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  1. Going back after a year off ritalin?
  2. What Is the lowest Dose of Adderall
  3. work
  4. can anybody help me please?
  5. Is the dry mouth from Adderall ever temporary?
  6. Concerned and Confused about ADHD Diagnosis
  7. Can I vent?
  8. Can anyone give advice on Strattera??
  9. Strategies I'm Trying
  10. Out of control 13 yr old
  11. Not sure what my next move is . . .
  12. Concerta for Inattentive ADD
  13. After 30+ years, I finally have a consistent grip on myself
  14. Neurofeedback
  15. Adderall addiction already?
  16. how long does vyvanse stay in your system
  17. Think I have ADD
  18. Is there a chance I might have ADD ?
  19. does anger go away with aderol
  20. For those diagnosed as adults...how did you get the dx???
  21. self-medication with adrenaline
  22. Concerta vs adderall
  23. flushing red face with ritalin or wellbutrin
  24. Do you think I should look into getting tested?
  25. Add
  26. adult add
  27. Am I crazy?
  28. So is long-term medication for ADD good or bad?
  29. Rough night last night... Could Adderall have induced hypothermia?
  30. Just prescribed provigil
  31. mosquito bite like rash
  32. Does adderall cause swelling in the prostate>?
  33. Vyvase vs. straterra?
  34. My 2 yr old newphew
  35. Frustrated and Angry . . . (way too long. :( )
  36. metadate
  37. Traveling outside of US with Adderall prescription...Is it legal to do?
  38. ADD and Omega3
  39. Metadate for and 8-year-old?
  40. add? i think so.
  41. Read out loud your text books to a digital voice recorder!
  42. my 7 yr old son has adhd and cant read, has memory problems also
  43. Adderall and Spelling mistakes...
  44. alternatives
  45. methylphenidate sa dosage question
  46. add and depression
  47. doctors prescribing adderall
  48. Parent of a 15 year old with ADD. Need advice.
  49. Just diagnosed
  50. allergic reaction
  51. adult add careers
  52. car wreck caused ADD & RX calls for Ritalin & Adderall??
  53. Children with ADHA
  54. Help! Adderall XR & high triglyceride connection
  55. A few ??? about A.D.D.
  56. dexamphetmines and sleeping!!
  57. 27 year old male with questions about newly prescribed medication. Please Help!
  58. how much does it cost to go private to get my child tested for adhd
  59. does eating while taking adderall xr lessen effects
  60. Adderall Xr And Other Stimulants, New To This...any Advice, Thank You
  61. Ritalin and anxiety attacks?
  62. Strattera and Focalin XR
  63. Tics - does Clonadine help?
  64. medicine is expensive
  65. questions about adult ADD
  66. Please help me with My 7 yr old Daughter
  67. Ridalin covered by insurance
  68. Do your ADHD kids do this too?
  69. Help With Adult Add - Success Stories Please?
  71. adults adhd/add
  72. i need advice
  73. Question for other ADD college students...
  74. my son and adderall xr.
  75. Adderall during pregnancy
  76. help for my 6 year old who is adhd-odd on adderall xr
  77. how much concerta for a 30 pound child
  78. Really bad after they wear off or I take it off
  79. what doctor to see adderall
  80. Add
  81. ADHD and tics/habits?
  82. Help
  83. OCD at a young age
  84. Spacing Out
  85. Daughter just diagnosed and started Focalin
  86. How Do I Know If My Son Has Add Or Adhd
  87. ADD & cravings/addictions.... all of them?! Help?
  88. Tests for a College Student?
  89. What is strattera?
  90. ADHA or ADA
  91. Repetitive movements.
  92. Should I get help..?
  93. What medication is good for adult ADD?
  94. Was That a Dumb Question?
  95. how long for be calmd to work?
  96. Do I Need To Taper Off Adderal?
  97. ADHD and transportation?
  98. Adult ADD, OCD-like behaviors?
  99. ritalin
  100. how togetmy child to like school
  101. Adderall XL 20mg and heart problems
  102. Adhd
  103. side effects
  104. I spoil TV programmes for everyone else!
  105. ADHD, acute depression with the worst still to come
  106. Adderall reaction - anyone else?
  107. Ritalin Patch
  108. terrible side effects on concerta
  109. does adderall come in liquid form
  110. Is there natural relief for ADD?
  111. Adderall XR Absorption
  112. how do i know if im taking to much dexamphetamine?
  113. 7yr old son newly on Concerta... need some advice !
  114. birth control and concerta?
  115. daytrana vs vyvanse vs adderral ????? comments please.
  116. Newly diagnosed - Questions about prescribed Adderall
  117. Adhd And A Childs Rights At School
  118. The grades are in...and they are pretty good!
  119. Question about the meds Im taking..
  120. Anyone else?
  121. What Not to mix with straterra
  122. How to get prescribed for adderall
  123. Concerta?
  124. strattera
  125. Weight Loss
  126. 60 year old female with ADD
  127. Does this sound like ADHD???
  128. Do I have ADHD?
  129. Economic Reality and ADHD
  130. do I have add?
