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  6. Adhd
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  11. Is it more than just ADHD
  12. My son's story
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  15. dont know where to begin....
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  18. Effects of Quitting Smoking on ADHD?
  19. Custody arrangement
  20. Combined type ADHD for 13 year old son
  21. Yawning and shortness of breath on adderalL
  22. 43 year old recently dx with ADHD & depression
  23. My five year old grand daughter is a very angry child
  24. Adderall + epinephrine + dopamine + endorphin. VERY STRESSFUL SITUATION. HELP?
  25. Dealing with ADD, wondering if other ailments cause/exacerbate it
  26. I'm so confused need serious help
  27. add question
  28. Adderall and sex
  29. "Could this med mix be counter-productive?"
  30. Do my symptoms fit ADHD?
  31. New.............would like some advice pls
  32. Hello Everyone
  33. May I get some help.
  34. Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?
  35. If you need any help with your ADHD/ADD
  36. Over-focused / Obsessive on Adderall
  37. Add concerns
  38. how to deal with the wear off?
  39. not diagnosed yet but having major issues!!!!
  40. I'm confused.
  41. Natural Meds for kids with ADD?
  42. Could I possibly have ADD/ADHD?
  43. What is meant by hyperactive?
  44. Anxiety Shivers vs Seizures
  45. Any ADHD Meds that DO NOT effect a Child's Growth Cycle?
  46. ADD and Piracetam / Nootropil
  47. Wellbutrin for ADD/ADHD?
  48. No IEP
  49. Concerta help?
  50. Information on Prescription?
  51. ADHD /ADD diagnosed in both my kids aged 13 and 8.
  52. Sad
  53. Concerta Alcohol, Help!
  54. Prescribed methylphenidate
  55. Concerta, Spots, acne???
  56. adderall
  57. Concerta crash issues, help would be appreciated :-)
  58. Re: Emdr or caer for adhd
  59. Adhd and adderall 10mgs please read
  60. I would NEVER put MY child on ADD meds!
  61. Centronuclear Myopathy.
  62. can ADD be blamed for it all
  63. From Concerta to Adderall-Feedback please
  64. Add and social anxiexty
  65. Wrongly diagnosed??????
  66. A.d.d
  67. Question about Stimulants
  68. Psychiatrists near St. Louis?
  69. I am 47 and a month ago declared with ADD HELP
  70. morning wakeup / kickstart
  71. why does nuvigil make me sleepy
  72. Impassive ADHD diagnosis and questions
  73. Wellbutrin making me tired
  74. Adderall dosage and use.
  75. ADD and pain meds
  76. Adderall not working!
  77. Need information please.
  78. ADHD meds 6 months and nothing is working yet!
  79. Losing my sanity-please help
  80. nervous about ritalin and drug testing
  81. Adult ADD
  82. Please help or let me know if someone else has this same issue concerning adult ADD!
  83. Ritalin effects/side effects
  84. hey
  85. Huh??
  86. Dosage of Adderall XR
  87. How long does it take?
  88. Would Like To Hear How You Self-Medicated If So and If Anything Helped?
  89. Just diagnosed with melanoma
  90. Just Tested for ADD: wondering why it takes two weeks
  91. Attention problem while reading
  92. P.S. Another Question, please.
  93. New Dr. Spec in ADD
  94. Adderall / Adderall XR
  95. 9 year old with ADD type 1- inattentive type- Meds?
  96. Need Some Expert Help With ADD MEDS
  97. Experiences with Vyvanse
  98. From Vyvance to Ritalin XR??????
  99. Need to find New Physc in Dallas Area
  100. 20mg x1 a day zaps my energy
  101. Adderall Effects -- BP, Pulse, Dry Skin
  102. New to ADHD and Med (Adult on Intuniv?). My story and questions
  103. adderall and being tired.
