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  1. Need advice
  2. Inattentive vs Hyperactive Impairment
  3. how will i know when strattera starts working
  4. How long does 15 Mg Dexedrine stay in your system?
  5. how does concerta affect children 10 years from now?
  6. Alternative Treatment for ADHD
  7. what I am doing wrong?
  8. ADD Medication.
  9. adderall dosage
  10. Who diagnosed your childs ADD?
  11. Anyone else ADD married to ADHD?
  12. adhd symptoms?
  13. Possible Adult ADD
  14. Focalin XR
  15. Possible Adult ADD...new to ADD section
  16. do i have ADD/ADHD?
  17. pregnancy and adderall
  18. Finding a doctor in Chicago
  19. geodon
  20. New to site and Possibly Adult ADD
  21. making and keeping friends
  22. Kind of freaked out.....Muscle twitches on Adderall
  23. adhd adult and self medication
  24. Alternative homeopathic treatments
  25. 9 yr old girl with adhd help!!!
  26. Help! I'm about to be fired(long, Sorry)
  27. i need help and advice reg ritalin
  28. ADD/ODD/BP been so long since i've been here
  29. ADD meds/ making her tired
  30. Could Use Advice About a Friend!!
  31. Side Effects of Mixed Amphetamine Salts?
  32. Will Ritalin show up on a pre-employment drug test?
  33. ADD meds for non-ADD folks?
  34. add meds/upset stomach
  35. i have horrible adhd
  36. Vyanase Users
  37. Adderall XR 20mg discussion....
  38. Add Children
  39. Info for Parents
  40. Really need you guys help
  41. adults on vyvanse
  42. Totally Fed Up With My Indecisiveness
  43. Adult ADHD.. alittle embarrassed....
  44. Addprogrammer....Some News About My Daughter!!
  45. accidentally took too many meds
  46. New to the Board
  47. Do you think I have ADD?
  48. Any child have these side effects to these meds?
  49. Stimulants vs non stimulants
  50. Adderall causing bad moods??
  51. ADD meds and students
  52. Alive and Well
  53. my husband needs help.
  54. Adderall, give me back my tears!!!
  55. Adderall Question?
  56. Need some advice: Should I raise my dose of Adderall? (long)
  57. Has anyone's child been prescribed Vyvanse?
  58. Do you think I have ADD?
  59. Daytrana Patch???
  60. Stimulant meds for an ex-pat?
  61. is this what the problem is??-long
  62. Disability
  63. need help with otc meds and add
  64. What to do?
  65. Do you think I have ADD?
  66. ADD and special ed. class - experiences?
  67. Addprogrammer....
  68. So I have been taking Vyvanse for about 2 weeks..
  69. Routine or flexibility?
  70. I think Ritalin made me so depressed!
  71. Does lack of sleep cancel out Adderall effects?
  72. Methlyin problems....
  73. I really need some help..................
  74. newbie
  75. I think my sister has ADD, what should I do?
  76. Lead Paint and ADD?
  77. Tell My Daughter She's Not The Only One!!!!!
  78. Adderall's effect on ADD versus non-ADD
  79. A serious thought here on a possible alternative to drugs for ADD
  80. Lexapro + Adderall; A great combo for me!
  81. Question about Respiradal
  82. Just started Strattera and have a weird side effect, could someone please advise?
  83. Unsure Whether to Medicate for ADD When Comorbid with Bipolar
  84. Chewing Adderall XR??
  85. Strattea Adult on 18mg - Enough?
  86. help
  87. This is Our Story...
  88. ADHD Syndrome or ...
  89. Fish Oil for adult ADKD/depression
  90. Adderall Advice
  91. Teachers and your child's 'choices'
  92. Emotional lability from all meds we've tried - help!
  93. ADHD/Alderall
  94. Ritalin Withdrawal
  95. ADD, Lazy or Door#3
  96. How to tell Dr you think you have ADHD
  97. Misdiagnosis? HELP, I am going nuts!!
  98. ADHD/ODD Please help???
  99. new here, just want to share something @add w/o hyperactivity
  100. stratera = bad mood
  101. Adderall Abuse
  102. Any adults on Vyvanse?
  103. How do they test?
  104. ADHD and Red dye #40
  105. Best prescription for ADD (not ADHD)...
  106. Ritalin Addiction - Dancing with Death
  107. Doctors in DE Area
  108. Adderalll
  109. Adult ADD & Age & Adderall XR
  110. ways to help ADD without medication?
  111. Brand vs Generic
  112. What do you tell a Dr. to get them to prescribe medication for ADD?
  113. Not eating ...
  114. Question about ADD
  115. Please Help... IM At My Wits End
  116. ADHD is a Disorder
  117. Need Advice
  118. social issues?
