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  1. Salt substitute is safe?
  2. what causes sudden spike in blood pressure
  3. Side Effects?
  4. high bp
  5. does aldomet cause weight gain?
  6. Indapamide should not be used with CCBs?
  7. can my doctor give me anything to keep my blood pressure low during a blood pressure
  8. Your experience with Diuretics
  9. suggestions on how to lower high blood pressure
  10. Anxiety, BP and who knows?
  11. Atacand & memory?
  12. Beerzoids...
  13. Dr. "wouldn't" prescribe some HCZ
  14. Problems with Atenolol?
  15. Furious at Doctor!
  16. Can hydronephrosis cause temprorary high blood pressure?
  17. Decaf raises blood pressure?
  18. Benicar and Tricor
  19. Can menstrual cycle affect BP?
  20. Flowergirl
  21. Traveling by air while on b/p meds
  22. Meds & temps of food/fluids
  23. Ah, someone I know might need to start HCZ and was worried about ED.....
  24. When should Dr. adjust / change medications?
  25. Low BP and Bruising
  26. ACE cough AND ringing in ear
  27. Resperate
  28. Norvasc and neuropathy
  29. Very important about High BP please read it
  30. Efexor XR 75mg and High BP
  31. Stiff arteries and BP
  32. sodium in tap water and BP?
  33. Diovan HCTZ seems to not work as well as first
  34. Lisinopril-How do I quit taking it?
  35. Still have high early morning spike
  36. Is it ok to have low BP and high pulse rate?
  37. Point of no return
  38. Eye exam tests for high blood pressure?
  39. systolic,very high, and diastolic very low why?
  40. numb fingers
  41. Alternative treatments for high blood pressure
  42. Magnesium Supplements Dosage
  43. The computer and blood pressure
  44. low blood pressure in left arm and high blood pressure in right arm
  45. How long before lifestyle changes work?
  46. How are these numbers?
  47. Anyone have their meds reduced after "lifestyle" changes?
  48. Mix and max generics
  49. How long for meds to take effect.
  50. What if my blood pressure is 145/88. Is that too high?
  51. if my blood pressure was 220/30 what should i do
  52. Hypertension w/ Irregular heartbeat? Help!!!
  53. what range is consider low blood pressure
  54. How to do slow breathing correctly
  55. How Long Does It Take for Altace to Work?
  56. Heart palpitations and ringing in ears
  57. Where is Lenin?
  58. Cozaar also know as Losartan
  59. Taking blood pressure twice question
  60. Why the middle of the night?
  61. Difference between systolic and diastolic?
  62. Lower the Pressure - Higher the Heart Rate
  63. Cough on Monopril
  64. How to quickly lower blood pressure?
  65. Diovan
  66. Atkins diet for lowering Blood Pressure...
  67. BP different on each side
  68. High And Low Blood Pressure
  69. Lowering your blood pressure
  70. Benicar vs. Avapro or Diovan
  71. Amusement park ride warnings & BP
  72. So does sodium only increase your hbp temporarily?
  73. what if your blood pressure is 160/80
  74. someone please answer.
  75. High Blood Pressure Meds and Excessive Sweating
  76. Anyone on meds for prehypertension?
  77. why is blood pressere lower laying down
  78. Is this a symtom of high blood pressure?
  79. High Blood Pressure 16 year old
  80. Thyroid issues & iodine & b/p
  81. Effect of standing up on BP
  82. Alternative BP Medication?
  83. Coreg CR 40mg
  84. TTC & High B/P
  85. Surprise, Surprise Beth is Back!!!
  86. Effect of travel on BP
  87. Please Help with Question about White Coat Syndrome
  88. Coffee and meds
  89. Switched from ziac to atenolol
  90. very discouraged
  91. DASH diet question
  92. Amino Acid Supplements and HBP
  93. low blood pressure, syncoope
  94. What happens when someone has high B.P. and it suddenly goes low
  95. Hypertension
  96. Newby to Hypertension
  97. Dizziness and Nausea caused by High-Blood Pressure?
  98. Blood Pressure 174/124
  99. Diuretics & nightly trips to the bathroom
  100. Fluid intake & b/p
  101. Head hurts and feels hot, HBP 160/100
  102. What are the risk of stopping HBP medicine? Is it true Im gonna die?
  103. Benicar side-effects
  104. Is there ANY BP med that doesn't say "stay out Sun"?
  105. Switching from Benicar HCT to Benicar
  106. high blood pressure medication Micardis Telmisartan
  107. don't know what to do anymore,
  108. Can one take ATrovent nasal spray, sudafed PE tablets with HBP?
  109. Meds questions - Benicar and Dynacirc
  110. worried about high pulse rate
  111. Blood pressure higher than a few days ago
  112. Atenolol With St. John's Wort
  113. low blood pressure laying down
  114. Hypertension After Hip Replacement Surgery
  115. Of course it is Saturday afternoon and no dr office is open...
  116. Effectiveness of antihypertensives
  117. Hypertension: Do I have it or not?
  118. I found off my cuff isn't accurate on my diastolic...
  119. I'm only 39!
  120. Hydrochlorot
  121. New to HBP-feel like a lab rat
  122. (if the diastolic is high and the systolic is low what does it mean
  123. Throbbing left arm....
  124. Blood pressure drop
  125. FG Re: acid reflux & b/p meds
  126. how am I doing?