  104. adderall
  105. Vyvanse and the opposite?
  106. HELP!Seeking advice, support and answers
  107. what is it
  108. Vyvance Hear Palpitations
  109. newly diagnosed, medication doesn't work
  110. I Need Help.
  111. no escaping my ADD
  112. ADHD is a mental illness
  113. im adhd and taking medication
  114. Strattera
  115. ADHD Meds effect on growth
  116. teen daughter newly diagnosed with ADD
  117. 504/IEP
  118. Comprehensive evaluation/assessment of learning challenges
  119. Physical/Mental Tolerance?
  120. sexual side effects
  121. I'm new here & need advice on adhd son
  122. Adult taking ADHD Medication and have a ? PLEASE
  123. Can Medication help me?
  124. Last question b-for I go to a therapist....:)
  125. I need help
  126. ADD and math impairments
  127. The Adderall shortage: What are you folks doing?
  128. Downsides?
  129. Adderall prescription & Bi-polar?
  130. coping with pain
  131. Can ADHD Medications cause?
  132. I'm New does anyone know
  133. Concerta Question
  134. adult diagnosis for inattentive ADD
  135. Adderall is hell for him any other suggestions? Vyvance?
  136. concerta how long to take effect
  137. Inattention ADHD
  138. Wellbutrin XL
  139. When to get evaluated...
  140. 7 year old ADD-Homework time a nightmare
  141. Returning to meds
  142. 7 year old with ADD
  143. Foods for ADHD
  144. Vyvanse is wearing off too soon - Advice?
  145. OMG, I did not even think to ask........?
  146. Going back on adderall soon
  147. greanbean
  148. miss
  149. Adhd possibly, with behaviors
  150. Is it working?
  151. What is the process of getting diagnosed with ADD?
  152. HELP!!! Need to stop adderall and having problems
  153. 8 yr old dx with mood disorder, rx Abilify questions:
  154. Taking days off adderall???
  155. Effexor Withdrawals/Adderall XR
  156. NYC Doctor for ADHD/Study/Time Habits?
  157. Anyone have this side effect with Vyvanse?
  158. Milder than Adderall?
  159. Holy Crud! Concerta!
  160. Side effects of ritalin and adderall
  161. Vyvanse Question
  162. If you don't want to "medicate" your child....
  163. weightloss on adderall?
  164. Possible to test nerotransmitters?
  165. Generic Adderall made by Corepharma
  166. New to Forum - questions
  167. HELP!!! Adderall dosage not working!!
  168. Vyvanse?
  169. moved states currently out of addy need advice
  170. Stupid question........but I must ask.
  171. Adderall and Smoking????
  172. need guidance, no end in sight
  173. Adderall and Losing Weight
  174. Does Anyone Else Have A Spouse With These Behaviors?
  175. ADHD and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  176. Add or adhd?
  177. Amphetamines and the "pleasure center"
  178. Not to sound harsh.........pls. help
  179. Any research being done on adderall and vasoconstriction?
  180. What is ............
  181. Why do meds work for 3-4 days then cause anxiety??
  182. When is too much Adderall too much?
  183. Has anybody woman or man...had.......
  184. Concerta Influencing Mood?
  185. ADHD education of critical importance
  186. About the WAIS-IV
  187. Is ADD a problem for job opportunities?
  188. My son and I may have ADD
  189. What do non ADHD people feel like?
  190. Focalin makes me sleepy and tired..
  191. Adderall/breathing
  192. ADD and Cyber Cheating??? HELP
  193. Is there a ADHD for adults.......that....
  194. Clonidine vs Guanfacine
  195. Vyvanse 30mgs.........I am new at this!
  196. "SERIOUS" Ritalin side effects
  197. Can you take two medications?
  198. What is a start out dosage of
  199. Can you take?
  200. Why can't I find the right medication!?
  201. ADD/ADHD and other conditions
  202. I think I have adhd as an adult?!
  203. Adderall is making me drink, and I don't like it...
  204. adhd and confused...
  205. Parents don't think it is ADD
  206. Feingold?
  207. how can someone counteract the effects of ritalin given to them as a child?
  208. Ampheta-restore. Anyone tried it?
  209. switched from adderall to vyvanse - WORSE side effects?
  210. Generic Vyvanse.
  211. Child with ADHD, lost unfilled prescription
  212. Wellbutrin and Adderall
  213. eleni
  214. Question Re: Adderall (Adult content only)
  215. Really frustrated with Adderall!
  216. please help with some suggestions/experiences
  217. asberger
  218. Adderall and the Army Reserve
  219. adhd
  220. i have adhd and I have an anger control problem!
  221. Dropping Ritalin because of mental health issues :-(
  222. Less volitile than Adderall?
  223. Adhd:,,,,,,?
  224. Chances of getting Adderall?
  225. Another Round of Adderall Questions, help?
  226. can someone give me advice PLEASE
  227. I don't know what to do anymore.............
  228. Are these signs of ADD, or not?
  229. 5mg makes me sick but 10mg is fine
  230. First couple of days on Adderall, no effect
  231. Mornings..
  232. Doctors in Okc who prescribe
  233. Randol
  234. Adderall and tingling, other strange side-effects
  235. Concerta vs Anxiety
  236. Bubbly feeling on chest/heart - breath taken away
  237. Adderall Crash
  238. Compare these pills
  239. Need information on ADD meds.
  240. Really need an SSRI. But which one? Please help.
  241. what to do next??
  242. Diagnosed with ADD today. Generic Adderall question
  243. Side effects from ADD meds?
  244. New here
  245. Adderall timing/dose
  246. confused on adderall
  247. Questions about Concerta
  248. Adderall making our life hell
  249. Do I expect too much?
  250. Adderall and mouth problems