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  1. Need Help
  2. "What will this drug combo do to me if..."
  3. how to get off lortab at home?
  4. Started cold turkey yesterday.. have a question now
  5. New here...question about replacing meds
  6. Will Suboxone help?
  7. A detox place for percocet addiction?
  8. scared of hydrocodone withdrawals
  9. aloneandscared??
  10. sad
  11. lovely weekend
  12. Vicodin has made me very depressed
  13. alcohol withdrawals
  14. switching to subutex from suboxone
  15. Impossible Recovery Story
  16. Psychiatrists in New York with benzo withdrawal experience?
  17. Why doesnt Suboxone work on me?
  18. from methadone to Ultram 50mg
  19. 7 day suboxone treatment???
  20. suboxone question
  21. Worried that alcoholic recovery will ruin my social life!
  22. Suboxone for a year now, plz help!
  23. My situation (Advice is Welcome)
  24. I can't do this much longer......
  25. Difficulty interpreting a situation
  26. Losing my Mind
  27. Can an alcoholic ever drink moderately?
  28. Methadone Detox help
  29. Addiction vs dependency?
  30. Suboxone and sweating....
  31. safe mixture with suboxone
  32. Ambien's got a lock
  33. Hi my name is ... and I'm an alcoholic.
  34. how to come off heroin
  35. Can I go cold turkey from norco?
  36. Best way to wean/taper off fentanyl
  37. Alcohol Withdrawl Symptoms?
  38. Help with suboxones!
  39. How to wean off suboxone?
  40. Horrible Suboxone Withdrawals....
  41. 21 days clean, used 1x
  42. Should i take 2 Darvocet for neck pain as my dr. said?
  43. New here.. need advice ASAP!!
  44. Vicodin Withdrawal
  45. Does taking hydrocodone cause severe leg cramps
  46. Kaiser Addiction Treatment
  47. please help.
  48. Help w/ Norco withdrawal
  49. New....long sob story... sorry
  50. oxycodone withdraws
  51. Can't get through day 1
  52. Coming off Oxycontin while pregnant
  53. Heroin Bruises
  54. Is it possible?
  55. No withdrawals???
  56. Norco withdrawl, am i out of the woods?
  57. New To This Site... Need HELP!! PLZ?
  58. Tapering question
  59. Severe Benzo tolerance and addiction
  60. Day 6 off suboxone...
  61. 8 days clean
  62. tough week
  63. Recovery
  64. Update from D
  65. From methadone to suboxone?
  66. Here I sit....again.
  67. 4 Days Vic Free but Sick as a Dog
  68. Tapering,Withdrawal, Depression, trying to keep it a secret
  69. Tapering off of hydrocodone
  70. Starting to taper from hydrochodone
  71. Suboxone and me
  72. anyone have boredom after quitting?
  73. methadone question please help
  74. I can't stop using alcohol as a crutch
  75. Please help,can Xanax be doing this to me?
  76. Need help coping with Xanax addiction.
  77. Side effects of suboxone?
  78. How long are the withdrawals?
  79. Is there a test for Suboxone?
  80. so weepy
  81. Darvocet
  82. It's been 3 years now... I am happy.
  83. Butalbital/aspirin/caffeine (Fiorinal) withdrawals
  84. hydrocodone withdrawl-restless legs
  85. Just started Suboxone...help please....
  86. I need support to stay clean
  87. 20 year old alcoholic?
  88. alcohal withdrawl symptoms?
  89. first timer
  90. My addiction to perscription medication.
  91. "Off-label" use of medication to help with opiate withdrawl symptoms
  92. how to get off pain medications
  93. Tomorrow
  94. the struggle continues
  95. Quitting Lortab need support!
  96. help me get through this please
  97. Will I ever have a girlfriend? The answers is YES!!!
  98. ginabird - u doing ok? still around?
  99. Benzos are so very addictive,
  100. how to get off heroin
  101. Happy week-end!
  102. Am I An Alcoholic?
  103. Any thoughts on a way out?
  104. Inpatient Rehab and Suboxone....
  105. How does one stop when boyfriend is supplier
  106. Hi I'm new here.....
  107. meandering in
  108. Checking in.....
  109. Suboxone question!!!!
  110. Nyquil--is this okay?
  111. stopping cymbalta cold turkey
  112. alcohol and anxiety.. help
  113. How do you know if you are addicted?
  114. struggling
  115. Inspiration, we all need it.
  116. Just a short vent
  117. need some answers please
  118. KLONOPIN withdrawal- PLEASE help me!
  119. Rough night...
  120. Trying to cope better with anothers addcition.
  121. Going to detox on Tuesday
  122. please help! Hydrocodone user
  123. I caved....I can't believe I did it again.
  124. Surgery a few weeks ago, now withdrawing - Help!
  125. bruising... feeling panicky, need support
  126. Binge Drinking vs Alcoholism?
  127. addicted to percocet's
  128. need some help
  129. Intense Sadness
  130. I miss myself
  131. Day 8 off of suboxone.
  132. Detoxing from suboxone
  133. Ever OK to split a librium capsule?
  134. cant sleep HELP!!! PLEASE!!!
