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  1. Could I really feel such small changes in Oxy
  2. Limited my wine intake today...
  3. Thomas recipe questions
  4. Tramadol
  5. cant stop the diarrhea! HELP!
  6. Best meds to deal with alcohol withdrawl...
  7. 33 hours
  8. Is beer causing these symptoms?
  9. Subutex Doctor - Need to Locate One
  10. methadone/ohio area
  11. Tramadol Detox With Opiates
  12. Tramadol for suboxone withdrawal
  13. Norco Withdrawl... not quite a addict yet...
  14. hello all, hydro withdrawl... first 24 hours
  15. Really really want and NEED to quit drinking, but scared
  16. Suboxone help
  17. In need of answers
  18. Vicodin/Percocet patient - should I worry about this new symptom?
  19. oxyneo abuse warning
  20. Another bump in the road
  21. Pharmacist Refuses to Refill Valid Suboxone RX-Please help!
  22. difference of alcohol abuse than say alcoholism
  23. dependant on percocets...
  24. Need advice on quitting, what to tell the Dr...
  25. Day three opiate free
  26. Desperate
  27. low dose vicodin addiction..help please
  28. Benzo advice
  29. Desperate to quit!
  30. No drink since 6th March 2012
  31. Addiction/anger combo
  32. Intro and Suboxone detox questions
  33. Alcohol and Marijuana-effects
  34. my last day using
  35. 4 months free of the opiate shackles
  36. Does detox cause body pain
  37. tryin to go from using to sober
  38. Am I still addicted to Df118
  39. When will this end? Opiate withdrawl
  40. Overcoming Morphine dependency
  41. So yesterday was day 1 with no drinking!
  42. how to get through those moments of weakness?
  43. Drinking problem and socializing???
  44. Need adivce--detoxing off Herion tomorrow and dont want my wife and kids upset
  45. True Introspection
  46. more of my detox
  47. lies
  48. Looking for some support - trying to stop drinking
  49. Issues...
  50. Life In the Fast Lane
  51. been on subutex 2 days how much longer?
  52. Cut off... a bit worried.
  53. ?? about drinking problem & AA
  54. Coming off Methadone at 5 mg
  55. Severe Drug Addiction
  56. Is it time to start Suboxone yet?
  57. I dont understand some things about methadone... anyone know?
  58. Subutex... miracle drug!
  59. I want to quit drinking and have some ??
  60. Quit Ativan cold turkey
  61. Need help stopping ativan
  62. Bizzare alcohol blackout
  63. Do not post about using meds for legitimate pain on this board!
  64. keep relapsing alcohol and oxycodone
  65. New to Methadone, Please help... Panic attack
  66. Here I go, Detox and scared
  67. Butrans for withdrawal?
  68. 19 hours without heroin, what should i do I'm trying to kick
  69. sleeping pill addiction--will it ever stop? :(
  70. The weight of the world is on my sholders.
  71. Sad
  72. I cant stop drinking beer for courage!
  73. Day one of doctor approved ativan wean
  74. Vicodin and Ativan
  75. very confused, dont know where to turn
  76. Trying To Improve My Life
  77. A Tad Overwhelmed
  78. harder to quit when injecting?
  79. Alcohol Withdrawal Help
  80. Please help!!!!
  81. Depression during Detox
  82. Quick detox from Methadone?
  83. Saying hi
  84. Oxycodone and joint pain
  85. Disgusting and embarrassing.
  86. lortab stopped cold turkey
  87. Can I go through withdraws if I dont take everyday?
  88. RE: Taking the Plunge Cold Turkey (OUCH!)
  89. I feel like I'm living with an addict
  90. suboxone withdraw
  91. Hi... New here
  92. Anyone had Suboxone covered by Kaiser Ins in PDX? Oxy addict in need of help!
  93. any suggestions please?
  94. withdrawal following surgery, please help can I talk to dr?
  95. Questions about cough meds and WD???
  96. Suboxone use
  97. dont' know where to turn
  98. 14 day REHAB?
  99. What to do when you're in pain?
  100. Must read!! Amazing how this helps with withdraws.
  101. Am I done with vicodin?
  102. Subutex-Need a Physician-Someone help?!
  103. Oxycodone WDs. First full WD starting now
  104. Vicodin to Tylenol 3 to freedom?
  105. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. New here. Alcohol only
  107. help with recovery
  108. just finished valium taper, now on fioricet
  109. How many pills (narcotics) a day make an addict?
  110. Alcoholic Father
  111. Methadone Taper Plan ?
  112. Xanax Withdrawal
  113. Opiate addicts please answer...
  114. Dual diagnosis sober living homes
  115. i beat ativan!
  116. Here I am Again... Pills,pills, pills!
  117. New to Ativan Tapering, Some Guidance?
  118. relapse after 5 months clean
  119. Home relief for Tramadol.
  120. Back in the world of healthboards...
  121. lasting symptoms after cocaine
  122. trying to survive
  123. relapse
  124. Benzodiazepine detox and PWS
  125. New Years Resolution: Quitting Alcohol
  126. Happy New Year... Checking in...
  127. anyone taking stimulants?
