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  1. I'm back on Pain Mgmt again
  2. Looking for another path to recovery
  3. Subatex
  4. Need Support...Lortab
  5. whats the best way to ween off clanzapam for anxiet
  6. Want Off Methadone
  7. Trying to Quit- Need some help (Oxycontin)
  8. please help me i'm hooked
  9. please reply desperate
  10. Really done it now (vodka)
  11. Finally posting
  12. drug testing
  13. Need Support Again Please, withdrawal :(
  14. how long will 90mg of roxicodone stay in the urine
  15. help for someone who needs help?
  16. A member to be remembered as they have passed away.
  17. Is this normal?
  18. Opioid shmopiods - withdrawal
  19. tramadol withdrawal
  20. All done!
  21. how do I finalize oxy taper?
  22. question about suboxone
  23. 21 days clean...lots of guilt
  24. want to quit
  25. on suboxone for 2 years
  26. addiction to norcos
  27. Trying to quit Vic, rebound headaches unbearable
  28. Feeling unworthy of a happy life.....
  29. Where is everyone tonight??
  30. detox plan for tramadol-more like hydro's or benzo's?
  31. rash from meds?
  32. Depressed with Cravings
  33. suboxone is not miracle drug
  34. My Thoughts.....
  35. suboxone
  36. My Vicodin Story
  37. Hello Friends
  38. how to quit lorazepam
  39. Addicted to Ambien for years and I need help! Please
  40. Free at last (of oxycodone)!
  41. Hello from TaCot!
  42. Lortab alcohol
  43. Last stage of klonopin withdrawal..advice?
  44. I need help, I'm addicted to Nubain...
  45. suboxone dosage
  46. Lorazepam with Suboxone
  47. trying again after relapse
  48. need tapering advice
  49. I need help getting off of opiates im new to this board\
  50. I need some help and support getting clean!
  51. Update on Taper from Lortab
  52. My father is alcoholic and has cancer.. Still drinks
  53. lortab withdrawal causes collapse???
  54. Cronic Pain or Addiction/Recovery????
  55. Never Posted before, In need of help.
  56. BackSlid back to tabs after 5 days off...
  57. Ashamed & Embarrassed at what I've done...
  58. Suboxone Advice
  59. How to Stop Cold-Turkey Tramadol / Ultram
  60. Concerns about my diphenhydramine abuse/overuse
  61. withdrawal from lortab
  62. oxycodone side effects
  63. 4 months sober , relapse, at it again (sobriety)
  64. Morphine withdrawal-please help
  65. how do i find a dr in nj that prescribes methodone for addiction
  66. starting the process to get off suboxone
  67. Alcohol Withdrawal - When Is It Dangerous?
  68. Can I be in "recovery" while taking Suboxone?
  69. Alcohol Withdrawal - When Is It Dangerous?
  70. need answer now... did I just find meth?
  71. i am addicted to lortab how to get off
  72. Need to vent
  73. Still Addicted to Percocet...worse than before!
  74. Pain relief without meds?
  75. Best way to wean from suboxone?
  76. Day 5 without tabs...what should I expect?
  77. Having a Really Hard tIme
  78. how do you get off lortab
  79. New Member
  80. Questions for a Friend Going Cold Turkey
  81. Detox from Methadone
  82. Ultram/Tramadol Addicts Please Help
  83. Terrible at Taper
  84. Long Time no Hear!!!!
  85. Break in suboxone - is this normal?
  86. Today was a hard day but a proud day!
  87. opiate eater...
  88. I am addicted to opiates...
  89. 6 months clean. Sudden cravings
  90. Am i an alcoholic??
  91. Coming up on 1 year - cravings!
  92. is there anything you can take for your teeth to fight the effects of methadone?
  93. NA Meetings---NEVER AGAIN
  94. It's been a while so here is my update!
  95. New Poster-Opioid Addiction-LONG-Need Help
  96. When do I start feeling normal?
  97. Life after Addiction
  98. Gone for a while
  99. Where Do I Start
  100. What to do
  101. Lortab withdrawals
  102. Why do anniversary dates cause cravings so much???
  103. Just need reassurance...
  104. Suboxone & Bipolar Meds
  105. El
  106. Amitryptiline
  107. sample home detox information
  108. Rehabs versus Peer-Group Recovery
  109. please help
  110. help! about to detox from suboxone....all tips appreciated.
  111. This is a long shot...but any oldtimers?!
  112. 5 days With no Hydro
  113. New to Boards-Need Some Advice
  114. withdrawals from suboxone?
