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  1. Need help with fioricet addiction im new here please help me
  2. Please help! Terrible nose and throat pain from snorting lortabs and trying to stop
  3. Pills Pills Pills
  4. One year today..
  5. Need help crossing the tramadol finishing line...
  6. Self-Destructive
  7. LORAZEPAM for sleep
  8. feel a relapse coming on please help!
  9. Heroin issues
  10. Lorazepam
  11. Ultram...
  12. Countdown to freedom
  13. Happy safe 4th of July!
  14. Clean and sober until today
  15. Lost my klonopin
  16. Junkie Romance?
  17. Drug dreams = terrible temptation
  18. One year anniversary.. does it get any easier.
  19. drug coma
  20. Please help...On day 11 of being clean....
  21. No Sleep
  22. withdrawal
  23. I'm self destructive and can't stop
  24. Tapering w/med help vs. Suboxone....
  25. Drug addiction and genetics
  26. The UGLY side of addiction..when is MY past MY past!!
  27. pregnant and on suboxone..
  28. Going CT
  29. 3 1/2 Months off of Oxycodone....
  30. Methadone HELL
  31. vicodin question re: dosage lowered w/o meaning to...scared...withdrawals?
  32. suboxone
  33. Checking in
  34. Suboxone Question
  35. Subutex while Pregnant
  36. 15 mgs. hydrocodone a day
  37. I have been coming out of pocket cash for all of my treatments.
  38. How do you all communicate your addiction with friends/family?
  39. MS Contin Withdrawal
  40. fentanyl Patch withdrawls
  41. Time to quit
  42. please help Norco withdrawal
  43. Please help Norco withdrawal
  44. update on trying to get off lortab
  45. Meth
  46. Relapsed and Detoxed
  47. To all. update from D
  48. What to expect now..??
  49. PAINMEDS IronRange Minnesota
  50. Been watching this board for two years, now I NEED HELP
  51. Addicted to DXM/ cough syrup
  52. Can sub be used for chronic pain detox or is it just for reg detox.?
  53. 2nd week morphine taper, out of oxys, feeling sad
  54. Lorezapam/ Lunesta --need help
  55. Ginabird? U still around..Or Emsmom?
  56. A bit bruised but back
  57. My favoritest thing(roxy)
  58. whats in your relapse prevention toolbox?
  59. family mbr relapsed
  60. Long term usage and health...
  61. relapse vics, percs, oxy
  62. New here~Gonna try to quit in 2 weeks, need support!
  63. your posts really affected me
  64. Is Butrans as addicting as suboxone
  65. Please help....
  66. cravings
  67. finally taking the plunge..stopping my lortab addiction..
  68. Anyone
  69. How did swim take that much medication?
  70. Sub program (the typical plan, goal)
  71. Benadryl addiction? Maybe...
  72. what can i do?
  73. My LoVe affair with pharmacuticals.
  74. when does it end (noone has that exact answer)
  75. Addiction prior to the INTERNET
  76. Methadone to Subutex
  77. Xanax loves me!
  78. still in denial and slowly deteriorating. please help!
  79. Question about Suboxone....
  80. New member, self-med'ing w/morphine
  81. Just wanted to introduce myself
  82. getting off methadone
  83. To tell or no to..
  84. Some questions about contracts
  85. subetex addict
  86. I heard the voice!
  87. How can I help someone who's in recovery, when...
  88. happy mothers day!!
  89. Rapid detox programs
  90. help! i was rx'ed 150 30mg oxy's
  91. Im Lost and scared and I know this is the beginning of my end!
  92. hey friends =]
  93. Advice needed !! Please help a brother
  94. Glimmer of hope:)
  95. Friends are Addicted
  96. possible glimpse of hope? possible explaination...get the cia!
  97. Dui
  98. a sorry for now...explanation later..
  99. need some recovering advice ...now its heroin....darn it!
  100. first time detoxer
  101. K_2
  102. My concern... warranted or not?
  103. Messageboard Ad is a Trigger
  104. Withdrawls?
  105. Update #2
  106. Benzo Wean off and the Ashton Method
  107. Help
  108. Newbie here advice re: kicking hydrocodone?
  109. 5 months clean.....its getting worse!
  110. addicted family member(suboxone/heroin)
  111. I am growing so impatient..So tempted
  112. My story... along with a need of some sort of questions answered.
  113. immodium for withdrawals??
  114. please help
  115. Help!
  116. Am I Suffering from Alcohol Withdrawal?
  117. What has become of my life?
  118. White Rush (Untouched Subject)
  119. Fiancée with alcohol addiction and drug problems
  120. best books (esp fiction) tackling alcoholism/addiction
  121. Going on Suboxone....
  122. I can just tell I'm getting ready to fall
  123. I'm out of pills!
  124. Almost Caved!
  125. suboxone
  126. Calling all Desperate Pre or Post/Recovering House Wives...lets post/vent?
  127. vicadin withdrawal
  128. Methadone-is it used for pain typically?
  129. Mild Percocet Addiction ?
  130. Med ? \..Why does our body contiue to....
  131. Does anyone else get Immaculate withdrawels from..Methadone or Oxys?
  132. Do People stop posting after they feel better?
  133. i went to an NA meeting 2nite
  134. counting clean days question
  135. SO HARD not to go back
  136. How do i get off such high dosage
  137. Need help with medical staff
  138. 2 days off oc going cold turkey any advice??
