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  1. Loss of hearing, wax buildup trapped water
  2. Otosclerosis - to operate or not?
  3. What does this mean....
  4. long-time follow-up of otosclerosis
  5. Question re: activity after stapedectomy
  6. I just had a stapedectomy for otosclerosis
  7. Had stapedectomy, now a little worried
  8. Ringing never stops
  9. heartbeat
  10. Dizziness, temporary hearing loss...
  11. still ringing.
  12. Otitis Media...how long???
  13. does anyone get dizzy from your ear noises?
  14. High heart rate
  15. crackling in my ears
  16. Nerve Cell Regeneration & Qu Qiang's Therapy
  17. Fullness in right ear, spreading to left ear, help!
  18. Anyone knowledgeable about hearing tests?
  19. Could this be the beginning of tinnitus?
  20. Patulous eustachian tube.
  21. Strange sounds with hearing aids
  22. Ears always feel like they need to be popped-even with tubes in.
  23. Anyone with Otosclerosis have these symptoms?
  24. Eusthachian tube blockage...maybe!?
  25. Dizzy, loud rushing noise in ears anyone else?
  26. Tympanometry
  27. Tinnitus
  28. surgery requirement?
  29. Digital Hearing Aids
  30. PAC type hearing aid
  31. ear and eye pain
  32. ears and jaw
  33. CapTel - Anyone have one? Do you like it?
  34. no hearing loss
  35. Strange (embarrasing) hearing problem
  36. Is this audiologist taking my ins. co. across?
  37. Hearing Aid Reliability
  38. Is There A Natural Solution For Tinnitus
  39. Tinnitus
  40. Can someone please help me?
  41. Strange sounds -dizziness
  43. Hearing aid
  44. sqidgy noise in ear
  45. Hearing loss cuased by wax?
  46. Digital Hearing Aids and Ringing in the ear
  47. jennifer b.
  48. Shutting off from my hearing
  49. About Ear Doctor
  50. Fosamax and Otosclerosis diagnosis?
  51. Went shooting, now there is ringing
  52. Cerebral Palsy Voice Similar To Being Deaf?
  53. Kept hearing and feeling nothing in my ears
  54. Otosclerosis/Progressive Hearing Loss
  55. Hearing test
  56. hearing aids
  57. How do I get help?
  58. Stapes prosthesis and MRI safety???
  59. Hearing test
  60. Measles-Nerve Damage
  61. Can't hear dialogue on films clearly
  62. Hearing damage
  63. Pulsatting, Washing Machine Noise in Right Ear
  64. Digital Hearing Aids
  65. trouble distinguishing sounds
  66. BP related tinnitis
  67. Hearing Aids
  68. ear clod again today
  69. Hearing problems, fluid in ear, extra bone in mastoid air cells
  70. Ear Crackling/Static
  71. Sensitive Hearing
  72. Crackling in my left ear
  73. Can't hear sometimes - drainage into outer ear ?? Help me.
  74. dizziness,pleeaassee help
  75. Strange ear symptom...HELP!
  76. Plugged Right Ear-Otoscleosis?
  77. "stuffy" ear solutions....
  78. Eustachian tube problems solved with prednisone??
  79. OTOSCLEROSIS/Surgeon In DC Area
  80. cochlear implants
  81. Clogged Left Ear...Please Help
  82. squidy noise in left ear
  83. squidgy noise in left ear
  84. Candle/hairdryer by ear to get out ear wax?
  85. Eczema in ears...
  86. clicking sound in ear when jumping/boucing/..need advice
  87. Eng
  88. For people without any tinnitus, is there really complete silence?
  89. hard earwax...
  90. Patulous Eustachian Tube Surgery Experiences ?
  91. which ear you have tinnitus?
  92. Sound in ears (not ringing) when laying down.
  93. very sore
  94. Ear infection..need help
  95. I can sometimes hear ringing-ish sounds when I plug my ear.
  96. SwimmersEarDropsVsMineralOil
  97. ringing in both ears
  98. Tympanoplasty & Canalplasty in mid 90s - Tinitus ?
  99. I got all the help I need but also
  100. If the ears have been hurting on and off for
  101. can you lose hearing from wax?
  102. Ringing in ears 24/7
  103. ear candling
  104. What is an ENG?
  105. Ear Clogged For Days
  106. I sneezed and since then my ears have felt strange
  107. ear lump wierd please help...
  108. Earplugs
  109. stapedectomy complication
  110. Advice Needed
  111. What Kind of things can aggravate Tinnitus?
  112. fluid in left ear?
  113. Strange Symptom. Please help!!!
  114. hearing loss of high frequencies.
