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  33. What Is Going On
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  37. sorry but I was wondering if any one knew...
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  49. is this a cold
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  54. Migraines
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  64. 13 year old son
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  66. headaches,brain fog,dizziness,lethargy
  67. for everybody with brain fog, lethargy, sore joints, headaches etc.
  68. copd
  69. Beginning of something else?
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  71. Is this a tension headcahe?
  72. Had MRI, waiting for results...
  73. Peppermint Works
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  79. Any ideas?
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  83. I'm hoping this is just migraines someone can you please help?
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  101. Phentermine
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  105. Hi Everyone,
  106. continuous intermittent right temple head pain
  107. Anyone have success with nadodol?
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  110. How does it take for topamax to work?
  111. How does it take for topamax to work?
  112. some one please help me
  113. Help Please
  114. Headaches on one side of head
  115. stiff neck
  116. To all Topamax users
  117. Zonegran
  118. Concussion=Pain
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  139. dizzyamber81 are you there?
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  146. I am so desperate, please read
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  150. Topamax user
  151. what causes lightheadedness, pressure in the head and a sore neck?
  152. Migraines - My Drugs review (glad i've found a community of people that understand)
  153. Help me please.
  154. i have a pain on the top of my head in middle what is it
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  156. Head Pressure
  157. My head hurts can someone help me out?
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  179. Hello everyone. Headaches for 8 days now, please read.
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  193. Mav
  194. headache
  195. headaches
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  211. No idea why its happning.. or wat it is.
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  222. Just plain weird
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  231. thomas jefferson headache center phila pa
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  250. please help me