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  1. Chills????
  2. what i have read about alcohol drugs fake happiness.
  3. Trying to Find Peace
  4. hey evryone...day 4 of suboxone...just looking for peoples experiences :)
  5. need support/advice
  6. could use some help/advice/support
  7. Do I have a problem?
  8. What should I do with Norco
  9. how to quit codeine
  10. Suboxone (pros/cons)?!?!?!?!?!?!
  11. Another Inpatient Rehab question....
  12. Percocet withdrawal
  13. Ultram Withdrawals - Will This Work to Detox?
  14. Klonopin taper question....
  15. FDA acts to curb OxyContin abuse
  16. How can I stop?
  17. Is this normal.......
  18. Need increase in methadone treatment
  19. Home opiate detox
  20. I am new here and this is my first post.
  21. Happy Birthday Secrets!!
  22. Naltrexone
  23. Please someone help with lortab withdrawl
  24. Alcohol and pill addiction
  25. Inpatient rehab question....
  26. Hard Day
  27. Hydro withdrawl help....I've forgotten
  28. Suboxone and surgery
  29. I would like help for percocet addiction
  30. Such a lonely day...and it`s mine
  31. Delayed Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?
  32. 82 hours....how much longer please?
  33. Active addiction - but no willingness - scared
  34. Retired military and percocet addict
  35. Ultram Blues
  36. help wanted with teenagers drug problem
  37. I need help bad, please someone ans me
  38. Percocet addict, at wit's end, cannot go on.. severe rage & depression
  39. recovery from extacy
  40. Need advise to help talk to doc
  41. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  42. Clorazapan....how long for dependency to start?
  43. Easier to taper off Xanax or Ativan?
  44. has anyone found that methadone helps?
  45. Benzo/Xanax inpatient withdrawal advice
  46. Possible Norco addiction
  47. Is the end of a taper the hardest part?
  48. suboxone ?
  49. fentynal patch and lortab
  50. In withdrawals and need someone to talk to!
  51. day 1 i suppose
  52. Does suboxone work for benzo addiction?
  53. detox
  54. Pain Med Addiction and Suboxone? Help please.
  55. Immediate help needed with xanax
  56. withdrawalEASE
  57. Xanax is mean to me
  58. Does methadone cause tooth decay?
  59. Please somebody help me, please
  60. Subutex for Fentanyl
  61. newbie
  62. How long do the bathroom problems last??
  63. My 8th birthday, today.
  64. hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms
  65. oh boy ... I'm not good at asking for help but
  66. lorcet addiction
  67. Too much suboxone?????
  68. paranoia
  69. what i have read about alcohol drugs fake happiness.
  70. Need some support and happy thoughts
  71. i need reassurance and help
  72. HELP !! Getting off of Suboxone
  73. I need help please
  74. PLEASE READ about Klonopin!!!
  75. Honesty.... so hard sometimes!
  76. Welcome back secrets!!
  77. Questions about methadone
  78. headed to inpatient rehab for oxy what to expect
  79. klonopin
  80. Stopped taking Ativan
  81. You can't fall asleep smoking - move or rehab
  82. please help addicted to antihistamines
  83. what to do...
  84. Now Secrets is in the hospital :(
  85. Lortab 7.5 withdrawal
  86. Secrets needs our support
  87. Temptations
  88. Detox nightmares
  89. 11 days off subs.
  90. Do I really have to go to detox center or can i make it at home
  91. New, need support during narcotic detox/recovery. Please!!
  92. Any permanent mind or body damage?
  93. Quitting Suboxone Cold Turkey
  94. Happy to be on suboxone
  95. need advice!
  96. need encouragement 2nd day off opiate
  97. addiction; my story
  98. Tapering Help from Chronic Pain Patient
  99. Stuck - no tapering progress
  100. Confused????
  101. Weaning off Lortab 7.5mg
  102. how long does pot addiction last?
  103. Significant other and Methadone
  104. Newbie
  105. Return to rehab program or move out
  106. Fullcirlcle update....
  107. Ready to withdraw from Tramadol
  108. Been on Suboxone WAY too long
  109. days 1 - 4 of oxycodone home detox
  110. Questions on E abuse...
  111. Alcohol. Surprise.
  112. Walkersma looking for the "golden oldies"
  113. pills are ruining my life
  114. Please help!!!
  115. Day 1 of Detox (roxycodone)
  116. Need Help and Opinions
  117. Fioricet Addiction
  118. Pain Pill Addiction and Where to Begin to Quit
  119. From Methadone to Morphine, good idea?
  120. Gambling and alcohol problem
  121. Has it started again?
  122. Back on pills-back in shame and fear- sorry..
  123. Loss and Redemption
  124. Excess pill popping has caught up with me...
  125. still working on pain med addiction
  126. STOPPED stimulant medication. horrible depression
  127. One year ago...
  128. It's been awhile.....
  129. The Other Side
  130. good news or bad ?
