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  1. GP suggesting heart attack for my mom!
  2. mi
  3. if you starting purping alot, what can that cause
  4. pain in left arm
  5. Extremely random Tachycardia?
  6. Did I have a minnie heart attack, and what should i do?
  7. Echo results, don't understand
  8. worried husband is having heart failure!?
  9. Accelerated heart rate
  10. I need cardiologist referrals for a second opinion in Los Angeles
  11. Help! 40 yrs dilated descending aorta 5cm and no insurance
  12. abnormal stresst test
  13. Dizziness/lightheadedness with PVC's/SVT's-how do you manage?
  14. i am paranoid about my heart
  15. Holter Monitor Results - help!
  16. weird sensation in left arm
  17. Are these PVCs or PACs, should I be worried?
  18. is it heart problems
  19. Stopping atenolol
  20. Living with a pacemaker
  21. Heart murmur/hands go numb when above heart
  22. complaining about left arm pain
  23. Heart Failure
  24. Looking for some closure
  25. Gastro Problems: Zetia the Culprit?
  26. vitamin k and plavax
  27. how long can go without beta blocker
  28. enlarge heart
  29. Need Help/Side Effects on drugs after stint
  30. left arm pain
  31. fluid around lungs and heart
  32. Anyone have heart problems linked to connective tissue diseases?
  33. mitral valve prolapse diagnosis
  34. Very Strong Palpations
  35. Why PVCs with good heart rate?
  36. Heart Issue
  37. what causes heart to misfire on the outside of ventricles
  38. feeling ill, is it the medication?
  39. Can you still get PVC's/SVT's on beta blockers?
  40. Excessive heart rate at low level exercise...
  41. One Month Since My Heart Surgery
  42. Tingly Fingers
  43. average heart rate for a woman?
  44. occasionally sensations in upper chest
  45. PVCs -- Scared and Waiting
  46. Pacemaker and AV node ablation
  47. enlarged heart
  48. high troponin levels
  49. Blood Pressure
  50. How do beta blockers work to decrease SVT's/PVC's?
  51. Just diagnosed with left atrial myxoma
  52. Tilt Table Question(s)
  53. Muscle Sorness and sudden swelling
  54. i need help
  55. Afib, pacemaker, and now a stent
  56. Forceful Hard Beats
  57. Could my multivitamin powder be causing heart palps?
  58. Left Heart Cath.
  59. Need valve replacement, but told symptoms are unrelated??
  60. Some chest pain when breathing in - help pls
  61. Mitral and Tricuspid regurgitation?
  62. Got ECHO Results - this is what doc says is normal-I don't think so.
  63. chest infection and heart damage?
  64. Experiences with Metoprolol?
  65. Heart
  66. chest pain after negative test results
  67. Amarodione advice (ASAP)
  68. Aortic anuerysm healed? Iam confused!
  69. Alcohol and heart rate.
  70. Heart Valve Leak - Doc says normal for my age, help
  71. Heart Rate monitor
  72. Echo results
  73. New to board, looking for help for Dad
  74. when to take plavix, lipitor etc
  75. Looking for someone who has had robotic surgery and had it covered through HealthNet?
  76. vasovagel syncope
  77. pacemaker - dreading the thought
  78. Rapid heart beat in 9 year old daughter
  79. Mild right atrium dialation normal?
  80. PH question
  81. Thumping noise in sync with heart in right ear?
  82. Truncus Arteriosus
  83. Beta Blocker Withdrawl-Your Experience
  84. Sudden palpitations
  85. diastolic dysfunction
  86. Fragile
  87. My Carotid Doppler Results-what do they mean?
  88. Noise in carotid artery / mystery or worry?
  89. Me and my heart
  90. Ok, I really need some brain power here....
  91. Does this sound like a heart problem?
  92. Heart Failure questions...
  93. Just looking for some reassurance...
  94. Stress test ok but still have problems
  95. heart rate question....
  96. Is it really a heart problem?
  97. Bad chest pains
  98. sharp arm pain
  99. Af
  100. Plavix and Stents
  101. Fathers heart bypass in few weeks - advice needed
  102. Contradictory echo reports, SO CONFUSED
  103. heart scan
  104. why gastrointestinal symptoms are more common with inferior wall mi
  105. 31 Bi Cuspid Aortic Valve and Hight Blood Pressure...
  106. fluid on lung
  107. abnormal ecg, i am pregnant
  108. could a heart attack be coming?? scared!!
  109. Twitching in veins = Heart issue or something else?
  110. Relative has a blocked aorta..who is the best doctor in the world for this?
  111. my mother has congestive heart failure her heart is only working at 23 percent how lo
