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  1. Strange hand ache following paralysis caused by migraine
  2. Why start with migraines after 6 years
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  5. tender to the touch
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  14. Relief from 18mos constant migraines-food intol/allergies
  15. Gastric Bypass - Migraine Medications??
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  17. tender scalp
  18. Dull throbbing headache at top of head.. ?
  19. Pressure, numbness, occasional pain on top of head
  20. New with occular migraines
  21. Chronic headaches for roughly 10 years now
  22. Topomax ???
  23. HORRIBLE ongoing pain
  24. Lyrica anyone?
  25. headaches everyday
  26. would you continue with this neuro?
  27. Weird headache
  28. Supplemental Vitamin D as Migraine Trigger
  29. MRI Question
  30. pokin pain in right side of head
  31. Headache for 4 straight days....
  32. Daily Headache for 80 Days
  33. Headaches with Numbness
  34. suffering since I was 3 with migraines-help
  35. Head pains
  36. Headache when laying on back of head
  37. stabbing pain in back of head
  38. localised headache
  39. Constant Headache with vision "floaters"
  40. throbbing pain in back of head on the right side
  41. Headache & numbness
  42. why do i get a pain in my head when i stand up
  43. headaches
  44. Headache/neck pain for 2 weeks HELP!
  45. pain in the back of my head when jumping...what is it?
  46. Just a frustrated patients rant (on opoids)
  47. Botox for Headaches
  48. sources for info on "lesser known" headache causes/types?
  49. Head hurts when laying on my side.
  50. Constant headache
  51. Headache from my neck?
  52. drug interaction
  53. antidepressants with triptans
  54. An Introduction
  55. drugs for headaches
  56. visual distubances and pain in head after coughing...
  57. drug interaction
  58. Headache on the Top of the Head
  59. pain started and moved to four locations
  60. pain left side head,dizzinss
  61. ear pressure
  62. norco for headaches
  63. head hurts
  64. headache
  65. Frequent Headaches
  66. Headache Meds and Top Dr's.
  67. headaches
  68. Constant Unilateral Ache, going on 4 years
  69. Headache on top of my head
  70. what can you do for light headedness on one side with headache
  71. headache that lasts for days
  72. Topamax for migraines
  73. Constant Migraines
  74. Migraines and Co-Q-10
  75. Don't know what this is?
  76. Neurontin for migraines? What works?
  77. Headaches related to lack of sleep
  78. sick
  79. dull pain in right temple of head
  80. headache
  81. headaches different than the migrains that I get
  82. Ice pick headaches
  83. could this be a brain problem??? really worried, please help!
  84. Migraine Headaches.
  85. headache
  86. do migraines make your blood pressure go up?
  87. Horrible Migraine
  88. what is medrin medicine
  89. caffine free sodas
  90. Constant Headache for 13 years
  91. Recent Concussion
  92. Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches
  93. small lump on temple
  94. Should I stop Topamax for eye flashes or is that normal?
  95. Head hurts
  96. "weird head," not quite a headache but ...
  97. Cervicogenic Headaches
  98. Migraine treatment???
  99. Feverfew for headaches
  100. headaches and nausea
  101. Unusual Case
  102. Recurring migraine and lingering pain - don't know what to do
  103. Headaches from old injurie
  104. headaches and chest pain only during sleep
  105. throbbing nerve on left side of head
  106. Headache after ejaculation....
  107. head throbbing when lying down
  108. Headaches for as long as I can remember
  109. headache possibly a stroke? but i'm 22.
  110. sleep i cant lie down i get breathless and have to get up
  111. I'm 26... been suffering from tension headaches for 10 years!
  112. 22, headaches. Everyday
  113. 19 years old. feel like i'm falling apart
  114. What kind of headache do I have?
  115. Sharp pain on right side of head.
  116. Periods of migraines, then months without
  117. I had one throbbing head pain for one straight day what could be the cause?
  118. i have had a bad migraine for 5 days what dose it mean
  119. extreme random pain\ left side of head
  120. Migraine hell for my little girl
  121. Migraines without the headaches?
  122. headaches and chest pains
  123. Headaches for over a week in same place.
  124. Wooziness feeling in head
  125. Sharp pain back of eye and upper head
  126. stabbing headache with esophageal spasms
  127. New and seeking advice
  128. Feeling that head is floating
  129. migraine and teeth issues :-(
  130. aura for over 24 hrs
  131. Chronic Migraine, Sharp Head Pain followed by Dizziness
  132. Pains in my head
  133. Optical migraine - a little description
  134. Headaches after suspicion over bleeding brain
  135. Menstrual Migraines
  136. Constant Daily Headaches
  137. Looking for advice about Migraine and balance problems (please help)
  138. pain pain go away
  139. Pain and pressure in back of head when attempting sit ups!
  140. headaches all the time
  141. constant headaches and dizziness since last 3year!
