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  1. Tingling sensation on right side of head
  2. Eye pain
  3. Autistic Daughter with Headaches and Fainting
  4. Need Help!!! severe headache that can last for a week...
  5. Quick Question on Migranes + Codeine
  6. Headache caused by long sleep
  7. im getting shooting pains in my eye and its swollen what is it
  8. constant headaches
  9. The Clinic saved my life!
  10. Headaches what to eat and what not to eat
  11. Pizotifen Pill for Migrains
  12. New here
  13. headache in back of head
  14. Shooting pain up my neck & headaches
  15. Question about Imitrex
  16. Morning headaches.....
  17. left side of your head hurts for several days
  18. question about headache episode last night
  19. Scared of Headaches.
  20. mri
  21. headaches
  22. why is propranolol not recommended for people w/ allergic rhinitis?
  23. Post TBI headaches
  24. headaches+while+laying+down
  25. Why does my head ache when i cough
  26. what causes headaches while dreaming
  27. Generic Imitrex injections!
  28. Constant dull pulsating headache 6 months duration
  29. severe headache when I move eyes
  30. Painful One-Sided Headaches With Side Shift
  31. Cervicogenic/Myofacial headache anyone?
  32. what to do for a teenager with a migraine headache that won't go away
  33. Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome or Migraine Stomach
  34. does anyone ever get this feeling???
  35. Migraines are back?
  36. Headache with lightheadedness
  37. Aweful Headaches And Neck Pain
  38. Compare symptoms please?
  39. headache when head being pressed
  40. Protecting myself when doing yard work
  41. how long does it takes for results of mri
  42. Help!
  43. Chronic Pressure at the base of skull and neck
  44. migraines when pregnant/vent
  45. Head pain when having a bowel movement
  46. what is this?
  47. Superior releif from tension headache
  48. headache when inhaling
  49. headaches every day what to do
  50. no pain
  51. Complicated Migraines
  52. Headaches are interfering with my life.
  53. Headaches, Pressure, fatigue, lighthead
  54. 10 day headache
  55. headache when coughing or bending
  56. Not sure about this headache
  57. What causes a sharp pain in the top of my head
  58. Headache / Eyeache / Anxiety ?
  59. if you take migraine med please read
  60. pain in left side of head what does that indicate
  61. Anyone???
  62. Zoloft for Pediatric Migraines?
  63. Topamax and Neurontin
  64. Daily Headaches/Pressure, along with brain fog and digestive issues... any ideas?
  65. New Migraines
  66. Help me in ST. LOUIS! Major Headaches!!!!!!
  67. how to get rid of a headache had for a week
  68. Does this sound like migraines!?
  69. Exertional Headaches?
  70. Headaches when I lie down
  71. Tension headache/nerve pains for 9 months and still being affected!!
  72. Tenderness and swelling in base of skull
  73. abnormal ct scan
  74. Headache, dizzy, nausea for 5 days! DR. does not know what it is!!!
  75. Worried Sick!
  76. temple headaches with tingling down cheek
  77. Cluster headaches and pizitofen side effects
  78. Please read - I'm desperate for answers.
  79. ive had a headache for a week, wat do i do
  80. 4 day long headache... help??
  81. not sure what to do
  82. laying down headaches
  83. chronic head pressure/pain
  84. Prozac for headaches
  85. why do i get headaches on my right side only
  86. Taking topomax working good Clock ticking
  87. Headaches
  88. Lancing pain when I bite down
  89. Morning Headache
  90. I think I got an ocular migraine...
  91. chronic tension headaches straight spine brain cramp help me
  92. please help
  93. Sharp pains.
  94. Here's A New One For You Guys...Constant Head Pressure With a Twist..
  95. I need urgent advice!!
  96. Can a bad tooth cause a lasting headache?
  97. When bending forward sharp pain in Temple
  98. Terrible headaches for over 2 years
  99. "Complex Migraines"???
  100. Aches, intermittent pain, possibly a new dent in skull
  101. concussion
  102. Headache
  103. strange pain on rightside of head.
  104. Trigger Point Assistance...
  105. dizziness
  106. how to get rid of a long lasting migraine
  107. Dull Pain in Right temple and right side of head
  108. Non-medication suggestions for migraines??
  109. Caffeine?
  110. foods to stay away from when you have a migraine
  111. Pains in my head
  112. 9 yr old with chronic headaches, etc - what am I looking at?