  115. Any help?
  116. Could I have meniere's disease?
  117. tymponaplasty surgery
  118. Hearing loss due to fluid
  119. ear disorder or something else
  120. Colloidal Silver to Treat Ear Infections
  121. Fluid in Ears
  122. Started losing my hearing at 18.. anyone else??
  123. Voice Distortion..
  124. Hearing Loss from Antibiotics (Neomycin)
  125. Right ear doesn't like the phone..
  126. Pitch difference???
  127. felt like a motor running in ear
  128. Hearing lost after diving 14 feet deep...(help please)
  129. earwax problems and flying
  130. Stapedectomy/Stapedotomy surgeons in Dallas
  131. My left ear problem...
  132. I always hear a air sound in my ears.
  133. Hearing loss blogs
  134. Stapedectomy surgery horror story
  135. Behind the ear hearing aid?
  136. Complete & Sudden Hearing Loss - Right Ear
  137. That annoying feedback noise that I cannot hear!!
  138. Hearing question?
  139. serious earwax problem
  140. stapes fracture - 2 stapedectomies :-(
  141. phone amplifier not much help!! Voices too contorted!!
  142. Survey: How and what do you use to clean your hearing aids?
  143. Tinnitus...from taking Zocor
  144. loss of hearing after concert?
  145. PET and Speech problems
  146. A little help please
  147. muffled hearing after ear cleaning
  148. Cell phone earpieces compatible w/hearing aids?
  149. Jeremy, lib, people with PET
  150. can Tinnitus give you pain in your ear?
  151. Inner Ear Pain/Hearing Aides
  152. Muffled hearing, only in one ear
  153. deaf in one ear
  154. Tinnitus or not?
  155. can Tinnitus kill you?
  156. Anyone with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease?
  157. Dental Surgery and Tinnitus
  158. Thumping In L/H Ear Alleviated by muscle freezing
  159. I can't take the ringing in my ears? HELP!!
  160. Squidgy Noise In My Left Ear
  161. Cardiomyopathy and anesthesia?
  162. Tinnitus and Sleeping - This helped me
  163. chronic ear infection-years
  164. hearing aids...blessing or a curse?
  165. Dizzy in the morning
  166. Ear Diagnosis Please!!!
  167. Can they see the ear bones
  168. Jobs for the hearing impaired
  169. - FLUID in ear -
  170. sound distortion in right ear
  171. Hearing Stopped then RINGING
  172. message for everyone with PET
  173. Sudden Tinnitus???
  174. Etd
  175. Hearing sensitivity in children
  176. Ear pressure problems after flying
  177. will my son be half deaf?
  178. Horrible Ear Popping, cant get any sleep!!
  179. How do they check for myoclonus
  180. SOS from China
  181. strange hearing problem
  182. How Do You Remove Wax?
  183. strange
  184. dizziness and ears
  185. sudden hearing loss
  186. my ears hurt
  187. article about easing tinnitus
  188. Diagnosed with Labs-Anyone with similar symptoms
  189. Hearing own voice
  190. over the counter ear cleaning products
  191. Can barely hear..
  192. stop blowing in my ear!!!!!!
  193. Tinnitus relief/cure?! Vinpocectine!
  194. Overall tinnitus suggestion
  195. Please someone help me-scared
  196. Squishy noise in left ear.
  197. Strange new symptoms. Can anyone please help?
  198. hearing screening
  199. Ear swelling, tenderness from wearing hearing aids
  200. Is There No Hope Anywhere!!!???
  201. ENG Test Results - Nerve Damage? HELP
  202. Hearing still not back to normal after 3 weeks
  203. ant depressant tinnitus link?
  204. my mother talks too loud...
  205. new to this---how to get hearing aids
  206. Stapedectomy-post op experiences (frequency loss)?
  207. Looking for small BTE hearing aids
  208. to everyone here suffering: therapies that may help you!!
  209. Can wax cause tinnitus?
  210. Loud Noise Sudden Hearing Loss
  211. Tinnitus is back-Please Help
  212. Bad Ear-Popping when laying down?
  213. Very strange hearing problem - help!
  214. Random Left Ear Thumping/Throbbing?
  215. Just had ear tube surgery...
  216. Left ear problems!
  217. Sudden Hearing Loss
  218. Tinnitus - does it ever go away?
  219. Pressure problems in ears
  220. Ive really had enough!
  221. Tinnitus and hearing loss - drugs that can cause it
  222. Stapedectomy-post op-ok to be alone?
  223. speaking + hearing
  224. Any advice appreciated!!
  225. PVCs and eye?
  226. Feel Like Stabbed in the Ear
  227. Constant thumping in right ear only
  228. Constant Crackling, sensation of fullness in ears, what is it?
  229. clogged ears with uneasy feeling
  230. Help!
  231. Ear noises
  232. Help Me!!
  233. Proper ear cleaning
  234. They say my hearing loss is due to loud music. But I think it's something else.
  235. ENG, what is it, Im worried...
  236. Pressure when breathing through Nose
  237. Aspirin ==> ear ringing
  238. Burst eardrum
  239. Some Pain when popping ears
  240. Scheduled for a Stapedectomy
  241. water stuck in eustation tubes
  242. Please, Desparately Need Help, Can't Take Much More!!
  243. Nasopharyngeal mass
  244. Does anyone suffer from Recruitment?
  245. sounds like a helicopter in my ear
  246. Glue ear in adults/hearing loss
  247. potassium iodide solution for PET
  248. Ear pain, hearing loss
  249. pulsatile tinnitus - nusance or serious problem?
  250. ringing in ear

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