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  1. Results
  2. Cardiac cath questions
  3. Electrocardiogram Results / Mitral valve repair
  4. Hole in your heart
  5. rommie and heart and vaso vagel
  6. Hello .... can anyone help me re circa'd letter from consultant?
  7. Could it be Coronary Artery Disease?
  8. Anginogram Results
  9. Enbrel and Atrial Fibrillation
  10. 4 stents in LAD after widowmaker heart attack
  11. always feel heart beat
  12. Can low carbon dioxide level cause PVC's?
  13. Low Blood Pressure and Dizziness
  14. Ditiazem side effects positive or negative?
  15. Chest Pain
  16. Are SVT's THAT common?
  17. halter monitor
  18. Magnesium---important article
  19. Palpitations (again)-should I see a dr?
  20. Are these from Toprol?
  21. Re: Experience with Coumadin and mechanical valve
  22. serious?
  23. Scared for pacemaker placement
  24. Is this normal? Heartbeat in ears and chest during exercise...
  25. ongoing heart and health issues - long post
  26. Help Abnormal EKG
  27. pacemaker problems
  28. taking aspirin for atrial fibrillation
  29. Chest Pains and my Left arm hurts and all different places
  30. Aftermath of Radiofrequency Ablation
  31. Hope I can get some answers!
  32. why do heart flutters happen
  33. Question about carotod bruit
  34. PVC's & PAC's rule my emotional life
  35. regrowing scar tissue
  36. Heart pain, shortness of breath, blood in sputum (spit)...
  37. Does cardiomyopathy just go away or was I misdiagnosed???
  38. Open Heart Surgery Recovery Time
  39. has anyone done a mri....
  40. Please tell me if this is typical of heart valve disease! PLEASE?
  41. aortic stenosis
  42. Post partum cardiomyopathy 2
  43. are breathing problems from overweight, or are they always heart related
  44. Post partum cardiomyopathy...........
  45. HELP...SVT with atrial activation
  46. Cause of heavy Pounding heartbeat
  47. lad stents how long do they last?
  48. Infant PDA closure and High Respiratory Rate
  49. ache in back left shoulder and radiates down left arm
  50. Breathing Problems.
  51. do you get withdrawal after 4 days of taking toprol medication
  52. strong heart beat!
  53. Mitral Valve Regurgitation?
  54. worried
  55. does an enlarged heart help an athlete perform better
  56. why am I getting tunnel vision and my chest is heavy
  57. Looking for some advice and info ?
  58. Statins
  59. rapid burst of hard beats
  60. Chd
  61. Open-heart surgery
  62. Alcohol, anxiety and heart.
  63. Dads recent death - explanation needed
  64. why pain in left arm
  65. Is this normal of PVCs? Some other questions...
  66. show me enlarge heart
  67. pulled heart muscle
  68. high heart rate when excerising
  69. A few questions please.
  70. Failed Stress Test
  71. Mild heart attack ??
  72. Enlarged heart ?
  73. Ablation for Afib
  74. Heart pounding
  75. Does Altitude Affect Blood Pressure
  76. Palpitations related to gas?
  77. Aortic valve replacement and coumadin
  78. Heart disease or what??
  79. why do a person heart races after eating
  80. Chest Pains.... Please respond....
  81. Coumadin and natural herbal remedies???????
  82. how does a PAC beat vs. a PVC-ie: beat, beat, pause, BEAT. Think that's a PAC, so wha
  83. Does it sound like I could have MVP or something else?
  84. what is happening? I think its my heart
  85. can anyone tell me about a mir
  86. mitral valve prolapse
  87. Heart Spasms Assosiated With Haemochromotosis
  88. tenderness and chest/heart pain
  89. pulse fluctuate
  90. pulse is 128 when resting
  91. bowel,urinary probs,pain,protruding aorta 27yo Help!
  92. stress test
  93. Chest pains/ Normal stress test
  94. Chest Pain/Pressure Under Breastbone...Ideas?
  95. how to deal with an enlarged heart
  96. Labour & exercise for a pregnant with pfo and "stairs climbing triggered tachicardya"
  97. what does a borderline reading on an EKG mean?
  98. aortic valve replacement surgery
  99. Heart Palpitations
  100. night time palpitations
  101. high heart rate when exercising
  102. Pvc's During Workout on bike
  103. Can you do physical exercise if you have inducible reversible ischemia
  104. Chest pains
  105. heart pain
  106. have had a burning feeling in the middle of my chest all day but will go away when i
  107. Leg swelling & breathlessness during nights sleep
  108. Normal EKG, but still having problems
  109. Palpitation relief!!!
  110. asd surgery vs cathetrization
  111. Descending Thoracic Aorta Does Anyone Have This?
  112. Palpitations - any luck with non-drug cures?
  113. Life is changed at a stroke (or a heart attack!!)
  114. tenderness about 2 inches before armpit
  115. how significant is this??
  116. Chest discomfort
  117. High blood pressure with EF 60% in 23-year-old male
  118. Update on cardiologist. They are PVCs
  119. Heart rate 103 bpm
  120. how to confirm the chest pain is a heart attack or digestion problem?
