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  1. Friend has ADD>......
  2. Adderall and Topamax
  3. Adderall and Risperdal
  4. Tired and confused over mixture of medications
  5. Advice Needed
  6. focalin xr vs adderall xr
  7. how long does ritalin take to work
  8. How DO I Know if ADD Meds Are Working
  9. Choline & Inositol for ADD (the Jose Conseco effect?)
  10. Newly Diagnosed and Have Questions
  11. I hate/love Adderall
  12. Just ADHD?
  13. Need to increase Rx Dose?
  14. son on adderall
  15. What Causes ADHD?
  16. ADD Mixed with Depression?
  17. Unsure of ADD
  18. Is it Adult ADD
  19. Am I going crazy????
  20. Adderall's effect on hormones
  21. I believe I have ADD (Yes another Do I thread)
  22. A little about me
  23. Buspirone with Adderall?
  24. Adderall XR - How long in your system?
  25. My ADHD type
  26. neurotransmitters
  27. Adding rapid release adderall to vyvanse
  28. Rebound with Aderall
  29. maximum adderall dose for adults with high tolerance
  30. Concerta and Birth Control affects???
  31. concerta withdrawals
  32. adderall mixed with celexa
  33. adderall
  34. add & tics
  35. LiquAdd New oral Dextroamphetamine sulfate drug
  36. Adderall IR vs Dexadrine
  37. Not sure where i should post this
  38. Mixing Adderall and Ritalin
  39. Undiagnosed ADD
  40. I started Adderall recently.
  41. Adderall helps with mood, not so much concentration..
  42. Ritalin
  43. Concerta users- anyone crash in late afternoon and still hungover the next day?
  44. Bad reaction to Adderall
  45. A.D.H.D boys
  46. how do you ask for adderall doses to be increased?
  47. Is the adderall giving me acne?!
  48. So, sleep anyone?
  49. Normal symptoms or time to seek medical attention?
  50. I often find myself repeating things to people that I have already told them
  51. Vyvanse wearing off too quickly...?
  52. How helpful are Student Health Facilities for getting evaluated for ADD?
  53. The More Obscure Symptoms Of ADD
  54. ADHD and eating disorders
  55. Newly diagnosed w/ A.D.D.
  56. ?: Pyschologist must refer me psychiatrist for ADD Evaluation?
  57. New to Site...Newly Diagnosed, ADD
  58. Depression crash
  59. Starting Concerta tomorrow, have some ????
  60. Think husband has ADHD. what do you think?
  61. It's time, but what about doctors?
  62. Adderall makes me happy..that's a"bad" thing?
  63. Vyvanse
  64. Trying to set up a structure -- hahahaha
  65. what if you think the dosage for concerta is too high
  66. adderall and a teenager with add
  67. Arrrg, not enough stress!
  68. Almost certain I have ADD, whats next??
  69. Magnets for ADHD
  70. Stratera not working, adderall?
  71. Zyrtec side effects mimic ADHD
  72. Please advise me about to medicate or not my little girl
  73. Concerta causing Tics in 9 year old
  74. Obsessive thinking and ADD?
  75. How do you get diagnosed with ADD?
  76. Concerned with drugs/Concerta...?
  77. Immortal Qi ??? (anyone know about this)
  78. Psychiatrist says I have ADD...
  79. adderall xr dosage
  80. Boosting vyvanse with adderall xr or fast acting adderall
  81. Omega 3 Fish Oils and attention Deficit
  82. meds that don't go with fish oil 1000MG
  83. will son on vyvanse test positive for meth
  84. add
  85. medication for my 9 year old daughter
  86. Ritilan and side effects..Normal?
  87. are there any prostate side effects when taking adderral and drinking
  88. Which med improves the ODD part of ADHD
  89. Strattera and urinary problems?
  90. Adderall and coughing "tic"... frustrated!
  91. adderall xr
  92. what can i do to help my 22 yr old with add
  93. What happens when you take Adderall....
  94. Women on Concerta for ADD? What is a typical dose?
  95. Need Help With Medication Options
  96. What does it mean if the meds stop the mood swings?
  97. first week on meds-comments appreciated
  98. new ADHDer and Vyvance patient
  99. doctor to treat adult add
  100. Behavior modification?
  101. how do i go about checking for adhd in my 4 year old
  102. Is there chat on dating with ADD/ADHD?
  103. today...
  104. where is adderall available
  105. Effexor and Vyvanse
  106. ADHD meds and addiction
  107. do you get sleepy taking adderall
  108. Adderall....still nowhere
  109. Tyrosine and B6/VitC supplementing
  110. Is this right??
  111. Heard when ADHD gets treated You become more Boring
  112. How to get prescribed adderall
  113. Vyvanse
  114. Is being a poor sleeper related to my ADHD?
  115. Is anyone on adderall and an anti-depressant
  116. how much fish oil should an eleven year old get
  117. how long does vyvance stay in your system
  118. how can I wean off adderall 25
  119. Is not being able to carry a conversation apart of AD/HD?
  120. New to Ritalin Do I really have ADD
  121. i have ADHD and i think my 5yr old does too
  122. new here Adderall questions
  123. how to tell a doc that you have ADHD
  124. (ADD?) Interfearing alot with my life... Help please
  125. Adderal for Depression?
  126. T.o.v.a.?
  127. concerta 4th day
  128. Obsessive habits
  129. Going crazy with 7yr old
  130. Concerta Update
  131. Hopefully better practitioner?
  132. how do you know when you need adderall?
