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  1. From Brand Name to Generic - BP Rising
  2. hbp 35
  3. Atenolol 100mg
  4. How can I get off blood pressure medication?
  5. Anti-anxiety medication for high BP?
  6. Confused about conflicting high BP readings
  7. High blood pressure at very young age?
  8. Hypertension with low blood pressure during evening till early morning
  9. Is my Dr. getting too personal?
  10. Acid reducers and HBP
  11. Cannot lose any weight :/
  12. Not sure what to think about my latest blood pressure readings
  13. 116/66 what does this mean
  14. how to raise low bp and make it stay up?
  15. Blood Pressure All Over the Place?
  16. Low diastolic - after exercise
  17. feeling dizzy
  18. HCTZ Questions please need advice.
  19. Chronic Hypertension since age 18
  20. Stroke from Low Blood Pressure
  21. That Cough!
  22. High blood pressure after infection?
  23. ?? about changing B/P meds
  24. Fluxuations are huge.. Normal?
  25. 80/52 -> 190/110
  26. Temporary and apparently very high blood pressure?
  27. newbie needs help please*Anyone had surgery cancelled due to high BP?
  28. blood pressure meds make me feel sick :-(
  29. great bp to sudden elevation
  30. My progress getting off meds... and a fantastic blood test results!
  31. Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazine reaction/bad rash!
  32. My last doctors appointment, what do you guys think?
  33. Benazepril (Lotensin), Hawthorn, and Insomnia
  34. High Systolic- Normal to low Diastolic...help!!
  35. Diuretics
  36. blood pressure meds issue
  37. High blood pressure causing blood clots?
  38. After Atenolol Question
  39. 1992 Interview with Dr.Aldermann on treatment of Mild Hypertension
  40. Hypertension studies... not really that "DRAMATIC"
  41. New Here with HCTZ Question
  42. High Blood Pressure control naturally!!
  43. Systolic Hypertension from Antipsychotic?
  44. Statins and Memory Loss
  45. Question About Potassium Intake on Lisinopril+HCTZ
  46. Think I may be a low-renin hypertensive, ace-inhibitors raise my bp and pulse
  47. Potassium Test
  48. Automatic blood pressure machine pulse accuracy
  49. Blood pressure spikes at doctor's office
  50. heart palpitations
  51. Ice packs?
  52. Feel really tired on Ramipril
  53. LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 100 mg. one tab per day
  54. pot syndrome advice
  55. Health, young, and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!!
  56. High BP *causing* anxiety?
  57. Taking Lisinopril-HCZ but it is not working
  58. Question about Sudden increase in blood pressure.
  59. Atenolol unscripted effect?
  60. Cutting Atenolol
  61. A bad case.....that hopefully falls on good ears
  62. Can Cipro cause high blood pressure?
  63. not happy about these side affects of Amlodipine, any advice?
  64. Ramipril Question
  65. high aldosterone, low norm blood pressure, edema, weight gain
  66. Blood pressure meds!
  67. Need some feedback-update on blood pressure
  68. How long before hpb comes down?
  69. What is a normal RANGE for blood pressure during a day?
  70. Wierd Pinching Feeling in Upper Back/Chest/Throat area?
  71. Depressed and feeling hopeless
  72. Proper Way to take blood pressure
  73. betaxolol and horrible rib pain???
  74. Benicar
  75. Orthostatic Hypotension and Head/Neck Heaviness and Tingliness
  76. Maxzide general questions...
  77. Newbie with HBP
  78. Verapamil causing frequent urination?
  79. Right arm vs. Left arm.
  80. How to take "ankle" blood pressure?
  81. Help, its my dad :(
  82. Can Meds "Increase" Blood Pressure?
  83. Pressure difference..
  84. Hbp meds killing my sex life!!
  85. Spiking Blood Pressure!!!
  86. Hydroclorothiazide & Lisinopril
  87. Can a Pharmacy also cause white-coat hypertension?
  88. 21 years old with high blood pressure?
  89. Can I take bisoprol with viagra
  90. Safe Blood Pressure Reading
  91. High Blood Pressure at age 22?
  92. Stressed about high blood pressure
  93. lifetime high blood pressure
  94. 24 hour Blood Pressure averages, when too high, and then finally when healthy!
  95. Orthostatic Hypotension
  96. Be careful with the drugs you take
  97. cannot tolerate side effects of blood pressure meds
  98. Weaing off Lisinopril
  99. blood pressure meds reactions
  100. What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??
  101. Young female with high bp
  102. Scared to take High BP medicine, how much will it drop?
  103. Losartan heart palpitations
  104. BP one extreme to the other within seconds?
  105. High systolic blood pressure
  106. can't control blood pressure
  107. Young man with high BP and odd symtoms.
  108. conflicting readings
  109. High Blood Pressure
  110. Question re: LOSARTAN POTASSIUM 100mg
  111. The good the bad Question?
  112. Blood Pressure
  113. Anyone doing good taking Bystolic?
  114. Symptoms of high blood pressure but readings are normal..
  115. I take carvedilol like once a month. what could happen?
  116. Amlopidine thoughts, good or bad please!
  117. new here, looking for advice, support, someone to talk to
  118. beta blocker question
  119. beta blocker withdrawl and questions about amlopidine too
  120. Scared about taking my metropolol - Need some reassurance
  121. Blood Pressure
  122. High Blood Pressure and Doxycycline
  123. rampril
  124. PLEASE help. 27 and high blood pressure?
  125. Do certain foods make your blood pressure increase?
  126. Teckturna Blood Pressure med
  127. is it okay for me to take atenolol for my condition?
