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  1. how long can a heamatoma last
  2. Irregular pulse while exercising
  3. Pain around my heart area, Pulled muscle?
  4. After engine rebuild. (Bypass)
  5. what could be the causes of a pounding heart?
  6. Chest pains are back
  7. Could this be asthma or stress or heart related??
  8. i have a pain in my upper chest on the left side ...what could that be?
  9. pain in left arm
  10. Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker
  11. Heart Valve Surgery?
  12. Da Vinci Machine
  13. Side effects from Statins?
  14. Having echo
  15. The Left Chest Area
  16. Chest Pain - No idea what's wrong with me
  17. ICD anyone have one? ...Question
  18. bad news
  19. Cardiomyopathy
  20. Needing help or suggestions on what could be causing my chest pains
  21. aortic stenosis severe
  22. A-Fib
  23. How serious?
  24. medication
  25. Cardiac Catheterization
  26. Help With Symptoms Please
  27. Pain After PaceMaker
  28. Heartbeat in Arm
  29. Life After A Heart Attack
  30. a congenital, hereditary heart abnormality - marfans?
  31. help
  32. ekg showing elevated t wave
  33. Been taking a daily "overdose" of Amiodarone for years
  34. Exercise related to Heart Issues
  35. taking nitroquick if I dont need it
  36. Heart problem or something else?
  37. high heart rate when exercising
  38. Home Blood Testing Systems. Are They Worth It?
  39. my heartrate is too fast. how can i slow it down.......
  40. what is vasovagel
  41. Cardizem CD
  42. Coronary Artery Disease and Stents [Statins or Homeopathic Medicines?]
  43. nervous about heart
  44. aortic valve replacement
  45. caffeine and coronary artery spasm
  46. Chest pain, tightness, pressure felt in arm, neck and back
  47. sudden pain in left chest,forehead,leftface
  48. pulm. hypertension... what to do next
  49. Heart problems at 22?
  50. Altered DNA ?
  51. Atrial Fibrillation
  52. Pacemaker Question
  53. advice please - case of acute anterior myocardial infarction
  54. What does a PVC feel like?
  55. SVT worse with cold/flu?
  56. Question about pulse rate
  57. Epilepsy? PVCs? SVT? Your advice is appreciated!
  58. Pain in sternum area and left arm, gasping for breath, palpitations
  59. tricuspid regurgitation?
  60. when I am about to fall I sleep i feel like my heart is stoping
  61. heart fluttering
  62. Pvc's
  63. Heart Worries
  64. left hand and left side of the pectoralis major pain
  65. Bradycardia and Tachycardia together question
  66. Stabbing pain in my chest when I lay on my left side
  67. New stent and still pain?
  68. Extreme pounding with dizziness after any activity or stomach gas
  69. can an ecg show up atrial flutters
  70. Heart desease?
  71. weird heartbeat
  72. muscle pains...upper body chest left side & right side
  73. Heart skips beat with activity
  74. Adult ASD closure- Recovery from Open heart surgery
  75. Copy of reports for ultrasound
  76. pfo's
  77. taking asprin or aleve w/ benicar, ok???
  78. always beathless + ectopic heartbeats
  79. What could this chest pain be?
  80. Chest Pain
  81. can you help me name this disorder please?
  82. Cardiologist apt - can anyone please advise? V Uncomfortable
  83. hypothyroidism and plasma donation
  84. what does it feel like when your heart flutters
  85. After a valve replacement Questions
  86. What Does a Heart Flutter Feel like
  87. Very slow heart rate
  88. Whats happend to me????
  89. leaky valve
  90. ectopic beats
  91. Holes in heart
  92. Whats going on with my heart?
  93. aorta and pulmonary
  94. nucleur stress test results
  95. Chest and Arm pain. why??
  96. Centrum
  97. conflicting ecg results
  98. prolapse mitral valve
  99. jaw pain
  100. eecp treatment
  101. I'm constantly trying to get a good deep breath
  102. what is reversible ischemia
  103. just a question
  104. nitro tablets
  105. what does an elevated T wave on a EKG mean?
  106. palpitations!
  107. MI Classic Symptoms confused
  108. Left Arm Discomfort, Some Shooting Pains
  109. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy without High Blood pressure
  110. chest wall pain?
  111. Ventricular Tachycardia!!
  112. Side effects from Atenolol
  113. Leaky heart valve?
  114. Help - increased rate and pressure
  115. Rapid Heart rate long after excercising
  116. palpitation & gas
  117. Should I be concerned about these pains?
  118. Right Bundle Branch Block
  119. Heart Rate Slowing Down From Standing Up Too Fast
  120. Bizarre Heartbeats?
  121. New feeling or lack of one
  122. Please help, abnormal ecg reading
  123. odd pains
  124. Has anybody have this type of heart surgery?
  125. chest pains
  126. The four essential steps, that I've taken, that help me live with Heart Failure
  127. Protein Uria And High Blood Pressure
  128. mitral valve prolapse
  129. SVT and the treatment of - Anybody have the ablation done?
  130. heart realated question, any help or advice would be great.