  133. Is this an Adderral Board?
  134. While waiting
  135. problem in oklahoma
  136. Would like some suggestions
  137. Motor Tics and ADD
  138. how do i know if i am experiencing adderall withdrawal
  139. Frustrated!
  140. In need of a response..anything would be helpful!!
  141. My 13 year old cannot fall asleep
  142. WHOOPS! Didn't mean to take a second Focalin XR
  143. Conerta and Zoloft?
  144. if adderall is making me tired should i up the dose
  145. mental condition
  146. Concerta and wellbutrin combination.?? New to this..
  147. how to know if i am inattentive
  148. Follow up
  149. question for anyone w/ ADD and bipolar
  150. Am I suffering with ADD?
  151. ritalin dosage for adults
  152. does celexa interfere with adderall effectiveness
  153. adderall anxiety
  154. comming out of the fog! need advice
  155. Adderall XR 30mg question
  156. fish oil + how many mgs?
  157. His first dose of concerta
  158. doctors that prescribe Adderall
  159. Concerta and heart problems
  160. Just put on Ritalin LA 20mgs
  161. Out of curiosity
  162. is video game bad for his health?
  163. Introducing Concerta to a child???
  164. Why is NOTHING working for me?
  165. Is hypersensitivity to meds common for people with ADHD ?
  166. Worried about my 5 year old daughter
  167. Failing Grades.
  168. how can i tell
  169. Tips & Tricks Needed to Cope
  170. Teacher just called... help
  171. Help with Adderall XR, really need advice
  172. 2 year old boy
  173. adderall
  174. adderall needed for my adult Adhd and I do not have health insurance coverage
  175. not sure??
  176. What Kind of Doctor Tests for Add
  177. Add
  178. 12 y.o. son, ADHD, failing school, HELP!!!!
  179. to get vyvanse out of your system
  180. how much is disability for adhd
  181. Provigil
  182. Introduction of me, Mark
  183. What Happens if I run out ?
  184. how do i tell my doctor what i'm feeling
  185. Dextrostat
  186. Just started Vyvanse. Need guidance.
  187. Help!..just came off dex tabs to Adderall X...didnt get period yet and the weight??
  188. Question on Meds
  189. Any doctor in New Jersey prescribe adderall
  190. 24 years old going on dexedrine
  191. add insurance
  192. does strattera cause eyes to stick together
  193. how many mg of fish oil a day
  194. Is the tendency to repeat things a sign of ADD?
  195. Concerta XL when treating ADD where 'Hyper' not present
  196. Adderall: heart palpitations and insomnia
  197. how to get prescribed to adderall
  198. how safe is concerta
  199. Need Help Understanding Vyvanse
  200. Does my teenage son, just turned eighteen suffer from add
  201. My 7 year old diagnosed with ADD-no meds
  202. When I stare at something...
  203. Breakthrough
  204. so heres another one of could I possibly have it?
  205. adhd adderall immediate versus adderall xr who should take what
  206. Can you tell whether my son has ADD?
  207. Should I get tested for ADHD?
  208. Advice on Adderall XR!!!!
  209. I think I may have add.
  210. Thinking of Doctor Visit
  211. Adderall XR depression help
  212. Adderall
  213. what do i say when I want adderall?
  214. Newly DX and have med ???
  215. vyvance and straterra
  216. Talking to doctor about ADHD
  217. Can you tell me if I have ADD?
  218. vyvanse
  219. Does this sound ADDish?
  220. Possible ADD symptoms?
  221. Shakey Hands When Not Taking Adderall
  222. Generic Ritalin
  223. If I were a pagan girl, Adderall would be my God!
  224. Concerta no longer working?
  225. doctors in Dallas, TX who prescribe adderall
  226. alternatives to meds
  227. Adult ADD study help
  228. help! the meds I am taking is helping with mood and confidence, but not with thinking
  229. Can't tell if it is working..advice please
  230. Adderall Problems
  231. Is it just me, or is it the ADD??
  232. Find doctor to prescribe adderall in nj
  233. Asking a question?
  234. Help-- Do i have ADD? :confused:
  235. What the heck is focalin?!!
  236. what to say to a doctor to get adderall
  237. Need advice please for ADD
  238. looking for friends
  239. My daughter is having major memory problems on Concerta
  240. Started taking adderall yesterday... sleeping a lot
  241. Ok so I am done with Concerta
  242. trazodone and adderall
  243. Stimulants aren't doing anything.. is it the wellbutrin?
  244. vyvanse
  245. Irritable During Break From Adderall
  246. Ritlian
  247. So far I am REALLY disappointed
  248. Is this normal?
  249. is Adderall available in the UK?
  250. Prescibed Concerta