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  1. common withdrawal symptoms we all experience
  2. addicted to percocet without scrip
  3. Help, help,help me please
  4. Hi everyone
  5. Dry Mouth Problem
  6. first relapse! omg! what have i done?
  7. Day 1
  8. Not feeling good! Cannabis + Alcohol mix.
  9. At my wit's end. I need some help or addvice PLZ!
  10. Here we go again..getting ready for day 1
  11. Are these normal Lorcet addiction/withdrawal symptoms and am I even addicted?
  12. Question about methadone...
  13. Quiting Norco today
  14. tapered off suboxone mom thinks im going to die?
  15. Dizziness and Weird Feeling in My Head: a postponed reaction to Ambien W/D?
  16. need to get rid of lortabs but how?
  17. Vicodin withdrawal
  18. from Roxi's to suboxone, fighting it!
  19. getting off lortab
  20. Methadone w/d's...help
  21. "If you took 4-8 Hydrocodone 5/500 for...
  22. Can xanax cause depression?
  23. Is this Vicodin addiction?
  24. Do you find 12 asteps help your recovery
  25. I cannot control my drinking and it's ruining my life
  26. Took my last 15mgs this morning.
  27. Help me.. I think I'm addicted to cocaine.
  28. hate 12 step-programs
  29. Suboxone drug testing (hair follicle)
  30. COURT DATE .. end of addiction .. fresh start
  31. 10 days off suboxone
  32. Fertility and Pain Meds
  33. can i repair damage done from alcohol
  34. I don't know who I am anymore?
  35. Just want to let some people know what can be done to kick opiate addiction
  36. Opiates/Herion Vs Alcohol? Same damage?
  37. never thought id admit this to anyone
  38. Can't Get Rid of Sleep Meds, esp. Ambien
  39. Fresh out of REHAB..the sad truth?
  40. Supporting someone who is going thru Detox
  41. im back, but wish i had better news, at least im still trying
  42. Please help me properly taper tramadol
  43. Fake it till you make it
  44. At wits end.
  45. Update
  46. Please Help
  47. Anger,Rage,Anxiety etc.. etc...
  48. How much Xanax use puts you at risk for future dangerous withdrawal symptoms?
  49. side effects
  50. Long Term Pain Management??
  51. Benzo and Suboxone addiction, cant quit, ruining life
  52. Bye bye...opiates......hello vodka and bud light
  53. can't stop using
  54. Just Joined...
  55. olfactory hallucinations
  56. Hi, I'm new
  57. Nine months clean, hit a bump on step 4. Anyone identify?
  58. One more Question....opiates?
  59. Musicman..how are you doing?
  60. I'm addicted to my Xanax
  61. ok,so I am the New Board Pest...feeling gulity that I dont wanna use-normal?
  62. Why would someone choose to taper vs cold turkey?
  63. Heelo New to Boards..42 days clean from Opiate Theraphy and have RSD/CRPS
  64. Day3.. not so good but hope down the road.
  65. 3 years
  66. Day 2, again.. and again...
  67. I shop excessively when I'm using hydrocodone
  68. Need a Taper-Off Schedule Please
  69. Day 9
  70. OFF to rehab..having 2nd thoughts of leaving some of you without me.
  71. klonopin withdrawal help
  72. Need help quitting hydro/soma
  73. Head Ache 3 Days in a Row
  74. fellow vicodin/percocet addicts or recovering addicts...PLEASE HELP!!
  75. Getting off Lorazepam
  76. 10 days of sub withdrawl
  77. First and last drink
  78. Xanax....
  79. Take a pill or don't....Ever literally have a discussion with yourself?
  80. letting things get out of hand, and trying to pull back what you can.
  81. Disability in Canada AND the U.S. if I am a dual citizen?
  82. I want to help my Dad, please help
  83. Hydro weaning
  84. A "loved one" holding up progress???
  85. I'm new and desperately need support...
  86. fioricet/opiate help
  87. Temptation and Relapse thread...........
  88. New to site, trying to quit
  89. Need help with alcohol addiction
  90. oxycodone addiction
  91. Adding fuel to the fire!
  92. Advise on Detox
  93. Out Of Detox Half Off drugs :( But day 5 days no drinking!!
  94. Bipolar, insomniac, night shifter, stimulant addict.
  95. When the PHARMACY doesn't open!
  96. taking xanax for 3 consecutive days
  97. Painkiller Addiction - going it alone.
  98. Newcomer, I can't do it alone anymore!
  99. Benefit(s) of going from Methadone to Suboxone? If any..
  100. Anyone who is suffering from addiction please read this!
  101. Any Success stories 4 getting off oxys?
  102. Dont you wish someone would have told you about tolerance!!!!!
  103. A friend gave me this 'opiate detox' recipe...
  104. Does anyone have an addiction to meth or are recovering?
  105. weekend smoking ?
  106. Adderal Addiction
  107. What helps withdrawal symptoms?
  108. 6 months preg on methadone, worried
  109. Alone, day one, sick, every pill and drinking again
  110. Tolerance and increasing dosage
  111. how long AFTER LAST OXY??
