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  1. Very high blood pressure at 20 and really active!
  2. why is my blood pressure up first thing in the a.m.
  3. what can I take instead of Amlodipine
  4. blood
  5. high b/p medication
  6. Stopped Taking Bp Meds Should I Stay Off Or Go Back On?
  7. vitamins and high blood pressure
  8. high heart beat, EGC normal, BP normal
  9. Need advice on sleeplessness and extreme drowsiness
  10. HELP PLEASE! MAOI and high blood pressure
  11. 48bpm Heart Rate, with BP at 110/48
  12. cuff anxiety
  13. BP high then LOW
  14. why should my blood pressure go up in the evening
  15. Your experiences with HCTZ
  16. Toprol Xl (brand) And Motoprolol Xl (generic) Are Not Equivalent
  17. New here, and may have hypertension
  18. Lisinopril and hctz causing high creatine
  19. I think Enalapril causing alot of problems any ideas?
  20. Anybody take Propranolol or Inderal for High blood pressure???
  21. Low blood pressure, high pulse
  22. Hyzaar, edema, diuretics
  23. Machaon- Such Inspiration
  24. How to withdraw from Altace
  25. Calcium Channel Blocker or Beta Blocker causing Short of Breath
  26. Lifestyle Changes
  27. Very Healthy and Athletic, but high pulse and pressure?
  28. Blood presureVs pulse rate
  29. Office b/p's
  30. does sular cause swelling of the feet?
  31. Blood Pressure consistently higher in left arm
  32. can skinny people get high blood preasure?
  33. Lexapro and blood pressure reduction?
  34. new here, scared about echocardiogram results
  35. Stopping carvedilol for today, stress test tomorrow
  36. Weight gain on Telturna
  37. Just Stopped by to say "Hi!"
  38. Soya Milk to reduce BP
  39. how long does it take for hctz to work
  40. Diovan cost recently increased
  41. norvasc
  42. how
  43. Lotrel
  44. High blood presssure and hormone replacement therapy
  45. Next step once you start taking meds?
  46. side Effects of atenolol wear off over a long period of time?
  47. Vocal Chords
  48. Still having a rapid heartbeat
  49. What do you do to increase your blood pressure when it's low
  50. Would you take a medication that raises blood pressure?
  51. Advice on coming off doxazosin/cardura
  52. diuretic not working
  53. Low blood pressure
  54. high blood pressure--how to treat w/o meds
  55. what happens when only diastolic is high
  56. DASH diet instead of meds
  57. My heart has changed after discontinuing Inderal LA. Why?
  58. Meds at a young age?
  59. My Experience with Tekturna HCT
  60. going to the dr's tomorrow morning, getting off atenolol because of life issues
  61. High diastolic
  62. Hyperbalance
  63. Arthritis symptoms and blood pressure medications
  64. weight gain fro Azor?
  65. What Happens When Your Heart Rate Is low
  66. Beta Blockers vs Ace Inhibators
  67. Morning BP ?
  68. high Systolic and then a low Diastolic?
  69. is low blood pressure bad need some advice on this....
  70. when is the best time to take a beta blocker
  71. blood pressure
  72. rapid heart beat while laying down and low blood pressure
  73. FYI... I've been particiapting in a recent herbal clincial trial...
  74. New, HBP, on meds
  75. Elevated BP after workout?
  76. Pulse And Bp
  77. Pressure High--Afraid of Meds
  78. can i mix hawthorn and metoprolol?
  79. Need help Asap!
  80. why my blood pressure changes constantly?
  81. Statins & Memory Problems
  82. How Long Does Lisinopril Stay in the Body
  83. coreg increasing dosage (scared & need feedback)
  84. Day Of Low BP,To Low!
  85. blood pressure med not working
  86. New to the board
  87. 20 year old daughter
  88. Episodes of High Blood Pressure L@@K
  89. geography and hypertension
  90. how to keep your blood pressure down to pass a physical
  91. New to the forum, have hypertension and questions...
  92. blood pressure
  93. Propranolol
  94. High Elevation of Pressure and Pulse
  95. how long can it take for norvasc to get out of your system
  96. Diovan HCT & Breathing Problems
  97. Odd BP's I take Olmatec
  98. What do you think?
  99. I'm 16 Years Old and have Hypertension
  100. How long until Diovan is out of system?
  101. blood pressure and heart beat
  102. how long does it take for lisinopril to work
  103. Any Suggestions?
  104. This Could Be A Very Stupid Question (?)
  105. How fast does blood pressure medicine work?
  106. Antibiotics & low potassium etc
  107. Caution: Fleets + ACE inhibitors = Kidney Failure
  108. Coconut water?
  109. Blood pressure goes from high to normal and then low.
  110. Hydrochlorizide
  111. Spikes In My Pressure
  112. elevated norepinephrine
  113. Irregular Heart Beat Symbol on BP Machine
  114. Which pill is better to take
  115. When To Come Off High Blood Pressure Meds?
  116. Leg Swelling and tingling when taking Amlodipine
  117. Any Experience With Cardura?
  118. Taking meds at bedtime.
  119. high blood pressure and LVH
  120. Diovan HCT
  121. my pulse
  122. Just started Lisinopril - need advice
  123. Weird blood pressure readings for 30 mins or so
  124. 50 mg lopressor twice daily?!?!