  112. Possible Heart Problems at Night
  113. Is the major difference between GERD/heartburn chest pain & cardiac chest pain acid?
  114. left arm pain
  115. Any Type of Surgery
  116. Chest pain
  117. Rapid Heartbeat - Can Anyone Help?
  118. flecainide
  119. ~Cardiologists Gave The Diagnosis~
  120. Are we in trouble?
  121. Pacemaker and Blood Thinner
  122. Hard Heart Beats and Palupitations? Help Please
  123. Urgent advise needed
  124. What exactly could they have done?
  125. Heart disease of anxiety chest pains...
  126. PVCs and SVTs -- how dangerous are they?
  127. Heart skipping beats
  128. Echo report (can someone help me out?
  129. Anyone 70+ Have Mitral Valve Replacement ?
  130. Improvement in LVEF
  131. Mitral Valve Regurgitation / Need repair
  132. Pulmonary hypertension and tricuspid regurgitation
  133. aortic valve and root replacement
  134. Palpitations and Chest
  135. Irregular Heartbeat
  136. arm pain
  137. Does everyone with atrial fib take blood thinners?
  138. Arm & Chest Pains - But Stress & Nuke Stress 'ok'
  139. Can atrial fibrilliations decrease and disappear altogether?
  140. chest pains
  141. arm pain
  142. coumadin and heparin
  143. Results
  144. Cardiac cath questions
  145. Electrocardiogram Results / Mitral valve repair
  146. Hole in your heart
  147. rommie and heart and vaso vagel
  148. Hello .... can anyone help me re circa'd letter from consultant?
  149. Could it be Coronary Artery Disease?
  150. Anginogram Results
  151. Enbrel and Atrial Fibrillation
  152. 4 stents in LAD after widowmaker heart attack
  153. always feel heart beat
  154. Can low carbon dioxide level cause PVC's?
  155. Low Blood Pressure and Dizziness
  156. Ditiazem side effects positive or negative?
  157. Chest Pain
  158. Are SVT's THAT common?
  159. halter monitor
  160. Magnesium---important article
  161. Palpitations (again)-should I see a dr?
  162. Are these from Toprol?
  163. Re: Experience with Coumadin and mechanical valve
  164. serious?
  165. Scared for pacemaker placement
  166. Is this normal? Heartbeat in ears and chest during exercise...
  167. ongoing heart and health issues - long post
  168. Help Abnormal EKG
  169. pacemaker problems
  170. taking aspirin for atrial fibrillation
  171. Chest Pains and my Left arm hurts and all different places
  172. Aftermath of Radiofrequency Ablation
  173. Hope I can get some answers!
  174. why do heart flutters happen
  175. Question about carotod bruit
  176. PVC's & PAC's rule my emotional life
  177. regrowing scar tissue
  178. Heart pain, shortness of breath, blood in sputum (spit)...
  179. Does cardiomyopathy just go away or was I misdiagnosed???
  180. Open Heart Surgery Recovery Time
  181. has anyone done a mri....
  182. Please tell me if this is typical of heart valve disease! PLEASE?
  183. aortic stenosis
  184. Post partum cardiomyopathy 2
  185. are breathing problems from overweight, or are they always heart related
  186. Post partum cardiomyopathy...........
  187. HELP...SVT with atrial activation
  188. Cause of heavy Pounding heartbeat
  189. lad stents how long do they last?
  190. Infant PDA closure and High Respiratory Rate
  191. ache in back left shoulder and radiates down left arm
  192. Breathing Problems.
  193. do you get withdrawal after 4 days of taking toprol medication
  194. strong heart beat!
  195. Mitral Valve Regurgitation?
  196. worried
  197. does an enlarged heart help an athlete perform better
  198. why am I getting tunnel vision and my chest is heavy
  199. Looking for some advice and info ?
  200. Statins
  201. rapid burst of hard beats
  202. Chd
  203. Open-heart surgery
  204. Alcohol, anxiety and heart.
  205. Dads recent death - explanation needed
  206. why pain in left arm
  207. Is this normal of PVCs? Some other questions...
  208. show me enlarge heart
  209. pulled heart muscle
  210. high heart rate when excerising
  211. A few questions please.
  212. Failed Stress Test
  213. Mild heart attack ??
  214. Enlarged heart ?
  215. Ablation for Afib
  216. Heart pounding
  217. Does Altitude Affect Blood Pressure
  218. Palpitations related to gas?
  219. Aortic valve replacement and coumadin
  220. Heart disease or what??
  221. why do a person heart races after eating
  222. Chest Pains.... Please respond....
  223. Coumadin and natural herbal remedies???????
  224. how does a PAC beat vs. a PVC-ie: beat, beat, pause, BEAT. Think that's a PAC, so wha
  225. Does it sound like I could have MVP or something else?
  226. what is happening? I think its my heart
  227. can anyone tell me about a mir
  228. mitral valve prolapse
  229. Heart Spasms Assosiated With Haemochromotosis
  230. tenderness and chest/heart pain
  231. pulse fluctuate
  232. pulse is 128 when resting
  233. bowel,urinary probs,pain,protruding aorta 27yo Help!
  234. stress test
  235. Chest pains/ Normal stress test
  236. Chest Pain/Pressure Under Breastbone...Ideas?
  237. how to deal with an enlarged heart
  238. Labour & exercise for a pregnant with pfo and "stairs climbing triggered tachicardya"
  239. what does a borderline reading on an EKG mean?
  240. aortic valve replacement surgery
  241. Heart Palpitations
  242. night time palpitations
  243. high heart rate when exercising
  244. Pvc's During Workout on bike
  245. Can you do physical exercise if you have inducible reversible ischemia
  246. Chest pains
  247. heart pain
  248. have had a burning feeling in the middle of my chest all day but will go away when i
  249. Leg swelling & breathlessness during nights sleep
  250. Normal EKG, but still having problems

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