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  1. Our ADHD Term Dictionary
  2. School Accommodations for ADHD Kids
  3. Welbutrin SR
  4. Adderall side effects - sweating & dry mouth
  5. Anyone Interested in an Online book club??
  6. Concerta addult newbie
  7. Strattera and alcohol
  8. Adult ADD, looking for advice on meds
  9. Anyone using Ritalin LA (Long Acting)
  10. thinking of ADD like salt
  11. Want to quit addrall
  12. kellbrntt61!! THANK YOU :D
  13. What Should we do?
  14. how have you come to grips with having ADD? SOS!
  15. Perhaps a little controversial but hey....
  16. adderall vs straterra
  17. Seeing a doctor for diagnosis and nervous about suggesting medication, PLEASE HELP!
  18. Wellbutrin or Zoloft?
  19. adult ADD, disability and hate this disorder
  20. Connection with ADD/ADHD and bonding time after birth?
  21. Different reactions to Adderall for those with ADD compared to ADHD?
  22. ADD/ADHD and the vaccine connection
  23. my con was swiched to concerta today any advice..
  24. Strattera- Did adult have this experience?
  25. Nail Biting
  26. Combining Concerta and Ritalin
  27. DESPERATELY NEED ADVICE NOW! Should I tell my new emp. I have ADD????
  28. Concerta Cramps
  30. 2 1/2 year old acting out - PLEASE HELP
  31. does anyone have experience with herbs?
  32. Does this happen with ADD?
  33. Child gets depressed on meds...help
  34. husband w/ADD, ritalin not working, and we're canadian
  35. AD/HD and OCD? Is it possible?
  36. congentive ADD ??? Help!
  37. Adderall XR, 60mg?
  38. Need help and info adult with ADD
  39. are meds helping or do I Just enjoy speed?
  40. are meds helping or do I Just enjoy speed?
  41. Adderall in your system.........
  42. What medication is right for me considering...
  43. Need Help for 6 yo Nephew?
  44. Stomach aches with Strattera
  45. Strattera and FDA information for Parents and Adults on this Drug
  46. Strattera and ALL of its Side Effects both Aduts and Children
  47. 22 Days of Strattara Success Full Journal (long)
  48. New with lots of questions.
  49. Is taking Adderol interferre with a male enhancement tablet?
  50. starting back at college in a few days, need ideas
  52. I would like to know more about ADD
  53. I guess I'm adult ADD. Feedback please!!
  54. ADD/NVLD in the UK?
  55. CONCERTA/STRATTERA Does anyone know how to weaken the concerta crash?
  56. having a terrible time on strattera , should we hang in there??
  57. Strattera: Does the tiredness & lifelessness go away?
  58. I am not sure if the Strattera is working ???
  59. 7 year old just diagnosed adhd and trying strattera
  60. he shouted at me ...
  61. Concerta, behavior
  62. A little help
  63. New Here - possible DX for 10 yr old daughter
  64. Focus Factor
  65. Building up a tolerance to Adderall
  66. Another..." Do I Have ADD??" Sorry.
  67. Family Doesnt Believe in ADHD/Thinks its mental retardation
  68. Wondering whats next?
  69. What helps you read? I can never read...
  70. Could I have ADD? How do you diagnose?
  71. test
  72. Jobs/Employment & ADHD
  73. help with dosage of concerta....
  74. telling people about my ADHD
  75. Long Term Goals
  76. How&When to take Omega 3???
  77. omega 3
  78. Adult ADD and Drug Abuse
  79. strattera and acne
  80. ADD
  81. New Strattera Success
  82. "BRAIN SHOCKS" w/ Strattera
  83. Anyone with heart problems on Adderall XR
  84. could vacc cause ad/hd?
  85. Anyone ever read "The ADHD Autism Connection"
  86. ritlan la versus ritlan sr
  87. ADD, Migraines, & Medication
  88. pre-semester rush
  89. Question for badkat
  90. My sons scores on ADHD testing.......any thoughts?
  91. Concerta and chest pressure?
  92. Adderall and insomnia
  93. Concerta
  94. omega 3
  95. General question on Adderall/stimulants
  96. Strattera - Focus efficacy?
  97. type 4 add question
  98. Scared of Strattera.....
  99. High cost of Strattera-any ideas
  100. strattera and sweating
  101. Middle Age ADD
  102. adderall xr
  103. Adderal XR dizzy
  104. Here's an Idea for everyone!
  105. skeptikally
  106. jenny here im new
  107. Tips and Tricks - Post your helpful ADD coping skills
  108. New Here/beCalmd natural alternative
  109. What we like about ADHD:
  110. Scared about trying new meds
  111. My experience with Strattera, Adderall XR, Welbutrin and side effects.
  112. now my 4 yr old is on meds
  113. food restrictions as well as diet while on adderall xr
  114. Question concerning 8 year old
  115. Children, meds, and spli families
  116. The ADD is Real/Not real debate
  117. Remember what is was like to be a child......
  118. Strattera & Adderall Combined?
  119. stimulants make my son lathargic. Ayone have this experience? Help!