  131. scared-suboxone
  132. Checking in.....
  133. Surgery Scheduled! What To Do About Pain Meds?
  134. I have read about the alcohol addiction, i want to share it with you.
  135. I noticed I liked it a little too much...
  136. Methadone...Cold Turkey?? Need Help!
  137. alcohol blackouts
  138. Totally freaked out/scared by neuro's advice
  139. Please read
  140. Klonopin
  141. living a double life
  142. First time
  143. Trying Hard
  144. Day 4 cold turkey from 400mg+ oxy per day
  145. Suboxone: will it make withdwawals easier? How easy?
  146. Length of Adderall Withdrawal
  147. Suboxone and Oxycontin - same day?
  148. whitedragon
  149. Concerns about subutex withdrawal
  150. boyfriend gets high, I don't
  151. New Year, New Me!
  152. Benzos - Slow Pulse Anyone?
  153. Meth detox.... Day 2
  154. detox...here we go
  155. Need support for withdrawal from Codeine/Tramadol
  156. ran out of lorezepam, how to decrease anxiety
  157. I dont understand this.....
  158. Happy New Year Day 6
  159. does pain management doctors help with pain pill addiction
  160. Is there a "right" & "wrong"
  161. Hello **UPDATE**
  162. Is this a problem?
  163. I think I made colossal mistake. Upset and advice?
  164. can any docter perscribe suboxone
  165. need support
  166. Does this make sense?
  167. I kicked my DH out
  168. a new friend of mine is an alcoholic, please help.
  169. what are the effects of methadone use on teeth
  170. Hi.
  171. Suboxone Withdrawal day 2
  172. Inpatient heroin rehab?
  173. ok so, HERE GOES NOTHING
  174. Weaning off of Ativan and Remeron
  175. Goin for Broke?---OR--Goin for Gold?
  176. Weaning from trace amount of Suboxone
  177. So-o-o-o close to giving in ...
  178. Myoclonic jerks
  179. how can I get off percocets
  180. i need help with a question???
  181. Finally I am doing it right.
  182. thoughts about suboxone and methadone
  183. Suboxone withdrawal
  184. Suboxone Withdrawal Not As Expected
  185. Day 1 of honesty
  186. Two Suboxone taper questions
  187. Lost
  188. how to get off perscribed pain medication
  189. suboxone
  190. Taper Day 2
  191. Coming off Oxys may cause death?
  192. Taper help
  193. NuCynta
  194. Is this even possible?!
  195. It's time for me to come out of hiding....
  196. Pregnant Addict needs Help...
  197. Questions about quitting Oxys
  198. Why do I continue to sabotage myself?
  199. Need to know if i could be addicted to this
  200. Did something stupid.. advice??
  201. depressed
  202. Any suggestions?
  203. Advice needed
  204. can subutex doctors prescribe methadone
  205. Update....
  206. Suboxone problems and questions. Help!!!
  207. Adderall Withdrawal
  208. Is it over?
  209. S-L-O-W-L-Y tapering - a bit discouraged
  211. alcohol withdrawals with DT's
  212. what should I do if I am on suboxone and need to have a colonoscopy
  213. Quitting Tramadol
  214. Xanax
  215. omg here I am again
  216. Could I be addicted to sleeping pills?
  217. what i've learned about the toxics : alcohol hashish cannabis
  218. Pain Medicine
  219. decided i want to keep using
  220. after reading many posts, i am now scared..
  221. please help any advice welcome
  222. Is recovery even possible?
  223. Really really hurting inside......
  224. Ultram withdrawals
  225. Vicodan flushed down the toilet
  226. One Addict's Story
  227. about to make life changing decision
  228. Help, what is happening?
  229. Help! My chihuahuas ate my Sub
  230. Worried about addiction to vicodan
  231. Tapering off Oxy (again)
  232. meth addiction
  233. Past Posts!!!
  234. sub withdrawal hit after 7 days
  235. Drinking again
  236. Maybe I wasn't addicted afterall??
  237. now want to detox off meth
  238. Made a decision
  239. Need help and advice
  240. frustrated
  241. I need help! ....t's not only percocet
  242. i used oxycodone use for 6 months
  243. relapse...please help!!
  244. A mom needs advice
  245. Restless legs/addiction - any connection?
  246. Denial of addiction
  247. Too many refills - cut off by doctor
  248. Worried and scared of all the pills I am taking
  249. going on suboxone for a short time dose that mean you will never be able to get pain
  250. Anyone gotten off suboxone with minimal withdrawals?

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