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  1. New Pill-Diovan 80mg
  2. Calcium Channel Blockers make you tired?
  3. High Blood pressure, and chest pains....
  4. atenolol
  5. Atenolol, Losartan and Catapres
  6. When is it advisable to go for a stress test?
  7. Scared...
  8. How to get a low score on your stress test?
  9. BP medication and weight gain
  10. Dead tired leg & high blood pressure
  11. Anyone get to the point you were able to reduce their BP meds?
  12. readings the same with hydrochlorot?
  13. Erection Issues
  14. Hypertension and PVCs...connection?
  15. can blood pressure meds make us feel bad?
  16. Question about Avapro
  17. Tigtness and BP ?
  18. Blood pressure 150/120
  19. Do Calcium Channel Blockers lower pulse rate?
  20. Beta Blockers vs Calcium Channel Blockers and weight gain
  21. anti-anxiety meds for BP
  22. treatment options~ causes
  23. C-Pap Magic
  24. Ankles and legs swelling
  25. want to share something with you
  26. New garlic based ACE inhibitor supplement
  27. help! I'm stressing out!
  28. Obsessing over BP - Should I go on meds?
  29. Blood pressure dropping when Standing
  30. Why continue taking HBP meds?
  31. how long until you get lower bp from low sodium
  32. Effexor
  33. High Blood Pressure @ age 22.
  34. Bystolic
  35. High BP? Feeling well...
  36. Labile Blood Pressure
  37. Atacand Hct
  38. How to increase my hypotension
  39. Omron Malfunction?
  40. what is normal blood pressure for age 26 male?
  41. New with Questions
  42. baby aspirin
  43. blood pressure has gone way up in the last 4 weeks!!!
  44. Whats your favorite ACE inhibitor?
  45. BP drop with adderall
  46. what is a dangerously high when blood pressure spikes up and down
  47. Lisinopril and alcohol
  48. Soooo frustrated!! Weird BP
  49. puffiness with HP meds
  50. Help Please!
  51. Vitamin D
  52. Systolic/Diastoic
  53. lump on lower side, and throat feels funny not hurts but feels funny
  54. New blood pressure machine
  55. High bp meds and hamstring problems?
  56. vasocontriction
  57. A new treatment of resistant hypertension
  58. Taking Lisinopril 10mg for High Blood Pressure
  59. Atacand
  60. Medicine, alcohol and hallucinations
  61. Rheos Hypertension Pivotal Trial
  62. Increase in BP readings when under stress
  63. Being treated for High Blood Pressure...
  64. metoprolo er vs metoprolo 2 times a day
  65. metoprolol tartrate
  66. awesome results
  67. hbp
  68. do u think i have hi bp or heart problems....
  69. 2 things to talk about
  70. beta blocker withdrawal syndrome
  71. High Blood Pressure / Kidney Disease / Side effects
  72. Pounding head WITH sound fluctuation
  73. What to do when the diastolic is 60 and systolic is 135
  74. Question
  75. why does my blood pressure get high in the evening?
  76. How long before BP medicine kick in?
  77. High Blood Pressure for 19 Year old?
  78. I am so disappointed to have high blood pressure! What can I do??
  79. See this is what i hate!
  80. Asking doctor about going off high bp medicine?
  81. People with hypertension tend to get clots?
  82. Blood Pressure Averages: from lowest hourly averages to highest hourly averages.
  83. I'm a Frustrated Newbie
  84. what is the highest systolic
  85. Having 1 kidney isn't enough for controlling BP
  86. Does drinking lots of green tea help?
  87. hypotention
  88. automatically high portal pressure.
  89. whitecoatsyndrome
  90. blood pressure and laying down
  91. Rapid weight gain and swollen legs and hands
  92. stopping propranolol
  93. Dealing with effects of salty meals
  94. Question re Propranolol or other Beta Blkr
  95. what is the normal blood pressure level of 43 yr old male
  96. Toprol
  97. How often to take blood pressure medicine
  98. Niacin & b/p
  99. Infra Red Sauna's & yellow peas
  100. Great Office b/p finally!!!
  101. Fat burner pills
  102. metoprolol can the dosage be split
  103. I'm starting to come to a terrible conclusion...
  104. eon's metropolol xl 25mg
  105. numbers and stress/anxiety
  106. High pulse rate
  107. How old were you when you started taking blood pressure meds?
  108. hypertension: cardiologist or fam doctor?
  109. doxasozin high dosage
  110. High Systolic
  111. What is the norm BP these days?
  112. Is ToprolXL available where you live?
  113. how to pass a blood pressure test in days
  114. Lisinopril 20mg
  115. Doctor said: "stop taking BP at home!"
  116. atelonol
  117. hydrochlorothiazide
  118. Prilosec with high blood pressure
  119. Taking ankle blood pressure?
  120. Will 60 mins of Cardio daily & low sodium diet get me off of meds?
  121. Sleeping pills and Propranolol
  122. Happy Saint Patricks Day
  123. high blood pressure?
  124. What side effects did you have with your BP meds and did they go away?
  125. Blood pressure of 98/78...
  126. Undercuffing?
  127. clonidine in system
  128. best time to take blood pressure medicine
  129. BP Monitor: pump, deflate, pump some more
  130. why is labetalol increasing my blood pressure?