  127. New 3rd generation Beta-blocker (Nebivol) in the FDA approval pipeline
  128. Newbie to Atenolol
  129. BP up all day
  130. Systolic and Diastolic
  131. Others input on Atenolol
  132. New device for b/p control
  133. Dr. Dean re: night time b/p's
  134. Low BP Hight Pulse
  135. Search for?what dose of lisinipril for stubborn hypertension
  136. weird
  137. Breathing exercises
  138. alternative to lisinopril ?
  139. Suffering! Is this Atenolol withdrawl or Avapro?
  140. new to board
  141. BP up under stress
  142. question
  143. Anxiety while weaning off of Diovan
  144. how long does it take to get diuretics out of your system?
  145. High BP at 19 Years Old
  146. Asthma and HBP help
  147. what causes my feet to swell while taking blood pressure pills
  148. Who is right?
  149. Cuff anxiety
  150. Pain and BP Meds
  151. Treating prehypertension
  152. mercury monitors - worth it?
  153. FG re: first day of work & b/p meds
  154. Side effects of BP meds
  155. tekturna (aliskiren)
  156. Cozaar Info
  157. My 6 months of lifestyle changes are up..questions.
  158. ARB or ACE dilemma
  159. Starting new meds any advice?
  160. Garlic supplements for BP...any luck?
  161. Difference between generics?
  162. Benicar and bananas
  163. Impotence and CARDIA XL?
  164. has anyone took fosinopril and how well is it ? was on norvasc and had side effects..
  165. Does this sound correct/how long do lifestyle changes take to see effects?
  166. Men & Diovan and weight gain and other meds
  167. Anyone else experience high pulse constantly?
  168. FG re: Calcium CB's & throat issues
  169. Beta-blockers, high BP, hyperthyroidism
  170. Previous posts regarding withdrawing from Atenol?
  171. Hctz...
  172. Happiness and blood pressure
  173. Home from a short stay in the Hospital
  174. Blood pressure medicine
  175. Question about "white coat hypertension"
  176. Proper technique for taking bp
  177. Question about DASH diet
  178. Took Indapamide/blood pressure go low/chest discomfort go to back/stiff neck/fatigue
  179. New MEDS
  180. what causes freaky high readings?
  181. High BP possibly from sodium? Very nervous, have questions!
  182. Tekturna
  183. What do you all make of these readings?
  184. Beth re: Yellow dye etc.
  185. weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy
  186. Work in sun prob w/blood pressure med
  187. Hypertensive and atherosclerotic effects on blood vessels
  188. Pressure not going down
  189. Joint and Muscular pain with Norvasc
  190. Office visit: testing for sodium, BB report, uric acid, Triglycercides
  191. New 32 year old with prehypertension & Kidney stones. Why? Need advice!
  192. Amlodipine
  193. can blood pressure meds cause horrible headaches or is it the bloodpressure ?????????
  194. question about high blood pressure and thyrold ....
  195. finger nails
  196. Coping with Beta Blocker Fatigue-Part II
  197. Question about the inflation of home monitors
  198. Lenin
  199. Fatigue and Confusion
  200. problem with my medicine(atenolol)
  201. take 5mg norvasc and levothyroxine 25mcgs im confused about the 2 meds together.
  202. Hi 22 Male here, with a question
  203. 26 and serious blood pressure???
  204. alcohol and blood pressure
  205. Yet another confusing reading
  206. Flowergirl
  207. Pomegranite juice for blood pressure?
  208. Question about how doctors take BP
  209. HCTZ and edema question
  210. Wrist BP Monitors
  211. Question about what affects SYSTOLIC BP
  212. My dilemma about my low pressures
  213. Need to change Beta blockers due to exhaustion,which one is best?
  214. Low Blood Pressure High Pulse
  215. Best drugs for BP spikes?
  216. Beta Blockers & b/p in Aorta
  217. BP summary of past 6 months
  218. Avapro comments
  219. Penybobeny
  220. Is this abnormally low blood pressure in the morning?
  221. Blood pressure spikes after outdoor work
  222. More problems with low pressure
  223. Famnd--HCT
  224. What exactly constitutes as high blood pressure?
  225. sudden spikes in blood pressure
  226. I need help with my problem (calling all veterans please)
  227. Cortisol Induced Hypertension.
  228. Altace
  229. Avalide, holy cow, not again!
  230. Blood Pressure remaining elevated after HELLP sydrome
  231. Different kinds of salt and blood pressure
  232. Carotid Doppler
  233. BP going up
  234. Chest pain from hypertension alone?
  235. High Systolic, Low Diastolic, Why?
  236. Caffeine & B/P meds
  237. Anybody else with dysautonomia or cardiogenic syncope?
  238. very long term use of Cardura and withdrawal.
  239. verapamil different types
  240. New user - introduction/exercise
  241. Passed Out while Urinating
  242. DASH diet and resperate
  243. High Blood Pressure
  244. question
  245. Home monitors and pulse reading...error?
  246. Blood pressure and dentist procedure w/nitrous oxide. Ideas??
  247. A hypertension question
  248. BP needs for physical activity (low bp question)
  249. calcium and systolic hypertension
  250. A new and amazing BP treatment on the horizon