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  1. Sodium Fluoride + Terbinafine Hydrochloride = ???
  2. Burnt Ruptured Ear Drum Help Advice Plz
  3. Pollen and air pressure
  4. Anyone with only high frquency loss who uses a digital hearing aid
  5. Fluctuating hearing - Please read to see if can help
  6. why did this make my ear pop open?
  7. Water in ears no solution?
  8. What now? Any thoughts?
  9. ringing,pulse rate,crackling......
  10. Does 3 1/2 Year Old Have Hearing Problems?
  11. Seeking Help For ETD!
  12. PSTR tinnitus treatment
  13. Tinnitus tip from new book
  14. Help! Tinnitus driving me crazy
  15. Hearing problem in right ear
  16. Ear Tubes put in, but still can't hear in one ear.
  17. exercise & right ear clog!
  18. I'm about to go nuts
  19. Hearing problems...need advice
  20. Hearing Loss in left ear....HELP
  21. Crackling in ear....
  22. Idiopathic Hearing loss in 8yo
  23. 8 year old with distorted hearing
  24. anyone with patulous eustachian tubes ?
  25. Ear Pain?
  26. Opaque Eardrum??
  27. Tinnitus/Ear plugged
  28. Earwax issues
  29. Cramp and hearing loss on the plane
  30. Help with Minor Hearing Loss
  31. my ears keep poping
  32. Undertreated ETD causing fluid in ears?
  33. Does this sound like PET?
  34. Best audiological facilities in country?
  35. T Gone
  36. If you get tinnitus, what conditions should be ruled out first?
  37. Foreign Objects
  38. diagnosed with menieres
  39. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
  40. Weepy Ear Canals
  41. If a drug were causing tinnitus...
  42. Ear stoppage due to pressure from within
  43. Decibel Level
  44. can u disconnect hearing on one ear?
  45. Nose Picking/Ear Problems
  46. Could have I suffered permanent hearing loss?
  47. Advice please
  48. help.permanent hearing loss with added screeching when noise comes in to the ear
  49. Hydrogen Peroxide help.
  50. Sudden blocked ear!!!
  51. Fullness/pressure in ears - loud noises/cold weather worsen it - why?
  52. masking noise for tinnitus
  53. ultra sensitive to high pitched sounds?
  54. Stapedectomy
  55. tinnitus/ringing in ears
  56. Eustachian tube dysfunction
  57. Questions New detection of loss in child
  58. Should I Be Worried?
  59. Cauterisation of ET for PET
  60. Stuck cuetip too far, help :\
  61. Hope Someone can help
  62. Gurgling Sounds
  63. Frequency Loss - Can Anyone Help???
  64. Meniere's Disease coming back?
  65. suddenly going irreparably deaf
  66. Ear clogged, but I can take any medicine...What do I do?
  67. Shouting
  68. Brain not wired properly -- not hearing loss?
  69. unexplained hearing loss
  70. How Loud is too loud?
  71. I'm New "Hear"
  72. my ears are clogged but no wax in ears they say.
  73. allergies and tinnitus
  74. concerned, suggestions please
  75. Blowing in the ear!!!
  76. Please help me !!!!
  77. Help-Eustachian Tube Blockage
  78. i have this problem with my ears
  79. what is this?
  80. Ear tube left hole in ear drum...(m)
  81. Tinnitus & long flights on plane ??
  82. Earwax and fluid questions
  83. Loss of hearing left ear
  84. the difference between pet and edt?
  85. Clicking inside ear when flexing
  86. feedback in ear
  87. what type of jobs can hard of hearing people do?
  88. anyone know if hearing loss and memory trouble is related
  89. Can't hear through background noise
  90. vestibule migraine's vs meinier disease
  91. the grunge of the deaf
  92. Etd gone after 6 months Woohoo
  93. Cogan's Syndrome
  94. Stuffed Ear - Loss of Hearing
  95. Hearing Problem Help!!
  96. parched eustachian tubes...
  97. Tinnitus/Eustacian tube problem?
  98. Eustacian tubes clog at night; and high register hearing loss
  99. Just diagnosed with Autoimmune hearing loss
  100. Ringing in my ears
  101. Deafness in New Born - Also Physical Shape of Ear
  102. Tinitus and infections
  103. Hearing help
  104. annoying noises
  105. Hearing loss after cleaning wax buildup
  106. Help! Need PET answers!!
  107. My 4 year old son....
  108. red and itchy ear
  109. Anyone have selective distortion?
  110. Best way to get rid of fluid in the ear...
  111. HELP! Clogged ear
  112. more cholesteatoma
  113. can't stand high pitch noises
  114. Pounding sound in ear
  115. Recommend good ear plugs please
  116. collapsed eardrum
  117. pain and leaking ears, followed by deafness
  118. q-tip - perforated eardrum
  119. Am I suffering from hearing loss?
  120. left ear
  121. Audiogram interpretation help?
  122. ear pain and bad smell
  123. muting/clicking, my story...