  142. hello!
  143. head pain
  144. Fed up with headpain
  145. Head ache
  146. Headache behind eyes almost everyday, HELP
  147. Hormonal migraines
  148. Constant pressure in back of head
  149. Headache on top left side of head
  150. Husband: Week long headache, refuses to eat
  151. severe headaches in occipital area
  152. Headache after sickness
  153. vibration in head,pain in left eye and left neck
  154. headache on the right side behind my eye down the back of my neck
  155. Ongoing Headache and OTC pain reliever does not help
  156. Everybody with Headaches in back of head
  157. Wondering whether a lower dosage might still do the trick
  158. why does my head hurts when i touch it
  159. constant headache
  160. sharp pains in temple...
  161. Constant headache. Please help.
  162. tide with fabreeze
  163. Migraines
  164. temple pressure on right side of face
  165. Fatigue and headache
  166. please help
  167. Constant Migraines + Tension headache
  168. daughter suffering from migraines triggered by sound
  169. Constant headache-unsure of cause
  171. Daily, severe headaches
  172. what causes pain on one side of head
  173. head ache in the top back of head from two weeks
  174. Pressure pains in right temple, terrible pain, scared
  175. right temple pressure, painful
  176. head pain
  177. head pain
  178. Insidious headaches starting to worry me.
  179. Head pains that last a few seconds...It feels like My head will explode!
  180. Headaches occurring all over my head
  181. Bending over migranes
  182. Please Help
  183. Lamictal XR (Lamotrigine) for Migraines
  184. head pain caused by sneeze
  185. Head/Neck throbbing since Saturday
  186. headache on one side of head, daily
  187. 2 week long headache!! Please help!!
  188. Worse Headaches in the Winter
  189. Question on how migraines end
  190. Chronic Headaches- What could be the cause?
  191. Silent Migraine?
  192. quick shooting pain on one side of head
  193. Need headache med advise asap-Dr. appt tomorrow
  194. Benign Intracranial Hypertension
  195. headache
  196. Head hurts when I bend down , sneeze or cough
  197. short, sparp pains in one spot of my head
  198. Dull, throbbing, uncomfortable sensation on left side of head
  199. topical sensitivity in left temple
  200. Ibuprofen overuse
  201. fioricet + insomnia
  202. Pain in back of skull
  203. Severe pain around left eye, forehead area
  204. Ice pack headache?
  205. Constant feeling of confusion/almost as if I am drunk-headache & fuzziness
  206. Headache left side of neck
  207. relief normal?
  208. what if you have pain in the lower left side of your head?
  209. pressure in back of head when laying down
  210. Excruciating pain in right temple area (Please help)
  211. Headache...
  212. Headaches and neck lump
  213. Confused?
  214. Headache During Sex???
  215. Headache
  216. Migraines Help
  217. Cymbalta and Tingling
  218. Is this a mental issue or a common reaction?
  219. pain at the base of my skull when i lay down
  220. Severe pressure in back of head/neck w/ nausea
  221. Headpain when bending over
  222. Atypical migraine?
  223. headache on left side tha wakes me up early hours of the morning!
  224. 24/7 head pressure along with other symptoms
  225. Sudden sever headache during sleep leaves me shortly paralyzed
  226. Horrible headaches off and on for 3 weeks now.
  227. Pain on right side of neck.
  228. Random sharp ache in rear right
  229. Headache from lifting weights
  230. intermittent dull pain at left back of head
  231. head pain
  232. Persistant, Pulsing headache - what is it?
  233. Worrier
  234. Why am I having so many Migraines?
  235. Migraines with photo sensitivity in 13 yr. old girl
  236. Temple Headache, Nausea, Numbness & Burred Vision
  237. headache after tia stroke
  238. Stabbing pain left side of head
  239. pains in head when bending down
  240. Mysterious Neck,Back,and Headaches
  241. Left back side headache
  242. I can't take it anymore!
  243. 7 yr old boy
  244. What is this, anyone know?
  245. Headaches for about 4 years
  246. Unusual Pain on left side of head
  247. Migraines with Aura Help
  248. unbearable headaches, feel like pressure
  249. 49 year old female
  250. vitamins