  119. My 9 year old is on 50 mg Focalin XR
  120. My memory is gone since Adderall xr?
  121. ADD family needs advice!
  122. Please explain the various ADD meds
  123. Too much talking, cues for understanding this!
  124. Is my adderall xr working?
  125. Insights of ADD/ADHD as an adult
  126. Is this normal teenage behavior?
  127. I'm kinda nervous!!!
  128. Question about possible placebo w/ concerta?
  129. ADHD is NOT a mental Illness!
  130. Adderall XR & Weight Loss
  131. The search for Ritalin - the adventure
  132. Panic Attacks and ADD?
  133. Okay you guys, what do I do now?
  134. The diagnosis is in...sort of
  135. Can you have Add and be depressed?
  136. have anyone tried CLarocet?
  137. help what is going on with me?!
  138. Not OCD but ADD?
  139. Memory/Concentration Issues
  140. Don't put your children at risk...
  141. Adderall side effect
  142. Discussion about learning new skills
  143. Wired
  144. Adderall XR, Vitamin C and proper diet?
  145. ADHD meds/temper management
  146. Female living with an ADHD male
  147. ADD...ODD...you tell me!
  148. 3 Year old w/ADHD and Neurofeedback (LENS) Treatment
  149. Possible ADD?
  150. Remarkable supplement for ADD
  151. Not sure if I have ADD... help?
  152. Do I have ADD?
  153. Hi- New to the message board
  154. What type of doctor for ADD?
  155. Weaning from Concerta
  156. ADD and Daydreaming
  157. hello
  158. Depression or Adult ADHD?
  159. Slurring on Ritalin
  160. Question about vocal tics
  161. Concerta and Resperidal
  162. Anyone have younger children with ADHD?
  163. Worried about my testing tomorrow
  164. Cannot use ADD Meds
  165. Support wanted
  166. Maybe I have ADD
  167. concerned mom
  168. Exercising and ADHD Meds
  169. Adhd
  170. Is 3 yrs old too young to diagnose?
  171. Aricept and ADD
  172. Question about Side Effects of Adderall
  173. Ritalin vs. Adderall
  174. Lack of stimulation = Lack of Love?
  175. Adderall XR - side effects listed here.
  176. WOMEN: dexedrine & birth control!
  177. Social skills building for 9 yr old
  178. How much is too much adderall?
  179. Do you feel ashamed of having ADD?
  180. im afraid to sleep at night!
  181. ADD and Sleep Deprivation
  182. My son..Is it ADD, being an 8yr old boy or giftedness?
  183. thoughts on Omega 3
  184. Marriage and ADHD
  185. Strattera
  186. Daytrana?
  187. extended release stuff for ADD (adult)
  188. son diagnosed with "inattention" ADD, not "hyperactive"
  189. Strattera Flu
  190. What age does a child have to be to check for ADD or ADHD
  191. Looking for feed back on "Attention and Achievment Centers"
  192. Adderall Controversy
  193. ADHD and being obnoxious...
  194. What can help with my adderall????
  195. Need Information? I have a book suggestion.
  196. Addreall xr ... causes sadness?crying? New to all this, need advice
  197. Took my 1st adderal XR 2 hours ago..nothing?
  198. Do I have ADD?
  199. Adderall xr Poem.. prescription abuse
  200. Adult ADD in women
  201. Adderall Xr And Itching
  202. Focalin XR Tolerance
  203. Word retrieval and Adult ADD
  204. need help with fight against school PLEASE
  205. STRATTERA side effects
  206. Adderall and anger question?
  207. Link between Sleep Disorders and ADD and ADHD
  208. Help
  209. Adderall And Anger?
  210. Help for a troubled teen with ADHD
  211. Support Groups for children
  212. My son is going to drive me over the edge..
  213. Advice and help
  214. Does anyone taking Adderall have a Heart Condition?
  215. ADD and Credibility
  216. Can't afford Starttera what else
  217. What else could it be??!!!!
  218. Help!!!
  219. Add & Focalin Xr
  220. which kind of doctors prescribe add medications?
  221. Medicating ADD
  222. Does marijuana affect people with ADD differently?
  223. new, confused, need help anyone
  224. Totally Fed Up With My Indecisiveness
  225. adderall + anyting-- doesnt seem to work.
  226. Schools and ADD & ADHD
  227. Some things to consider with ADHD and children...
  228. Husband has ADHD please help
  229. My ADHD is worse than ever.
  230. Noticing ADD effecting my life.
  231. Adderall, Wellbutrin and Adderall dosage
  232. anyone given their child strattera?
  233. ritalin causes insomnia for my child?
  234. Has Wellbutrin worked for anyone else?
  235. what decongestants and adderall xr are they talking about?
  236. Stratera?
  237. Another "Am I ... " :P
  238. Who can help?
  239. What is STRONGER AND BETTER??- Focalin XR or Adderall XR ??
  240. ADD or not?! Desperate for advice
  241. EXTREMELY WEAK after trying different ADD Medicines and stopping, Mind is unclear,etc
  242. ?'s about college assistence & IEP for ADD son
  243. What helps me with ADD
  244. Can Concerta worsen ADD?
  245. Aricept
  246. "Controlled substance?"
  247. Off-label Prescription Drugs for ADD/ADHD
  248. Where to go??
  249. i feel like i cant help her please help
  250. Does anyone have "Ring of Fire" Type 6 ADD