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  1. Find doctor to prescribe adderall in nj
  2. Asking a question?
  3. Help-- Do i have ADD? :confused:
  4. What the heck is focalin?!!
  5. what to say to a doctor to get adderall
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  7. looking for friends
  8. My daughter is having major memory problems on Concerta
  9. Started taking adderall yesterday... sleeping a lot
  10. Ok so I am done with Concerta
  11. trazodone and adderall
  12. Stimulants aren't doing anything.. is it the wellbutrin?
  13. vyvanse
  14. Irritable During Break From Adderall
  15. Ritlian
  16. So far I am REALLY disappointed
  17. Is this normal?
  18. is Adderall available in the UK?
  19. Prescibed Concerta
  20. Daughter and ADD meds. question
  21. Adhd
  22. Diagnosed ADHD and Ritalin
  23. taking ritilan have lots of anxieity please help!!
  24. Taking adderall for 2 months, then switched to concerta.
  25. ADD ADHD attention disorders
  26. Am I hurting my son
  27. What is too much adderall
  28. has anyone suffererd with more tic's since taking concerta??
  29. Dex Tablets VS. Spans
  30. How do I know when I'm taking the right dosage for me?
  31. How do I know if I have ADD?
  32. Adderall XR wears off after 2 days- help please!
  33. 10 year old and Vyvanse
  34. is ADD and ADHD the same ??
  35. New to this site. Diagnosed ADD.
  36. seeking help for a friend
  37. Urgh. Could this be ADHD? Please read.
  38. what is the diet for ADD
  39. how long does vyvanse stay in system
  40. Newbie feels at home here!
  41. Do I have A.D.D?
  42. does metadate cause bed wetting?
  43. what kinda bipolar medicine can i take with adderall
  44. Anyone have this side effect?
  45. how many hours does strattera last
  46. Possible ADD, probable OCD, definite tics...help?
  47. help with concerta
  48. Coconut Oil for ADD??
  49. Concerta and my son
  50. ADHD/Adderall question
  51. 29 Postive aspects of Adhd
  52. Any Insights on Delis-Kaplan Results & ADD Diagnosis?
  53. What is ADD medicine suppose to do?
  54. My 21 year old son still lies
  55. Concerta or any other ADD medicine you take make you want to smoke?
  56. Has anyone tried Neurofeedback or any kind of cognitive therapy to help ADD?
  57. how long does the ADD medicine VyVanse stay in your system?
  58. Adderall XR - Need some serious advice please.
  59. question about adderall
  60. Are there any adults here?
  61. evaluation this week-whats your thoughts??-long
  62. Where are my regulars?
  63. ? about Strattera
  64. Struggling to read and write
  65. New Step-mom questions
  66. problem with adhd
  67. Questions about Metadate CD
  68. Dosing Dexies Daily! Long-Term! I Dont Think This Is Good!
  69. Just prescribed Adderall, and have questions...
  70. Focalin & Abilify Questions????
  71. how long does vyvanse stay in the system
  72. how many mg of fish oil should my 11 year old with ADHD be taking a day?
  73. Long term side-effects
  74. ADD vs. being lazy
  75. Adderall Xr And Prozac Thinking About Wellbutrin
  76. ADD or ADHD - Have teen with extreme anger issues, new to this need advice?
  77. meds only help so much...
  78. does wellbutrin help concentration
  79. antidepressants for ADD
  80. Focus Factor for ADD?
  81. Wellbutrin XL vs. SR - time to kick in?
  82. Adhd Teen Trouble
  83. Adderall XR and Blood Pressure Meds
  84. relationship with add and ocd person
  85. Cylert--Still on the market??
  86. Strattera "issues"....
  87. Circadian Medicine and ADD
  88. Add
  89. right dosage of adderall
  90. Think my fiance has ADD
  91. Do I have ADHD?
  92. Anyone have any experience with the Hallowell Center in Boston?
  93. I think I may have adult ADD
  94. adhs
  95. Placebo effect
  96. What is wrong with me?
  97. Dexedrine
  98. Book List -- How to Organize an ADDer's Life
  99. Premature aging?!
  100. Concerta for ADD
  101. ADD/ADHD in Adults
  102. Best book to read???
  103. What kind of doctor to see about a diagnosis
  104. From elation to frustration...the fog was lifting then medication stopped working....
  105. I got it
  106. Adderall refills with the doctor
  107. think i have ADD
  108. ADD and SAD
  109. College students with ADD-good idea to work?
  110. Went to the doctors for the first time and.....
  111. ADD meds that don't affect appetite?
  112. Anyoe on these med NOT experienced skin problems?!
  113. just started vyvanse,
  114. Want taper off adderall
  115. dosage of my adderall
  116. Adderall and my 5 year old son
  117. how long does dexedrine stay in your system
  118. overfocused attention deficit disorder
  119. medication
  120. Recently diagnosed with Depression and ADD
  121. Does this sound like ADD or ??
  122. just started concerta and feeling really anxious.... normal???