  115. What is the best non-narcotic pain medicine?
  116. New Here--Just a quick intro
  117. Needing to journal again.....
  118. Please help me understand
  119. fentanyl pain patches
  120. What to do????
  121. calculating 10% taper?
  122. Two years of a restored life...
  123. Hi
  124. Getting off Ultram - need support
  125. Tapering SUCKS
  126. Any veterans in recovery and recently quit smoking?
  127. home detox methadone
  128. I adressed my concern and now screwed up...
  129. Taper from oxycodone - round 3
  130. dosing??
  131. suboxone and pain relief
  132. Subutex in Toronto?
  133. living w/ a alcoholic but he don't see the problem
  134. Veteran User of Prescription Pain Meds Wants to Detox
  135. Fioricet w/draw taper
  136. Kidding myself
  137. Night sweats
  138. Suboxone + Tramadol ???
  139. Hey there - again
  140. Need help
  141. In pain....
  142. drug tests at health clinics... what are the laws like?
  143. Lortabs - Am I an "addict"?
  144. Question re taper schedule
  145. oxycodone withdrawal
  146. i need help with an addiction and i dont have insurance
  147. Keep tricking myself into thinking I can stop at the bar for 1 or 2 drinks
  148. Just started suboxone
  149. methadone clinics in cincinnati?
  150. New - support please?
  151. At my wits end
  152. Hey there
  153. Switching from Suboxone to Subutex....?'s
  154. Suboxone Tapering....Fears & Questions
  155. help me..high tolerance/scared
  156. Need suboxone advice...
  157. Steroid Use
  158. Hello Friends
  159. lyrica
  160. A young tramadol user...
  161. suboxone not working
  162. Withdrawal and sleepless nights
  163. Advice?
  164. new here...oxycodone problem
  165. suboxone
  166. New here and asking for support
  167. Anyone in recovery have trouble discontinuing antidepressants, etc.?
  168. I'm ready... need your support
  169. New member, please help me....
  170. It's been a long time and I want to stop!
  171. addiction
  172. Scared, almost ready--long post
  173. Pain medication
  174. vicodin given after root canal
  175. want to get clean
  176. Tramadol
  177. Taper of low dose valium - help?
  178. Hey everybody
  179. How do you do it???
  180. New and really need some advice.
  181. Is There Any Hope For Me?
  182. how pathatic
  183. cold turkey ..day 1
  184. On suboxone for 2 years
  185. Norco readdiction
  186. I'm really feeling stupid. tapering again...
  187. Intervention
  188. Xanax
  189. Mouthwash
  190. think my mom has drinking problem
  191. I really am ready to do anything to stay sober and clean
  192. how many days before the withdrawls stop if addicted to percocet
  193. Hydrocodone withdrawl symtoms, Im curious about...
  194. Have a GREAT night!!!!
  195. Here I go again,
  196. Need help/support getting off morphine!!!
  197. Big News (to me anyway!)
  198. gone awol
  199. I need advice
  200. Adderal Question
  201. Hydrocodone
  202. neighbor 's son abuse issue
  203. Please don't go where I have
  204. new to Suboxone
  205. Jolo and Suboxone...
  206. Old Friends :)
  207. help! 20 year old alcoholic
  208. I'm alive & back
  209. Don't ever give up
  210. Had a slip up
  211. How do I know if rehab is needed?
  212. sick from sub
  213. To anyone who is on suboxone
  214. Want to say Hello
  215. Any articles I can read about long term painkiller use?
  216. Hydro Weaning
  217. Help please
  218. how to wean off of ativan
  219. So Weak
  220. Percocet withdrawel
  221. Ugh!!!!!
  222. Getting closer to a drink again....
  223. I tapered off of suboxone and won
  224. Pain Pills
  225. Worried!
  226. Quit Again (Vics) Day 4
  227. Hey there
  228. I just had to tell somebody
  229. slipping
  230. Xanax Withdrawal??
  231. who can I see to prescribe methadone
  232. Is there updated messages in here?
  233. where is the alcohol hidden?
  234. suboxone
  235. Methadone is it a good or a bad thing?
  236. Xanax (alprazolam) and Marijuana interactions?
  237. how to wean off ativan
  238. just got on suboxone/need advice
  239. one day at a time
  240. how long to wait to take suboxnone after lortab
  241. Subutex in Canada
  242. I did it!
  243. I am an ADDICT I said it finally!!!
  244. Is there an addictive "gene"
  245. Secrets and y'all
  246. So Lost
  247. I've just signed up here.
  248. Need some advice about Subutex again
  249. Good Morning
  250. getting prepared

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