  120. Time Magazine -- ADD & Meditation
  121. What do your kids think about?
  122. Side Effects: Numbness..Please!
  123. What is wrong with me? please help
  124. diet for ADHD??
  125. unnoticable add?
  126. Definition of ADD
  127. A true poetic depiction of ADD angst, suffering. Read!
  128. adult ADD/ADHD?
  129. Acitvism and ADD rights, anybody feel strongly?
  130. daughter,7 on concerta...our experience
  131. Has anyone been through this
  132. Feingold Diet???
  133. help books for children
  134. anyone taking dexedrine and feeling clear?
  135. disability acts, and our rights...in California?!?
  136. Help!!!!!
  137. adult add ever cured?
  138. dexedrine
  139. Concerta/Horrifying Tics!!
  140. length of time for most meds to work?
  141. Food and ADD
  142. my son was diagnosed w/ distruptive behavior disorder and
  143. swallowing concerta
  144. What's the diff??? HELP!
  145. adderrall xr and side effects
  146. Adult ADD/ADHD Meds with Weight Loss as a Side Effect?
  147. Adderall Side Effects?
  148. ADD drugs -- what was effective for you?
  149. What's the ADD Evaluation like??
  150. ADD and boredom
  151. summer break from concerta-11yr old-180pds
  152. Anybody With ADD Extremely Organized?
  153. It's a pleasure to have our son back? Define "back".
  154. Adult ADD
  155. Strattera and adults -- success stories only please
  156. Adults with AD/HD here?
  157. strattera for 4 yr old???
  158. Straterra and welbutrin
  159. Prozac VS Be Calm'd
  160. Caffeine
  161. Advice on what I'm feeling.......
  162. Opionons.....everyone should read this!
  163. Questions Have ADD Daughter
  164. be calm'd
  165. Emergency workers w/ ADHD
  166. Concerta stopped working
  167. ADHD in adults
  168. playing with matches
  169. "Conspiracy Theory" - now a proven fact
  170. obsessive compulsive & trouble concentrating
  171. dissability payments
  172. Friend with ADD - Help!
  173. do ADDers have problems with tone of voice?
  174. recently diagnosed grad student - help!?
  175. Afraid to start strattera
  176. wellburtin
  177. Behavior Differences With Son on Concerta
  178. Good news on Stratera
  179. Anybody Know A Good Doc In Houston Area?
  180. What would happen if...
  181. Could my son have ADD?
  182. Strattera and excessive sweating
  183. ADD Rx Online??
  184. Calling all Moms of younger kids on Strattera......
  185. starting strattera on my 9 yr old son
  186. asdfads
  187. Is there a ritalin - cancer link?
  188. Has anyone tried Vaxa Attend herbal product
  189. symtoms of adult ADD
  190. CVS Fish Oil Concentrate.
  191. Scattered in Texas
  192. Want to get off Dex for good!
  193. ADHD meds and college
  194. ADHD/ SS Disability benefits
  195. Wellbutin---for ADHD/Impulsivity instead of Stimulants-need feedback
  196. Does Adderall XR make you tired?
  197. ADD meds losing effectiveness?
  198. husband with ADD -- what to do?
  199. husband with ADD -- what to do?
  200. addrell vs ritalin
  202. pharmacy mistake?
  203. Possible problem with Strattera!
  204. dealing with family with add
  205. stopping adderall
  206. Meds and Eating??
  207. Difficulty remembering names?
  208. Addiction? Can you prevent it? Etc...
  209. My Strattera info & ADHD research in Boston
  210. Adderall side effects?
  213. Do the male side effects go away?
  214. strattera/concerta combo
  215. Stattera--does being tired go away-need feedback
  216. Could my child have ADD?
  217. Calling all Adderall XR users - What's its shelf life!?
  218. Info of Teens w/ ADD: Log#1
  219. How long does adderall XR last for you?
  220. Need info on ADD in young teen.
  221. Biofeedback for ADHD
  222. Concerta vs Adderall XR--need feedback please!
  223. Focalin
  224. Strattera and puberty
  225. straterra and aderral
  226. adderall vs dextrostat
  227. Teen w/ ADD
  228. straterra
  229. Straterra and anxiety
  231. AD/HD taking Adderal XR.. I've got Questions!
  232. wellburtin
  233. lower dose of adderall vs higher dose of adderall
  234. older males not having side effects on Strattera?
  235. Impulsivity??
  236. Job accomodations,and or do something else?
  237. what to do??
  238. Self-esteem!
  239. From Strattera to Ritalin LA
  240. Does Concerta make your kid constanly Babble?
  241. Concerta vs Adderall XR--need feedback please!
  242. need help dealing with adhd
  243. Seeing a Psychiatrist
  245. has anyone known a medication to loose its effectiveness?
  246. No Medication during Puberty...anyone tried this approach?
  247. Concerta and lack of sleep--need feedback
  248. Relationships......
  249. Need advice on med
  250. does any one know or have experience with combining anti anxiety drugs with straterra

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