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  1. is coughing a side effect of methyldopa
  2. Diuretics
  3. Update on experience with Bystolic
  4. BP 150's over mid 90's
  5. Could your liver play a role too?
  6. can basketball put down your BP
  7. Benicar HCTZ questions
  8. My BP is also low and my pulse high-around 110 bpm.
  9. Low Blood Pressure. HELP!
  10. What Symptoms, If Any, Do You Get?
  11. BP, Meds and Blood Sugar
  12. Torpol Side Effects
  13. what reason for Clonidine not lowering my blood pressure
  14. why does my blood pressure and pulse go up in the night
  15. what health problems can low diastolic and slow pulse cause?
  16. Low B/P & high altitude
  17. Beta Blocker Without Rash
  18. Does this interferre with blood pressure medication?
  19. High Pulse rate
  20. Atacand?
  21. how bad is it eating a can of tuna....
  22. If taking a ACE inhibitor medication, what should my target heart rate be
  23. Sympathetic nerve inhibitors?
  24. what do the blood pressure numbers mean?
  25. 125/70
  26. bp monitors
  27. Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker
  28. Anyone else have easily spikeable BP? Should I be worried?
  29. Diovan and weight gain?
  30. HCTZ and tanning
  31. BP monitors do the cuffs need replacing periodically?
  32. Benicar how long does it take to take effect?
  33. what to do for leg swelling taking amlodipine?
  34. blood pressure going up and down
  35. my mom bp
  36. how long do side effects from atenolol last
  37. Excercising and blood pressure
  38. BP measuring and recording
  39. Choices and opinions for labile hypertension
  40. high lst time in the day b.p. reading
  41. how will high blood pressure affect my 17yr old?
  42. How long for HCTZ to work?
  43. Another question---HCTZ and its diuretic effects
  44. New med - so scared cough will start again
  45. Concerned
  46. Felodipine onset
  47. Blood Pressure Rising - Need Advice!
  48. how can i lower my blood pressure to pass a dot physical
  49. Water Pills
  50. How Long for results--HCTZ added to Lisinopril?
  51. New to HBP Medicine - HCTZ
  52. Alkaline Water -- does it really work ?
  53. what is the normal blood pressure and pluse rate for at 16 year old
  54. 111 / 69, Pulse: 101
  55. what happens if you have a high systolic and a low diastolic?
  56. high systolic low diastolic?
  57. red hot face
  58. Does anyone here have B/P spikes for days?
  59. why does dytor plus 20 causes body weakness
  60. I'm going to cut out my supplements and see if I'm wasting money or not
  61. pycnogenol and blood pressure
  62. Music makes your blood vessels relax
  63. Headaches & risk of stroke
  64. Getting too many colds after starting BP meds
  65. stomach pain with calcium channel blocker
  66. Hypertension, diet and weight loss
  67. Which of those can worsen High BP?
  68. Help! what kind of salt do i use if i have high blood pressure?
  69. Quercetin and blood pressure
  70. what is a good pulse rate
  71. Copper and blood pressure
  72. amylose vs amylopectin
  73. I need more protein but need to get it from low-sodium sources
  74. Benicar HCTZ---good report
  75. What supplements are you taking?
  76. Atrial fibulation
  77. Pulmonary hypertension
  78. Altace to Ramipril
  79. 6am thru 1pm Blood Pressure compared to 2pm thru 9pm, covering 10+ years- 21,956 BPs.
  80. Could triglycerides & cholesterol cause hbp?
  81. Vaccines and blood pressure
  82. Benicar HCTZ--cross your fingers. . . .
  83. B.M.I. and high blood pressure
  84. Statins
  85. Is there a non-generic version of HCTC?
  86. How much should I lower my salt intake?
  87. Is it time for meds
  88. Hypertension and inflammation
  89. clonidine in urine
  90. high blood pressure
  91. My 24 Hour Blood Pressure Averages for 2003 compared with 2008
  92. Eye tests and blood pressure
  93. Fruit, blood pressure, blood sugar
  94. Switching from one med to another. . .time to be effective
  95. High Blood Pressure and other symptoms
  96. why do my medicines make me sick
  97. which med is better to be on... Alpha/Beta blockers or calcium channel blocker?
  98. Blood pressure fluctuating on meds
  99. in the morning why my blood pressure is high?
  100. Concord grapes and blood pressure
  101. Antibiotic usage lead to high blood pressure
  102. has anyone ever had surgery to remove a pheochromocytoma?
  103. does your bp rise in the evening
  104. From amlopidine. . .to lisinopril. . . .now Benicar
  105. Hypotension
  106. How concerning are these symptoms?
  107. Blood Pressure 155/105
  108. Not sure if my 24 hour urine test was done correctly
  109. Pounding in left ear
  110. Nausea with lisinopril. . .
  111. low blood pressure
  112. Wheat Germ oil and 10 points increase in BP
  113. Does anyone take a beta blocker toprol xl, with antidepressant ?
  114. Zoloft raising Blood pressure
  115. Chest pain and high blood pressure
  116. Bp ~ 145/95
  117. need letter from doctor
  118. Re:Headaches with B/P increases and my loser of an MD...
  119. Does Metoprolol Tartrate work right away?
  120. when I eat my heart rate and blood pressure go up
  121. Should I drink more water when I'm taking a water pill?
  122. Is there a reason why my pulse is so high?
  123. blood pressure 140/70
  124. Supplement analogs to blood pressue medications
  125. Has anyone kept their blood pressure in check without meds?
  126. Pomergrante Juice and Medication
  127. does lisinopril have sulfa
  128. Does pre-hypertension have symptoms?
  129. Update on eating to lower BP
  130. What is labatolol for
  131. what is considered low blood pressure
  132. sturtgeon forte
  133. how concerning *is* a bp of 148/92 while at rest?