  131. Blood Pressure Monitor...Which one???
  132. high blood pressure 160/80 what does it mean
  133. Exercise causes dizziness
  134. Blood Pressure Protect
  135. what should my BP be?
  136. Extremely high blood pressure at 20 years old
  137. stress-related high blood pressure
  138. what i need to do if my blood pressure is 150/95
  139. anxiety/high blood pressure
  140. Normal Systolic Low Diastolic WHY?
  141. fluctuating blood pressure with medication
  142. High BP lower after surgery
  143. Excessive Perspiring
  144. Is this blood pressure normal?
  145. Are these 2 drugs safe to take together?
  146. Stimulants and hypertension
  147. Accurate Blood Pressure Measurements ?
  148. Who uses a manual guage?
  149. 17 year old male blood pressure
  150. Good news
  151. verapamil sa and depression?
  152. how soon before starting new medicine?
  153. why does blood pressure go up when walking
  154. why is my BP not going down? On diovan and atenolol
  155. how high should my blood pressure be at age 38
  156. Blood Pressure extremes for each hour of each day for an entire year.
  157. Diuretics and Weight Gain!
  158. Help,bp going way up
  159. blood pressure what does it mean is that why i get dizzy
  160. WHY do you have high blood pressure???
  161. Toprol, stop suddenly or wean off?
  162. Need Of hypertension Education
  163. how much is to much propronolol
  164. Partner has had 2 days over 170/120
  165. Metoprolol vs Metoprolol Tartrate?
  166. Does norvasc contain sulfur
  167. side effects of Atenolol exist after stopping the medication
  168. very high blood pressure (229/119), please help!
  169. triamterene/HCTZ
  170. 220/140 - I was declared medical emergency!
  171. medications
  172. Anyone else deficient in Magnesium?
  173. My Sodium Intake watch thread
  174. Niacin, Vitamin B3 lowers Blood Pressure
  175. effects of valium with hypertension
  176. how to stop coughing from lisinopril
  177. How long for sodium elevated BP to drop?
  178. Just diagnosed with hbp and on benicar: Help
  179. how do you read your blood pressure
  180. wean off lisinopril
  181. Can someone help me understand side effects of Lisinopril & Hydrochlorothiazide?
  182. what if my blood pressure readings are 158 over 98
  183. Cartia for High BP?
  184. hypertention
  185. Blood Pressure question
  186. what does it mean when your blood pressure is normal but pulse is elivated
  187. Intense physical exertion and blood pressure
  188. A few Lisinopril Questions
  189. Aliskiren
  190. What is your highest B/P ?
  191. lasix
  192. does high Humidity raise BP?
  193. what is an average blood pressure for a male over 50
  194. what is hydrochlorot
  195. Hibiscus tea
  196. why unstable blood pressure
  197. DASH diet again
  198. what is the normal blood pressure
  199. how long does side effects ofclonidine last?
  200. should I be concerned?
  201. How to bring down b/p right away.
  202. Menopause & high blood pressure
  203. hypertension
  204. Extreme High Blood Pressure 200+ daily
  205. Sweating and high blood pressure
  206. Are all ace inhibitors and beta blockers the same?
  207. 22 years old and high blood pressure?
  208. Should I be seeing a Cardiologist about my High BLood Pressure?
  209. why can't we find out why our daughter has high blood pressure
  210. Dizzyness & Headaches
  211. what foods have 0 or barely any sodium?
  212. Changing Blood Pressure Medicine
  213. how to wean off atenolol
  214. BP spikes, visual problem and headache?
  215. What is it about deep breathing....
  216. Does this sound like low blood pressure?
  217. Lisinopril and sudden stomach issues
  218. Does Benicar Hct contain a diuretic?
  219. metoprolol being recalled?
  220. Atenolol & leg swelling
  221. does norvasc contain sulfur
  222. When do you stop coughing after you stop taking Lisinopril?
  223. Going from bystolic to calan sr any advice?
  224. Anyone on Alpha-Methyldopa for high bp
  225. what is the safest way to wean off of metoprolol
  226. High BP and other things making me feel terrible.
  227. where can i buy c-12 peptide?
  228. Amphetamines and high blood pressure
  229. Make sure they take your bp correctly!
  230. Stopping Toproll XL
  231. what is hydrochlorathiazide
  232. My friend has erratic blood pressure that fluctuates high to low...
  233. Question about being sick and my Blood pressure
  234. Health issues
  235. Interesting Visit to Doctor's Office
  236. Resperate -- give me your thoughts/experiences
  237. should I stop taking Metaprolol as directed
  238. Question about drinking wine while taking meds
  239. Stressing over Blood Pressure
  240. Not Normal Readings
  241. Lotrel Generic
  242. Different Brands Lisinopril ?
  243. My results from this morning; why so different?
  244. The insulin connection -again
  245. Trying to come of bystolic and getting frustrated!!
  246. Heart Rate of 53?
  247. how much difference should there be in systolic and diastolic
  248. Large or small cuff; Accuracy of monitor
  249. SYS and DIA
  250. Superficial Vein Thrombosis