  121. Leaky mitral valve?
  122. High heartrate only when exercising
  123. chest feels bruised
  124. Acorn CorCap
  125. I think I figured out how to stop my palpitations!
  126. what is a good heart recovery rate
  127. What to expect at a cardiologist?
  128. Should I be worried? or not?
  129. Risk of heart infection with mitral valve prolapse?
  130. bad palpitations everyday
  131. Heart Stents
  132. What is this?
  133. What is this chest pain?
  134. should i be worried?
  135. Nuclear Stress Test vs. Heart Scan
  136. telmasartan
  137. Question.....
  138. has anyone heard of this or have it?
  139. question on ECG exercise report
  140. how to stop plavix
  141. what causes inducible ischemia
  142. pericardial cyst Dx
  143. muscle vibration sensation
  144. HELP!!! My heart is going to jump out of my chest...
  145. pounding heartbeat
  146. stress test
  147. chest pain and left arm pain
  148. heartbeat
  149. help please chest pain
  150. Anyone have heart palpitations like these?
  151. Hypertrophy - Treatment Experiences
  152. anyone else?
  153. what should my heart rate be when I exersice if I take heart medication (beta-blocker
  154. CHF 51 yr old
  155. left arm pain when walking fast
  156. Some concerning issues
  157. shakyness/numbness/pain/fast heart rate?
  158. 20 year old with sudden tachycardia?
  159. heart rate while exercising
  160. Adrenaline burn?
  161. Open heart surgery, cosmetic inscision
  162. Dad w/congestive hf! SO STUBBORN!!!
  163. Weird fluttering near heart when I make sounds...
  164. Quadricuspid Aortic Valve - in a 9 year old
  165. High blood pressure and altitude
  166. 24 hour heart monitor
  167. anomalous origin left vertebral artery
  168. Cardio Appt....worried
  169. Mild Tricuspid Regurgitation
  170. Depression following Heart Surgery
  171. Confused about PVC's
  172. thickening of the heart muscle
  173. Mitral Valve Prolapse
  174. How long
  175. Went to ER, was this the routine thing to do??
  176. Question about pvc's
  177. Chest tightnessand tingling in upper back on left side
  178. infraction of the heart
  179. do you really need medication if heart skips beats
  180. anteroseptal infarction?
  181. Need help with terminology my dr told me.
  182. Are there any otc alternatives?
  183. pain in left arm
  184. Here is my dilemma. Please respond
  185. Hiya..ASD and bundle branch block?
  186. interaction
  187. AFib symptoms - is this one?????
  188. Are my PVC's serious?
  189. when svt comes back
  190. Elevated CK level
  191. opinions on ablation?
  192. Palpatations/tingling limbs
  193. I had an EP study and ablation for SVT
  194. Sternum pain when you lay down at night
  195. stinging in chest
  196. my doc said i cant have surgery
  197. Looking for support please...
  198. Heart Palpitations when eating
  199. A butterfly feeling in the center of my chest
  200. Nuclear Stress Test
  201. I don't drink or smoke but my heart is enlarged,why?
  202. Weird Heart feeling in very active 16y/o female. Advice please!!
  203. Long QT and Epilepsy meds
  204. abonormal heart related problems
  205. Intro New Member
  206. Anyone there?
  207. hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy
  208. Amiodarone warning - Anyone here had this experience?
  209. Drugs to calm heart palps and PVC's
  210. Getting an abalation done for SVT.... im wondering if i actually have it?
  211. Caution on Plavix (clopidogrel) and PPIs such as Nexium
  212. 4 th heart attack
  213. implanted cardiac monitor
  214. Tapering Off Plavix
  215. Test Results
  216. what does it mean to have a LV 42% on your echo cardiograms test rsults?
  217. Tropol blood pressure relationship
  218. A Fib, Atrial Flutter or Anxiety?
  219. heart rate
  220. Has anyone who has MVP taken Nexium?
  221. abnormal ekg
  222. Atherosclerosis
  223. CT Angio results
  224. Confused About Hospitalization
  225. 20/f--Feeling like my heart skips a few beats...
  226. post open heart surgery sternum pain
  227. A heart episode
  228. False Long QT reading?
  229. Radio frequency Ablation & Electrophysiology Study
  230. Impaired LV relaxation,Abnormal ventricular diastolic filling?
  231. Heart Palpitations
  232. Heart Problem???
  233. light headed and lips are tingling
  234. Long-term effects of fast heartrate and Digoxin on fetus?
  235. PVC's/Heart Murmur's/Double Dipping??
  236. What is wrong here?
  237. Chest pain, numbness/pain in left arm and feeling that I need to burp
  238. when taking toporol should your heart skip a beat
  239. What causes Squeezing feeling and Dizziness?
  240. Please I Need Info On Heart Attack/ Blood Clot Possibility??
  241. Pain + Uncomfortable in my chest
  242. pounding heart beat while laying down
  243. Near Fainting, Chest Pain & Irregular Heartbeat
  244. PVCs after Myocarditis
  245. question about locale of "ache"
  246. what are the treatments for tortuous aorta
  247. Very Low Heart Rate
  248. 24-hr Holter Question
  249. heart valves
  250. Strange Digital BP reading

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