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  1. Head pain, worried!
  2. Constant Headaches
  3. a headache a day please go away
  4. Anyone else had this headache?
  5. occipital headaches
  6. Headache wont go away...please help!
  7. Whats wrong with me?
  8. Ongoing headache weeks after flu shot
  9. What kind of headache is this?
  10. Has anyone taken Zoladex for migraines?
  11. headaches everyday
  12. Tension Headache?
  13. Unknown Dizzyness with blackouts
  14. dizzyamber81 are you there?
  15. how long for topamax to get out of body
  16. "Strange Headaches" are gone-Here's what the fix was(I hope)
  17. Why do I wake up with headaches everyday?
  18. i have had a continuing headache for the last 4 days. what should i do?
  19. why do i have this sharp off and on pain in my head
  20. Help!! Husband having sudden, severe and frequent headaches
  21. I am so desperate, please read
  22. Please Help!!
  23. Strange pains in head
  24. Any topamax success stories?
  25. Topamax user
  26. what causes lightheadedness, pressure in the head and a sore neck?
  27. Migraines - My Drugs review (glad i've found a community of people that understand)
  28. Help me please.
  29. i have a pain on the top of my head in middle what is it
  30. when laying on left side why do I get dizzy
  31. Head Pressure
  32. My head hurts can someone help me out?
  33. zomig and imigran self injections
  34. Burning headaches, pain all over head, and pressure in the ears -- please help!
  35. terrible headache plus neck pain. help!
  36. bad migrains
  37. New headache sufferer --Help!
  38. So what can Migraine Sufferers Eat?
  39. Strange headaches-My symptoms-On&Off for 7 years
  40. Are they migraines?
  41. headaches with wisdom teeth
  42. Headache on one side..severe
  43. Chronic Temple pain
  44. Strange new symptom
  45. Chronic Tension Headache, Stiff Neck, Lower Back Pain, Stiff Hamstrings?
  46. pains in the head
  47. Migrain and Acoustic Nuroma related?
  48. Lightheaded/Dizzy Ache + Anxiety (HELP)
  49. Headaches from lying down?
  50. Wisdom tooth headache?
  51. Migrains and Topamax
  52. my jaw hurts when I bend over
  53. Weird headache problem...
  54. Hello everyone. Headaches for 8 days now, please read.
  55. dizziness when lying down
  56. Amitriptyline for Migraines
  57. if i lay down my head gets worse
  58. Sister in law with migranes/nausea/acid reflux
  59. NDPH and concussion
  60. Migraine, Menstrual Cycle and Prevention
  61. sharp stabbing headache
  62. birth control and migraines
  63. Headaches from Omeprazole and Tagamet
  64. One Sided Headaches?
  65. Question about Ct scan of head?
  66. headaches all the time why?
  67. Strange type of headache, worrying :(
  68. Mav
  69. headache
  70. headaches
  71. Two-week mild headache & sensation of cold in head/neck
  72. Stuffed up nose and cough for 2 months
  73. sinutitus
  74. Unbearable Headaches And Pain
  75. wisdom tooth headache???
  76. what type of headache is it when it is a tingling sensation in back and left side of
  77. why do i have pressure behind my eyes
  78. headache
  79. Migraine Assoc. Dizziness & Pregnancy
  80. Nortriptyline and high blood pressure
  82. topamax for migraine???
  83. multi symptom ongoing issue
  84. Tension headaches-is Neurontin the answer?
  85. can stomach problems cause lightheadedness and really bad headaches?
  86. No idea why its happning.. or wat it is.
  87. Last week was pretty bad...ahhh!!! Need some answers, plwease
  88. head and eyes
  89. Headaches, light sensitivity, ringing in ears
  90. Help with multiple issues / migraine / allergies
  91. Diagnosed with migraines...not so sure
  92. strange headache.
  93. head ache worse when I lay down
  94. Headache on left side of head in the back
  95. Headaches
  96. no headache/migraine medication
  97. Just plain weird
  98. what do i do if i have pressure behind my eyes
  99. Burning Sensation and Migraine
  100. nagging headache after wisdom teeth pulled
  101. why do i get headaches while i am asleep
  102. migraines
  103. Constant lightheaded dizzy odd feeling for 4 months now.
  104. Topamax And Irregular Periods
  105. Headaches/Blurry vision
  106. thomas jefferson headache center phila pa
  107. why wont my migraine go?
  108. pain medcations all
  109. 8 months of dizziness
  110. 50+ Day Headache any input?????????
  111. Left Side Temporal Head Ache
  112. Depakote causing my acne?
  113. day 49 of my headache
  114. Neck tightness and Lightheaded
  115. A Superior Remedy For Tension Headache
  116. Pressure in head for over a week
  117. weird feeling in my head..??
