine!
  142. Never can get things done!
  143. Difference between brand name and generics?
  144. Why is my husband so frustrated?
  145. Vitamins Minerals and Enzymes
  146. My DR says Dextro is basically a legal version of speed
  147. OT: What are a few ways to improve your LSAT score?
  148. Adderall ups and downs smoother now
  149. Medication?
  150. Dur Dur Dur
  151. Adults w/ ADHD- Wellbutrin to...
  152. Does anyone have traces of blood in their urine because of meds?
  153. True or False: ADDers tend to be more intelligent than your average person?
  154. ADHD and ODD teenager
  155. Unsure about ADD/ADHD?
  156. Adderall and OCD
  157. Question about Ritalin
  158. Cruel kids
  159. Adderall Dosage?
  160. Most Commonly Rx Med for ADD/ADHD?
  161. Add??
  162. alcohol and Adderall XR
  163. Side Effects of Adderall
  164. ADHD 2-yr. old boy
  165. My whole life felt like a mistake, help 19/m
  166. Dr. Amen and Brain SPECT Experience?
  167. Since no one answered my last post
  168. Adderall: generic vs real stuff
  169. Adderall and Bad Breath vs. others...
  170. adderall vs addrall xr??
  171. Assistance needed DESPERATE!
  172. Need Adderall advice
  173. Adult ADD
  174. Focalin
  175. No Meds Try exercise
  176. Strattera and throat clearing
  177. Any new medicines on the horizon? I have high BP can't take the amphet's or Strat
  178. Daughter had increase in Adderall
  179. Does Adderall make you feel weird?
  180. Is procrastination a problem caused by ADD
  181. adderall
  182. ADD causes many problems for me
  183. Children with ADHD
  184. Trying to find a med/counseling balance...
  185. Biofeedback/Sound Light Machines?
  186. Need help with health insurance
  187. Strattera
  188. Open up the time release Adderall caplet?
  189. Yerba Mate a Great herbal stimulant for Add! Seriously.
  190. amphetamines bad for heart.
  191. I have ADD?
  192. Ritalin and detachment
  193. Adderall and weight loss
  194. Q's regarding 9yr old with Strattera toxicity?? Switch to concerta?
  195. 19 y/o mom going nutz with ADHD..
  196. Buspirone - anyone??
  197. Should I Go Check If I Have It Or Not?
  198. Will the side affects get better?
  199. Need Help with A.D.D Med
  200. Not on Insurance, doctor will not help with new meds script....
  201. Update on my daughter's drivers testing
  202. Help!! Adderall Question - embarassed and slightly confused
  203. Out of Control
  204. What to do? Doctor first?
  205. Any opionions?
  206. ADD- Adderall to Wellbutrin, HELP!
  207. Ritilan - docile - sad - anxious - quiet????
  208. What to expect?
  209. Discovery of ADHD at the Age of 16?
  210. anyone else like this?
  211. 12 y.o son on ADHD meds.
  212. Strattera & Effexor (advice please!!)
  213. 50 conditions that mimic ADD
  214. questions about strattera
  215. I'm looking for guidance on Omega 3 products...
  216. cause....
  217. At Last Some Peace of Mind
  218. adderall to concerta crash!
  219. Feedback from Young Adults re: Meds usage
  220. Looking for good ADD info books...
  221. My doctor just put me on ritalin and I have a question
  222. Husband went to rehab on Saturday
  223. Adderall and cold medicine
  224. Stimulants and Effect on Personality
  225. Ritalin- How long?
  226. Mixing vitamin in food
  227. Where do I start?????
  228. Help.???
  229. Getting medication.
  230. Wellbutrin: the good, the bad, the withdrawl
  231. Daughter has failed driving test twice now, worried mom
  232. I checked,didn't see..any info on desoxyn?
  233. 50 yrs.old with add and some questions
  234. Is anyone here an adult taking amphetamine (i.e: Ritalian) for ADHD? Please respond!
  235. Is anyone here an adult taking amphetamine (i.e: Ritalian) for ADHD? Please respond!
  236. ADHD To medicate or not to medicate....
  237. overdose on adderall plz help
  238. questions
  239. I need a change
  240. Teen daughter with ADD??
  241. ADD and scared about fall semester
  242. Concerta
  243. Kidney Stones & Concerta
  244. Coping with anger?
  245. [FONT=Arial Black]Kidney Stones & Concerta[/FONT]
  246. Some very basic questions
  247. doctor problems... some advice needed
  248. Adderall/Strattera Combination Side Effect
  249. Pregnancy & Adderall
  250. suspect daughter and self is ADD Inattentive

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