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  1. Intuniv any side effects
  2. Looking for psychiatrist East Bay of S.F. with specialty of ADD
  3. ADHD and irregular sleep patterns
  4. Pre-employment DOT drug test and ADHD medication Adderall
  5. Please I need HELP!!
  6. son is scared
  7. DAYTRANA Experiences and Side effects
  8. Ritalin LA
  9. Experiences with Wellbutrin and Adderall?
  10. Effexor xr.
  11. Telling Our Employer
  12. Adderall to Vyvanse to Concerta...help!
  13. medicines are not working
  14. ADHD and Confusion Squared
  15. Back and depressed
  16. tiny lil bumps on arms
  17. Concerta - Side Effects?
  18. Is it the vyvanse or my back???
  19. Adderall and lack of motivation
  20. Intuniv Question
  21. To Have ADD
  22. Passive ADD
  23. How much is it to get diagnosed?
  24. Could i get rejected in law field due to add?
  25. Just Diagnosed with ADHD..Questions about the Adderall I am taking
  26. Trileptal
  27. adderall XR
  28. Strattera and Celexa
  29. Add
  30. NSAIDS & Adderall Q ...
  31. no medicine working help
  32. Huge improvement in how to titrate ADHD meds
  33. Can I mix xanax with Aderall to combat anxiety better?
  34. Benefits of New Guidelines to parents
  35. Solid hope for better medical care for ADHD
  36. New ADHD Guidelines
  37. Getting ADD?
  38. Strattera - Gasping for air?
  39. Caught in an Insurance Spider Web?
  40. Do I have ADHD?
  41. aderrall,wellbutrin, prozac???
  42. Just started Concerta...and my heart pumped extra hard when i got up
  43. Strattera quit working so Dr. upped the dose?
  44. Want to cut down on Adderall xr. Help.
  45. Adderal wearing off and feeling tired
  46. medication confusion
  47. medication confusion
  48. Sinus Issues with Adderall/Wellbutrin?
  49. Testosterone for ADD
  50. my insurance refuses to cover my adderall!
  51. My brother has severe ADHD
  52. Vyvanse
  53. motor tics
  54. Addrall dosage w/ Tegretol, too much?
  55. No idea whats wrong with me?
  56. does abilify help?
  57. Painful vaginal ulcer?!
  58. ADHD can not take a stimulant
  59. Insurance for Strattera
  60. Psychiatrist Advice
  61. Adderall Alternatives
  62. ADD or ASD?
  63. On Coco Puffs and ADD
  64. Vyvanse side effects
  65. What could cause a 2-3 hour delayed onset of effects from Adderall or Restoril? or an
  66. Accidental overdose on Adderall
  67. Fas
  68. Checking back in
  69. ADHD or just plain rudeness?
  70. My son stole my Adderall
  71. Experimenting With Meds/Dosage
  72. I took 40mg adderall generic and it did nothing
  73. Wellbutrin and uncontrollable irritbility/anger??????????
  74. Adderall and Hypersexuality
  75. adderall IR vs XR? Bipolar diagnosis.
  76. Skipping weekends
  77. Another Vyvanse Thread
  78. Focalin xr
  79. Question about stimulant effects
  80. Bored out of my mind
  81. Ritalin LA
  82. Adderall/Tic Question
  83. 13 y.o. Anxiety/ADHD...Help
  84. ADHD husband...
  85. life pretty messed up, is this ADD?
  86. any docs in NJ?