  124. Anesthesia
  125. Help for ETD sufferers - I had ETD for 2 years
  126. Tubes? At My Age??!!
  127. stapedectomy
  128. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction treatment!
  129. strange popping and crackling/scratching in left ear
  130. some good info. here
  131. Damage from going to concert
  132. Doctors Don't understand Suffering
  133. How much MORE do I have to take?
  134. Moving to the UK
  135. Three humming noises not in ears, but brain....
  136. Not sure what to do
  137. heartbeat sound in right ear???
  138. Stapedectomy
  139. ENT visit
  140. Slight Ringing...
  141. ringing/clogged ear
  142. message for bovvy..
  143. Three different noises in my ears all at once. HELP.....
  144. Autoimmune hearing loss??
  145. Tinnitus changes with head movement - possible answer
  146. Ear Wax Removal
  147. Hearing loss
  148. Hearing Problems
  149. Clogged ears caused by exercise?
  150. speech therapist with otosclerosis
  151. Clogged Ear....ugggg
  152. Ringing in Right Ear
  153. Humming in head continues
  154. Low humming in head???
  155. Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
  156. Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
  157. Question about damange to ear and flying LONG!!!
  158. cholosteotoma
  159. clogged ear from wax
  160. Hear my heartbeat in my right ear, help!
  161. Clogged feeling and hearing aid
  162. Ear pain for months and months.
  163. German Measels and Deafness?
  164. Blocked ear/pain/water/clicking
  165. i hate when ppl ask me if im hearing impaired in public or in front of ppl
  166. Otosclerosis and Facial Discomfort
  167. stuffiness in ear
  168. If I go touch my inner ear, like plug it or just itch around it, a really sharp pain
  169. nerve damage and infections
  170. Help has arrived!
  171. Ear fluttering sensation
  172. Ringing In Ears From Concert
  173. what is wrong with my ear!!!!?? HELP! pLEASE!
  174. Distortion and clicking sound
  175. Swimmers but no H2O in Ear!??!?
  176. Why is Valsalva benefit temporary???
  177. NOT otosclerosis
  178. live with it
  179. Sound of Breathing in Ear
  180. numerous ear problems, need help
  181. Anyone experience ear problems after taking antibiotics or other meds?
  182. Labrynthitis
  183. Am I the only one feeling this way???
  184. Tinnitus and radiation
  185. Ear Cloggin'
  186. Hi again Nathan
  187. A Question-Can this lead to hearing problems?
  188. strange sensation
  189. I have a sensitivity to the letter "S"
  190. Has This Ever Happenned to Anyone?
  191. Thumping In Ears Destroying My LIfe
  192. weird sound while chewing
  193. CIC vs. BTE
  194. jervell lange nielson syndrome
  195. Employment advice for my mom?
  196. i have been goin though a lot of pain
  197. Stuffy Ear Problems
  198. me too...........
  199. Message for Nathan
  200. Hearing - depression issue.. what should i do?
  201. Hollow noise in the ears
  202. problems after wax removal
  203. Zip
  204. Ear Pressure and Heat
  206. Still kickin'
  207. Hearing Noises
  208. new hearing aids
  209. Help for a blind girl with deafness pls!
  210. Ear popping, numbness and tinnitus
  211. Lost Hearing After Seizure
  212. Scheduled
  213. Surgery
  214. Ventilation Tube Removal
  215. Have otosclerosis, can't have stapedectomy??
  216. Blocked Ear- Help!
  217. Wax buildup or something else?
  218. Ears blocked due to a cold.
  219. recomendations on new aids.
  220. scratched ear and now cannot hear :(
  221. Pneumonia Caused Hearing Problem
  222. Distortion/buzzing in one ear. Please help!
  223. waves of deafness
  224. Tinnitus and eustachian problems?
  225. Anybody hard of hearing and have ringing in the ears?
  226. Ear wax query
  227. EDT
  228. Weird ear problem started today, can anyone help me figure it out?
  229. Swimmers ear or alergies???
  230. Melatonin for tinnitus?
  231. Profound hearing loss
  232. allergies?
  235. daughter trying to help her mother
  236. Eustachian tube cleaning
  237. cleaning hearing-aids
  238. deaf in one, 60% left in other, have problems
  239. hearing puslsatioms
  240. Ringing in ear after party!
  241. Thumping noise in ear
  242. How accurate are tests?
  243. please help - fluid?
  244. some very STRANGE symptoms....
  245. newborn hearing
  246. Will I go deaf with loud music?
  247. unilateral sneural hearing loss
  248. Question for Nathan
  249. Eustation Tube Dysfunction
  250. PET--hearing loss associated???