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  1. Breathlessness on Diovan?
  2. does micardis hct lower your immune system?
  3. 17 year old w/ panic disorder... high blood pressure concerns..
  4. Catapres anyone?
  5. How low is to low
  6. Need some help
  7. dye free HCTZ
  8. Tekturna
  9. Spiked High Blood Pressure
  10. lisinopril and lump in throat
  11. A Frequent Cause of Hypertension...
  12. Switching from Norvasc to Tenormin
  13. Feel like a big pressure bag
  14. Athlete with white coat hypertension
  15. Blood pressure medication causing hip pain?
  16. how bad is your blood pressure at 161/121
  17. Food gifts for the hypertensions
  18. Would changing to Enalapril make my eyes hurt?
  19. Vision Changes and BP Meds
  20. Ok so I have high blood pressure...now what?
  21. This seems like overkill!
  22. can certain food cause blood pressure to rise?
  23. Cardiogrip
  24. Resperate
  25. what can happen if i stop taking lisinopril
  26. Hey, anyone taking Micardis?
  27. Blood Pressure Med Along With Anxiety Meds
  28. why is my blood pressure going up at night
  29. am I crazy??
  30. Can someone please refresh my memory about HBP at night?
  31. Cant get reading from left arm
  32. blood pressure?
  33. toprol and diovan side effects
  34. high and low
  35. What could be the cause?
  36. High Blood Pressure only in legs?
  37. BYSTOLIC (Nebivolol) - New Hypertensive(Beta Blocker)Medication
  38. Beta Blocker Withdrawl
  39. Diuretics and gout
  40. High Blood Pressure Confused
  41. New Med Update
  42. What causes my blood pressure to drop this low??
  43. high pulse and low blood pressure alternating with high blood pressure
  44. Supplements for HBP?
  45. hyperzosin for bp
  46. Cartia XT side effects
  47. blood pressure and exercise
  48. HP Med check
  49. cold feet
  50. a question on exercise hypertension
  51. Blood Pressure goes up and down constantly, pulse always fast
  52. High bp and headache
  53. What's for lunch, dinner or even breaksfast?
  54. Coming off medication.
  55. eplerenone
  56. Spike in BP for no reason, is this common?
  57. High blood pressure at Dr.'s
  58. Generic drugs & brand name drugs
  59. episodes of high bp, some tachycardia
  60. was diagnosed with HBP; suffering from anxiety attack
  61. Breathing problems and nutrition
  62. Beta Blocker Question
  63. high blood pressure and low pulse rate
  64. Health Discussions
  65. few days playing action games, blood pressure is 134/84
  66. blood pressure when the high and low numbers are close to each other
  67. blood pressure and kidney stones
  68. blood pressure spikes
  69. Blood Pressure Question
  70. Accuracy of store brand BP monitors
  71. Medication with White Coat
  72. HIGH BP, then mild stroke, and now Low BP
  73. Once on bp meds; can you ever get off of them?
  74. Just been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  75. My bp is 228 over 118!! Shouldn't I be dead???
  76. metabolism problem may CONTRIBUTE to HBP?
  77. can high or low blood pressure cause passingout ?need advice.
  78. My dad has high BP.. help!
  79. Warning: "Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure" said *****.com
  80. Prescription Steriod creams & B/P
  81. what causes dialostic blood pressure high
  82. Walking and Low Blood Pressure
  83. treated bp uncontroled at 170 of 94
  84. At The End Of My Tether
  85. Faulty Blood pressure machine?
  86. can blood pressure cause you to collapse for no reason??
  87. Blood Pressure Question
  88. how to cure white coat syndrome?
  89. Pressure swings
  90. Stress Testing
  91. Potassium Chloride K-Tabs?
  92. i need feedback on AMEAL to lower BP
  93. Antihypertensives and cholesterol levels
  94. What Medication Next?
  95. Felodipine???
  96. what is c 12 peptide
  97. why has my teenager got high blood pressure
  98. Clonodine
  99. blood pressure
  100. Switched again part 2
  101. Home Blood Pressure Monitor
  102. Anyone with Pheochromocytoma?
  103. Types of blood pressure medication?
  104. Beth-how's it going?
  105. B/P meds & diastolic below 65
  106. Sensitivity to Chocolate and Caffeine Increased???
  107. Why caffeine increases pulse rate
  108. Protein Supplement
  109. Blood pressure is up when I rest and goes down while exercising?
  110. Pressure in Head - Scared!
  111. I collapsed today
  112. Lifestyle Modifications work great
  113. Sudden Onset of High Blood Pressure
  114. multi vitaman
  115. hyperexol
  116. Norvasc and hair side effects
  117. Pre-season health screenings of athletes at UCLA reveals HBP to be common.
  118. hctz
  119. New Year's Resolutions re: B/P
  120. hypertension controlled by nitric oxide?
  121. Psyllium intake and timing of BP meds.
  122. Normal for BP Rise When Sick?
  123. Weight Training with Heart Condition
  124. Am I to worried ?
  125. High Blood Pressure and Alcohol
  126. Teen Hypertension
  127. nose bleed question
  128. why does my body feel weak and i want to faint.