  118. Headache - Back of my head
  119. Throat sore then Neck pain and is swollen.
  120. Aura with Migraine (very scary!)
  121. On and Off headcahes for the last week
  122. Female side migraines!!!
  123. Please help - Strange head pains
  124. pain on top of the head
  125. please help me
  126. Bad headaches/migraines
  127. migraines when laying down
  128. Has anyone tried Zonegran?
  129. any one been diagnosed with cervical headaches
  130. Sharp Pain in the lower right side in the back of head.......
  131. Headache at back of head?? Pls Help!
  132. Painful Headaches Caused By Worry?
  133. what causes frequent auras
  134. What's the deal?
  135. head spasms
  136. stabbing pain in temple
  137. Chrinic headache for 5 yrs
  138. EXtreme nausea-Migraine/effexor xr
  139. lumber punctures
  140. side effects?
  141. thomas jefferson headache center
  142. migranes from playing soccer?
  143. Permanent vision loss with migraine?
  144. Headache for 4 years.....HELP!!!!!
  145. What could this be?
  146. help-what works for migraine headaches?
  147. migrains
  148. Well. I went to the e.r! please help
  149. Combination Migraine treatments, what works for you?
  150. i need help
  151. Extreme Headaches during a bowel movement
  152. Headache for weeks & Ear Pressure
  153. silent migraines
  154. Continuing Headache...
  155. tension feeling in head and ears
  156. daily chronic headache
  157. I Have Headaches Everyday, What Is Wrong?
  158. Burning pain in my head
  159. Tension Headaches and Relief
  160. Headache or something more serious?
  161. Nosebleeds and Headaches
  162. spasms neck, head, shoulders and teeth clenching
  163. headches
  164. chronic headache, earaches and neck pain-please help me!!!!!!
  165. headache problems
  166. Any Helpful Tips?
  167. Brain Lesion - Old Granulomatous Disease
  168. Cluster headaches at crisis point, pls. help!
  169. stopping the pill and headaches
  170. pro-longed pain and pressure
  171. Has anyone taken Zonegran
  172. migraine aura or something else?
  173. Lipoxidil For Migraines
  174. steroids for migraine
  175. Prolonged headache and other symtoms
  176. does fish oil tablets cause headaches
  177. why do i get a strange sensation when lying on my back
  178. Headache Remedy
  179. My head hurts like i'm upside down
  180. what are these headaches???
  181. headache
  182. Sharp pains
  183. What are your side effects from Topamax...
  184. headaches
  185. headache on right temple
  186. unbearable tension headaches
  187. Headache with dizziness
  188. barometric headaches when flying
  189. Topamax Questions
  190. Migraine decreasing, headache increasing...
  191. headaches
  192. Migranes in 15 year old!
  193. (lump on head)
  194. silent migraine for four days!?
  195. Daily Migraines
  196. TV Headaches
  197. Migraine
  198. migraines/eye pain/TMJ
  199. nosebleeds, migraines, dizziness
  200. Pressure on my left side of my head in temple area
  201. Has anyone had headaches coming from artificial sweeteners?
  202. Tension headaches at night
  203. Esgic - stomach pain
  204. When is a headache more than a headache?
  205. What do you take for migraines?
  206. Left eye / headache
  207. Scared during orgasm...
  208. need some opinions on weird headache
  209. What preventative drugs have worked for you? Thinking of ditching Topamax
  210. Unknown freaky headache
  211. Headache after ejaculation
  212. What is it and why is it so painful?
  213. headaches - need advice
  214. cant take this anymore!!!!
  215. Diet Cola & Headaches
  216. Burning sensation before migraine
  217. constant headache for days
  218. Morning head pressure
  219. Should i be concerned.
  220. what kind of headache is this?
  221. I am sooooo scared, please help.
  222. has anyone tried Cymbalta for really bad headaches
  223. Headache caused by applying pressure.
  224. Wisdom Teeth gone but Headaches remain
  225. Help? Nuero says migraines [anxiety]
  226. Rebound Headaches
  227. Headaches
  228. migrane frequency increased why?!
  229. NON PAINFUL migraine???
  230. No clue about these headaches
  231. Headaches, Dizzyness, Lightheaded from motion?
  232. Have this strange pain right side of ear and head
  233. Info on Headaches Stay Gone Herbal Medication?
  234. Menstrual Migraines...weird heartbeat and migraines?
  235. Im getting abit desperate now.....
  236. Headaches due to weather changes
  237. What is this?!
  238. Burning headache/rebound headache.
  239. This makes no sense to me at all!!!!!
  240. headaches originating from neck
  241. pressure on top of head-somebody please help me!
  242. Get Lightheaded from Reading
  243. Head throbbing.
  244. Vasodilators to abort migraines?
  245. pressure on top of head
  246. Amitriptyline
  247. Nortriptyline - your experiences?
  248. Migraines if I *dont* miss a meal
  249. Zanaflex for Tension Headches Anyone??
  250. Shooting Pains in your Temples???

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