  128. Five days sober and still having withdrawal.
  129. Need Adderall advice
  130. Muscle pain from Oxy withdrawal
  131. Weining off of Suboxone
  132. Clean opiate addict/naltrexone,bronken calcaneus
  133. Fentanyl abuse and Urine test?
  134. Recovery and antidepressants
  135. Day 9 of opiate (oxy/methadone/hydro) withdrawl
  136. oxycodone & oxycotin weaning (still some pain but just need to give them up)
  137. Clean over 3 weeks
  138. I am done day one tomorrow
  139. percocet withdrawal and personality
  140. live free or die
  141. Isnt 2 weeks too quick to get off meds prescribed for 14 months??
  142. I KNOW I need help
  143. Questions about Suboxone
  144. Suboxone withdrawal question
  145. Subutex and High Blood Pressure
  146. ativan withdrawal suggestions
  147. xanax and benzos
  148. Light at the end of the tunnel
  149. Oxy withdrawal without beginning a taper?
  150. Need advice..wanting to get off several pain meds
  151. Weird bodily functions after quitting!
  152. Methadone to Suboxone- How soon to start sub?
  153. Addiction or Withdrawal?
  154. ex-user issues! need advice plz
  155. Suboxone Withdrawals
  156. Can I do it this way?
  157. Tramadol for Hydro Addiction?
  158. Cold turkey off Norco, need help please!
  159. In need of some serious advice!
  160. addicted to pain pills?
  161. Single mother addicted to pain meds. help!
  162. Never have caffeine again?
  163. Help, need to get off vicodin!
  164. 11 years and counting
  165. A Strange story of multiple addictions and tolerance"
  166. Please help me...
  167. Ashamed, stupid, and in pain
  168. Help Please
  169. Opiates / zoloft
  170. Quitting codeine today
  171. Slave to subox ...and thank you
  172. what the hell..
  173. am i an alcoholic?
  174. What should I expect from stopping vicodin?
  175. What changes did you notice after being sober?
  176. Low daily doses of vicodin and Xanax
  177. Need Help
  178. Caffeine addiction question
  179. Sub questions...
  180. Plz help
  181. Suboxone Info
  182. Hydro vs Tram
  183. Klonopin Question....
  184. xanax withdrawl
  185. drug history
  186. Is it realistic to stay sober totally alone?
  187. Tapering off Clonazepam
  188. I just couldn't do it.. quit, that is (methadone)
  189. Tapering off Clonazepam
  190. Question on Suboxone withdrawals-Please help me!
  191. living a double life
  192. Relapse from Suboxone - need help!
  193. help
  194. Ex-Addict
  195. making ammends with family/friends
  196. suboxone
  197. tking 300mg og oxycodone daily and want off to suboxon
  198. Pregnant withdrawing from clonazepam
  199. Tramadol Trouble
  200. Corissa3-just sayin' hi!
  201. Cold Turkey
  202. I Want to come off Lortab 10's Please Help
  203. Why do people do this on pain meds
  204. Hi everyone, checking in with update.
  205. Change
  206. Sugar pills
  207. Need Help with oxycodone
  208. friend went into detox today
  209. Suboxone Taper
  210. Keeping a positive outlook
  211. What is the "bupe" program?
  212. Alcohol Panic attack
  213. Withdrawal after longterm benzodiazepines
  214. Clean for 3 weeks, but still fatigued?
  215. 8wks PREGNANT and on METHADONE!
  216. Addicted to Metoprolol and coming off..help!!
  217. Alcohol Addiction? Please Help
  218. Raising hope.
  219. Robbie here... question about Tramadol
  220. Has anyone ever detoxed off suboxone?
  221. new here, breaking a very OLD dependency
  222. thanks for support!!!!
  223. sawthelight
  224. I Need A Medical Detox & Have No Funds - Please Help?
  225. The answer - Naltrexone
  226. Weaning myself off opiates
  227. Xanax
  228. i am a on and off politoxycoman, mainly addicted to pills and heroin i wnt to know ab
  229. I am addicted to Norco. I don't want to be. I hate this.
  230. HELP started Suboxone today and SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  231. Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without
  232. Suboxone for Pain
  233. going in to day 5 of no vicodin...
  234. Need Help quitting suboxone.
  235. suboxone, headaches and sleepiness
  236. dealing with the addict made me hit rock bottom
  237. Kadian to Suboxone
  238. Alcohol withdrawl
  239. Coma 12 days into detox
  240. Must get off Vicodin, have been taking...
  241. tapering off Suboxen
  242. scared and alone...
  243. need some help
  244. How long should I wait to take a pill after taking suboxene??
  245. Coming off of Xanax
  246. I'm not strong enough
  247. Long time reader, first time poster
  248. Starting Suboxone for Percocet addiction.. please support me...all alone!
  249. afraid I will go into a terrible withdrawal
  250. To all who just began their journey of meds

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