  128. atenolol help
  129. Lisinopril giving me panic attacks
  130. High Blood Pressure
  131. Tapering off Atenolol
  132. burning feeling in left arm and left leg
  133. New here-having trouble getting right meds
  134. Blood pressure all over the map
  135. Norvasc Vs Benicar
  136. How do you cope with having your BP checked at dr.'s office?
  137. Does anger increase blood pressure?
  138. Worried new medication may not be effective?
  139. Switching high bp medication
  140. blood pressure 191/101
  141. Really high blood pressure
  142. Sudden increase in blood pressure
  143. White Coat Hypertension
  144. When To Take Ramipril???
  145. Does good cholestrol lessen the chance of complications
  146. How low can you go?
  147. Finally the BP med for me
  148. Anxiety related high BP?
  149. Why ABPM (24hr BP monitoring) may be helpful
  150. My insurance wont cover arbs anymore..
  151. Sudden onset of hbp in 23 yr old athletic male
  152. Losartan - Vision Problems
  153. BP meds and hairloss
  154. Cardio has become essential, is that bad?
  155. Just diagnosed with HBP...
  156. High Blood Pressure Question
  157. Happy New Year
  158. What causes high systolic BP
  159. High Blood Pressure and Arthritis meds.
  160. Want to stop bystolic...
  161. I need support-trying to reduce my meds!
  162. Generic Tenormin
  163. Worried about my diastolic
  164. Norvasc and Alcohol?
  165. Morning blood pressure?
  166. does pulse and bp go up when sick?
  167. BP rising with increased lisinopril
  168. What is happening with my Blood Pressure
  169. Doc wont give me any more meds even with high readings
  170. What should be normal blood pressure?
  171. Had a high blood pressure day really worried
  172. Blood Pressure
  173. Achiness with ACE Inhibitor
  174. I believe anxiety DOES cause hypertension
  175. Anxiety and blood pressure readings
  176. What Bp Meds Have worked for you
  177. Living with hypertension-Men with hypertenion?
  178. What is life-expectancy of young men with high blood pressure?
  179. symptom of high blood pressure?
  180. 26yo Male with High Blood Pressure
  181. Is it normal to get occasional high bp on medication?
  182. Is anyone taking Benazipril?
  183. Amlodopine and Bystolic
  184. Low Blood Pressure - Please Help!
  185. New to Low BP, Should be worried
  186. atenolol and candestarten
  187. High blood pressure?
  188. Systolic and Diastolic numbers
  189. High Blood Pressure.
  190. Dizziness/feeling faint
  191. Sirdalud + low blood pressure
  192. Elevated BP & Pulse
  193. Advice needed: high blood pressure 231/158
  194. Upper Left Chest Pain
  195. BP normal & then very high
  196. 30 year old, Avapro 300 mg, 133/86
  197. Worried I may be taking too much Blood Pressure Medicine?
  198. Ideas Anyone??
  199. glucosamine and ARBs
  200. Anyone Had Their Beta Blocker Stop Working for Them?
  201. Unknown illness
  202. Those being Treated with Beta Blockers for Hypertension
  203. Benicar HCT side effects ? Need Help !!!!!
  204. high and low bp160/96/89
  205. How fast does a dose of enalapril work?
  206. Can you take Magnesium supp with Cozaar 50mg?
  207. My BP 161/110/96 is this Ok?
  208. Confused about high elevation bp/diabetes - set me straight
  209. Reaction to HCTZ
  210. Low BP & High Pulse
  211. Back to square one with Meds
  212. Neurogenic heart syndrome/norpace
  213. Banana and cholesterol
  214. I don't know what to do!
  215. b/p control
  216. Blood pressure machine - 24hr monitoring
  217. Can anyone help me?
  218. Down Too a 1/4 pill of Atenolol and side effect question
  219. normal systolic high diastolic
  220. Is Betaxolol making me crazy???
  221. ramipril does not appear to stable my blood pressure
  222. ion eXtra - lowering blood pressure, have any one experience by using it
  223. Anxiety about blood pressure
  224. stress bp ??
  225. Need some help with BP question?
  226. Rapid pulse/tachycardia & Cardizem
  227. Normal Blood Pressure When?
  228. Sudden low Diastolic
  229. BP meds stopped working after switching
  230. Good blood pressure in the morning, awful in the evening.
  231. Stopping Atenolol
  232. Switching from bystolic to toprol XL
  233. Amlodipine
  234. Nutritonal question about the DASH diet
  235. High BP in doctors office but not at home
  236. high blood pressure
  237. Benicar now has my BP at 91/54
  238. Terrified to Wean Off Metoprolol
  239. Atenolol withdrawal - vision problems
  240. hepatitis c with high blood pressure
  241. Hi BP Resistant to Medication
  242. Dizziness & Hunger
  243. High BP but doctor says its 'fine'?
  244. Propanolol and depth perception/vision issues
  245. Taking Atenolol. Im new here and feel like crap
  246. Sudden high blood pressure
  247. Benicar HCT & Vitamins (supplements)
  248. Are hypertension and high blood pressure the same thing?
  249. please suggest me...blood pressure
  250. Normal Blood Pressure

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