  139. i fought the O man and lived another day
  140. here i go again
  141. Weekend
  142. my pain blocks failed...now im staring at rx for.........
  143. Would anyone like me to include them in my prayers...
  144. does pain and addiction leave you unable to.....
  145. long term damage from Oxy's.......
  146. Is anyone Past 12 days off suboxone? Need Hope Plz
  147. why get off oxy?
  148. Suboxone,Methadone, and perc WD's...
  149. 14 Days Clean off perks, Still on Suboxone, Hoping for some Input
  150. Just looking for encouragement
  151. day 21 clean day 11 off Sub, Whats normal
  152. looking for doctor who will sign leave slips
  153. Newbie Need Advice Please
  154. Cymbalta people
  155. Someone Help me!?! My 15 yr old was offered Oxy's at school
  156. Stay away from long term suboxone use
  157. Someone please listen to a song for me? What does it mean?
  158. Gratitude list helps me stay clean
  159. So Sorry..if I offended anyone!
  160. Goodbye to everyone!
  161. Checking in.
  162. A week plus into withdrawl...
  163. Adderall withdrawal or something else?
  164. Is this "switching addictions" or something else?
  165. PSZ BF relapsed, I swore I would break up...
  166. Suboxone Treatment
  167. meds or depression
  168. Its never going to stop, is it?
  169. What to expect at rehab
  170. Oxycodone Addiction and My Recovery....
  171. Vicodin.
  172. Starting naltrexone tomorrow
  173. Hello from an old board member
  174. Running scared?!?!?!
  175. Why you should never google your symptoms...
  176. Staring into the same precipice
  177. Back from rehab...now it's worse.
  178. First Time Post-Addicted to pain pills
  179. holy cow! been gone for too long
  180. Here I go. yet again.
  181. Drinking Morals
  182. Help! Scared of overdose
  183. Alcohol withdrawal - anticipation - Why go on?
  184. Syndol addiction of 10 years :(
  185. multiple addictions but the worst to come
  186. possible long term brain damage from ecstasy
  187. Emotional Ride
  188. ON too much oxy and no doc will help me
  189. Don't Know What to do...
  190. Losing track of time
  191. sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  192. My unusual addiction is killing me *HELP*
  193. 11 Weeks Without Morphine...anxiety or long term w/d?
  194. common withdrawal symptoms we all experience
  195. addicted to percocet without scrip
  196. Help, help,help me please
  197. Hi everyone
  198. Dry Mouth Problem
  199. first relapse! omg! what have i done?
  200. Day 1
  201. Not feeling good! Cannabis + Alcohol mix.
  202. At my wit's end. I need some help or addvice PLZ!
  203. Here we go again..getting ready for day 1
  204. Are these normal Lorcet addiction/withdrawal symptoms and am I even addicted?
  205. Question about methadone...
  206. Quiting Norco today
  207. tapered off suboxone mom thinks im going to die?
  208. Dizziness and Weird Feeling in My Head: a postponed reaction to Ambien W/D?
  209. need to get rid of lortabs but how?
  210. Vicodin withdrawal
  211. from Roxi's to suboxone, fighting it!
  212. getting off lortab
  213. Methadone w/d's...help
  214. "If you took 4-8 Hydrocodone 5/500 for...
  215. Can xanax cause depression?
  216. Is this Vicodin addiction?
  217. Do you find 12 asteps help your recovery
  218. I cannot control my drinking and it's ruining my life
  219. Took my last 15mgs this morning.
  220. Help me.. I think I'm addicted to cocaine.
  221. hate 12 step-programs
  222. Suboxone drug testing (hair follicle)
  223. COURT DATE .. end of addiction .. fresh start
  224. 10 days off suboxone
  225. Fertility and Pain Meds
  226. can i repair damage done from alcohol
  227. I don't know who I am anymore?
  228. Just want to let some people know what can be done to kick opiate addiction
  229. Opiates/Herion Vs Alcohol? Same damage?
  230. never thought id admit this to anyone
  231. Can't Get Rid of Sleep Meds, esp. Ambien
  232. Fresh out of REHAB..the sad truth?
  233. Supporting someone who is going thru Detox
  234. im back, but wish i had better news, at least im still trying
  235. Please help me properly taper tramadol
  236. Fake it till you make it
  237. At wits end.
  238. Update
  239. Please Help
  240. Anger,Rage,Anxiety etc.. etc...
  241. How much Xanax use puts you at risk for future dangerous withdrawal symptoms?
  242. side effects
  243. Long Term Pain Management??
  244. Benzo and Suboxone addiction, cant quit, ruining life
  245. Bye bye...opiates......hello vodka and bud light
  246. can't stop using
  247. Just Joined...
  248. olfactory hallucinations
  249. Hi, I'm new
  250. Nine months clean, hit a bump on step 4. Anyone identify?

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