  123. Side effects of Strattera--do they go away?
  124. Odd depression thing, or what?
  125. If Ritalin makes you tired....
  126. One year on Adderall and things are going very well...but I have a question.
  127. How do you know if Concerta works in the begining. No appettide loss either.
  128. I'm 16 and just been diagnosed with AD/HD inattentive type and Pschotic Depression
  129. depression causing adhd symptoms!!??
  130. Is it possible my 5yr old has ADHD???
  131. hi hi
  132. Help with a new doctor
  133. Can't take my Adderal???
  134. alternatives to drugs
  135. Adderall........
  136. how do you deal when the medicine doesn't seem to work
  137. Say a Prayer...........
  138. Confused. Am I ADD?
  139. Zoloft.........Please..........
  140. i think i am add too
  141. Doldrums
  142. Advice for ADD?
  143. Do I have ADD?
  144. ADD or OCD or both?
  145. Need a doctor in central florida
  146. Is the Effexor XR .......
  147. Mixing Meds to help sleeplessness/other side effects questions
  148. Strattera disappointment, am I weird?
  149. Good News if You choose to believe
  150. Am I over medicated? Worried...........?
  151. A better day?
  152. anyone have high blood pressure and adhd?
  153. just doesn't seem to be getting any better!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. Adderall Withdrawal.
  155. adderall and no appetite?
  156. Extreme anger blood sugar reactions?
  157. Questions about ADHD
  158. Getting weird
  159. Which one, crying as we speak..........:(
  160. Not sure what's wrong...
  161. Effexor and Adderall?
  162. ADD- related to OCD
  163. Which is making grouchy??????
  164. Do you have a tic?
  165. A day off
  166. how much is too much adderall
  167. Concerta and myself
  168. A healthy diet?
  169. Controlling it without medication
  170. Can Add get worse over time? If so, what causes it?
  171. ADHD and Depression
  172. My best my ADHD description
  173. What medicine do you guys take for your ADD?
  174. doctor in Dallas tx who prescribe adderall
  175. md who prescribe adderall
  176. what does ring of fire ADD feel like ?
  177. Weight loss side effect question...
  178. strattara how long does it take to work properly
  179. Severe Annoyance? HELP please!
  180. any advice on a balance
  181. Adderall, more?
  182. coming off 5 yrs of meds..what was your reaction?
  183. Focalin
  184. Just some interesting info I found
  185. strattara
  186. Few question on what to expect at the doctors
  187. Need help adjusting to no ritalin
  188. Adderall, no more.
  189. Adderall withdraws...help!
  190. How to tell the difference from depression/anxiety?(long)
  191. Can Adderall.......
  192. HELP! just started on ritalin and need some advice
  193. I am very confused
  194. Is it ADHD, AS, or an immature 5 y/0 boy????
  195. How long until Vyvanse (ADHD Medicine) does NOT Show Up On A URINE Drug Test?
  196. ADD jobs
  197. Driving my boyfriend crazy
  198. Interesting . . .
  199. My symptoms
  200. 32 yo female first day on concerta!
  201. son has epilepsy and adhd any advice on combined treatments
  202. Is it the Effexor or Adderall?
  203. My son has ADHD and he is 11
  204. Please, I need help ..............NOW.......Adderall?
  205. 9 year old daughter newly diagnosed combined type adhd
  206. Anybody have trouble ..........
  207. Frustrated
  208. my predicament
  209. Can working as a housekeeper cause Attention deficit disorder to worsen?
  210. problems with "seeing" the world around you
  211. What age did you begin to taper off meds?
  212. Signs of too much or too little meds....
  213. Why are people saying such bad things about adderall?
  214. adult add medication
  215. Adderall causing fatigue
  216. He Did It!!!
  217. daytrana
  218. I need help with medication dependence
  219. when does metadate wear off
  220. newbie on the block
  221. Think I'm add but afraid to ask...and does it get worse with monthly?
  222. Pediatrician?
  223. my son has adhd
  224. Who does ADD testing?
  225. vyanese dosage
  226. Nervous to talk to new doctor about ADD
  227. Might I possibly have ADD?
  228. How has ADD effected your personal or professional life?
  229. Help With Adult Add
  230. Help for my son
  231. Please help with ADHD goal planning
  232. Do i have ADD??
  233. What a difference a day makes?
  234. What do you think?
  235. New drug experiment
  236. Question about refills?
  237. Maybe a weird point of view
  238. artist with ADD
  239. New Here and Questions
  240. Ritalin vs Adderall
  241. Vyvanse
  242. ADD or just worring too much??
  243. Adult ADD
  244. Update on my son
  245. Adderall and Stomach pain?
  246. Adderall and valium?
  247. Adderrall
  248. Adderall XR.........W/ a Placebo?
  249. My Son Was Up All Night
  250. Concerta for my son...time for a dose increase?