  125. Another Atenolol Negative
  126. Sporadic High BP
  127. Atenolol and toes are purple
  128. Causes of blood pressure to get to 200/110
  129. how much difference between systolic and diastolic
  130. ResPerate device?
  131. Frustrated with Benicar Side Effects!
  132. Medication
  133. Caffiene and high blood pressure
  134. Any Advice appreciated.
  135. Salt
  136. High Blood Pressure Symptoms?
  137. The insulin resistance connection
  138. Beta blocker adjustment
  139. how can I suppress a cough from Lisinipril
  140. Strange BP readings...
  141. Depression and Lisinopril
  142. Forgot to take hypertension medicines
  143. Vision changes?
  144. how to increase low blood pressure
  145. BP unstable
  146. Back again and off medication.
  147. Raising BP
  148. pottasium supplaments & water pills?
  149. how many atenolol do i take
  150. Diuretic brought BP down but I'm allergic to them!
  151. my BP went up to 130/100 medication or asthma cause this?
  152. so the dyazide made me sick! now what?
  153. how long did you have diarrhea after stopping lisinopril
  154. Blood pressure vs Pulse rate (Help)
  155. Hypertension and Anxiety? Help
  156. Help! :)
  157. Hypertension and low pulse
  158. high blood pressure???
  159. High pressure and scared
  160. Hydrochlorothiazide & Potassium - Megan E. Boris
  161. Metoprolol and Sleep Issues
  162. Help me please! Could this be possible?????
  163. Any one take Verelan PM capsules?
  164. natural ways to lower bp?
  165. Can Exercise Cause A Stroke?
  166. high bp last 3 visits to dr.! dyazide 37.5-25 mg. daily
  167. Systolic Hypertension / Diastolic Hypotension
  168. Blood pressure normal in the morning but goes up during day time
  169. Metoprolol and Exercise
  170. HBP diagnosis after Anemia-50 MG Metropolol- Confused
  171. High Blood Pressure and Weigh Loss/Gain
  172. High BP questions
  173. Issue with generic BP meds
  174. Magnesium - Anyone Know the Real Story?
  175. One month - initial low, now rising
  176. Losing weight part II
  177. Atace to Ramipril
  178. why does blood pressure cuff make arm red and itch
  179. High and fluctuating bp
  180. Lisinopril cough
  181. Medication side effects
  182. Mid afternoon rise in blood pressure
  183. Do Beta-Blockers affect sexual ability?
  184. Benicar & Back or Muscle Pain - Anyone Else?
  185. HCTZ & rashes
  186. Metoprolol...reduction NOT weaning
  187. Can high heat and humidity raise blood pressure
  188. Cutting Dosage
  189. HCTZ -Diuretic
  190. How would you define a good blood pressure control?
  191. Meds, Meds and more Meds
  192. The stress in our lives
  193. Switching back to Diltiazem SR from Norvasc
  194. Lisinopril
  195. 25 year old with High BP but Remarkable Heart Rate. Please read.
  196. high bp
  197. Hbp
  198. Severe high blood pressure
  199. bananas and blood pressure.
  200. Increase BP for no reason?
  201. Should I wean off Norvasc?
  202. FG-how's the b/p?
  203. Medication Side Effect
  204. why is the blood pressure different between the left arm and the right arm ?
  205. question about aspirin lowering blood pressure
  206. an accurate way of checking bp?
  207. I have high pulse rate in the morning and low pulse on the afternoon. why?
  208. Questions....
  209. Is my coffee causing high PR which in turn is causing low BP?
  210. what can I do for swollen ankles caused by taking amlodipine
  211. Coming Off Diovan HCT: Questions
  212. increase of bp for no reason?
  213. Can I take a diuretic?
  214. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
  215. Fit 20yrld:Can my systolic be high simply because I hate the process of testing?
  216. HI Diastolic - Medication Class
  217. how long to start feeling better once you start the medicine for bp?
  218. Left or Right Arm?
  219. Diovan
  220. So is a consistent BP of 140-90 150-95 considered like deadly BP
  221. palpitations
  222. Splitting pills - Coreg
  223. 17 years old with high blood pressure
  224. Adrenal Issues
  225. Tekturna????
  226. up my enalapril or try something else?
  227. Bystolic & Altace
  228. Blood pressure elevation during stress test
  229. not sleeping on left side with high blood pressure?
  230. weaned off toprol xl
  231. Water Pills
  232. Toprol XL - Side Effects
  233. exforge side effects
  234. 2 questions about blood pressure please
  235. mechanism: BB -> hyperglycemia
  236. normal bp for children
  237. Persistent skin reactions?
  238. Problem with drug
  239. New BP supplement on the market?
  240. what is low
  241. should I skip my BP med?
  242. I don't think I can take any blood pressure medication
  243. New diagnosis, this doesnt seem right!!!
  244. edema from verapamil
  245. HBP and Hemorrhoid problem
  246. Avoiding Caffeine
  247. I'll be starting Benicar
  248. Any Experience with Prinzide (Lisinopril) HCTZ?
  249. Most popular high blood pressure med??
  250. Herbal teas?