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  1. what does it mean to have a LV 42% on your echo cardiograms test rsults?
  2. Tropol blood pressure relationship
  3. A Fib, Atrial Flutter or Anxiety?
  4. heart rate
  5. Has anyone who has MVP taken Nexium?
  6. abnormal ekg
  7. Atherosclerosis
  8. CT Angio results
  9. Confused About Hospitalization
  10. 20/f--Feeling like my heart skips a few beats...
  11. post open heart surgery sternum pain
  12. A heart episode
  13. False Long QT reading?
  14. Radio frequency Ablation & Electrophysiology Study
  15. Impaired LV relaxation,Abnormal ventricular diastolic filling?
  16. Heart Palpitations
  17. Heart Problem???
  18. light headed and lips are tingling
  19. Long-term effects of fast heartrate and Digoxin on fetus?
  20. PVC's/Heart Murmur's/Double Dipping??
  21. What is wrong here?
  22. Chest pain, numbness/pain in left arm and feeling that I need to burp
  23. when taking toporol should your heart skip a beat
  24. What causes Squeezing feeling and Dizziness?
  25. Please I Need Info On Heart Attack/ Blood Clot Possibility??
  26. Pain + Uncomfortable in my chest
  27. pounding heart beat while laying down
  28. Near Fainting, Chest Pain & Irregular Heartbeat
  29. PVCs after Myocarditis
  30. question about locale of "ache"
  31. what are the treatments for tortuous aorta
  32. Very Low Heart Rate
  33. 24-hr Holter Question
  34. heart valves
  35. Strange Digital BP reading
  36. pulsating neck
  37. Is there anyone else with IST?
  38. sudden, quick, chest pains
  39. what happen if i take to much nitroquick
  40. my doctor said my heart was enlarged
  41. Fast pulse, too fast?
  42. Do I have to feel so tired with Heart failure
  43. Can heart sufferers consume this?
  44. Very Strong Heart beat.
  45. Questions of a pregnant woman whose hole in the heart (PFO) was just found
  46. Stress test
  47. What' s going on in my heart world
  48. A real pain in the........Chest!
  49. Need advice on blockages
  50. Tightening in chest
  51. ECG and XRAY are fine but..
  52. Looking for insights into the effects of anxiety and exercise on SVT / WPW
  53. Ekg: what does it mean borderline QT and UNCONFIRMED REPORT?
  54. chf
  55. beta blockers and pulmonay edema.
  56. Life expectency after MI
  57. is the doctor overreacting?
  58. I hope my mom will be okay
  59. May I have long QT?
  60. chest pain
  61. A Pacemaker Question
  62. reversible ischemia
  63. my baby was denied health insurance, now what?
  64. Weird Chest Feeling
  65. Bystolic - 10 mg
  66. Recently had bypass surgery
  67. Pregnant with palpitations
  68. Plavix
  69. Cardiac exams for a pregnant woman with rapid heart beat
  70. PVC's I think, any suggestions?
  71. Need help with chest pains, banging in chest (20something female)
  72. Heart Disease In Family- What 2 do next?
  73. LVEF how to improve it
  74. Low Pulse Rate and Pacemakers
  75. chronic chest pain that don't have to do with the heart
  76. "Irregular Heartbeat Detected"
  77. Left arm pain
  78. why do surgeons sometimes lower body temperature during heart operation?
  79. Second degree block Mobitz type 1 Wenckebach
  80. my chest burns when i breathe but when i burp it feels better
  81. by pass surgery
  82. What are elevated T Waves
  83. Left Bundle Branch Block and Ejection Fraction
  84. can someone help please?
  85. Having some pain
  86. Too many meds?
  87. What type of blood work is done in the ER
  88. Brokenheart Syndrome.
  89. How can you have a
  90. Plavix After DES
  91. 16 year old boy with heart problems
  92. Extra Valve In My Heart
  93. Heart palps and upper back pain...anyone?
  94. Extra Beats
  95. Young Athlete new to beta blockers...Need some help??
  96. chest pains
  97. Palpitations?
  98. Beta Blocker, side effects?
  99. Symptoms of a Tortuous Aorta
  100. Borderline LVH by atenolol or SSRI?
  101. Heart Biopsy
  102. Pinching in heart muscle
  103. what is meaning of inducible ischaemia
  104. Strange BP reading
  105. defibrillator
  106. coreg
  107. Heart block advice/support please...
  108. Heart pain
  109. electrocardiogram question
  110. My symptoms, need some advice please
  111. symtoms of heart disease when all test show normal
  112. Open heart surgery
  113. If ekg,nuclear stress test, echocardiagram,are normal does that mean its not my heart
  114. those of you who suffer with palpations
  115. discomfort in my chest and other times
  116. What's wrong with this picture?
  117. Getting ICD next week...
  118. Pvc`s, your opinion matters!
  119. Enlarged left ventricle
  120. heart palpations
  121. Young for heart attack !!
  122. Heart Healthy Meals
  123. post MI breathing issues
  124. Propranolol
  125. heart palpitations with head pressure???