  112. Hi, New to This Site
  113. Second Go
  114. Hydrocodone & oxycodone withdrawal
  115. Starting Detox in One week using Subutex
  116. suboxone
  117. Withdrawal - please help me!
  118. Alcoholic
  119. Tramadol withdrawal headache
  120. Graphic story about oxycodone addiction...
  121. How do I Taper off of Morphine Sulfate & Diladid?
  122. Advice Needed
  123. Hydrocodone tapering...HELP
  124. Happy New Year-relapse
  125. calling Flint
  126. My FULL Taper from Methadone 135MG's to CURRENT and eventual 0. DO NOT GO ON METHADON
  127. Preparing for major withdrawl...
  128. Addicted to endone
  129. Newcomer
  130. I need to moderate my drinking.
  131. The downward spiral...
  132. Vivitrol and venting
  133. New and need help
  134. Question regarding heroin addiction
  135. Addiction isn't so bad...
  136. need all the advise i can b4 they end up killing me help please i try then go back y?
  137. 19 Months clean from Oxy!
  138. HELP!!!!!!!!!
  139. L-Tyrosine daily dosage for withdrawal?
  140. oxycodone addiction?
  141. Worried about being given Methadone for Oxy Detox
  142. My Concern...
  143. my boy and his battle
  144. What am I up against w/Sub tapering
  145. Tramadol tapering journey day 1
  146. Intro & request for help
  147. Klonopin
  148. I have quit smoking, wanna know how !!
  149. Anyone else hate mondays?
  150. 10 days clean and feeling great.
  151. Savella withdrawals
  152. Is Tramadol considered an opiate? I've heard different opinions...
  153. Need help... just keeps getting worse..
  154. Doctors duty of care
  155. ran out of suboxone early
  156. Help with Norco Withdrawal's
  157. One week but please help
  158. How do I taper my Vicoprofen?
  159. suboxone dosage
  160. Suboxone - One Mg - Cant get off the rest
  161. does suboxone kill sex drive
  162. My Story and the Start of My Suboxone
  163. Nyquil and beers
  164. Rebound pain
  165. Addiction and debt...what would YOU do?
  166. I miss my hero.
  167. Recovery or relapse?
  168. Recovering IV Pill Junkie... what are the chances of permanent damage?
  169. UNDERSTAND your suffering and you shall see the light.
  170. Teens behaviour
  171. I have been taking 2mg suboxone for two weeks I want to take my hydocodone now how lo
  172. Kick Pack plan.. Whaddya think?
  173. how long sobxin stays in your system
  174. Hi all, just an introduction!
  175. Trying to get off percocet/vicodin.
  176. 125 days clean...oh hell!
  177. Hi everyone. Checking in
  178. alcohol withdrawals?
  179. **please advise!!**
  180. Subox and Xanax becoming a problem
  181. Recovery... Priceless
  182. Narcotics
  183. When do they wean you off suboxone?
  184. how long does it take to become physically addicted to klonopin?
  185. addicted to hydrocodone
  186. suboxone dosage
  187. Discouraged
  188. Will I Have Methadone Withdrawal?
  189. suboxone drug testing
  190. Suboxone and opiates
  191. quitting suboxone and oxycontin cold turkey
  192. Day 11
  193. Relapse Advice - Heroin
  194. Day 10
  195. New here & need help with vicodin taper getting off them!
  196. Day 9
  197. alcoholic liver disease
  198. Day 8
  199. 1 month clean oxycodone
  200. Detox from several meds - HELP PLEASE
  201. Day 7
  202. Its time!!
  203. Day 6
  204. Having severe withdrawals from pain meds.
  205. Day 5
  206. scared
  207. Day 4
  208. fentynal patch
  209. Day 3
  210. Am I addicted to Oxycontin?
  211. Is this considered a problem?
  212. Need Recs for Methadone Taper
  213. Day 2
  214. Does Clonidine help with sub/opiate withdrawals....
  215. Day 1
  216. how soon will you start to feel wd symptoms after suboxone
  217. sleeping pill addiction
  218. Sunday.. my last day of opiates.
  219. One week on Suboxone.... memory problems?
  220. How can I get off pain pills?
  221. Sobriety enjoyable???
  222. Need Help - Trying not to become addicted
  223. day 6 suboxone treatment...
  224. Need help on Sub tapering
  225. tramadol and opiate detox
  226. going crazy
  227. how long after taking soboxone can I take percocet
  228. why the cravings.....day 2 on Suboxone?
  229. I'm new and want to introduce myself
  230. Troubled Child to Alcoholic??? The time to sort myself out has come!
  231. 18 months clean!
  232. at doctors, first Sub dose 15mins ago....
  233. Suboxone Withdrawl
  234. Oxycodone/Oxycontin dependence help please
  235. I don't know what to do. I want to run.
  236. 6-10 NORCO per day, I want to stop! Can I get on suboxone?
  237. Hi, my story and looking for help on wean off of zanex
  238. need a success story
  239. Hi everyone... Relapse... but hopeful.
  240. don't know how to stop drinking past my limit
  241. New & Getting off fentanyl, oxycotin, percs etc!
  242. insomnia...expected to last from dropping Tramadol
  243. Taper question-plz help
  244. Suboxone Support
  245. needing help
  246. oxycodone detox nightmares
  247. Ive been abusing oxy cottin for about 2 months now.
  248. I take zopiclone during the day
  249. AA was better for me than therapy
  250. New Member! I really need some support.

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