  87. Concerta and Fatigue
  88. The Wellbutrin train
  89. New Year's resolutions
  90. Bi Polar/A Parent an addict?
  91. I need to give myself credit
  92. Vyvanse and weight loss
  93. Going crazy with ADD
  94. Weak attention span/ skills problem
  95. Diagnosing ADHD
  96. Dextroamphetamine Discontinued?
  97. Got Prescribed Adderall XR Today
  98. New med and other ramblings
  99. I started taking Methylphenidate ER (Concerta) 18mg today
  100. New To Board Concerta Question
  101. I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
  102. What to do
  103. Looking for information
  104. ADD and Loving It
  105. Everything makes perfect sense!
  106. Kid with ADD
  107. ADD, OCD, or both?
  108. Role of medication
  109. Amphetamines-methylphenidate-but mainly alcohol have messed my hormones up!
  110. New here
  111. Dose too strong?
  112. Hoping I have ADD
  113. Adderall vs. Ritalin
  114. Happy Thanksgiving
  115. Could I have ADHD/ADD?
  116. New trend?
  117. Questions about Adderall
  118. Strattera negativity
  119. adderall and ringing in ears
  120. Ritalin/Concerta and Low WBC count?
  121. Son's Meds Working, but Side Effects are Bad - Please Help
  122. When meds aren't working
  123. Add/adhd
  124. Add/adhd
  125. L-tyrosine and or other supps
  126. Wellbutrin helps ADD?
  127. False Positive Drug Testing
  128. ADD Med: Concerta = Hair loss?
  129. Recently diagnosed with ADHD
  130. Adult A.D.D. how do you get diagnosed?
  131. 2 weeks on Vyvanse
  132. Need input re: adderall with contolled high blood pressure !
  133. Do these symptoms indicate dyslexia or ADD?
  134. ADD/OCD head feeling itchy and heavey when it happends?
  135. Any other ADD-ers in Law School...?
  136. Tollerance to Medication
  137. Adderall IR alternatives?
  138. Inattentive
  139. Tips to remebering to take med.?
  140. Working with general practitioners
  141. Does ADDERALL kill creativity?
  142. Question about vyvanse
  143. My Epiphany
  144. ADHD and theft?
  145. Adderall IR and headaches
  146. New to Focalin
  147. New to Knowing I have ADHD
  148. New to ADHD meds at 48. Side effects?
  149. does ADDERALL cause you to be...;)
  150. I am so aggravated!
  151. Help...Is this ADD or just all in my head??
  152. Help...Is this ADD or just all in my head??
  153. Need advice please!!
  154. Temporal lobe ADD
  155. ADHD frustration
  156. School Suspects my brother got ADHD
  157. ADHD newbie + Adderall IR
  158. ADHD newbie + Adderall IR
  159. Adult AdHD and codependency
  160. National shortage for Adderall?
  161. ADHD and not so nice pharmacists
  162. vyvasyin i needto know if it shows up on a urine test and how long?
  163. Anyone with ADD and Social anxiety?
  164. I think I have adult ADD - help!
  165. Should I up my Concerta dose?
  166. Working memory and school performance
  167. Concerta or hormones cause Depression?
  168. ADD Diagnose- who to go to?
  169. Add, adhd,?
  170. I have no clue what's going on
  171. ADHD and Vitamin B
  172. Would meds help my adhd son's behavior apart from obvious adhd symptoms?
  173. Adderall XR and chantix/ zyban
  174. Not trying to self-diagnose, but...
  175. ADD? Depression? Anxiety? Stress? repeat
  176. Cost of generic adderall
  177. Problems at school for my 7yr old
  178. really dry mouth from adderal...?
  179. ADHD child lying/motivation
  180. Adderall with xanex
  181. has anyone experienced this...
  182. Am I suffering ritalin tolerance?
  183. I need a hug!
  184. does add/adhd overlap with bipolar?
  185. Vynase and weight gain or loss
  186. summer camps for adhd?
  187. Going to get tested for ADD soon, some questions.
  188. Brand new to Adderall with question
  189. Does your child take Metadate before or after Breakfast?
  190. Sluggish Cignitive Tempo
  191. Concerta to Adderall?
  192. ADD stimulant VS non stimulant
  193. A Little Freaked Out About Side Effects - Advice Needed!
  194. Adderall 5mg and irregular heartbeat
  195. Girlfriend with bipolar help please
  196. Which meds will work for me?
  197. Trying to cope w/my husband's ADHD
  198. Alert to all/this could change your well being--please read
  199. Feel like I just never get anything done at work
  200. Adhd
  201. Adult add
  202. 2 many misdiagnosed... what now?
  203. adderall XR questions
  204. Can adults have ADD without the H part?
  205. Is it more than just ADHD
  206. My son's story
  207. ADD and ADHD
  208. Need help finding Dr who treats Adhd In Mckinney with Adderal
  209. dont know where to begin....
  210. ADHD meds - FAA Private Pilot
  211. Do I have ADHD?
  212. Effects of Quitting Smoking on ADHD?
  213. Custody arrangement
  214. Combined type ADHD for 13 year old son
  215. Yawning and shortness of breath on adderalL
  216. 43 year old recently dx with ADHD & depression
  217. My five year old grand daughter is a very angry child
  218. Adderall + epinephrine + dopamine + endorphin. VERY STRESSFUL SITUATION. HELP?
  219. Dealing with ADD, wondering if other ailments cause/exacerbate it
  220. I'm so confused need serious help
  221. add question
  222. Adderall and sex
  223. "Could this med mix be counter-productive?"
  224. Do my symptoms fit ADHD?
  225. New.............would like some advice pls
  226. Hello Everyone
  227. May I get some help.
  228. Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?
  229. If you need any help with your ADHD/ADD
  230. Over-focused / Obsessive on Adderall
  231. Add concerns
  232. how to deal with the wear off?
  233. not diagnosed yet but having major issues!!!!
  234. I'm confused.
  235. Natural Meds for kids with ADD?
  236. Could I possibly have ADD/ADHD?
  237. What is meant by hyperactive?
  238. Anxiety Shivers vs Seizures
  239. Any ADHD Meds that DO NOT effect a Child's Growth Cycle?
  240. ADD and Piracetam / Nootropil
  241. Wellbutrin for ADD/ADHD?
  242. No IEP
  243. Concerta help?
  244. Information on Prescription?
  245. ADHD /ADD diagnosed in both my kids aged 13 and 8.
  246. Sad
  247. Concerta Alcohol, Help!
  248. Prescribed methylphenidate
  249. Concerta, Spots, acne???
  250. adderall

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