  131. choline
  132. How much is too much dexedrine
  133. not sure if i have it
  134. take 'em or leave 'em?
  135. adderall, effexor with cold/flu medication
  136. What is DEXTROAMPH?
  137. Should I Be On Meds?
  138. Transient Tic Disorder
  139. Can Ritalin Cause Palpatations AFter it wears off?
  140. My little guy
  141. Help - Very frustrated with son!
  142. i miss my adderall!!!!!
  143. My boyfriend has ADD, where do we start???? please read on.
  144. benadryl and ritalin
  145. Son with ADHD and ODD
  146. Symptoms Question
  147. Have anyone had results reading "Getting Things Done"?
  148. how do you know if you need a higher dose of adderall?
  149. Strattera - Others w. Adult Male Side Effects?
  150. Question about ADD
  151. vyvanse
  152. ADHD 10 y/o daughter
  153. What's your favorite medicine?
  154. TOVA (SP?) Test for ADD
  155. my disabled son takes Ritalin
  156. husband and daughter with add
  157. Diagnosed in US, moving to UK
  158. Strattera to Adderall
  159. Frustrated and Tired...Help!!
  160. Adderall and Zoloft
  161. why would my doctor not presribe me adderall?
  162. List-making 101 for ADDers
  163. Vyvanse...1st day...BAD BAD BAD!
  165. Turretts and Concerta
  166. HELP SCARED IN ga
  167. Alternative to stimulants for ADD for my college age son
  168. Adderall and weight loss..............
  169. ADD: New finding indicates developmental delay, not disease pathology
  170. 3 year old on Strattera
  171. bizarre side effects of adderall...am i alone?
  172. Adrafinil (Olmfon) or Modafinil (Provigil) for ADD
  173. Interesting....
  174. Am I the only one who feels like English is a foreign language sometimes??
  175. When to take Strattera - morning or night
  176. cheapest place for medication
  177. 10 mg ritalin dosage not as effective as 5 mg?
  178. Negative impact of having ADD on your medical record?
  179. Adult ADD/Ritalin LA Not Working
  180. New to the board, about me
  181. Need some guidance on ADD (limbic/Inattentive)... new to topic
  182. scared of side effects of adderall
  183. Strattera
  184. Question about Ritalin
  185. brightsmiles3
  186. questions about self-medication
  187. Autistic Spectrum difficulties/ADHD?
  188. Any Adults Here Taking Strattera?
  189. Do I have ADD?
  190. Who Needs Adderall?
  191. how can I help my child with add without medcine
  192. ADD- but sick of Adderall.
  193. Misdiagnosed ADD???????????
  194. Med question....
  195. Doctor and my Adderall
  196. Need advice on this one Adderall or Ritalin??
  197. New to Adderall XR
  198. Please help - how do I ask my doc for
  199. what is the shelf life of adderall
  200. How much Fish Oil for a 12 year old with ADD
  201. Ritalin and job drug test
  202. son has ADHD
  203. Wellbutrin SR for ADD???
  204. Adderall makes it difficult to fall asleep
  205. Please help!!!!!
  206. ADD medication question
  207. Adderall & Xanax
  208. On average..
  209. I have adult ADD! yay
  210. adderall calms me down is this normal?
  211. what happens if you take allergy meds with adderall
  212. changing adhd meds
  213. Help with Focalin XR and our health insurance
  214. ADD - Conner's Scale
  215. untreated childhood ADD
  216. Need help please
  217. child behavior problems
  218. Need advice
  219. Inattentive vs Hyperactive Impairment
  220. how will i know when strattera starts working
  221. How long does 15 Mg Dexedrine stay in your system?
  222. how does concerta affect children 10 years from now?
  223. Alternative Treatment for ADHD
  224. what I am doing wrong?
  225. ADD Medication.
  226. adderall dosage
  227. Who diagnosed your childs ADD?
  228. Anyone else ADD married to ADHD?
  229. adhd symptoms?
  230. Possible Adult ADD
  231. Focalin XR
  232. Possible Adult ADD...new to ADD section
  233. do i have ADD/ADHD?
  234. pregnancy and adderall
  235. Finding a doctor in Chicago
  236. geodon
  237. New to site and Possibly Adult ADD
  238. making and keeping friends
  239. Kind of freaked out.....Muscle twitches on Adderall
  240. adhd adult and self medication
  241. Alternative homeopathic treatments
  242. 9 yr old girl with adhd help!!!
  243. Help! I'm about to be fired(long, Sorry)
  244. i need help and advice reg ritalin
  245. ADD/ODD/BP been so long since i've been here
  246. ADD meds/ making her tired
  247. Could Use Advice About a Friend!!
  248. Side Effects of Mixed Amphetamine Salts?
  249. Will Ritalin show up on a pre-employment drug test?
  250. ADD meds for non-ADD folks?