  129. Beth
  130. FG re: new book
  131. tkaing mucines and having history of hypertension
  132. Switched from Diltiazem 240mg SR to 10mg of Norvasc, BP is 130/78
  133. Frequency of Dr.'s visits
  134. Question about Enalapril/HCTZ 10-25
  135. High blood pressure
  136. Heart Problem And Pulse Rate
  137. Hydrochlorot 25 mg
  138. blood pressure
  139. New blood pressure medication
  140. questions about Benicar
  141. 27 with High Blood Pressure...
  142. HBP - meds vs. alternative options?
  143. Ringing In Ears and Blood Pressure Meds
  144. blood pressure
  145. Can a double dose of blood pressure med hurt
  146. can this be perscribed for weight loss
  147. Does anyone have a clue what'd going on with bP?
  148. Medical Records including X-rays
  149. low blood pressure
  150. sudden spikes in blood pressure
  151. Hi, im new
  152. Beth: sick day diet & diuretics
  153. Flowergirl & Dr's appointment
  154. Aleve and High Blood Pressure
  155. propranolol withdrawal
  156. the effects of high diastolic and low systolic
  157. blood pressure rising late afternoon
  158. Hyzaar
  159. Daily vitamins without Potassium
  160. Does blood pressure go up or down when sleeping
  161. Re: nightmare or reality?
  162. High BP
  163. Is my condition normal?
  164. Teen with High BP, need info..
  165. High Blood presure!
  166. Severe Skin Bruising and BP Medications
  167. Glucose metabolism and antihypertensive medication
  168. Low diastolic pressure after exercise
  169. doctor has taken me off ramipril
  170. Extreme sudden headaches during intercourse/orgasm
  171. Being partners in health with the doctor
  172. Altace is not working
  173. Salt Imbalance?
  174. Metoprol
  175. neurally mediated syncope ?
  176. high blood pressure semi cold weather
  177. Why Do Blood Pressures Differ in Each Arm
  178. Wanted: advice on natural ways for lowering blood pressure
  179. Stress & Weight Gain
  180. Thyroid issues
  181. Can antihypertensives cause muscle damage?
  182. PB Meds to protect kidneys???
  183. How is one diagnosed?
  184. High Dialostic Blood Pressure
  185. next step- on Toprol alone not keeping BP down anymore
  186. Big Question...
  187. exercise induced hypertension
  188. Sudden high b/p?????
  189. Hbp
  190. New with a question
  191. What happen if your heart is in low location?
  192. No Symptoms
  193. toprol dose to strong
  194. blood pressure
  195. Hangovers-effect on Blood Pressure
  196. What is my perfect heart rate?
  197. Norvasc 5mg + Zebeta 2.5mg when it will start working?
  198. Large Variance in bp between arms
  199. Question about hyperexol
  200. vicks vapor rub
  201. HBP and anxiety.
  202. My experience with coffee effect on HBP
  203. Vitamin E and spike in blood pressure
  204. Teckturna
  205. does your pulse rate increase, sleep
  206. How long does it take for an increase in lisinopril to take effect?
  207. what would make blood pressure suddenly be high
  208. from ACE to ARB, is the ARB not working?
  209. My dr just changed my medication
  210. C12 Peptide
  211. Beth?
  212. Blood Pressure when standing
  213. Aspirin can raise blood pressure?
  214. high blood pressure in young people
  215. B/p spikes & steriod creams
  216. normal blood pressure naturally
  218. Wrist monitor technique
  219. High Blood Pressure?
  220. Blood pressure while up and walking around
  221. High Blood Pressure.... or not?
  222. Why might blood pressure be higher in the morning?
  223. what make a person light headed
  224. Zebeta 1.2mg + HCT 6.5mg: my last hope
  225. how long does it takes to get beta blockers out of your body system
  226. I am furious!
  227. Isolated Systolic Hypertension (ISH)
  228. how to control white coat sydrome
  229. Question About Test
  230. Being switched again!
  231. Need Help My blood pressure goes high with anxiety
  232. Lone High systolic?
  233. Can this mess up my system?
  234. Green tea is a natural ACE inhibitor
  235. Can Diltiazem be taken with HCT 25mg + Amiloride 2.5mg?
  236. Ok someone please explain this
  237. pass a dot physical when blood pressure is high
  238. Anyone, after HBP diagnosis and lifestyle change, eliminate or drastically reduce med
  239. Young man with Hypertension. (It's not just for the middle aged anymore) lol j/k
  240. what is normal blood pressure for a 44 yr old?
  241. Salt substitute is safe?
  242. what causes sudden spike in blood pressure
  243. Side Effects?
  244. high bp
  245. does aldomet cause weight gain?
  246. Indapamide should not be used with CCBs?
  247. can my doctor give me anything to keep my blood pressure low during a blood pressure
  248. Your experience with Diuretics
  249. suggestions on how to lower high blood pressure
  250. Anxiety, BP and who knows?