  113. I'm only 18 and having headaches!
  114. Worried about daughter's chronic headaches
  115. Zoloft and 5 HTP
  116. headache
  117. Head like a block of sleeping lard
  118. Left temple pain
  119. headache that increase everytime
  120. found something that gives me a instant headache
  121. Zonegran for migraine?
  122. Desperate for help with severe migraines!!!!!
  123. Chronic daily headaches
  124. Pin-point pain in head, dizziness, stuffy ears, crackling neck
  125. balloons - inflating and deflating
  126. balloons - inflating and deflating
  127. need advice on cold forehead
  128. Maxalt and insurance any suggestions?
  129. Constant Headaches!
  130. when to go to the hospital high blood pressure
  131. how do you know if its wisdom teeth that are causing headaches
  132. Topamax
  133. Headache causing vision blackouts...help!
  134. Distressing head pressure
  135. headaches, light-headedness and sweating
  136. tingling sensation in my head
  137. Headaches everyday..
  138. Headache lasting hours. HELP!
  139. sharp pains in left back of haed
  140. Small lump between temple and eye, headaches and pain in eye what could it be?
  141. migraine headaches
  142. pain in the base of skull
  143. Does this sound like a migraine?
  144. Anyone use Imitrex??
  145. Semi Facial Migraines?
  146. 14years old and been having headaches everyday since 7th grade
  147. What is this?
  148. 3 wk headache and demyelination
  149. I can tell when a storm is coming!!
  150. Can somebody help me.. Head hurts BAD!
  151. constant extreme headaches.
  152. my head/headaches
  153. Pain in back of head
  154. pain in my head
  155. Worried about 18 year old daughter
  156. Burning Head Pain in Back of Head
  157. ax in my forhead
  158. Severe headache
  159. Cymbalta for headaches
  160. Back of head, left side, sometimes ear
  161. Pain and stiffness in neck
  162. Back of head headache...
  163. Please read....urgent help requested
  164. The headache that never goes away...
  165. Please help me!!
  166. migrane - what type of doctor to go to
  167. Cerefolin- NAC
  168. Intensely Sharp Pain in Back of Head
  169. head pain/crackling in ears
  170. headache with face swelling and clumsy hand
  171. Headache for 4 days now is this normal
  172. Headache/Neck Pain Getting Out of Control
  173. best doctor for headaches new orleans area
  174. My brother's headaches
  175. Side effects of Topamax
  176. Headaches & Dizzy & Fatigue & Lighthead 24 / 7
  177. Strange Symptoms w/ no known cause
  178. Constant headaches
  179. headachs and panic attacks
  180. Headaches & Pressure
  181. pain
  182. Headache Cure - Injecting alcohol to kill nerve endings
  183. Fiance has a fuzzy heavy head - please help
  184. what not to eat when you suffer from migraines?
  185. not been feeling good
  186. headaches been doctors and been given amitiptyline and booked in for ct scan
  187. Orthodondist or ER?
  188. Why Does My Head Hurt When I Bend over
  189. fuzzy feeling?
  190. Whole weekend of severe headache
  191. head and legs
  192. headache as soon as i put my head on the pillow to go sleep
  193. how many mg of topomax?
  194. surgical implant to stop headaches anyone heard of this?I am desperate!
  195. Dental Connection to Migraine
  196. Intermittent pain above my right eyebrow
  197. weird headaches
  198. Girlfriend having headaches and nausea
  199. head aches
  200. Pain Management for Migraines
  201. Headache and feeling lightheaded
  202. i started having this lightheaded feeling around 6 weeks ago
  203. Relentless migraine
  204. very strong headaches
  205. daily headache help!
  206. Headaches daily, especially after eating...
  207. migraines/pressure
  208. I cannot lie down my head in my pillow
  209. please help me get rid of this HEADACHE??
  210. migraines
  211. Headache
  212. unremarkable mri
  213. Can you get headaches from not eating
  214. neck,to head to eye pain
  215. 4 day headache, dizziness, mild nausea
  216. Scared from what happened this morning...
  217. The Chiropractor: Cure or wishful thinking?
  218. Does Excedrin Extra Strenght Make you Nauseous?
  219. Pain in the base of my skull
  220. Herbal migraine remedies
  221. stiff neck,migraines, or worse?
  222. dizzy off and on
  223. what causes pain in my temple
  224. psuedotumor ceribri
  225. Headache When Bending Over
  226. severe headaches
  227. benign intercranial hypertension
  228. pain in the back of the head
  229. Ice Cream Type Headache Repeatedly?
  230. Tension Headaches
  231. Cancel Account
  232. Headaches after blow to head 2 months ago
  233. how to release pressure in ears
  234. migraines
  235. pamelor
  236. Is this thorough enough?
  237. feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and sick
  238. propranolol to prevent migranes
  239. Headaches after dates?
  240. Tension headaches for 11 years?
  241. Top of head...headaches?
  242. Paddy55 Where are you???
  243. Headaches when I drink hard alcohol?
  244. Unusual dizziness
  245. Possible Answers?
  246. Strange feelings in head
  247. Headaches from lack of sleep
  248. Headache for almost 2 weeks...
  249. why do my headaches come back when I set up
  250. Temporal Arteritis

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