  134. I get headaches with high B/P and MD doesn't believe me!!
  135. scarring on kidneys due to HBP?
  136. stubborn diastolic
  137. i rebounded hard from diuretics what should i do?
  138. Fluctuating readings-- does one average them?
  139. 24hr blood pressure monitor
  140. side effects on Benicar HCT 20omg
  141. Atenolol
  142. atenolol and green tea
  143. what foods help to lower blood pressure
  144. Idh
  145. Perplexed About My High Blood Pressure
  146. Twinlab's blood pressure success
  147. Antidepressants and Hypertension
  148. Is my hypertension "real"?
  149. is cholesterol elevation from HCT dose related
  150. blood creatinine of 131umol/l
  151. does your blood pressure fluctuate all the time?
  152. blood pressure
  153. my blood pressure is higher in a morning why
  154. High Blood Pressure
  155. bp medicine for a bp of 130/86?
  156. Beta Blocker with least side effects, Please?
  157. Another drug question----who else has stopped Norvasc and why
  158. Lisinopril side effects?
  159. Anybody have this issue??
  160. high systolic reading
  161. Side effects of Metoprolol keep changing ?
  162. high blood pressure w/meds
  163. extreme fatigue on beta blocker
  164. best time of day to take toprol
  165. Noisy b/p apparatus-Dr's office
  166. what are reason for low bp
  167. Why does toprol cause bruising ?
  168. After one does of atenolol 50 mg can one stop taking it?
  169. what cause diastoic too high?
  170. Pulse Rate High?
  171. Red and Hot ears as well as face
  172. Blood Pressure Medicine Combinations
  173. Stress test
  174. blood pressure
  175. how long should I take lisinoprol
  176. why take blood pressure on left arm not right arm
  177. magnesium
  178. Dizziness
  179. My blood pressure is 162 over 102 what can I do
  180. low bp
  181. does metoprolol 25mg stops hair from growing?
  182. Carditone
  183. Problem with PROCARDIA XL
  184. natural cures for low blood pressure?
  185. High blood pressure and headaches
  186. maximum pulse rate
  187. Blood pressure flutuations during specific times
  188. flying altitude and high blood pressure
  189. what does the top number of your blood pressure mean
  190. My Blood Presure Is 143/85 Should I Go To The Doctor
  191. Ramipril
  192. Tips to Lower BP
  193. Antihypertensives and glucose metabolism abnormalities
  194. Should I be concerned with my readings?
  195. BP increase due to BP Med increase??
  196. why labetalol instead of metoprolol?
  197. Why Is My BP High in Stress Situations?
  198. blood pressure
  199. Blood pressure
  200. Some questions about low blood pressure
  201. Concerned about my blood pressure.
  202. Modifying dose to avoid fatigue / drowsiness
  203. Blood Pressure Drugs Without Hairloss Risk?
  204. lisinopril to
  205. Midodrine not raising blood pressure
  206. New, HBP, on meds
  207. Just found out that I have dysautonomia
  208. midodrine
  209. New to boards, my 15 y/o Teen has High Blood Pressure...?
  210. Trying to decide which BP med to use:(
  211. Swollen ankles and feet
  212. What about Diovan HCT?
  213. Blood pressure while sleeping
  214. high resting pulse rate/low blood pressure
  215. Blood Pressure Higher when stressed
  216. BP high - except after dinner
  217. low blood pressure when excercising
  218. Weaning off Toprol
  219. feeling disorientation and unsteady on feet when standing upright
  220. Normal blood pressure and high cholestrol?
  221. Nightly potty trips & diuretics
  222. Can low blood pressure make you cold????
  223. FDA August Medwatch
  224. Side effect of Lisinopril/HCTZ
  225. low blood pressure, should I worry????
  226. Diovan
  227. Concern about taking BP meds on a liquid only diet after surgery
  228. Alternatives to HCTZ? (Long)
  229. getting Blood Pressure Down
  230. New England Journal Of Medicine Criticizes Doctors
  231. Why Is My Sys Bp Normal And Dia Bp High
  232. how fast does hydrochlorot work
  233. Answering questions about gastroparesis
  234. HBP and flying
  235. Sleep problems with propranolol
  236. When do you take a diuretic?
  237. Drug safety issues
  238. Blood pressure
  239. i have edema in my legs due to amlodipine when will this stop
  240. Jumpy Blood pressure
  241. generic Olmetec vs Benicar (brand)
  242. Mukta Vati?
  243. Smoking good for lbp?
  244. Low BP & anxiety
  245. Low Blood Pressure for a week!
  246. feeling crappy
  247. Side Effects from Bystolic?
  248. Very high blood pressure at 20 and really active!
  249. why is my blood pressure up first thing in the a.m.
  250. what can I take instead of Amlodipine