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  1. Help us stop this behavior!!!!!!
  2. New to ADD. Questions about Adderall.
  3. newly diagnosed adult, need to pick med
  4. School Negligence Continues ....
  5. ADHD drugs are habit forming
  6. kids with adhd
  7. *important* forced to switch from adderall to ritalin temporarily because out of USA
  8. Husband has ADHD and I'm stressed out!
  9. Med's that might have been used in 1968?
  10. Adderall: annoying/weird come down effect
  11. Help 7 yr old on Concerta sleep
  12. New to medicine for adhd-Adderall
  13. Strattera make you vomit
  14. ADHD - IEP ... ???
  15. Anyone else experiencing bad breath with Adderall?
  16. What exactly is 'normal,' anyway?
  17. Is stress part of ADD?
  18. Newly Diagnosed
  19. New dosing making me SO tired, HELP!
  20. Huh, ADHD linked to genius?
  21. Help
  22. Conner's ADD/ADHD Test
  23. Questions about Vyvanse
  24. Best Non Stimulant for ADD
  25. Adderall didn't work.. now what?
  26. Adderall stolen doc wont help! Advice!
  27. Adhd - l-theanine, any experience
  28. Adderall & Wellbutrin together?
  29. the feeling that you get when your working on an activity or having fun or anything
  30. What meds work the best for ADHD
  31. adderall - What should I do now?
  32. Concerta side effects
  33. Adhd
  34. supplement
  35. Embarassed... is anyone else?
  36. Need to see doctor about ADD... help
  37. Just got diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall. Please help with these ?'s
  38. I just want to say........
  39. Where to turn when nothing works?
  40. cant get a hold of my doctor..
  41. Does Guanfacine cause you to gain weight or lose?
  42. OK last post on this.........Tenex??????
  43. Is there anything close to adderall......
  44. Intuniv?????????
  45. concerta b vs vyvanse
  46. Is it safe to take Lexapro and Addrell......
  47. Afraid of Adderall Tolerance.. PLEASE HELP!
  48. Please...............please.....Adderall or Concerta
  49. I need you........Concerta??????
  50. too scared to say anything
  51. adult add and meds that help
  52. red spots from adderall?
  53. Is ADHD a Learning disability or mental disorder/illness?
  54. is add anything like hypomanic?
  55. coping with ADD at work
  56. Adderall Reaction
  57. Introducing myself
  58. Started Adderall, Side effects Question
  59. Bizzarre Side Effects on Ritalin
  60. Adderall worn off
  61. Wierd Side Affects on Adderall
  62. can you fill adderall prescription a day or two early
  63. Social Problems at School
  64. opinion wanted
  65. Rx decision for 9 yr old
  66. I think i have ADD or depression...i tried adderall... :/ help?
  67. alternative treatment for 8 yr old
  68. just started dating girl with ADD, never have before, advise please
  69. Social Anxiety & ADHD?
  70. Seizure with Adderall?
  71. Need help with 8 y/o with ADHD
  72. Adderall dose and body weight
  73. My 10 year old has add and anger outbursts.
  74. Back and looking for more advice!
  75. Please Help
  76. Can my son take a Med called OxyElite Pro
  77. A Discovery.....
  78. Need some answers
  79. Writing Issues
  80. Have teen with extreme anger issues, new to this need advice?
  81. Intuniv and Provigil for newly diagnosed ADD
  82. My dr. just prescribed ritalin, but
  83. strattera when to take
  84. experience with child not wanting to take meds anymore???
  85. ADD or Depression ? How do you know?
  86. Moody/Irritable from stims...
  87. How long will it take adderall 20 mg to take effect in an adult?
  88. 4 yr old adderall to focalin....frustrated
  89. Low Attention span
  90. Has anyone heard of a device that objectively tests for ADHD?
  91. From Adderall to Focalin?
  92. Vyvanse problems - ???
  93. Possible ADD/ADHD subtype?
  94. Son was just diagnosed, I'm scared...
  95. questions regarding son's possible add
  96. hi
  97. adderall
  98. Suggestions for coping in school?
  99. How to be sure ADD was the right diagnosis?
  100. ADD vs. ADHD
  101. concerta side effect
  102. Adderall swelling?
  103. I think I got generic adderallXR but the pharmacist says its not
  104. Avoiding food allergies
  105. Anyone with ADD or ADHD please read!
  106. im not sure if i have add or adhd
  107. Attention or immaturity
  108. my son
  109. Questions about Vyvanse
  110. Ginkgo Biloba
  111. Lunesta anyone?
  112. please help!!!
  113. foods with vyvanse
  114. interaction with stimulative ADD drugs
  115. NewBee
  116. Vyvanse and afternoon lows
  117. Vyvanse side effects?
  118. ADHD and doctor discrimination
  119. Do I have adult ADD?
  120. how do you know when your adderall is wearing off
  121. Help! Allergic reaction to ADHD medications
  122. Wellbutrin at night?
  123. Happy with Vyvanse
  124. Will Adderall help?
  125. What was your ADD child like as a baby/toddler?
  126. Which company makes concerta for ADHD
  127. Concerta...ADHD...
  128. Timing of Adderal XR dosage?
  129. vacation???