  131. Bypass in 81 year old man
  132. Heart arrythmia? Getting scared...
  133. palpitations and a year of misery
  134. anyone else traumatized by SVT??
  135. why hands get numb when walking
  136. Scared about pains in chest. Please help
  137. Mitro Valve Prolapse What to Take
  138. left Arm
  139. what is the normal beats per minute for your heart
  140. just would luv some info
  141. ECG Results
  142. Blocked artery
  143. Can anyone tell me what all this means?
  144. Pains near Heart
  145. Arm pain & hand cramping!
  146. Heart Disorder
  147. Nuclear Stress Test
  148. Phrenic nerve damage
  149. PVC and headache?
  150. Hypertension
  151. left arm pain
  152. ?? SVT/ severe muscle spasms anyone???
  153. Heart Attacks?
  154. Can arterial calcification be reversed?
  155. pressure in head
  156. Mild Regurge
  157. Ejection fraction 35%
  158. age 24 and had a clogged artery and minor hard attack
  159. Wierd heart palpatation, 19 year old.
  160. how long to wait when it skips or is fast
  161. fluid around the heart
  162. help me to diagnose my heart condition PLEASE
  163. what to do to get the heart beat into the normal range
  164. Leaky heart valve or ???
  165. simultaneous lower chest and wrist pain..brief
  166. ischemia and running
  167. Pain in left arm
  168. EKG's (I'm new here, just a quick question)
  169. Antibiotics prior to dental procedures
  170. Chest pain and shortness of breath on exertion
  171. 17 year old. Anxiety. Fast hear rate.
  172. Somebody has to know what I'm talking about
  173. ekg test results
  174. unequal sternum
  175. Palpitations ongoing and afraid
  176. Wolff-Parkinson-White
  177. Strange palpitations and high BP (Mid 20s)
  178. Right side chest discomfort
  179. what kind of arm pain does a person have during a heart attack?
  180. What could cause this feeling?
  181. is it normal to have a lump where they did the angiogram
  182. When i am nervous feels like my heart skips a beat
  183. Strong heartbeat, no circulation in right hand\leg
  184. Chronic Chest Pain with Sleep Disturbance, Anxiety-like.
  185. Anyone on a calcium channel blocker/tachycardia and PVCs?
  186. Pph
  187. Feels like it misses a beat
  188. High CPK (creatine phosphokinase) levels! Please help
  189. Cardiac Ablation
  190. Phil: you didn't say how much Apple cider vinegar to take for reflux and PVC's
  191. fluid around the heart
  192. Question about heart surgery
  193. Can catheters damage the heart valves?
  194. Newly dx'ed with mild leaky valve..
  195. Pacemaker Implant
  196. No more fast heart beat!
  197. Is a DNR acceptable in this situation?
  198. Blocked Right Coronary Artery 100%......SQ
  199. UPDATE: need a little info please
  200. when someone faints, and there eyes roll back?
  201. unusual frequent urination
  202. PLEASE Help; Heart Bypass Operation - Breathing Problems
  203. vasovagel syncope/low blood pressure
  204. Tortous Aorta
  205. Aspirin for General Circulation Issues
  206. Anomalous origin right coronary artery
  207. Started with GallStones but now?
  208. Is this a symtom of palpitations?
  209. Scared - 2 abnormal EKG's
  210. pain in neck and shoulder
  211. can i do exercise with a leaking heart valve
  212. Question regarding bioprostheic Valve
  213. Bouts of Elevated Heart Rate
  214. too many????
  215. new and nervous with questions
  216. frequent PVCS
  217. Question about Flecainide?
  218. High Blood Pressure Meds causing numbness?
  219. Tortous Aorta
  220. Post by-pass gasping hic-up...HELP
  221. Prognosis for our Mom ??
  222. Lookin for thoughts
  223. Guys i'm so terrified!
  224. Abnormal EKG. . .Nothing to worry about?
  225. Hi
  226. by-pass surgury
  227. Heart or Anxiety Related - Heart Rate and HIgh BP!
  228. Pediatric heart problems...NEED HELP PLEASE
  229. Does stress aggrevate your pvc's/pac's?
  230. Heart Problems?
  231. Probiotics cause pacs and afib?
  232. What is it called when your heart beats heavy?
  233. Heart Rate - How low is too low for teen?
  234. stents and fatigue
  235. Heart Cath
  236. Heart beats a little faster, then several short, then skips
  237. I can't exercise!
  238. How do you treat leg edema?
  239. intern put my stent in wrong
  240. Blood/ plasma donation
  241. Sharp Paiful Heart Flutters!
  242. enlarged heart
  243. Can't sleep enough after by-pass
  244. Hello I'm new here.....
  245. Aether... got a question
  246. How long does caffeine stay in your body?
  247. really fast beat for a few seconds and coughing
  248. If I can job and hike with no chest pain...
  249. Failed stress test
  250. Mother's Atrial/Aorta Valve replaced now no-low sodium diet?

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