  126. Low heart rate
  127. HeartAttack - 1/10/09
  128. is it my heart or what?
  129. am I OK to be cycling?
  130. Dazed and Confused
  131. anyone have ekg done when diagnosed with high blood pressure?
  132. Heart Attack
  133. I live in constant fear...
  134. How Rare is Death From a Heart Catheterization?
  135. Recently diagnosed with HBP and LVH
  136. off and on fast heart rate/skipped beats at times
  137. Leg numbness after angioplasty
  138. Congestive heart failure and CLL
  139. Should I be worried?
  140. Can ECG be taken when BP is high
  141. heart problems
  142. holter results
  143. New to board
  144. according to the doctor meaning of inducible Ischemia
  145. Irregular Heart rate
  146. Uncertain
  147. Need advice....
  148. polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
  149. PVC's
  150. Can lleft arm pain come and go when related to heart?
  151. Dealing with newly diagnosed heart problem.
  152. my svt is getting worse!
  153. second degree heart block
  154. Aches and pains around upper back and chest.
  155. Dressler's Syndrome
  156. Tricuspid gradient on echo
  157. tightness around my chest after open heart operation
  158. Cardioversion for A Fib
  159. I want to get off Propranolol (beta-blocker) - Help
  160. anyone had adenosine?
  161. A-flutter ablation questions ...
  162. T wave changes in the septal lead
  163. Waking up with tachycardia
  164. does Ventricular tachycardia cause chest pains
  165. Plavix & Heavy Periods- Help
  166. Plavix and Ibuprofen
  167. myocarditis and flu vaccine
  168. Why?
  169. Plavix Question
  170. EKG or Echo?
  171. i just had a stent put in and i have burning in my chest why
  172. What is going on? Should I go to ER?
  173. Whats wrong with me?
  174. Cardiac Bypass
  175. Jupiter trial high hs-CRP &Crestor
  176. Cardioconversion for A-Fib
  177. skipped beats....feel it in chest and neck
  178. Chest Popping
  179. Heart palpitations
  180. Fast Irregular Heart Rate again!
  181. what does it mean if i fail a cardiac stress test
  182. does ventricular hypertrophy lead to ventricular premature contractions
  183. Anursysms do they occur again?
  184. Abnormal EKG- ny help
  185. coumadin
  186. appendix
  187. Experiencing hard heartbeat
  188. Heart Attack with No Pain
  189. why there is increase heart rate after eating in MVP
  190. Echo Stress Test Ordered
  191. Beta blockers spontaneously stopped working?
  192. Results from Holter Monitor..
  193. Chest/stomache pains while laying down
  194. how long can a heamatoma last
  195. Irregular pulse while exercising
  196. Pain around my heart area, Pulled muscle?
  197. After engine rebuild. (Bypass)
  198. what could be the causes of a pounding heart?
  199. Chest pains are back
  200. Could this be asthma or stress or heart related??
  201. i have a pain in my upper chest on the left side ...what could that be?
  202. pain in left arm
  203. Need Advice For Transitioning Off Beta Blocker
  204. Heart Valve Surgery?
  205. Da Vinci Machine
  206. Side effects from Statins?
  207. Having echo
  208. The Left Chest Area
  209. Chest Pain - No idea what's wrong with me
  210. ICD anyone have one? ...Question
  211. bad news
  212. Cardiomyopathy
  213. Needing help or suggestions on what could be causing my chest pains
  214. aortic stenosis severe
  215. A-Fib
  216. How serious?
  217. medication
  218. Cardiac Catheterization
  219. Help With Symptoms Please
  220. Pain After PaceMaker
  221. Heartbeat in Arm
  222. Life After A Heart Attack
  223. a congenital, hereditary heart abnormality - marfans?
  224. help
  225. ekg showing elevated t wave
  226. Been taking a daily "overdose" of Amiodarone for years
  227. Exercise related to Heart Issues
  228. taking nitroquick if I dont need it
  229. Heart problem or something else?
  230. high heart rate when exercising
  231. Home Blood Testing Systems. Are They Worth It?
  232. my heartrate is too fast. how can i slow it down.......
  233. what is vasovagel
  234. Cardizem CD
  235. Coronary Artery Disease and Stents [Statins or Homeopathic Medicines?]
  236. nervous about heart
  237. aortic valve replacement
  238. caffeine and coronary artery spasm
  239. Chest pain, tightness, pressure felt in arm, neck and back
  240. sudden pain in left chest,forehead,leftface
  241. pulm. hypertension... what to do next
  242. Heart problems at 22?
  243. Altered DNA ?
  244. Atrial Fibrillation
  245. Pacemaker Question
  246. advice please - case of acute anterior myocardial infarction
  247. What does a PVC feel like?
  248. SVT worse with cold/flu?
  249. Question about pulse rate
  250. Epilepsy? PVCs? SVT? Your advice is appreciated!

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