  135. checking in/doing pretty well
  136. day3 off percocets
  137. Suboxone vs. Subutex....
  138. New and having a rough time.
  139. HELP me to get of suboxone please!!!!
  140. Lorcet Withdrawals too much to handle
  141. "Methadone vs. Subuxone for Opiate WD"
  142. how long does it last
  143. Addiction
  144. "What about mixing Adderall, Xanax, Vicodin, beer,.."
  145. morphine withdrawal
  146. Xanax and anxiety
  147. Anyone recovering from drugs please help, need information
  148. lorazepam for sleep
  149. Looking for a few experienced answers please.
  150. Alcohol after narcotic detox?
  151. I just need some help with this....
  152. alcohol and elevated AST ALT
  153. Suboxone for a chronic relapser?
  154. can you change
  155. Long term effects
  156. To:Greggr
  157. 1 year being clean!
  158. weaning off oxys and in the process now
  159. Chills????
  160. what i have read about alcohol drugs fake happiness.
  161. Trying to Find Peace
  162. hey evryone...day 4 of suboxone...just looking for peoples experiences :)
  163. need support/advice
  164. could use some help/advice/support
  165. Do I have a problem?
  166. What should I do with Norco
  167. how to quit codeine
  168. Suboxone (pros/cons)?!?!?!?!?!?!
  169. Another Inpatient Rehab question....
  170. Percocet withdrawal
  171. Ultram Withdrawals - Will This Work to Detox?
  172. Klonopin taper question....
  173. FDA acts to curb OxyContin abuse
  174. How can I stop?
  175. Is this normal.......
  176. Need increase in methadone treatment
  177. Home opiate detox
  178. I am new here and this is my first post.
  179. Happy Birthday Secrets!!
  180. Naltrexone
  181. Please someone help with lortab withdrawl
  182. Alcohol and pill addiction
  183. Inpatient rehab question....
  184. Hard Day
  185. Hydro withdrawl help....I've forgotten
  186. Suboxone and surgery
  187. I would like help for percocet addiction
  188. Such a lonely day...and it`s mine
  189. Delayed Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?
  190. 82 hours....how much longer please?
  191. Active addiction - but no willingness - scared
  192. Retired military and percocet addict
  193. Ultram Blues
  194. help wanted with teenagers drug problem
  195. I need help bad, please someone ans me
  196. Percocet addict, at wit's end, cannot go on.. severe rage & depression
  197. recovery from extacy
  198. Need advise to help talk to doc
  199. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  200. Clorazapan....how long for dependency to start?
  201. Easier to taper off Xanax or Ativan?
  202. has anyone found that methadone helps?
  203. Benzo/Xanax inpatient withdrawal advice
  204. Possible Norco addiction
  205. Is the end of a taper the hardest part?
  206. suboxone ?
  207. fentynal patch and lortab
  208. In withdrawals and need someone to talk to!
  209. day 1 i suppose
  210. Does suboxone work for benzo addiction?
  211. detox
  212. Pain Med Addiction and Suboxone? Help please.
  213. Immediate help needed with xanax
  214. withdrawalEASE
  215. Xanax is mean to me
  216. Does methadone cause tooth decay?
  217. Please somebody help me, please
  218. Subutex for Fentanyl
  219. newbie
  220. How long do the bathroom problems last??
  221. My 8th birthday, today.
  222. hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms
  223. oh boy ... I'm not good at asking for help but
  224. lorcet addiction
  225. Too much suboxone?????
  226. paranoia
  227. what i have read about alcohol drugs fake happiness.
  228. Need some support and happy thoughts
  229. i need reassurance and help
  230. HELP !! Getting off of Suboxone
  231. I need help please
  232. PLEASE READ about Klonopin!!!
  233. Honesty.... so hard sometimes!
  234. Welcome back secrets!!
  235. Questions about methadone
  236. headed to inpatient rehab for oxy what to expect
  237. klonopin
  238. Stopped taking Ativan
  239. You can't fall asleep smoking - move or rehab
  240. please help addicted to antihistamines
  241. what to do...
  242. Now Secrets is in the hospital :(
  243. Lortab 7.5 withdrawal
  244. Secrets needs our support
  245. Temptations
  246. Detox nightmares
  247. 11 days off subs.
  248. Do I really have to go to detox center or can i make it at home
  249. New, need support during narcotic detox/recovery. Please!!
  250. Any permanent mind or body damage?

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