  130. Medicate or continue w/ psychotherapy
  131. My doctor refuses to take me off Ritalin!!
  132. May have ADD, need help.
  133. Adhd
  134. Telling Your Boss You Have ADHD or Not
  135. Intuniv experience - anyone?
  136. Adderall and undesired weight loss
  137. adderall withdrawal
  138. Need to tell boyfriend...
  139. aderall high dosed not working
  140. adhd
  141. A.d.h.d
  142. Profound sense of well-being after breathing exercise.
  143. What is wrong with me?
  144. Does my son have ADD or ADHD??
  145. female ADD
  146. Getting serious about managing ADD
  147. Question about meds and anxiety
  148. ritalin
  149. add-adhd
  150. I believe I have attention deficit disorder
  151. 16 year old boy that does not turn in homework
  152. Strattera causing depression
  153. Is this Adult ADD?
  154. medicine attend by vaxa
  155. Bad back problems & ADDERAL
  156. Depression, ADD or OCD?
  157. I talk to myself! Help! Its embarrassing and ruining my life!
  158. stimulate vs non stimulate
  159. What vitamins shoud I take with adderall IR to increase effect.
  160. Can too high a dose of Adderall make concentration worse?
  161. adhd and yawning
  162. Amphetamine Salts and gastro conditions
  163. Vyvanse Side Effects
  164. Could this be Adult ADD?
  165. Is it adult add?????.
  166. how much concerta should an eight year old take?
  167. Do i have a.d.d.???
  168. Dropped Strattera, started Concerta
  169. Adderall and Alcohol?
  170. How long does it take concerta to take effect for ADD?
  171. Always Hot On Adderall XR?
  172. Generic Ritalin
  173. Alternative for ADD treatment; Krill oil
  174. Adderall and side pain
  175. Adderall Tolerance question
  176. Multi task
  177. Angry when interrupted.
  178. Blinking Lights and Ticking Clocks
  179. How adderall affects those with ADHD and those that don't
  180. Strattera and tics??
  181. Help need advice
  182. I need some help with ADD medication.
  183. AD/HD Paradoxical Effect
  184. Meds...
  185. adderall xr dosage for 175 lbs
  186. concerta
  187. Son 16 - Dr. will not listen!
  188. search for adderall
  189. possible learning disability or just ADHD?
  190. Can ADD & Depersonalization
  191. New to thread and using Focalin XR
  192. exp with Meds everyday vs only when needed
  193. Friend has ADD>......
  194. Adderall and Topamax
  195. Adderall and Risperdal
  196. Tired and confused over mixture of medications
  197. Advice Needed
  198. focalin xr vs adderall xr
  199. how long does ritalin take to work
  200. How DO I Know if ADD Meds Are Working
  201. Choline & Inositol for ADD (the Jose Conseco effect?)
  202. Newly Diagnosed and Have Questions
  203. I hate/love Adderall
  204. Just ADHD?
  205. Need to increase Rx Dose?
  206. son on adderall
  207. What Causes ADHD?
  208. ADD Mixed with Depression?
  209. Unsure of ADD
  210. Is it Adult ADD
  211. Am I going crazy????
  212. Adderall's effect on hormones
  213. I believe I have ADD (Yes another Do I thread)
  214. A little about me
  215. Buspirone with Adderall?
  216. Adderall XR - How long in your system?
  217. My ADHD type
  218. neurotransmitters
  219. Adding rapid release adderall to vyvanse
  220. Rebound with Aderall
  221. maximum adderall dose for adults with high tolerance
  222. Concerta and Birth Control affects???
  223. concerta withdrawals
  224. adderall mixed with celexa
  225. adderall
  226. add & tics
  227. LiquAdd New oral Dextroamphetamine sulfate drug
  228. Adderall IR vs Dexadrine
  229. Not sure where i should post this
  230. Mixing Adderall and Ritalin
  231. Undiagnosed ADD
  232. I started Adderall recently.
  233. Adderall helps with mood, not so much concentration..
  234. Ritalin
  235. Concerta users- anyone crash in late afternoon and still hungover the next day?
  236. Bad reaction to Adderall
  237. A.D.H.D boys
  238. how do you ask for adderall doses to be increased?
  239. Is the adderall giving me acne?!
  240. So, sleep anyone?
  241. Normal symptoms or time to seek medical attention?
  242. I often find myself repeating things to people that I have already told them
  243. Vyvanse wearing off too quickly...?
  244. How helpful are Student Health Facilities for getting evaluated for ADD?
  245. The More Obscure Symptoms Of ADD
  246. ADHD and eating disorders
  247. Newly diagnosed w/ A.D.D.
  248. ?: Pyschologist must refer me psychiatrist for ADD Evaluation?
  249. New to Site...Newly Diagnosed, ADD
  250. Depression crash

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